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HURRAH for ‘blood-stained’ SHIRTS!: Daily Mail leads with ISM propaganda

You really have to question the judgment of Daily Mail editors in not only publishing the following selectively edited anti-Israel propaganda video released by the pro-terror group, International Solidarity Movement (ISM), but in featuring it in a story on their home page yesterday:

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Mail Online, July 22

Here’s the ISM film which represents the sole piece of evidence supporting the wild claim that an Israeli sniper killed a Palestinian civilian during recent fighting between the IDF and Hamas.

As Dexter Van Zile of CAMERA noted, ISM has refused requests to release the full (unedited) video.

Though there is much to fisk, we received permission to post the following superb analysis of the ISM clip by the blogger Thomas Wictor

Hooray for Pallywood! If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Pallywood refers to the fraudulent videos that the Palestinians and their supporters put out to try and convince the world that Israel is the new Third Reich. Today the International Solidarity Movement released the most blatantly phony footage I’ve ever seen. A child could deconstruct this fake atrocity video.

This is what the International Solidarity Movement says about the young man “killed.”

In the video, however, we first see him at 0:24, transporting an uninjured man on a stretcher to…somewhere. He’s going in the opposite direction as the “rescuers.”


When he realizes he’s being filmed, he turns away from the camera. For some reason he didn’t change his distinctive shirt when he played his next role. Still, he has a beard with no mustache…

Now to the meat of the video. At :59 there’s a crack. This is a squib, an electrically detonated firecracker. I’ll explain more about that later. They set it off to make you think they’re being shot at. Then at 1:30 the subtitles say, “I don’t know. The tanks are surrounding us.”

Do you hear any tanks? This is what it sounds like inside an Israeli Merkava main battle tank (MBT), insulated by inches of steel, carbon fiber, and ceramic.

An MBT is unbelievably LOUD. The engine, the turret, the treads, the drive sprockets, the wheels, and the suspension make it sound like a house being demolished. The actor pretending to be talking on the phone in the fake atrocity video says they’re surrounded by Israeli tanks. How come we don’t hear them? Why is there nothing but DEAD SILENCE?

At 2:01 in the International Solidarity Movement’s video is another screwup. Green Shirt admits, “There are no injuries here.” That’s because the Israeli Defense Forces warn civilians to leave the area before they attack. Yet the same people also shoot civilians with sniper rifles?

At 2:23 the first “sniper shot” hits Green Shirt. Suddenly he goes from being beside the cameraman to lying in the only cleared-out space in the rubble.

At 2:28 [they] ACTUALLY FILM HIM APPLYING  [what appears to be] FAKE BLOOD TO HIS LEFT HAND. You can clearly see the plastic squirt-tube here in his right hand.


He puts his left hand on his butt and then holds it up so we can see the “blood.”

(Note, that one CiF Watch reader who saw the video said that the tube of “fake blood” may actually be his cell phone)

At 2:38 another squib is detonated: crack!

At 2:48 the really horrible actress of the International Solidarity Movement listlessly recites her lines: “Tell them to stop. Tell them to stop.” No urgency whatsoever.

At 2:54 another squib is detonated. You can see the smoke and hear the crack at the same time.


[seemingly] indisputable evidence that a sniper isn’t firing at him. You don’t hear the firing and the impact of the bullet simultaneously, unless the muzzle of the rifle is pressed to your forehead. Also, Israeli snipers use the Sniper Weapon System (SWS) .338 Lapua Magnum.

Here’s what that it sounds like and the damage it does. Don’t worry: Only cinder blocks were injured, and they’re all bastards anyway. Screw ‘em.

Now, according to the International Solidarity Movement, the kid was shot three times, including twice as he was lying on the ground. He was shot from the right, from down an ally. This is the trajectory.

You just saw that Lapua blowing the hell out of those cinder blocks. Where are the kid’s wounds? Is the Israeli sniper actually lying beneath him, firing upward?

I could post photos of what people look like after they’ve been hit with high-powered sniper bullets. However, because this worthless propaganda video is so amateurish, it’s not necessary for me to inflict images of mangled corpses on you.

