Israel defeats Hamas – and other facts about the war the Guardian won’t report

For Israelis who work professionally to promote accurate reporting about Israel and the Middle East, one of the most vexing dynamics (beyond the false claims, distortions, and fabrications) is a media narrative about their country which often has little if any resemblance to reality.

Indeed, we are all too accustomed to Guardian journalists imputing to Israel the absolute worst motives – a place Jonathan Spyer refers to as the “mythical Israel”, “a place of uninterrupted darkness and horror, in which every human interaction is ugly, crude, racist, brutal” – while evoking endless sympathy for the most malevolent actors in the region.

Such fantastical ideas about the Jewish State and its enemies has certainly colored coverage of the current war in Gaza, and this post represents a break from the fisking, criticism and analyses of their reporting that you’re accustomed to. Instead, we will merely provide a very brief account of the war and its outcome – intuitive takeaways from the month-long conflict that the Guardian won’t report.

Hamas’s war was defined by the widespread use of human shields, and countless other war crimes

Nearly all of the 3,360 rockets fired by terrorists in Gaza during the war were aimed at Israeli civilian communities – each launch representing an individual war crime.

You would never know it from reading the Guardian, but evidence of Hamas’s use of Palestinian civilians as human shields (another war crime) is at this point simply ubiquitous and irrefutable:

The IDF conducted itself in an ethical manner

Despite media claims (based on information from the Hamas run Gaza Health Ministry) that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians killed in the war were civilians, new reports and analyses now suggest that roughly half of the casualties were combatants from Hamas, Islamic Jihad or other terror groups.  Col. Richard Kemp has contextualized such a low (one-to-one) ratio of civilians to combatant deaths in past Israeli wars by noting there has been an average three-to-one ratio of civilian to combatant deaths (that’s three civilians for every one combatant killed) in NATO led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

IDF measures to limit the number of Palestinian casualties included text messages, phone calls and radio messages in Arabic warning occupants to leave, and air-dropped leaflets with maps showing safe areas. When warnings went unheeded, Israeli aircraft dropped non-lethal explosives (‘knock on the door‘ procedures) to warn that an attack is imminent.

In addition to the field hospital Israel set up on the northern Gaza border to treat injured Palestinians, during Operation Protective Edge 1800 trucks entered the crossings between Israel and Gaza, carrying food, medical equipment, clothing, water, and fuel.

In a post last month, we asked the following question to the media – or to anyone else who questions Israel’s conduct during the war:

Name one army in the world that goes to greater lengths than the IDF to protect civilians during war.

We’re still waiting for a response.

Israel fought a just and morally necessary war against an antisemitic extremist group.

To those in the media whose political ideology is inspired by vapid clichés about the futility of armed conflict, almost no war – especially those in which Israel is engaged – is morally justified, and neither facts nor logic can persuade them.

However, those who don’t identify with the Guardian Left, and understand the harsh lessons of the 20th century (and indeed of Jewish history), would see a very stark moral contrast: a battle between the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas (a homophobic, misogynist, antisemitic extremist group dedicated to the mass murder of Jews) and Israel, the democratic nation-state of the Jewish people.  

Hamas’s mission, as Jeffrey Goldberg succinctly put it, is not ‘narrowly’ to destroy Israel, but to “end Jewish history”.  Every rocket that is fired, every attempted tunnel infiltration into Israeli communities, and every effort to inculcate their citizens with the values of jihad is designed for this sole purpose.

Israel Defeats Hamas

Though we can expect Guardian analyses which obfuscate this painfully obvious fact, it’s difficult to understand how anyone who has followed events unfold in Gaza and Israel over the last month can avoid concluding that Israel emerged victorious over Hamas.

While much of the UK media has strangely framed the relatively low number of Israeli deaths (64 soldiers and 3 civilians) as an indictment on the disproportionate military response – itself inspired in part by a bizarre moral logic which “turns suffering into the only measure of justice” –
the job of any army is to minimize casualties on its own side, and the IDF quite capably carried out this task.

Though Hamas fired 3300 rockets at Israel, only 116 – due in large measure to interceptions by the Iron Dome – hit populated areas (3.45%). In contrast, 475 rockets fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters reportedly landed within the Gaza Strip.

The IDF destroyed nearly every known terror tunnel in the Strip – tunnels, by the way, which cost hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, and thousands of tons of ‘humanitarian’ concrete and other construction materials.

The IDF also reportedly destroyed 1,678 rockets launching capabilities, 977 command and control centers, 237 ‘militant’ wing government faculties, 191 weapon storage and manufacturing facilities, 144 training and militant compounds, and 1,535 additional terror sites.

