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Challenge to UK media: name an army that goes to greater lengths than the IDF to protect civilians

Writing in Jerusalem Post on Friday, Amotz-El noted that “twenty-seven years after its establishment in the wake of the first intifada, Hamas was in its worst strategic situation ever”.

Amotz-El elaborated:

[It lost Syria] its longtime ally and host – after having gambled on President Bashar Assad’s defeat in his country’s civil war. 

Down with Syria went its Iranian sponsor’s financial infusions and arms shipments to Gaza, and also the cheerleading of Hezbollah, which this week remained conspicuously quiet even as Gaza came under flames.

Having lost Syria, Hamas went on to lose Egypt.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s wrath at Hamas is fully shared by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, all of which also loathe any threat to the Arab world’s established regimes. Finally, Hamas managed to ruin its fledgling harmony with the Palestinian Authority, just weeks after its much-heralded announcement of a unity government with Fatah.

In short, Hamas has isolated itself so hermetically that it is shunned by monarchies and republics, Sunnis and Shi’ites, Iranians and Americans, and a world that now sees Hamas as part of a trouble-making Islamist international that runs from Nigeria through Iraq to western China.

Even Hamas’s last ally, Turkey, said little this week when the Israel Air Force pounded targets in Gaza

However, despite its diplomatic isolation, Hamas still knew it had one trump card to play: provoking a war with Israel which would result in Palestinian civilian casualties, thus eliciting positive media coverage from a compliant Western media.

As Jeffrey Goldberg observed in his recent column, in the context of trying to explain Hamas’s objectives in provoking a war:

Mahmoud Abbas, the sometimes moderate, often ineffectual leader of the Palestinian Authority, just asked his rivals in Hamas a question that other bewildered people are also asking: “What are you trying to achieve by sending rockets?”

Later in his op-ed, Goldberg provides an answer to Abbas:

Hamas is trying to get Israel to kill as many Palestinians as possible.

Dead Palestinians represent a crucial propaganda victory for the nihilists of Hamas. It is perverse, but true. It is also the best possible explanation for Hamas’s behavior, because Hamas has no other plausible strategic goal here.

This propaganda strategy, however, is dependent on Western media groups playing along, not only by highlighting every tragic Palestinian civilian death, but by also pretending that such casualties are not the result of Hamas’s cynical strategy of using human shields and other tactics meant to maximize the number of casualties.

To boot, the following heartbreaking photo and headline appeared in the print edition of The Independent on July 12th which highlighted the tragic case of a young Palestinian girl named Mariam Al-Masery.


The Indy journalist who wrote the story, Kim Sengupta, also addressed the broader issue relating to the number of civilian deaths, and seemed incredulous in the face of IDF “claims” that the Hamas use of human shields (and related tactics) largely explains the phenomenon.

In the story’s sixteen paragraphs, only two present the Israeli side, with almost all of the remaining text providing details of the civilians’ deaths and quotes from Palestinian expressing their outrage.

Here’s one of the two paragraphs which even tries to present the Israeli side, though it immediately dismisses Israeli claims as running counter to the evidence: 

Many residents, however, maintain that missiles and bombs aimed at the homes of militants considered legitimate targets by the Israelis have also hit neighbouring family homes. This claim would run counter to repeated insistence by the Israeli authorities that the air strikes are being carried out with surgical precision to avoid collateral damage.

Of course, this is an absurd conclusion to reach, as the fact that ‘family homes’ were hit doesn’t in any way contradict IDF claims that “air strikes are being carried out with surgical precision to avoid collateral damage”. It simply means that such homes are placed in close proximity to military targets, and that the precision IDF strikes – no matter how carefully executed – obviously can’t guarantee 100% success at avoiding hitting civilian structures.  

(It’s actually quite telling that after more than 1300 Israeli strikes on terror targets thus far during the war – in the ‘densely populated’ strip – the number of Palestinians killed, combatants and non-combatants, is roughly 120. )

Of course, if the Indy journalist wanted to write a fair account of the civilian deaths, evidence abounds of Hamas culpability, whose leaders have explicitly acknowledged their human shield policy.

