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Huffington Post UK Corrects: No ‘West Bank’ Airstrikes by IDF

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CAMERA’s Israel office has prompted a Huffington Post UK correction of a headline which had incorrectly referred to airstrikes in the West Bank. In fact, while the Gaza Strip has been subjected to airstrikes following a barrage of rocket attacks from that territory into southern Israel, there have been no West Bank airstrikes.
Editors also promptly corrected the accompanying July 1 article by Paul Vale, which had falsely asserted that the airstrikes were in response to the murders of the three Israeli teens, Gil-Ad Shaar, Naftali Frankel and Eyal Yifrach. In fact, the airstrikes on 24 targets in the Gaza Strip were in response to the aforementioned 18 rocket attacks on Israel.
A screen capture of the erroneous headline and article, first noted earlier today on CAMERA’s Snapshots blog, follows:
huffpost airstrikes

CAMERA staff contacted Huffington Post editors, noting that the airstrikes in the Gaza Strip were a response to the rocket fire coming from there, not to the murder of the three teens. The Huffington Post article is itself hyperlinked to an Associated Press story, also on the Huffington Post UK site, which notes that the Israeli military said it was rocket fire from the Gaza Strip which led to the airstrikes there:

Early Tuesday, Israel carried out an especially intense series of airstrikes in Gaza, saying it had struck 34 targets across the Hamas-controlled territory. The military said the airstrikes were a response to a barrage of 18 rockets fired into Israel since late Sunday.

As a result, editors immediately corrected both the headline and text, which now appear as follows:
huffpost airstrikes corrected
CAMERA commends Huffington Post UK for its timely and forthright corrections.

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  1. “it had struck 34 targets across the Hamas-controlled territory”

    The article is completely right that the Huffington Post should be brought to book for this cack handed blunder giving the impression as it does that the conflict is spreading.

    However the language used , calling buildings in a crowded city” targets” still is unhappy reading. Israel must not be seen to collectively punish the Gazans or it will lose the remarkably good press it has at least in the states.

    • Popeye:
      “calling buildings in a crowded city” targets” still is unhappy reading.”

      I didn’t realise that you see some wars as happy readings.

      I, for one, see all conflicts as unhappy, yet sadly sometime unavoidable.
      One must wonder how would you approach the ever growing strength and brutality of Arab fundametalism and Sunni Islamism from within the countries surrounding you.

      The 2 only Arab allies you have seem to be under the scope of such distabalyzing forces while the one driving the 2 state solution Arab solution (Saudi Arabia) is the one which sponsors such forces.

      Do you even live in the area or simply a bystander giving advices to those who must swim across croc infested waters?

    • That’s okay, Pops, because all Jews are known as genocidal and racist psychopaths by you and yours.

      Nice to know you care so deeply for piles of concrete. Mortar is how imagine your brain.

      • “all Jews are known as genocidal and racist psychopaths by you and yours.”

        I havent met all Jews. But the ones I know are pretty normal. Brilliant and not so brilliant like everyone.

  2. Collectiv punishment is not exercised, otherwise the whole of the Gaza strip would have been flatened. These ready made phrases when it comes to Israel – don´t overreact, only some Jews were murdered.

  3. There is a clever trick one can play in the battles of the narratives without actually lying.

    It just depends where one starts. So, for the Zionists everything starts from the kidnapping and the subsequent murder of the three Jewish children and from than on everything is considered a justifiable response.

    For the Palestinians, it started with the killing of the Palestinian children by the soldiers of the IDF. From than on everything is considered a justifiable response.

    Where is the flaw? Perhaps some Zionist will tell us very soon.

    • “..without actually lying”
      When, exactly, Tehran Jane do you intend to starting posting here ‘without actually lying’?

      On your past performance you either lie because you are an inveterate liar, or because you are too stupid to know what the truth is.

      So which is it Tehran Jane. Do you lie because you can do no other, or is it because you are too stupid to know what the truth is?

        • Itsik I am trying not to over complicate it for poor Tehran Jane who apart from being an inveterate liar, is as you, and others, have noticed not the sharpest tool in the box.

    • Jane, Jane, Jane.

      How about start at the begining?
      1918, when your friends lost their Khalifat?

      Or is it 1929, when your friends start raising their ugly heads against those who meant them no harm but your friends assumed were easy prey?