Finally, Channel 2′s diplomatic correspondent Udi Segal stressed that we should remember that Hamas rejected a ceasefire proposal before the Israeli ground invasion, when it still had its tunnel infrastructure, its rocket capacity was still largely intact, and it still had a large degree of political legitimacy with the international community as part of the Palestinian unity government. Today, Segal observed, as it meekly negotiates in Cairo for a long-term truce, it has none of that.

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  1. An important statistic is that Gaza’s population is very young- 44% are children under 14. The media reports every person killed under 18 as a child. They report that 20 or 25% of the killed are children. Even if that estimate is not inflated, it just proves that AT LEAST half of those killed were combatants. Otherwise they would have been reporting 50-55% as children.

    But Guardianistas don’t like thinking. Numbers and logic hurt their little heads. They prefer to look pictures and shout.

    • Ridiculous. All adult males are not Hamas fighters.

      You cannot defeat what people have seen on TV – loads of children and women dying in airstrikes.

      • You mean what Hamas wanted you to see on TV. Not what really happaned.
        Out of #Gaza far from #Hamas retaliation: misfired rocket killed children yday in Shati. Witness: militants rushed and cleared debris

  2. I wonder how many Gazan were killed by those 475 rockets falling short., I guess they will balme is all on Israel as they usually do. Maybe we will have to wait a year until the truth will be told just like they did in Cast lead

    • They include normal deaths too so the figures are boosted. Even the suicide bombers and the executed informants are there.

    • Not only are those deaths blamed on Israel, but also the ‘collaborators’ and protesters murdered by Hamas are also added to the list.

      Not one single person has died in Gaza due to natural causes in the past month and a half. Not one single person

      • Not only that, but Hamas plain-clothed are counted as civilians. Hamas fighters under age 18 (sadly that exists) count as children. And besides, who does the counting? A doctor or clerk somewhere in Gaza, under the watchful eyes of guess who.

        • “And besides, who does the counting?”

          Hamas health official who, according to him, didn’t sleep for 3 weeks…

  3. Sadly Ban Ki Moon decides to carry on with his war of words about war crimes carried out by Israel.

      • You refer to who? The “Freedom” fighters, the peace activists or Israelis?

        Because Hamas doesn’t fit that bill since they do not despise the Nazis.
        In fact judging by many of the signs in “antiwar” demos they do not despise Nazis either.
        It hardly Anti war marches because all they want is replace this war with another war in which Jews will be massacred and the region will go back 1000 years back where atrocities will be carried out freely without you knowing about it.

        Funny you call yourself Orwell when what you really advocate to is the total removal of free press in the middle east.

        I bet you can’t see the irony.

        • what free press, does not exist, its a sham, the UK media is a joke and so is our political elites, so beholden to USA and therefore Israel they cannot condemn what is happening before their very eyes, well done Baroness Warsi for a bit of principled action. the ratio of deaths 1800 to 62 is a fact, and Obama calls for the release of a Israeli soldier, hes got his priorities right, look after americas army in the middle east. remember , organ grinder and monkey

          • Said Napoleon the pig who fell in love with the death cult of the Islamists.
            oink oink…
            Keep on singing “Viva to the abused revolution”, pigy.

            We shall not forget Daniel Pearl!

          • George like you Baroness Washedup wouldn’t recognise a principle if it bit her on her arse!

            • You mean Sayeeda “why can’t everyone be a baroness” Warsi?
              Suddenly the Guardianistas fell in love with a tory wannabe who forgot her roots as soon as she got accepted into the club…

  4. If the Guardian and Independent had to tell the truth, they would be out of business. As far as the Protocols of Zion is concerned, how did the Jews get the red from blood out of the matzohs? I don’t mean to make light of this, but the whole book is so ridiculous it reminds of the US politician who said a women can somehow mentally or physically turn off the possibility of pregnancy while being raped!

  5. Guardian’s embedded racism and antiSemitism is at this point sadly predictable. Only think i can’t understand is why Hamas provoked a war which allowed all their tunnels to be discovered and destroyed?

      • Good to see you put Hamas and PIJ in their place george.
        They sure are slaughtering their own people for a few TV moments.
        I’m happy you’re on our side.

        • They sure are slaughtering their own people for a few TV moments. read that again and see if it makes any sense , they should have televised the holocaust then and blamed the jews for the slaughter, whats the difference?

          • The difference that in any war there is a percentage of civilians who are killed. Check the statistics for wars involving the US, UK and NATO and get back to us. Until then, while you spout uninformed nonsense, you are a troll. What you suggest is either more Israelis die (which you would LOVE) or Israel accept living under rocket attacks. Not gonna happen, troll.

            • What’s the percentage here then idiotigo , and where’s the war, you mean murder of civilians don’t you, war crimes actually.