Additionally, the Indy journalist could have cited videos proving that Hamas places weapons caches in civilians areas, and how carefully the IDF works to attack the terror target while avoiding harming homes, schools and clinics:

Here’s another video of a precision strike:

Humanitarian tactics employed by the IDF include dropping leaflets, placing phone calls and sending text messages to Palestinians in harm’s way, and the ‘knock on the roof’ tactic (seen above).

It’s also worth noting, in the context of such reports imputing Israeli culpability in Palestinian deaths, that the Indy has thus far failed to note that almost all of the more than 800 rocket attacks on Israeli towns since the war began have been fired at civilians – each, therefore, clearly constituting a war crime.

The real story of the war – one which the UK media won’t tell – is how Hamas uses tactics which maximize the danger to their own civilians and intentionally targets all Israeli civilians, while the IDF goes to extraordinary lengths to protect both Israeli and Palestinian civilians.

On Twitter recently, we asked a source cited in a Guardian Live Blog (who had criticized as ineffective IDF tactics of warning civilians prior to an attack on a terror target) to respond to a simple question:

Name one army in the world that goes to greater lengths than the IDF to protect civilians during war.

We’re still awaiting his response.

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  1. The little girl, Mariam Al-Masery, was born after her parents received fertility treatment. Did they receive that in Gaza or more likely in Israel?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  2. DId that entitled Nathanyu to attempt to kill her. I have heard of the only army that rings up a family and when a child answers says leave the house now child responds there are children in the house it will take us little time to leave. He is told leave now and a minute later before the family had the chance to vacate the house the house is bombed. It is the only army that knocks on the roof and a minute later sends the angel of death. It is obvisosly the most ethical killing machine I have heard of. It surpasses the the Nazis who invented the racially hygenic mass baths. Goebbels is cusring himself for not being as good as the Zionist propagandists

    17 members of one family, eight of another and 6 of another already over 150 people killed.

    • Tehran Jane you are getting hysterical;
      “DId that entitled Nathanyu to attempt to kill her”
      What are you waffling on about?

      “I have heard…”
      Exactly hearsay evidence.
      Knowing your penchant for lying, distortion and complete lack of any credibility I don’t believe a word you write.

      • jewish cowards. Too scared to legally even define their own borders, i kid you not.

        Yellow bellies, the lot of them.

        No wonder israelis get such a hostile reception in london, i make sure they know how the british public feels about their illegal occupation every time i meet one.

        Every single time.

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                • ‘Tim O’ or ‘Steven B’

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    • Jane I completely understand your desperation, not only you got a tremendous beating but more and more people see the difference between us:
      We are using shelters to protect the civilians against your rockets while you are using civilians to protect your rockets.

      • “We are using shelters to protect the civilians against your rockets while you are using civilians to protect your rockets.”…and shelters to protect your brave warriors and war materiel.
        By the way, where did all those brave martyrs go? Suddenly everyone is a civilian!

    • 150 killed! In 4 days! Off of 1200+ bombing missions! QUELLE HORREUR!


    • “The real story of the war – one which the UK media won’t tell – is how Hamas uses tactics which maximize the danger to their own civilians and intentionally targets all Israeli civilians” – CiFWatch, July 13, 2014

      “HAMAS can now attack from one end of Israel to another. Also, they can now send their troops into Israel. So get used to living in your bunkers.” – Jane Mardell, July 9, 2014

  3. NatzieJane urges for more human shields in defence of the terror organisation Hamas.

  4. you stole their land, now kill their children.

    And youre surprised people hate israelis? really?

    • I’m not surprised that you hate Israelis, since most are Jews.
      Let’s not beat around the bush. We both know that you belong in a straight-jacket.

    • Steven I’m sure that you liked the pogrom in Paris yesterday – “against Israelis”.
      And youre surprised people hate israelis? really?
      I’m not surprised at all. These people who hate them have many reasons like – a./they are Jews b./They are much more effective, more clever and stronger than them and don’t hesitate to beat the shit out of your kind who is trying to kill them c./They are extremely successful in every area of modern life so the hate of failed persons living in failed countries is perfectly logical.
      And these are only some examples Steven…