      I forgot, Persians can’t stand Arabs. If anything you probably hate Arabs just as much as you hate Zionists and Jews.

    • “Jane” you are a big fat lie. From dressing as a woman and posting as a peace lover. Your entire existence is one big fat stupid failure of a lie.

      You’re never interesting, but always worth a laugh.

  4. Let us start when the Europeans started their colonization movement in the 18th Century. Africa since, had to endure the devastation of slavery and Apartheid, Asia was divided to suit the European colonizers and its Zionist entity. The world since has been engulfed in endless conflicts. One answer may be is roll back European colonization. However, if the colonizers want to remain where they are end the Apartheid regimes. Allow restorative justice to the Africans and Asians, including Arabs and Palestinians and let peace embed itself over time.

    • Tehran Jane why not go back to the 8th Century when the Arab slave trade started in Africa?
      Or the 14th Century when this little gem was written;
      “beyond [known peoples of black West Africa] to the south there is no civilization in the proper sense. There are only humans who are closer to dumb animals than to rational beings. They live in thickets and caves, and eat herbs and unprepared grain. They frequently eat each other. They cannot be considered human beings.”

      Ibn Khaldun, Muqaddimah

      Or do the MILLIONS of Africans sold into slavery as part of the Arab Slave trade from the 8th Century onwards not count?

      • Or this little gem from a couple of centuries earlier;
        “”If (all types of men) are taken, from the first, and one placed after another, like the Negro from Zanzibar, in the Southern-most countries, the Negro does not differ from an animal in anything except the fact that his hands have been lifted from the earth -in no other peculiarity or property – except for what God wished. Many have seen that the ape is more capable of being trained than the Negro, and more intelligent.”

        Philosopher-theologian Nasir al-Din Tusi (1201-74), Tasawwurat (Rawdat al-taslim)

  5. Isn’t The Huffington Post a spoiled rich kid’s paper? Isn’t it right wing? I hate the Huffington Post anyway. Typical American KNEE_JERK Cowboy fricken journalism!
    I am REALY fed up with Americans trying to pretend they always were 100% with Israel. Canada had been way more with Israel since 1947 while Golda Meir had to go to Washington to BEG for military help! I am almost nauseated because of their “error”. All U.S. ever care dabout was 1st keeping Arabs sedated so they could buy oil from them! Then its Israel in 2nd place for Americam help!

  6. I suspect Gerald, given you ignorance you are left with two options – one to eliminate the other – this means flattening Gaza and the West Bank and putting the pre-1948 Palestinians into concentration camps or march back to Europe – Alternatively, you could educate yourself and try to live in peace in the region but for that you have to recognize the rights of the others and give them due recognition. . What is it going to be?

    • Tehran Jane as usual you are trying to avoid answering questions.
      To remind you of the question I put to you, yesterday, it was;
      “Tehran Jane why not go back to the 8th Century when the Arab slave trade started in Africa?”

      And your answer is?

      • And the question I put to you, even, earlier;
        “So which is it Tehran Jane. Do you lie because you can do no other, or is it because you are too stupid to know what the truth is?”

        Is the question to complicated for you? Is that why you are taking so long to fumble for an answer?

  7. Gerald so what is going to be? Have you started walking? Please do not tell me you are walking East towards Tehran. Much as I would like to meet you there, I suspect I will find you even more detestable in person.

      • “Who is Gerald?”

        Stanley, I am.
        You will notice that Tehran Jane has a, long-standing, habit of posting something and if it is queried runs away and hides like a naughty school child who has just run into the street and shouted out a string of swear words.
        When Tehran Jane then re-emerges from her/his/its pit he/she/it will first try to ignore any queries or points of clarification, then when that fails try to insult or divert attention, anything but answer.
        Tehran Jane also posts under different ‘monikers’ but always makes the same stupid spelling errors, no matter which ‘moniker’ he/she/it uses.
        Some mornings you can play the game of “Spot today’s illiterate anti-Semitic twat”

