Why Israel has been forced to go to war: An op-ed by Dr. Denis MacEoin

A guest post by Dr. Denis MacEoin

I want you to imagine this. An independent Scotland, fired up by new-found freedoms and ruled by President Robbie Burns II, bursts into ructions of tartan nationalism. An army of men wearing kilts and sporrans, playing horrendous squalling tunes on their war pipes, advances to the border, calling for the destruction of England and the murder or expulsion of everyone who lives on what, they say, is former Scottish soil. Specially trained militias roll up and start to fire rockets into Northumberland and Newcastle, where I live. As some years pass, the rockets get bigger and their range longer, until York and Leeds are threatened. Thousands of these rockets are fired, and even if they do little physical harm, they force the inhabitants of the English North to cower in bomb shelters, running to them when sirens announce a fifteen-second gap before the latest rockets fall. Add to this that Scottish fighters have been infiltrating England for years beyond number, detonating car bombs, slitting throats, and blowing themselves up in shopping malls, restaurants and town squares, using suicide belts to kill as many English men and women and children as possible. In one case, a Scottish woman, treated for severe burns in the burns unit at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary, returns for out-patient treatment wearing an explosive belt designed to murder the doctors and nurses who improved her life and is only caught thanks to the vigilance of soldiers at a checkpoint built to prevent such incidents.

Now ask yourself, what would the government of the UK do? Send for the Archbishop of Canterbury to organize national prayer vigils? Wring their hands and hope the belligerent Scots soon see the error of their ways? Apologize to their sworn enemies and evacuate the country (except, perhaps, Celtic Wales), relocating in a distant desert or hell-pit, assuming anyone, fired by post-colonial outrage, would take them? Do a Jim Jones and deliver bottles of cyanide-laced Flavor Aid to every household, and apologize to Scotland for forcing its undertakers to remove and cremate the bodies?

You know the answer as well as I do. Now, think again. The Scots love us and will probably vote against devolution. We love them and their Tam O’Shanters and their Loch Ness Monster. For bagpipes we may prefer the sweet tones of Irish uilleann pipes or Northumbrian pipes. But we have had our last wars with the Scots, who mean us no harm.

For Scotland in the first paragraph, write Gaza. For Scots, write Palestinians. The rest is true. The rain of missiles since 2007, the endless terror attacks on civilians before the security barrier almost put an end to them. The incitement in the Hamas Charter of 1988 to kill all Jews, never to make peace, never to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, never even to sit down to hold peace talks (which are called ‘a waste of time’). Palestinians suffer, but that doesn’t matter to Hamas (or, indeed, Fatah, who issue similar threats), for whom martyrdom is the highest aspiration. In Gaza and the West Bank (now allied in a unity government), the murderers of children and families are celebrated as national heroes, worthy of emulation. Can the UN cure that sickness? Will the Arab and Muslim states even try? Will the left in Europe and America stop their attacks and vilifications of Israel and Jews? Left-wingers who, not long ago, marched in cities in Europe chanting ‘Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas’.

The burned woman who sought to kill the men and women who had saved her life was Wafa Samir Ibrahim al-Biss, a Palestinian from Gaza who was treated at Beersheva’s Soroka Medical Centre in early 2005 and who set out to return there bearing a medical licence, was captured at the Erez crossing by vigilant IDF soldiers, and imprisoned. She was released in 2011 as one of the prisoners freed to bring Gilad Shalit back to his family. On her release, she was welcomed home by a group of children. To them she said ‘I hope you will walk the same path we took and God willing, we will see some of you as martyrs.’ I did not use the word ‘sickness’ above in a flippant or bigoted way. It is the only word I can choose to describe a society built on hatred, self-immolation and the destruction of the innermost fibre of little children.