After Green Shirt was “dead,” he opened his eyes.

Notice how calm everybody is? It’s because there were no Israelis within miles of where they filmed this clown act. And you know why the International Solidarity Movement never told us the kid’s name? The reason is that the Israelis keep records of every Palestinian who dies in the wars they have with Gaza. If Green Shirt’s name were revealed, the Israelis would’ve informed us that he isn’t dead and that he’s a Hamas operative.

But we already know that, because of the beard, the non-shelled ambulances, the squibs, the terrible acting, the absence of gunshot wounds, and the tube of [what appears to be] fake blood.

When you lie it means you know you’re wrong. And for everybody else, don’t believe what you see and hear on the Internet. You may think something must be true, but it can still be fake.

If a lone blogger was able to recognize the amateurish nature of the film, certainly editors at the Daily Mail should have, at the very least, refrained from promoting it until a thorough examination was conducted.

However, this is more than simply a case of a tabloid posting a sensational viral video.  Those – such as ISM and their extremist allies – who advance the narrative of Israeli snipers firing at innocent Palestinian civilians feed into calumnies about Jews which, as we’ve seen in recent antisemitic outbursts in the UK and across Europe, often have extremely dangerous consequences.

 You’d think that, at the very least, Daily Mail editors’ would be cautious about peddling such toxic visual agitprop peddled by a decidedly reactionary movement – cognizant, perhaps, of their unfortunate editorial decisions of the past. 

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  1. The biased, sloppy copy makes one wonder about the integrity and balance of everything else in the Guardian.

    • Nobody has ever thought that the Daily Mail is an intelligent and unbiased view of the world.

    • The movie is FAKE
      Notice the following :
      1) It starts with bunch of guys carrying on a stretcher someone that seem to be calm and without any sign of blood or injury.
      A guy speaking English referring to an ambulance where there are supposed to be people killed earlier by Israel, but they show no evidence for this.
      2) They keep moving freely in an area where there is no ongoing fighting (only distant noises of drowns and bombings). Israel is operating in Gaza with large armored forces. Not single snipers.
      3) At some point, remarkably few seconds prior to the fabricated shooting, you hear “do they shoot” in English. They are clearly a group of Arabs given that they otherwise talked Arabic among themselves. Why do they use English in this specific instance? Did they expect this video to be distributed in public media before any “shooting” took place??
      4) A sort “confusion” and cut. Next shot (camera shot, not gunshot) we see the guy with green shirt (who was one of the people earlier carrying on a stretcher) laying in the middle of the street without any signs of injury or anything that prevents him from moving. He seems to be occupied with his cell phone …Despite just being shot.
      When you are hit by a 0.5” sniper built, or even just by a 5.56mm M-4 built, you usually don’t care for your cell phone.
      5) The apparent ‘gunshots’ not at all sounds like a sniper gunshot (which expected to be dim and distant with echoing/bouncing sounds) but more like a nearby firecracker.
      Notice between 2:50 to 2:55, the timing between the emotional reaction of the guy behind the camera starting a second before the firecracker explode few meters behind the guy on the ground.
      6) No sign of blood or injury prior to, or after the “shooting”.
      7) Why the guys standing few meters from the “injured” guy feel so comfortable standing there taking pictures and filming the video if the street is targeted by a sniper?
      8) Why the two guys who at the later part of the film are in the front seem to be totally cool while the guys in the back are hysteric?
      Is it possible that they where manipulated into the deception?
      9) Why don’t they help him? Just looking? Are they sociopaths?
      10) I like to see the pictures taken by the guys in the yellow vests who stood on the other side of the green shirt guy.
      11) I like to see an autopsy.

      Quoting the last sentences being said CALMLY by the guys in the Yellow Vests:
      “I know I know but what the f*** we should do? Can you find a cable or a rope anything you can throw to him? If he can just grab it we can drag him”
      …Otherwise, there is nothing we can do. Is this how you act when a friend/colleague of yours is lying right there shot?
      I would have treated my dog better.

      A total, poorly executed, fabrication (the best you can expect from people that are too stupid to understand that there are actually smart people in this world).


