Robert Fisk is worried about terror threat posed by ‘radicalized British Zionists’

 An article in the Independent on June 22nd reported that “hundreds of veteran fighters from Syria and Iraq are already back in Britain, among them radicalized jihadists intent on mounting terror attacks”.  In a speech last October, MI5 director-general Andrew Parker said: “A growing proportion of our casework now has some link to Syria, mostly concerning individuals from the UK who have traveled to fight there or who aspire to do so.” Even more troubling, according to the Financial Times “more than half of MI5’s anti-terror investigations involve Britons who have travelled to fight in Syria“.

While it’s well-known that the 7/7 London bombers trained in jihadist camps in Pakistan, and that the main suspect in the murder of Lee Rigby attempted to train with a group linked to al-Qaeda, the threat posted by radicalized European Islamists was illustrated more recently when it was reported that the terrorist who murdered four at the Brussels Jewish Museum spent over a year in Syria training with “jihadist terrorist groups”.

Nonetheless, despite such incidents, the threat which seems to keep Robert Fisk up at night is one of fairness – the question of whether British security agencies are equally keeping an eye on a potentially radicalized group of another religious tradition.

In a truly risible column at the Indy on July 28th titled “It’s not just radicalised Islamists – what about foreign fighters who flock to the IDF?”, Fisk writes the following:

Now I think it’s a good idea that the lads in blue are keeping their eyes open at Heathrow for British citizens who’ve been fighting in the Middle East. I hope they are doing a thorough job of it – and I mean thorough. I don’t want to bump into a chap who’s been firing missiles at Christian families in Syria. But on the other hand, I also don’t want to bump into a chap who’s been firing tank shells into the homes of Palestinians in Gaza.

it would be very interesting to know if the British government is taking as close an interest as it should in any UK citizens – even if they have any other passports – who have been fighting in Israeli uniform in Gaza in the past couple of weeks.

First, can Fisk cite even one example in the history of Israel of a foreign-born IDF soldier who returned to his former country (be it the UK, US, France, Australia or anywhere else) and committed an act of terrorism?

Moreover, while we don’t have inside information into the workings of that nation’s intelligence agencies, our humble guess is that citizens in the UK can relax, and be confident that there is no intel suggesting that ‘radicalized Zionists’ in neighborhoods like Hendon, Stamford Hill and Golders Green are even conceiving of (yet alone plotting) terror attacks on British soil.

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  1. “I also don’t want to bump into a chap who’s been firing tank shells into the homes of Palestinians in Gaza.”

    I far more concerned about all the Jewish children in Britain who are forced to put up with the anti-Semitic stench emitted by gentiles like Robert Fisk.

  2. I don’t want to bump into Robert Fisk.

    But I am unlikely to do so unless, like him, I start to scrape the bottom out of barrels, or swim in the sewer where he clearly spends his life.

      • And what about the British?

        1) Did everything in their power to prevent the drowning Jews of Europe reaching safety during the Holocaust.
        2) Burned alive tens of thousands of German civilians at Dresden.
        3) Acted in a manner towards the Jews in Palestine that would have done credit to the SS.
        4) Committed countless outrages against civilians in Kenya and Malaya.
        5) Brutalised the Roman Catholic population of Northern Ireland.
        6) Were both directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of many thousands of civilians in recent years in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

        Oh yes, and the concentration camp was invented by the British during the Boer War. Thousands of women and children who had been interned in them died as a direct result of the most appalling treatment.

        • The British have always had a rather superior view of themselves. They rarely hold themselves to similar standards they advocate for others. You omitted countless incidents of atrocities committed by the British in defence of the Empire, the massacre at Amritsar being a typical example. When the King David Hotel was bombed a warning was given but was ignored leading to many deaths.

          The British are a great people and I very much value my British citizenship. But when so many of them get all disingenuously moralistic it’s time to reach for the smelling salts. It is so often a case of “do what we say, not what we do.” That said there are plenty British people with much more sense.

          • “You omitted countless incidents of atrocities committed by the British in defence of the Empire”

            I was concentrating on crimes that occurred after World War II. If I had had to talk about all the atrocities committed by the British during the period they jackbooted their way around the world killing and enslaving many millions of people the list would have been almost endless.

      • You must mean BRITISH MILITARY HEADQUARTERS – which the British made a military target.

        How about the 10,000+ hotels that the British blew up – I guess those don’t count do they? Of course they were not military headquarters and were suppose to be protected, unlike the King David

  3. I could definitely envision terrorist acts by returning Brits served in the IDF. Introduction of Israeli salad onto traditional British pub menus. The horror!

  4. Fisk has been living for many many years In Lebanon, surrounded and informed by Hezbullah. He can be hardly called British any more. He is fully Lebanese, or Hezbullah-Shia, with all that it entails.

  5. This is as moronic as Janet Napolitano the former head Homeland Security with declaring returning American veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan were all potential terrorists

  6. As usual, Fisk’s article has been shorn of readers’ responses by The Indy. No criticism is allowed. Fisk’s views are inviolable. What a schmuck!

  7. Fisk, like Bowlder before him will be remembered eponymously for his consistently inaccurate reports and especially from the special care with which he directed his inaccuracy towards Israel. The ‘Secret Uranium Bombs’ story is talked about and will be talked about as a fine example of the scientifically illiterate combining their deficiency with unconcealed malice to produce classics of the genre which are almost a pleasure to read, rather like those on the merits of homeopathy, or the controlled destruction of the twin towers.

  8. Risible indeed.
    a) He would need to prove that specific individuals had committed war crimes or
    b) Prove that said individuals now pose a security threat to the UK (which is laughable)
    c) While he’s there – how about “the lads in blue had a friendly word” with all returning members of the British armed forces from e.g. Iraq or Afghanistan and “insist on knowing exactly what they were up to”?

  9. I don’t think Fisk means that returning IDF soldiers would commits acts of terror, I think he simply means that he doesn’t want to rub shoulders with ” that kind of nasty person “. Simple snobbery cum racism cum anti-semitism.