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Rolling Stones ignore Harriet Sherwood’s call to boycott Jews, & rock Tel Aviv!

The Rolling Stones, arguably the best rock ‘n roll band in history, performed in Tel Aviv last night in front of a raucous crowd of over 50,000, serving as yet another example of the decade-plus-long record of failure by the campaign – supported recently by Guardian’s former Jerusalem correspondent Harriet Sherwood – to boycott millions of Jews.

Here are a few clips from last night’s performance:

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  1. Those songs bring back many good memories.
    “You can’t always get what you want” “you get what you need”
    Harriet the “journalist” and her BDS friends got what they needed, i.e., a good spanking courtesy of the Rolling Stones.

  2. One thing’s clear: Israelis/Jews are equal to all dumb concert goers. They can’t their cell phones down and experience the music. As if a crappy cell phone video will be better than the real thing. Sheesh.

  3. You have to conclude that Harriet Sherwood is a racist. There seems no other explanation for her refusal to write about the well-documented incidents of Palestinian anti-semtitsm.

  4. That`s rock`n roll, don`t give a damn for terror, islamism and the whole shit of lowlifers.