Guardian uncritically cites ‘expert’ views of racist and conspiracy theorist

Just how extreme and bigoted does someone have to be for Guardian editors to decide against granting his views on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict legitimacy?

Would you say that an ‘expert’ who’s a 9/11 conspiracy theorist – having argued that the attacks on NYC and Washington were an “inside job” – should be discredited as a source whose criticism of Israel has merit?

Further, what if such a ‘expert’ published blatantly anti-Semitic cartoons and articles on his blog, and endorsed the book of a neo-Nazi style racist?

And, what if this same ‘expert’ accused Israel of having “genocidal intentions” and of slouching towards a “Palestinian Holocaust” while, conversely, praising the late Iranian dictator Ayatollah Khomeini for his “humane governance”?

Well, according to the Guardian, the racist conspiracist cum ‘expert’ in question – Richard Falk – indeed deserves to have his criticism of Israel’s conduct of the war in Gaza amplified.

A recent update from the Guardian’s Live Blog of the war noted the following.

Dozens of international law experts, including John Dugard and Richard Falk, both former UN special rapporteurs on the human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, have said the “civilian population of the Gaza Strip is under attack”. They say that the launch of rockets from Gaza is illegal under international law as well as morally intolerable but that Israel’s actions are of “incomparable magnitude”.

Blandly characterizing Richard Falk as an “international law expert” is of course akin to describing Gilad Atzmon – the Hitler apologist and Holocaust denier – as merely a jazz musician

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  1. Gilad Atzmon is a good example, as he seems to be invited to many TV discussion panels and interviews on news networks for his only two qualifications: being an Israeli, and hating Israel.

    That alone is enough to make him a regular on many networks. No knowledge, formal education, authority or qualifications needed. Just hating Israel is enough to get you on TV, worldwide.

    Falk is no exception. He just does it on a different stage.

    • “Just hating Israel is enough to get you on TV, worldwide.”

      On disreputable TV and in disreputable newspapers, true. Falk is one of the worst collaborators in the academic warring against the Jews, he is also America’s leading practitioner of the Orwellian inversion of reality in which Israel is a terrorist aggressor, while the Arab terrorist aggressors are innocent victims and peace-loving progressives. For him, Israel is a Nazi-like country seeking genocide, while the Islamofascists of the Hamas and their backers are merely protesters against social inequality inside Israel. For him, terrorist aggression against Jews is really the pursuit of peace, while self-defense by Israel is genocide.

  2. I have absolutely no problem with Falk’s view on 9/11, having studied the issue in some detail myself. I am in agreement with most of what people like Alex Jones say and write, simply because it has all been documented by many, many very credible people. What I absolutely cannot abide is their slander of Israel, which stems from a kind of spiritual disease which infects the whole spectrum of society and seems to addle the thinking on this subject, of otherwise rational people

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  4. If you want the real truth on what is happening in gaza google colonel richard kemp, a high ranking british army officer, and watch his recent tv interview on foreign tv, where he describes hamas tactics and compares them to other terrorist organisations that british american troops have encountered. Unlike the uk media he has vast knowledge of what he is talking about and has actually been there himself. This guy is as independant and trustworthy an analysis you will see.