And Jews will go to the gas the moment Hamas and its allies are victorious, and they will be victorious if Israel ever slackens in its vigilance and self-defence, and remains passive in its response to deadly rocket fire from a terrorist regime. Make no mistake about that. Stand in the shoes of those few who cried horror as they watched the Nazis come to power in Germany. By no means are all Palestinians Nazis, but Hamas and its allies are the nearest thing since 1945. Yet throughout the world’s media, Israel, one of the world’s finest democracies, a country that even as I write is performing heart operations on Palestinian children, is called the aggressor, its acts of self-defence pilloried as unbalanced and disproportionate. Of course, it’s unbalanced. If your enemy refuses to make peace and establish secure borders for both sides, if they do everything in their power to kill you and everyone you love, and destroy your cities, what choice would anyone have but to keep responding and responding yet again until they come to their senses, acknowledge international law, and make peace for their own sakes as much as for yours?

For two thousand years, Jews — I am not one — have been tortured, killed, expelled, and exterminated without respite. They have at last found, through the auspices of the League of Nations and the United Nations, and above all their own efforts through the Zionist movement, a haven, a place where they have the right to live in peace and security for once, and from which they can continue to make a most extraordinary contribution to the well-being of mankind. And Hamas pounds their haven with high explosives and threatens genocide while shouting to the world that they, not the Jews, are the victims in this drama even while they are nothing but the victims of their own mania and blood lust. This will attract comment, and that is well and good. But as a lifelong liberal, I will listen only to reasoned criticism, not accusations that Israel is a ‘Nazi’ state, an ‘apartheid’ state or any other of the patent nonsense that so many in the far left and Islamists throw out. Palestinian lives are important, which is why thousands of Palestinians are treated in Israeli hospitals every year. But Israeli lives, the lives of Israeli Jews and Arabs both, have equal value. Israel has never threatened or carried out genocide (another meaningless accusation). Today, it stands in the media dock, accused of crimes it has never committed. Hamas is handled with kid gloves. Woe to us if the Scots ever change their minds and launch phase one of their haggis-fuelled invasion.


Dr. Denis MacEoin is a former university lecturer in Arabic, Persian and Islamic Studies. He is currently a Distinguished Senior Fellow with the Gatestone Institute and a Senior Fellow at the Middle East Forum.


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  1. Dr Maceoin, despite the difficulty of spelling your surname, I congratulate you on your remarkably good sense and on being a sane, honest and eloquent man.

    • MacEoin seems to have no clue what is going on in Israel and Palestine. Israel has been occupying the Palestinian territory since 1967, building settlements that are illegal under international law. Writing biased op-eds that no one but a handful of settlers living in Migron will read will not change a thing. Negotiating peace, ending the occupation and implementing a two-state solution will.

      • So he has no clue Michael….And naturally you know everything, you know the local languages, you are an expert on ME history etc. We are lucky Michael, while our enemies are on your intellectual level we don’t have any reason to worry.

      • Occupying non existent countries like Palestine is just the kind of virtual reality these nerds without any relation to reality live in.

      • Dr. MacEoin has a far better clue than your moronic rant.

        Tell us what ‘Palestinian territory’ was there in 1967? When did they have any or any legal claim to any for that matter?

        Bet you won’t try because you are too stupid to have any answers

      • I’m afraid that it is Mr Collins who has no clue.

        In 1967 in its war of survival, Israel occupied parts of Egypt (Gaza), Jordan (the West Bank), Syria (the Golan Heights) and Lebanon. Within days of the war ending it offered to hand back these territories in return for peace, recognition and security. This was echoed in UN Resolution 242. At the Khartoum Conference attended by Egypt, Jordan, Syria,Iraq and Lebanon – but no ‘Palestinians’ – this UN Resolution and Israel’s offer was rejected: their response was ‘no peace with Israel. no recognition of Israel, no negotiation with Israel’ thus prolonging the state of war and de facto granting Israel permission to remain in these territories.