        • Thanks Gerald. So you are the one of the friends of Israel and my people the Jews everywhere in the world. (Including all of the other tribes besides Judah and Benjamin that are now being rediscovered as the Tenach said would happen ( very recently the Mennashe or Menassah tribe in Burma who are all soon to be brought to Israel. Praise the God of Israel and all those who Believe in Him a blessing on their heads! The Menashe have been persecuted by other tribe sin Burma because of their beliefs. They and the BNei Yisrael fled the Northern Kingdom of Israel (the southern after the split of Solomon’s Kingdom being the Kingdom of Judah (lands of Judah and Benjamin) after the Assyrians captured it and were dispersed all over the world especially to and in Asia. I believe there is another tribe of Isreal which has been found in Assam State in India. Thank you for fighting anti-Semitism. Where are you? I am in Toronto Canada. I want to get a group of journalists either professional or amateur together in person and on net for some kind of conference and if not at least an online association which would be for anyone Jewish, Messianic Jewish or Christian who really cares about the people of Israel (here I mean the entire 12 tribes (there were never 10 lost tribes: that was a non-Jewish conspiracy that lasted for centuries to demean the People of Israel and was and still is used by the cult of British Israelism which is demeaning of the People of Israel! Please be in touch.

          • Stanley an interesting post and I wish you luck in your endeavours.
            To answer your question I am in Wales the country of my birth.

            Although by religion I am Christian it is not out of religion that I support Israel. It is because I am a progressive. The right of self-determination for the Jewish people was a matter of progressive principle and conscience in 1948 and it SHOULD remain so today.
            When you have a country where there is a free and vibrant media; a robust independent judiciary; a generous welfare state and an unrivalled commitment to free world-class education. Then I believe as a progressive it is my duty to stand by that country.

    • No Tehran Jane I haven’t started walking yet.
      I am still waiting for you to answer the questions I put to you yesterday.
      You can try and divert attention away from your inability to answer as much as you like, but it will not work.
      You may well have the attention span, and the intelligence to match, of a moth. I and many others do not.

      • Just got into this discussion. Which on of you made the error?!! Huffington Post seems to be close to an anti-Semitic paper! Enough that the BBC is falling prey to the neo-Nazi Arabs!

  8. At last the two nuts have met – enjoy your conference, online offline or virtual happy hunting for the lost whatever –

  9. Gerald seek and you will find the answer –
    “We can’t keep shouting ‘Death to the Arabs’ and wondering why the other side hates us,”

    • Jane, the Arabs tried to murder Jews in the 1929 riots WAY before 1947. They were
      given 7/8s of Turkish Palestine when the British illegally gave them all of what was Turkish Palestine east of the Jordan River in 1921 which at first was called Trans-Jordan and then Jordan! Yes Jane! The Arabs would not even split the remaining 1/8 of Palestine (not a country or ethnic background but only the name of a Roman Province after the 70 A.D. Rebellion (the renaming intended to insult the Jews) with
      the Jews that were in Palestine in 1929!!!!!! The Arabs starting hating us mostly because of the fanatic Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who visited Hitler and who agreed with Hitler that he should kill all of the European Jews while the Grand Mufti would have all of the Jews in Palestine killed! Yes Jane the religious motivate dhatred of the Jews by Arabs has been going on since at least the early 1930s if not since 1929!!! Many Arabs liked the Jews and vice versa! Many Arabs were killed by the religious Moslem fanatics because they were friends with the Jews!
      Study the history and stop being a raving ignorant maniac! Golda Meir said if Arab Moslem mothers would teach their children to love instead of teaching Them to hate that there would be peace between Jews and Arabs!! There would be NO suicide bombers that those mothers praise after their deaths! Oh woe unto the Arabs for God
      will not forget what they have done as a NATION! YES the Arabs are a nation! A people! God said that any nation or people pr persons that Curse Israel He would Curse! They keep doing stupid things like having recently released terrorists kidnap
      and murder three religious students! Woe unto them for the Arabs are a stubborn and stupid people doing the things they do. Yet they get a way with it because of oil.
      God have mercy on the Western countries that will allow this re-birth of Nazism mingled with Arab hatred for the Jews and NOT do anything about it! Enough for now. I am getting nauseous thinking about the Moslem Arabs rejoicing over the three innocent Jewish boys being murdered!!

    • “Gerald seek and you will find the answer –
      “We can’t keep shouting ‘Death to the Arabs’ and wondering why the other side hates us,”

      Tehran Jane what does this load of waffle have to do with the questions I put to you?