    • Simple rules of good journalism:
      1) First blame Israel no matter what.
      2) Then go check the facts.If you find no evidence for what you wrote, change subjects and keep blaming Israel.
      3) If God forbids, Israel is not to blame, go to rule number 1.
      4) Never ever let the facts show you the opposite of rule number 1.

  2. This is a newspaper with much anti-Semitic form for of course this is the same Daily Mail that promoted anti-Semitism and supported Mosley and Hitler during the 1930s.

    From Wikipedia:

    “Lord Rothermere [the owner of The Daily Mail] was a friend of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, and directed the Mail’s editorial stance towards them in the early 1930s.[32][33] Rothermere’s 1933 leader “Youth Triumphant” praised the new Nazi regime’s accomplishments, and was subsequently used as propaganda by them.[34] In it, Rothermere predicted that “The minor misdeeds of individual Nazis would be submerged by the immense benefits the new regime is already bestowing upon Germany”. Journalist John Simpson, in a book on journalism, suggested that Rothermere was referring to the violence against Jews and Communists rather than the detention of political prisoners.[35]

    Rothermere and the Mail were also editorially sympathetic to Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists.[36] Rothermere wrote an article entitled “Hurrah for the Blackshirts” in January 1934, praising Mosley for his “sound, commonsense, Conservative doctrine”,[37] and pointing out that: “Young men may join the British Union of Fascists by writing to the Headquarters, King’s Road, Chelsea, London, S.W.”[38]

    The Spectator condemned Rothermere’s article commenting that, “..the Blackshirts, like the Daily Mail, appeal to people unaccustomed to thinking. The average Daily Mail reader is a potential Blackshirt ready made. When Lord Rothermere tells his clientele to go and join the Fascists some of them pretty certainly will.”[39]

    The paper’s support ended after violence at a BUF rally in Kensington Olympia later that year.[40] Mosley and many others thought Rothermere had responded to pressure from Jewish businessmen who it was believed had threatened to stop advertising in the paper if it continued to back an anti-Semitic party.[41]”


      • Eyal, I’m not saying it’s him or not him but the Al Jazeera list has plenty of unidentified.
        What I do find interesting is the fact that the Israeli dead soldiers are described as soldiers in the list but not one of the Palestinians dead is described as terrorist, soldier, combatant or any such description suggesting they dies in battle.
        According to Al Jazeera they must all be angels.

        What I wonder is how Qatar station is even backing up the Hamas rubbish after Hamas used every dollar they gave them to dig tunnels instead of rebuild Gaza…

  3. You lot are typing your pathetic attempts at propaganda and justification in your ‘war room’ without realizing that if you’re in a hole – stop digging!!

    • Seems to me that not exactly us who are in very deep hole but your murderous fascist pets. But please continue your fight against the Jews to their last drop of blood.

      • antisemitic bastard get off of this site because it was created by a Jew so therefore you should NOT use it.

    • Dear Alex Mohamed your and idot and the dumb Palestinian people are getting what they deserve. They voted for Hamas to kill people and that’s exactly what’s happening. Except by the grace of G-d he is killing the ones that wanted to kill. All if the Palestinians that voted for Hamas are getting what they deserve the unfortunate others are paying the price for radical Islam.

      • “the dumb Palestinian people are getting what they deserve. Except by the grace of G-d he is killing the ones that wanted to kill”

        And there, ladies and gentlemen, you have the true sentiment not very far below the surface. It’s all divine retribution. They all deserve to be KILLED, EVERY DAMN LAST ONE OF THEM. Children, mothers, babies, KILL THEM ALLLLLL!!!!! They voted for the wrong people so they must DIE

  4. Habeus corpus is the usual requirement for proof of murder.

    Just like with Al Durrah, the “dead victim” will never be presented as evidence.

  5. Great analysis.

    It is very clear, in my mind, that this whole shooting is staged.

    I think the actor is holding his cellphone – perhaps giving instructions or receiving instructions as to when they will let off the “crack” sound effect so that he can time his effects.

      • Personally, I think all the hundreds of pictures on the internet and BBC and ITV and Channel 4 and NBC and the Daily Mail (etc etc etc) of dead and mutilated children in Gaza are all FAKES, designed specifically to make the most-moral-army-in-the-world look bad. Don’t you agree?

