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Islamist Camp Ramah? The Guardian imagines a kinder, gentler Hamas

Hamas is not only recognized by the West as a terror group due to its long history of lethal attacks against Israeli civilians, but is an antisemitic movement so extreme that their founding charter openly incites its members to murder Jews – not merely Israelis, but ‘Jews’.   Further, as anyone who spent any time at the site Palestinian Media Watch would surely know, they’re in a class of their own when it comes to educating their children on the sublime virtues of jihad.

However, save one mild report by Harriet Sherwood last year, the Guardian has all but ignored Hamas’s disturbing indoctrination of Gaza’s youth, and indeed often attempts – through misleading photos and other forms of obfuscation – to portray a kinder, gentler side of the Islamist extremist group.

A good illustration of the Guardian’s habit of engaging in such propaganda was evident in the photo used to illustrate a report today (June 3) by Peter Beaumont titled Israel condemns US for backing Palestinian unity government‘.

hamas camp

Their decision to illustrate the story with a photo of Palestinian children innocently frolicking at a Hamas summer camp would lead the causal reader to assume the benign nature of the Hamas summer experience (a Palestinian version, it seems, of Camp Ramah).  Of course, this assumption would be ‘slightly’ undermined if Guardian readers were to view photos showing other camp activities.




Thousands of Gaza’s children enroll in Hamas sponsored camps each summer – camps which aim ​​to instill Hamas’s “fundamentalist brand of educational and nationalist ethos in the youth​ of Gaza” and to indoctrinate the youth to “return to occupied Palestine.”

Camps reportedly include the use of live ammunition and simulated kidnappings of Israeli soldiers.

However, thanks to the Guardian, we now know that – interspersed with such paramilitary activities – there’s evidently still time for future Palestinian jihadists to blow bubbles.

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  1. when you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas….sleep well whilst you can US & EU…..

    • Jeff Are you speaking from your IDF checkpoint? How many pregnant women did you inconvenience today?

      • Wow, Jerry. It’s one thing to be culturally illiterate, a whole other thing to be a Fucktastic Moron of Epic Proportions. You’ve taken that to a whole new level.

        Since you brought them up, why do I have a feeling an 18 year old IDF soldier girl could kick your sorry ass?

        • Kouf – Because this is how she is brought up to treat others I blame the parents

          • Big mistake Jerry. She is independent enough to know that in order of preventing your comrades attempts to kill her she has no choice but to beat the crap out of you and your pets. I understand your frustration…

          • Jerry, there is so much to blame your parents for. And your kids? Don’t even get me going about how they deserve to be humiliated by how pathetic of an asshole you happen to be.

            Actually, strike that. You’re an amazing asshole, Jerry. And the rest of your family follows suit.

      • None were pregnant at the time, but, maybe now…time will tell. However, none wanted their money back.

  2. Hamas should offer a special discount for children of Guardian employees at their summer camp. I’m sure their parents would be delighted.

    • Why does not hamas go the whole mile and put in a bid for outright ownwership of the guardian after all it would be very difficult for anyone to spot the difference at the guardian pre hamas ownership of the guardian and post hamas ownership of the guardian

  3. Beaumont is the product of a rotten culture that breeds immunity to the moral repugnance of eliminationist anti-Semitism.

  4. Groovy – This is how Haaretz reports the murder of two teenagers. Definately anti-semitic – do you not think? Mind you the victims also speak a Semitic language but the perpetrators of crimes against humanity refuses to acknowledge the cousins they beat up and kill on a daily basis –
    The soldier, whose job and unit cannot be disclosed due to a military gag order, is connected primarily to communications. It is assumed that at a certain point he too wanted to shoot at the demonstrators and took a gun from a Border Policeman. Sources in the Chief Military Defense office, which is representing the soldier, said that as far as they know the soldier fired only two rubber bullets, and did so according to orders and with the approval of the commanders in the field.

    This response not only underrates the events’ seriousness, but clouds the picture even more. Commanders of troops shooting people, even if “only” with rubber bullets, let a “visitor” accompanying them target human beings to increase his “enjoyment” of the mission? The awful moral failure underlying this incident requires the IDF to take a thorough account of itself, not only regarding the moral norms it inculcates in its soldiers, but also regarding military discipline.

    The soldier who took part in the shooting at Beitunia was suspended from his job and a Military Police investigation was opened against him, but the blame must not fall only on him and the Border Policemen who were there at the time. The moral deterioration falls under the responsibility of all Israel’s governments since 1967, and especially the current pro-settlement, anti-peace government.

