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Read Adam Levick’s latest article at The Jewish Chronicle

Here are the first few paragraphs of Adam Levick’s latest article at The Jewish Chronicle:

On Monday night, Israel formally accepted the Egyptian proposed ceasefire calling for an end to “all hostilities” between Hamas and Israel from the following morning.

Though the IDF halted its military operations, Hamas rejected calls to stop attacks and fired dozens of rockets at Israeli cities during the declared truce. After six hours of continued attacks, Israel announced it would resume its military operation and began attacking Hamas targets.

Despite this straightforward series of events, some media outlets found a way to obscure Hamas’s culpability, with the Guardian leading the pack. Even when the paper acknowledged that Hamas was still firing rockets, they somehow concluded that the “ceasefire was holding” and later managed to blame Israel’s eventual retaliation for causing it to collapse.

After the paper was criticised on Twitter, Guardian deputy editor Phoebe Greenwood defended the coverage, arguing in one Tweet that since Hamas never agreed to the ceasefire, their rocket attacks did not represent a violation of its terms.

Read the rest of the article here.

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    • It is not a surprise that you do not have anything of substance to contribute to this site.
      Of course it could be that you believe your link leads to an article that is the ‘Holy Grail’, which is why you felt it necessary to post it on different threads.

      But if you want to carry on with your usual tactic of being repetitive and boring, as you do with your use of various ‘monikers’ and posting waffle, then that is your choice.
      It is my choice whether I pity you for being intellectually challenged or laugh at you and your pathetic and contemptible posts.

      I choose to laugh at you.

      • Nice work Israel!

        “Doctors of the World, a medical charity that has been in Gaza since 2002, says Israeli military action is damaging the Palestinian healthcare system and restricting access to humanitarian aid. Health services, it adds, have been seriously damaged by air strikes and have had to endure frequent power cuts”

        • Doctors of the World…must be those who can’t practice the medical profession in their own country due to their incompetence, their inability to get medical licence, etc. When some of the relatives of Hamas bosses need medical treatment they are begging to be treated in Israel and not by these professional giants.

          • And these wise blood-libel spitting cospiracyt heorist assholes like Katherine/Federico/etc. used to rant about false flag operations of the Israelis.
            The real peterthehungarian

            • peter you are being overgenerous in describing their puerile attempts as a ‘false flag operation’
              All they have done is to run a pair of tatty old ‘y-fronts’ up a flagpole and stood there in their tin foil hats saluting it.

              They wonder why humanity laughs at them.

              • I think dear Katherine wanted to say the truth and to confess that she is a Nazi, but in the last minute she shat in her tasseled panties and changed her tiny mind. This happens frequently in her case of mentally challenged psychopaths.

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