  6. The problem with the press is that they don’t check becasue they don’t want to discover it’s faked. They want to believe it – it makes more drama and emotion – and sells more newspapers – to depict the Israelis as evil.

  7. Just watched the video. Pathetic. The level of acting reminded me of a school play. They definitely should have done more rehearsals. Shame on the Daily Mail.

    P.S. I presume the English woman whose voice can be heard is the director.

  8. I am so disappointed with the Daily Mail. After this Biased piece of reporting I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER COPY OF THIS ANTI SEMETIC GARBAGE.

    • You’ll also have to cancel your subscription to Sky, because Sky News featured the same video last night, together with an entirely uncritical interview with the British woman ISM “volunteer”. Sky cut off the video before the “fatal” 3rd shot because they said it was too graphic! I imagined from that that it might depict the man’s head exploding, or at the very least a shower of blood, but for the life of me I can see nothing remotely graphic in that video other than the terrible acting!

  9. What also made this highly suspect for me was the 2 guys on the other side, standing calmly without taking cover. Also the fact that I would not assume the Palestinian “victim” would speak English, calmly, after just being shot.

    Seems insanely easy to get to the front page of major world newspapers these days. That is, with the right topic.

    • Yeah. 3 men in hi-viz jackets just standing in the open. It’s like a film set in the middle ages when a knight gallops across a field with power lines in the background!

      Also, at 3.10 – after green shirt is supposedly dead, you can clearly see him moving his arm!

    • Also the woman and the cameraman make no effort to find cover, even as the “shots” are being fired. Notice how the woman remains standing and the angle of the filming never changes.

    • Also, the ambulance which “they targeted” shows no signs of damage whatsoever. If it had been shelled, it would have been destroyed.

      And as for the guy on the stretcher… he has no apparent injury at all, seems completely unconcerned by his plight, and the guys carrying him show no concern or haste at all.

      All in all, this video would be funny if it weren’t so scary how easily the gullible media lapped it up.

      • Labenal I agree with most of your post.
        My only difference is on your use of the term ‘gullible media’
        The truth is that a lot of the media are downright lazy and looking for ready made stories so they don’t have to earn their salaries and expenses. And, of course, there is a section of the media that wants the propaganda to be true as it suits their pre-set agenda and personal bias.

  10. I’ve written several times, including here, about the D. M.’s mounting anti-Jewish bias in current times. Remember the furore about the Miliband family; the London Jewish judge who made a silly ruling in a child molestation case; the constant stream of references to ‘wealthy Jews, etc,, etc. ad nauseam … ? As I’ve said too often, senior Jewish D.M. personnel deny that it’s so. Again, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they’re blind to it as they’re too close to see the truth. But yes, yes and and yes again, the D.M., once and always a paper written by office boys for office boys (ooh, la, just look at the amount of laugh-out-loud semi-literacy per square inch) very much reflects modern Britain: brutalised and boorish to a sickening degree. ‘Nuf said?

    • Natalie I had missed this trend in the DM until last week, when I started noticing the clearly anti Jewish slant in their coverage of the French pogroms. Several of their reports made out that the Jewish self defence units were entirely to blame for baiting and attacking innocent Palestinian demonstrators. The reporting has over the week got progressively worse. Is there a new editor?

  11. Brilliant fisking . Anything to do with ISM shouts Pallywood Productions , but this is really amateurish . Pathetic !

  12. Has anyone noticed that there are people standing on the far side of the alleyway on the other side of Green Shirt relative to the photo/videographer…how did they cross that super dangerous alley without the sniper killing them too? Specifically in the NY Times article they link to Joe Catron’s photos on Flickr.

    If you go to the album of 8 photos – https://flic.kr/s/aHsjZdqGpQ – you can see Joe (the cameraman) is walking with the group, he has pictures walking with Green Shirt, Guy in White Shirt/Neon Vest, and Woman in a Black Hijab/Neon Vest. Then, he has a picture of Green Shirt lying on the ground with White Shirt/Neon Vest & Black Hijab/Neon Vest on the far side.