              • Murder is killing with intent.
                Now, which civillian was murdered.
                Name and source please.
                You should also have the IDF soldier or armed vehicle who opened fire if you know it was with intent.

                There was only one incident in the beach was an error as a result of previous Hamas using the same beach area.
                I very much doubt the IDF commander coordinating this area on that day planned to kill the children on that beach.
                Names and sources please oh mighty judge jury and executioner.

                • Judge jury executioner how apt,can’t get to he terrorists of Hamas, freedom fighters may be more correct, so collectively kill murder the general population, you semantic arse

                • g.o
                  “can’t get to he terrorists of Hamas, freedom fighters may be more correct, so collectively kill murder the general population”

                  Berchman, is it?

                  Mask slipped, you name them terrorists, Glen will be unhappy…
                  I take it no answer about proof of murder.

                • ,can’t get to he terrorists of Hamas,?
                  seeing as according to Hamas all of them are civialians no wonder no terrorist was killed in Gaza only civilians. lol

              • btw the precentegage as far as we can tell is approx 1:2.
                We cannot be certain because Hamas operatives from low levels (the one Hamas could afford to lose) had their weaoins collected almost straight away so to identify them as civillians.
                The fact is that we will never know for certain as long as information is not free in Gaza.

                • Ha ha ha, how do you know this, if anyone needed proof of your absolute contempt for human life this is it, are you human a person, what a fucxxx absolute cock, as far as we can tell, hahahahaha

                • go:

                  “Ha ha ha, how do you know this,” – know what? And how do you know this yourself?

                  “… if anyone needed proof of your absolute contempt for human life this is it,” – Which human life did I show contempt to? Yours?
                  It is not me who made Hamas brag on the airwaves about their love of death. It is not me who brain washes children that killing Jews or even dying will get you to paradise. It is certainly not me who make Hamas operatives film themselves on countless occasions hurting Children as young as 8 teaching them how to fire RPG or assault rifles while hiding behing a corner.
                  The one showing contempt for human life is the ones diffending such well documented actions. Well what do you know, it’s you!

                  “… are you human a person,” – Yes I am, but what does this have to do with anything?
                  Oh, you’re one of Gaddafi’s followers who studied the green book and follow his theory of aliens, and you believe I’m an alien, is that it?

                  ” what a fucxxx absolute cock… hahahahaha” – Save your sex issues to yourself please.

          • g.o.

            “they should have televised the holocaust then and blamed the jews for the slaughter, whats the difference?”

            Are you suggesting that European Jewish communities and North African Jewish communities in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s behaved in the same way as Hamas been behaving since 1988?
            If so, please name us the attacks which were carried out against civillians during those years in the whole of Europe and North Africa carried out by Jews.

            Even in light of Hamas brutal campaign against Israeli civilians from 1988 to date and its continued attempts to derail the Oslo accord the Israeli response cannot be compared to Nazi responses.
            Kindly name me one concentration area where Palestinian were made to work without payment, refused medical treatment or received only 1 portion of soup a day, refused access to red cross or any other form of external visitation, and were executed in these camps on mass and without trial?

            • As john Prescott compares gaza to a concentration camp , I agree with him, it is, and one that can be bombed repeatedly, talk about shooting fish in a barrel, what a big man you are , supporting Israel, for payment , here

              • How strange.
                We have a ‘george orwell’ lower case,
                and a ‘George Orwell’ upper case.

                Now where have I seen that before?
                Oh yes ‘Noam’ and ‘noam’ (aka noamy cry baby)

              • A concentration camp with five star hotels, pools and exports food. Wow that is some concentration camp.

                Compare that to say one of the British Concentration Camps (oh yes they invented them) – how many died of starvation? Only 2-300,000. Then the Germans with their millions.

                How many have starved in Gaza? Zero? And one of their biggest problems is obesity – now how is that possible?

                You are a lying racist moron – and you have proven it repeatedly. Over 60% of the casualties were combatants that have been identified by name. Compare that to say NATO which in the last 30 years has averaged between 1% to nearly 30%. Guess we know whom is committing those mass murders you whine about.

    • Res242:

      “Because they want a state of their own? They want what Jews wanted and achieved? This is a great moral insult.”

      With some of Palestinians this is indeed the case.
      With Hamas and PIJ and other groups this is not.
      From the river to the sea is the famous chant…

      So where should Israel be?

      Now as for your initial sentence, who starts with “one of your own…”.
      One of our own? He is neither Israeli nor seems to be a Zionist.
      You do know that not every Jew is Israeli and not every Israeli is Jewish.

      • @Itsik.

        You’ve not made any comment on the merits of Siegman’s arguments – productive much?

    • Democracy Now lies, Siegman is no Jewish leader,on the contrary, he is very much isolated