        Subsequently a peace deal between Egypt and Israel resulted in the latter returning the Sinai to Egypt and there has been no conflict between the two countries since then; and in the Jordan-Israel Treaty of 1994, the former – having expelled to the West Bank the ‘Palestinians’ who threatened to take over their country – handed over security control of the West Bank to the latter. Again, peace has prevailed between these two countries. In this Treaty, Jordan allocated part of the West Bank to Israel and part to the ‘Palestinians’ on the understanding that the former would become part of Israel in the event of a full and final peace agreement and it is in this area and this area only that Israel has built towns and villages.

        It is only those who wish to destroy Israel – and those ignorant of the facts – who call these towns and villages illegal; but when asked to name the law which Israel is breaking, they can’t. They refer to the Geneva Convention, but this is not a law. The refer to UN Resolutions but conveniently forget to mention UN Resolution 181 of 1947 which established the State of Israel as a homeland for the Jews (who had lived there for thousands of years: read your Bible) or the ‘peace, recognition and security’ clause in UN Resolution 242 of 1967.

        I suspect that there would be fewer verbal attacks on Israel if people made themselves aware of the facts rather than simply parroting ‘Palestinian’ propaganda.

  2. “And Jews will go to the gas the moment Hamas and its allies are victorious” – stoking up unfounded WW2 fears again are we Denis to generate sympathy? I think so.

    What this ‘guest’ poster/fraudster intentionally fails to communicate is the scenario in which:

    1) Hamas’ apparent lack of mandate to rule means it in no way represents genuine mainstream Palestinian thought and opinion

    2) The illegal occupation of land belonging to indigenous peoples incites anger and hatred towards their occupiers (hard one to grasp, this one eh?)

    3) a Herrenvolk democracy in Israel is in no way a true functioning one and very much akin to Nazi Germany of the era he evokes with his scar-mongering.

    4) The world and its respective governments do not share his minority opinion that the divine rights of one group should trample the human dignity and UN right to self-determination of another.

    Other than that, a truly fantastic piece of nonsense, light on fact, absent of independent sources and designed to further the prospects of peace in no shape or form whatsoever.

    Grade. F-

        • Sorry, wrong button – that was most certainly not intended as a reply to germolene!
          Although I guess that was obvious.

          • By the way ‘Steven B’ the next time you post a complaint about people not using their ‘real names’, as you have elsewhere, perhaps you would like to explain why you are responding to a remark aimed at someone who posted under the name ‘Tim O’

            You are too stupid for your own good.

    • Sorry Tim, my mistake. I thought that Jane/Noam’s malevolent stupidity is unbeatable. You just proved the opposite.

    • 1. Hamas is the elected goverment by the Palestinina. It is abbas who really have no mandate to rule.
      2. So called Palestinians are not the indeigenous people . It is the Jews really. there was no palestinian state that we took land from.
      3. Herrenvolk democracy in Israel is in no way a true functioning? Do explain and give sources to back it up.
      4. Actually it was the wrold who recognize the Jews historic ties to the land and their right to built their state in their historic land.

      Other than that a truly fantastic piece of nonsense the usual kind we get from pro “Palestinian”

      • Silly me, i forgot the joooz have been there since 5764Bc.

        thats when the world began right? Right?

        • No didn;t you know it was Palestinians lived here for 10,000 years or was it 6000 years or maybe 5000 years they can’;t really make up their mind. They are cannanites or maybe phillistines that’s what happan when you invent yourslef you are not really sure who you really are .

          • The Palestinians are whatever they think might arouse public sentiment and dislodge those (%£%$£) Jews from their own tiny slice of wakf land which they employ to show up the lamentable lack of intelligence, initiative and human standards that the Arabs take such pride in.

        • Silly you,
          Wasn’t it Mahmoud Abbas who said that Palestinians were there 9,000 years ago (the neolithic era, quite laughable), and that their greatest achievement was the advent of the PLO in 1964? (That’s a long time to wait just to form a klepto-thugocracy.) Then again he’s not very good with dates, is he? His term of office expired years ago, and yet for some unexplainable reason he’s still president. I guess you just forgot.