    How’d Joe get across the alley without being killed?

    Don’t tell me it was because Joe was wearing a neon vest (I assume he was even though he wasn’t in any pictures) because if you look in the shopping bag White Shirt/Neon Vest is holding you can clearly see a neon vest in there! Why didn’t they give it to Green Shirt if it would keep him from getting shot by snipers when he went to cross the alleyway kill zone?!?!?! What kind of heartless human rights activists are they?

  13. The daily mail has thoroughly disgusted me, with their unapologetic bias and printing blatant lies! They should be pressured into writing a public apology on their next front page issue – they should not get away with this!!

  14. Obviously it wasn’t a sniper rifle. Anyone hit with those is torn to pieces. So already, we know they are lying.

    Beyond that, I see three people standing rather nonchalantly while “sniper fire” is supposed to be going on. If snipers are shooting civs, they’d be taking cover. It’s human instinct. Even for inhuman scum making PR videos trying to drum up support.

    Jeez. These folks can’t even ACT like victims.

  15. Excuse me but I think you missed an important point:
    The guy was shot, it is clear that he was still conscious. But we do not hear cries of pain or calls for help, or a curse, or a prayer, or even a sigh.
    In fact a man who was hit his little finger of the leg was more noisy than him

  16. The Mail onLine report of apparently unarmed civilian being shot in Gaza by an Israeli sniper is flawed. You admit the report can’t be verified. It is clear the “reporter” who released your video is from an activist group with no ties to any international aid agency.
    Hamas is an islamic terror organisation sworn to destroy jews and Israel (their words – see their Charter).
    The lawful blockade imposed on Gaza (Israel still allows humanitarian aid in) is a response to the continuous smuggling of rockets and other weapons. Israel uses its Iron dome to protect its civilians – Hamas uses its civilians to protect its rockets – stored in UNRWA schools hospitals and apartment buildings. Israel has no choice but to respond as it has – its tragic but necessary.

    • Yea, read the article. Still bullshit reporting and a completely fake and staged video.

      Not to mention, You really think an Israeli sniper takes 3 shots to kill a man with a .338? Yea…

      • Oh no, don’t tell me we have to add the New York times to the ever growing list of antisemite media outlets, do we?

        • Where have you been? Oh yeah…. living your insignificant life under a Jew hating rock.

          Bet you wish you could throw that rock through a synagogue’s window. But alas…. You’re too weak, Dipshit DumKKKan. Too bad, so sad.

    • ‘laila’
      Barbaric, Evil, and Ungrateful.
      Ungrateful to who and for what exactly?

      “THINK before you post rubbish comments!!!”
      Exactly ‘laila’. Take your own advice before you post further ‘rubbish comments’.

      • Evil is 734 dead and counting is this fake, 32 dead, 30 of these soldiers, how many so called terrorists are in the 734

        • Noam, this is the best question you have asked to date!
          I mean it.
          Sadly I doubt anyone can verify this by now.
          With all the Palestinian medics cover up it’s near impossible to say how many people in one house that suffered a direct hit were civilians.

      • Why are they speaking English? It is not their common language. Can you say “staged”
        Definition of barbaric (adj)
        bar·bar·ic[ baar bárrik ]
        cruel: cruel or extremely brutal
        This is what Hamas does 24/7. Kills their own, abuses women, teaches their children to violent, hates everything and everybody. So I ask you Gerald, who is barbaric?

        • “So I ask you Gerald, who is barbaric?”
          Thank you for your question Bill

          The list of those I consider barbaric is long.
          But you are right in thinking Hamas are on the list of those I consider barbaric.

  17. These British media CRAVE to print staged photos…they are ignorant and back the terrorists all the way… They are not worth the read

    • You should really stop reading them. All of them. They’re all at it, every single one! And stop watching the news channels. All of them!

      • They must be all at it Duncan.
        I read in one of these “truth” web sites that supports your freedom fighters against the evil Zionists that the Jews control all the wrold’s media.
        So you must be right.

  18. If there were truly a sniper, why did he/she not shoot everybody dead? So those others could remain to distribute fake evidence; that’s right.