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Did Jon Snow engage in Jon Donnison-style fauxtography? (UPDATED)

Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow may have just made the same mistake that the BBC’s Jon Donnison made back in 2012, when, you likely recall, he tweeted a photo of a girl with the title “Pain in Gaza”, to which Donnison added his own commentary – “Heartbreaking”.

However, it turned out that the genuinely heartbreaking image was actually from Syria and not from Gaza – a mistake for which Donnison subsequently apologized. 

The following was Tweeted by Jon Snow at 12:24 AM, July 24, which included a link to his blog at Mashable, in a post tiled “Will I die tonight Daddy‘?

tweet by snow

Here’s the original post at Snow’s blog (at Mashable), which the tweet linked to:


Then, a little more than an hour later, someone Tweeted the following in response:



Later, we saw this:

first tweet


Snow then deleted the photo from blog, and it now includes the following:

UPDATE 4:02AM ET: Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this story featured an incorrect photo.

However, the damage was already done, as the Tweet (with the original erroneous photo) went somewhat viral, garnering over 4000 mentions in 24 hours.

Interestingly, we were able to trace the original photo (the one Snow deleted) back to Getty Images, and it contains the following caption:

Injured Palestinians at the Al Shifa Hospital

 So, is the boy from Syria, as Snow claimed in his apology Tweet, or from Gaza?  

At this stage it’s unclear exactly what kind of “editing error” the Channel 4 News presenter made.

UPDATE: It get’s stranger. Snow has deleted his apology tweet, and his blog post now includes the original photo that they had taken down, and they’ve noted the following:


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  1. Jon Snow could have corrected his error by leaving the photograph and changing the wording after ‘Daddy Will I Die Tongiht’ to deplore the suffering of children in Syria. He could then have put out a new tweet about Gaza, with a real photograph and his original wording. Does he ever tweet about children suffering anywhere else – or don’t they deserve his time and energy; I know he’s a busy man.

  2. It seems that it’s the PR that really counts. After all, the condemnation against Israel is the same whoever the child is.
    To Jon Snow the fact that Israel has done its best to nag the Palestinians to save their lives when Hamas has them living on the lip of a volcano, is really not relevant.
    It’s the pensive eyes, the pale face and the tender contours, that his customers respond to.

  3. No way! Another pasty white Westerner who thinks that EVERY DEAD ARAB CHILD looks the same.

    Well, it’s so gosh darn easy to blame Israel for everything. That’s the underlying theme I’m gathering from this, and really, all wars.

  4. I think if the child and his family would begin the walk outside the neighborhood that Israel is currently attacking, they can make it out of that neighborhood and spare their lives. Maybe then can make it to the Erez Crossing where Israeli medics are risking their lives to save the lives of Gazas population. But that’s too easy.

    The Western media MOCKS the leaflets drop. They DON’T REPORT on the Israeli field hospitals. They are COMPLICIT in all the anti-Semitic response to this war.

    What a bunch of worthless boobs.

    • And the media’s decisions to report (or not report) isn’t coming from the bottom, it’s coming from the top.


        • So your’e saying the Jews control the media, dumcan? It’s actullay what sells, and horrible images without context sell well. Israel under 13 years of rocket attacks doens’t come a long with a picture, so they don’t care about it.

    • Calm down, dear, you’ll give yourself a hernia at this rate!

      Oh those silly children, why don’t they just walk through the streets that are full of tanks firing shells! It’s almost as if they WANT to be killed!!

      • Actually their parents, if we’re talking about Sajaiya, were given 2 days of warnings to leave, and maps which neighborhood to go to. Most indeed left. They either chose to stay or were coerced by their elected government Hamas.

      • The kids in Syria have walked 200+ miles in their poor, wretches lives, you sad, bloviating sack of shit.

        Dipshit DumKKKan. It’s a bit long, but you deserve it.

      • Duncan, the main issue is, do you defend the fact that a serious journalist like Jon Snow didn’t verify his sources to begin with?
        Do you believe this is good journalism?
        This goes across the board here and yes, this is terrible and should be resolved.
        Sadly this manifest itself strongly in the Israeli Arab conflict of recent times.
        So, once again, do you believe such attitude should be excused and aproved?

        • Not verifying his source, which turned out to be correct? Yes, a bit sloppy, but hardly crime of the century – I mean it’s not like he shelled a school of something.

            • Yes, pretending that the shells came from Israeli forces is all an elaborate conspiracy cooked up by the Jew haters, right? You are so deluded that you are truly beyond help!

    • “Any violation of these prohibitions shall not release the parties to the conflict from their legal obligations with respect to the civilian population and civilians, including the obligation to take the precautionary measures,” the conventions say.

  5. Oh, poor John Snow! Winds up showing a photo of a Syrian instead of a Palestinian child. (And let’s face it, there’s a HUGE difference!). But, how could that have ever happened. I’m sure it must be a one off.
    Of course, pictures of people scarred by other wars and showing up in the media as examples of alleged Israeli brutality have become commonplace. Coincidence?
    Yes, Mr. Snow, just give a perfunctory apology and think of it no more.

  6. Speaking of kids walking 5 miles to safety (or not), children in Honduras are walking 600 miles to the US border even though they’re getting turned around and (eventually) sent home.

    All for at least an attempt at salvation from the gang infestation and human traffickers.

    Those kids are gutsy. Palestinian kids, if given the chance, would make the 4 mile walk to safety that Israel was hoping they’d be able to do. It’s a shame Hamas sees every Palestinian child as better dead than alive for their cause.

    • It was actually the right photo but the fact he retracted it straight away to “double check” meant he didn’t verify it to begin with.

      This is the whole point.
      A credible journalist must always verify his sources, and Jon Snow didn’t!

  7. Why would he delete it? It’s an injured child. Shouldn’t he be concerned? Oh, I forgot: dead Muslims are only an issue when they’re killed by Jews and Americans. Snow is a foul anti-Semite.