    • The soldier however didn;t have anything to do with the 2 boys mysterious death which is quiet clear from the articel you were qutoing from.
      Pity you failed to quote this part
      Even the Palestinian Authority, despite its declarations, is not hastening to assist in finding out the truth. After two weeks, the Palestinian security forces have yet to hand over to the IDF the bullets removed from the bodies of the two young men during the autopsy in the Ramallah hospital.

      Twisting the truth is something you people do so well.

      • So alexa claiming your grandfather lived in that house 2000 years ago is not twisting the truth than – demanding the right of self determination is not twisting the idea of self determination. Next, you have the right to murder somebody who you think live in the house your uncle lived in 2000 years ago is legitimate.

          • alexa we are not all put on this earth to serve you despite whatever the Zionists tell you.

            • No, Howard, you’re here to amuse us. You’re God’s clown, as in, the Chosen Mouthpiece of Supreme and Extreme Dipshittery. Way to go, Chump.

              • koufaxmitzvah when you refer to ‘Howard’ as a “Mouthpiece” I think you have the wrong end of the torso in mind.

        • “So alexa claiming your grandfather lived in that house 2000 years ago”

          No, of course not, Howard. Everyone knows it was really Arafat’s mother.

          • So alexa claiming your grandfather lived in that house 2000 years ago is not twisting the truth than

            But claiming Palestinian grandfathers lived here for 6000 or 10,000 years ago is nothing but the truth according to the likes of Howard.

        • You’re just one of those fucking morons who will never figure it out, Howie. And you know what? The chances are great that you will never figure it out. Because you’re a hate monger, Howard. You can’t the Yids, so you make up some fucking bullshit about how terrible they are. What a pathetic asshole and coward you happen to be.

          Grow the fuck up, Howard. You’re an incorrigible and and incompetent boob.

    • Mind you the victims also speak a Semitic language …

      Eh-eh. Thank you for playing.
      The sort of comment that has me wanting to put an exclamation mark behind a yawn.

  5. Jerry, your point being that because Beaumont is an apologist for the eliminationist anti-Semitism of Hamas I must be an apologist for the criminal activity you cite above?

  6. Jerry Hicks get a brain.
    In search of Palestinians who are sickened by PA’s celebration of Sbarro bomber
    Arnold Roth

    The official government-controlled WAFA News Agency gave major prominence to the funeral of the Sbarro bomber “martyr” and to the messages of PA officials inciting to fresh acts of murder. Only in Arabic, naturally. [Via Google Translate]
    The official government-controlled WAFA News Agency gave major prominence to the funeral of the Sbarro bomber (“martyr”} and to the messages of PA officials inciting to fresh acts of murder. Only in Arabic, naturally.

    He exploded in August 2001 inside a [Sbarro] restaurant filled with Jews, and died a happy young man, perhaps even an ecstatic one. His life, in accordance with the insane religious dogmas that had been pumped into his head, had reached its point of fulfillment.

    Aftermath of Sbarro bombing Photo

    Our post made the point that representatives of the major segments of Palestinian Arab society took part in last week’s funeral.

    If you were looking for moderates – say, the so-called moderates of the Mahmoud Abbas regime – they were indeed there but they were not moderating anything. When it comes to murder and incitement to murder of Israelis and of Jews, they are not moderate; they are enthusiastic. In last Wednesday’s funeral procession in Tubas, they participated, heart and soul, to ensure the strongest possible message of support, encouragement, adulation for acts of calculated murder like the one in which the dead human bomb had engaged, and that stole the life of our 15 year old daughter Malki. They amplified this message of hatred and jihad via the official Palestinian Arab state media, as did the Hamas regime in Gaza. They wanted everyone to know – at least, everyone who speaks Arabic.

    As for publishing the same news in other languages, they were much less interested. Try (just as one random example) finding any mention on the English-language, Bethlehem-based, high profile European-funded Maan News Agency website. But Maan’s Arabic side [here] has all the death-cult worship an Arabic reader with an interest in such things could want. Interesting, no?

    We received some feedback that suggested this characterization was unfair. They said there are voices in the Palestinian Arab world that are as sickened as people like us are by the unconcealed blood-lust of Hamas, of Islamic Jihad, of Fatah, of the Palestinian Authority and of Mahmoud Abbas.

    So here’s an invitation for anyone who has such evidence to send us public, published statements in the Arabic language, in which Palestinian Arab voices condemn what sickens the rest of the world: the process of turning psychopaths like the human bomb who murdered our daughter Malki into martyrs, heroes, figures to be emulated.

    Over to you.

    Send what you have to or add them to the comments below. We’ll publish what we receive here. (Remember – in Arabic. We’ll take care of the translating into English.)

  7. Hitler was also gentle towards pet dogs.
    I wonder if the Guardian would describe his “gentle” side had he lived today.