          • “borders are redrawn all the time and 10000 years ago has nothing to do with it” – well said. OF COURSE it doesn’t have anything to do with it.

            What is relevant however is a present day occupation of Gaza/West Bank and denial of 4.5 million Palestinians right to self-determination and a functioning state + institutions.

            But those on hang out on here and think Israel has a ‘right to exist’ forget that, and bring up some insignificant ‘state’ that existed in a book(!) 5000 years ago.

            UN Charter is 2014, not a divine prophecy.

            • Asinus, Gaza and the part of the disputed territory according to the Oslo negotiations are not occupied. The self determination to antisemitism is not new, after the nationalsocialism, you piece of ..

              • It’s also part of Mars according to my nan, but that doesn’t make it ‘true’.

                It’s disputed as much as you are intelligent, so basically, not at all.

                As for self-determination of peoples, you clearly do not work for the UN. In fact, you’re probably still in school, so it’s no surprise that you can baRllY Rigte Propurly.

                • Asinus from the Mars, reading, wrtiting and understanding are competences you won`t miss, but will the world miss another uneducated antisemite? I doubt it.

                • Yes sweetie those who might speak more than one language should be properly ashamed that they are not perfect in the one that you think everyone in the world should be a master of.

            • “.. 4.5 million Palestinians right to self-determination and a functioning state + institutions…” You are forgetting something very important. That without Israel’s help (and she’d give it if Palestinians acted in good faith) and forbearance they couldn’t build a functioning state. They were given the opportunity in Gaza and as usual loused it up.

              • ‘Given the opportunity’ = Hemmed in an open prison?

                Like those Jews in Nazi concentration camps = give the opportunity to ‘just relax and enjoy the break from work?’

                Like that kind of logic?

  3. This one about “The illegal occupation of land belonging to indigenous peoples” is a laugh a minute dear Tim O.

    Perhaps your version of reality omits the fact that Arab Islamists left the Arabian Peninsula (The clue is in the word “Arab”) conquering all in their path across Asia Minor, Persia and the whole of North Africa vanquishing and enslaving beyond the Sahel. They then went on to expand into Southern Europe and even the Indian sub-continent. Your logic presumably suggests that those invaded European territories now “occupied” by Spaniards, Italians, Greeks, and Macedonians etc. should surrender to their previous Arab masters and meekly allow reoccupation and the Indians submit to Pakistan. Your Arab friends were truly the world masters of colonisation and slavery.

    Whilst you are at it why just pick on Israeli Jews? Why not also demand that the present occupiers of that area known as England surrender to its previous conquerors of many centuries ago who were the Romans – presently best represented today by the Italians.

    • Why not just pick on Israeli jews? After all, they do seem to cause most of the problems in Palestine….so if the cap fits…

      • I can live without you in my life. That’s the option, and if you insist that I kill you for that to happen, then I suppose that is a possibility. Fact is, you are a degenerate moron, and any kind of response will not just make you cry like the pathetic twit you appear to be, but will cause someone to say, “Hey! Stop picking on the nose picking, shit eating, constantly masturbating weirdo!” In fact, that is your victory. To have someone else stand up for you as you demand to be taken seriously the only way you know how — as the lethal threat.

        That is one hell of a legacy. And shortlived, because the moment you die, no one is going to give a shit.

          • Like I said, if you insist that I kill you, then that might happen. Are you like Hamas insisting that Israel kill them? That’s a question. But, yes, I can see how you see that as a threat. You’re a shrill, and that’s what shrills do.

          • I’m not trying to kill you, and Israel isn’t trying to kill Palestinians. But if you shoot rockets at me and refuse to stop, then I will bomb your ass.

            You shrilling idiot.

              • That’s what you get from that? Okay.

                I don’t expect you to have a response that makes sense. But just think…. You think you’re witty and wise and really funny and with it. And that’s what you came up with.

                Good stuff.

              • “I think you might be 15. And not getting any”

                Think a lot about under age children having sex do you?
                What a perverted ‘Nonce’ you are.