CiF Watch prompts improved Indy headline in story of murdered Palestinian

Earlier, we came across an Indy headline in a report about the Palestinian riots taking place in east Jerusalem over the death of a Palestinian teen who many believe may have been the victim of a revenge attack. (Note, Elder of Ziyon and Harry’s Place also posted on this earlier.)


We then emailed Indy editors to ask about the strange wording.  Specifically, we asked if the first three words (Israel murdered teenagers) indicate the topic of the article, as in “regarding the murdered Israeli teenagers…”, or, rather, if it was supposed to support the theory that the Palestinian teen in question – 16-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir – was in fact murdered by an Israeli in a nationalist attack.

An Indy editor replied and told us that it was meant to convey the former, and wasn’t intended to suggest that the Palestinian was definitely killed in a revenge attack by an Israeli. 

Then, Elder noted that that they tweaked the headline to this, merely changing “Israel” to “Israeli”, and making it equally unclear.


More recently, they changed it again, to something more understandable. 

new change

Whilst UK media coverage of the Palestinian teen’s death has thus far been extremely one-sided in embracing the yet unproven theory that he was murdered in revenge, we’re at least glad that the Indy headline in question no longer suggests that this is a proven fact. 

Update: Harry’s Place also contacted Indy editors over the original headline.

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    BLOOD LIBEL 2014: Mainstream Media Jumps to Conclusions About Dead Palestinian Teen
    Aliza Levine]
    July 2nd, 2014)

    During the 18 days of frantic searching for the three missing Israeli teenagers, the mainstream media was eerily quiet. John Kerry condemned the kidnappings 3 days after news broke of the kidnappings. The President of the USA only spoke up once the bodies of the teens were found dead.

    Even when mainstream media reported on the news, a cold sense of apathy filled the headlines. “Hitchhiking Teenagers in West Bank Missing” read one headline. Rather than blaming Islamic terrorism targeting the completely innocent, they turned the blame to “Those Jews should’ve known better not to hitchhike “. Most media outlets called the teens “missing”, not even mentioning the fact that they were kidnapped.

    The headlines all had the same attribute: Hamas or Islamic terrorism was not mentioned, hitchhiking was always blamed, and they always mentioned the kidnappings took place in “The West Bank”.

    When the news broke that 3 bodies were found, the cold hard fact reporting came into play once again “Missing bodies of Teenagers in West Bank Found” filled the breaking news landscape. Once again, the headlines conveniently left out that they were all murdered in cold blood by Hamas terrorists.

    And now here we are, a Palestinian teenagers lifeless body is found in a forest and the media goes wild!

    Conspiracies of revenge fill the air, the media jumps to blame rogue settler Jews and all based on NOTHING!

    There is an intense police investigation going on, yet the media has already decided it was a revenge killing. Just an hour after the story broke, the media called it a revenge killing. Why didn’t the media call the three boys a kidnapping until after they were found dead – two weeks later?

    A few rock throwing Arabs make up a story about a revenge murder and the wild dog pounces. Never mind the common honor killings of Muslims or the constant news of masses being murdered in Iraq, Syria, or Nigeria – yet when a Jew “could” be involved, all hell breaks loose.

    The Drudge Report even linked to an article with just a headline. There is no content in that article because there is nothing to report on. Yet the media and the eternal Anti Semites have themselves a new blood libel.

    (Look below, this is an actual article with just a headline)

    [Click here to see the article]

    For the Jews who say “Never Again” Sit back and watch it happen again. For the Jews that said it can’t happen here. Look how the media is turning on you.

    And for all those who couldn’t understand how the masses could actually believe Blood Libels of the past, here’s an example of how fast they catch on.

    • Ken,

      “When the news broke that 3 bodies were found, the cold hard fact reporting came into play once again “Missing bodies of Teenagers in West Bank Found” filled the breaking news landscape. Once again, the headlines conveniently left out that they were all murdered in cold blood by Hamas terrorists.”

      The fact that the 2 chief suspects (We probably able to ID their coices on the recoding with the past prison interview they had) are members of Hamas (or were) is not the point.

      We have ISIS in Jerusalem assuming responsability on this, and until we catch them we simply assuming this ourselves.

      What we can say without a shadow of a doubt is that Hamas created an atmosphere that legitimises kidnapping and killing of everyone and everything Israeli or Jewish, as did Hizbullah.

  2. Sorry, but there is more work to be done!
    The Times yesterday was far, far worse; The report in the print verse had the appallingly irresponsible headline:
    “Palestinian youth lynched by settlers in revenge killing.” Neither “lynched” nor revenge killing was even in quotation marks. The online heading was altered. But today’s online version I accessed this morning still persisted with the inflammatory term “lynched” in the headline, before being changed: Lynched Arab youth’s funeral postponed. (I haven’t seen the print version.
    When challenged in the comments, someone called Owen Jones (is that “the” Owen Jones?) from the Times responded:
    “We occasionally overwrite articles with the latest updates as the story
    develops, hence carried over comments. Headlines can be changed for a
    number of reasons.
    For a more detailed explanation, you can email

    Kind regards,

    When further challenged in the comments:
    “@Owen Jones The neutral term “update” does not explain why you used such
    an outrageously irresponsible headline “Palestinian youth lynched by
    settlers in revenge killings” without even any quote marks around
    “lynched by settlers”. And persisted in using the inflammatory term
    “lynched” in the earlier version of today’s report as well.

    Owen Jones has not responded. bar a curious change to his previous response: The invitation to get a more detailed explanation from feedback, as disappeared off his response.
    A further challenge: Owen Jones, can you explain why we can no longer expect a detailed explanation?