CiF Watch prompts 3rd correction over false claims that murdered Israeli teens were ‘settlers’

Since Eyal Yifrach, Gil-ad Shaar and Naftali Frenkel were abducted and murdered by Palestinian terrorists last month, we’ve prompted two corrections to false claims (at the Independent and the Guardian) that the three teens were ‘settlers’. 

More recently, we contacted Indy editors about the following passage in an op-ed at the paper by the British-Israeli anti-Zionist historian (and Guardian contributor) Avi Shlaim.

Here’s the original:

He [Netanyahu] used the abduction of three young Jewish settlers on the West Bank as an excuse for a violent crackdown on Hamas supporters…

Recently, Indy editors once again agreed to correct the erroneous characterization of the three murdered boys, and the passage now reads:

He used the abduction of three Jewish teenagers on the West Bank as an excuse for a violent crackdown on Hamas supporters

We commend Indy editors for correcting Shlaim’s false claim. 

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  1. Sorry but you shouldn’t be commending anyone if you have to prompt them to correct an obvious, perhaps deliberate, error!

    Secondly, as Mrs Clinton says, what difference does it make if these boys were settlers? Is the Indy somehow justifying their murders???


    • If the Indy were honest, and I know that’s asking a lot, they would have called them civilians. As far as the word “excuse” figures in Avi Slime’s little slander, who needs an excuse to crack down on a violent genocidal group who pledge themselves to wiping you out? What a bigoted little creep.