Revealed: Emails undermine Mira Bar-Hillel’s smear of UK Jewish community

In an interview on BBC Radio 4 last month, Mira Bar-Hillel (journalist for the London Evening Standard and commentator for The Independent) claimed that British Jews don’t criticize Israeli actions in Gaza out of fear of being “ex-communicated” from the Jewish community, and specifically claimed that such dissenting Jews would be denied entry to synagogues and denied the right of Jewish burial.

She of course didn’t offer any proof to substantiate these wild accusations.

CiF Watch subsequently obtained an email exchange in which Ms. Bar-Hillel was challenged by Simon Hochhauser, former President of the UK’s largest synagogue body, the United Synagogue, to back up her assertions about the British Jewish community.  

(We’ve erased Mr. Hochhauser’s email from the exchanges)















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(Red line emphasis below was added by CiF Watch)






As we suspected, Mira Bar-Hillel’s shameful smear of the British Jewish community on BBC Radio was based on absolutely no evidence.

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  1. MBH is clearly mentally unstable in the way she rationalises over this issue. Somewhere in all of this she is a victim.I do not fully know her background, but she has utter contempt for her faith based on deep seated irrationality that goes back a long way into her past. She needs help. That’s one side of it. The other is that she is doing immeasurable harm by propagating lies as a journalist and if slander has been proven, as it seems here that it has, legal action ought to be contemplated.

  2. What a pity to have to waste time with someone like Mira for whom logic is just five letters with no meaning. However the public that accepts her is so desperate for affirmation of its grubby little hatreds that they grasp at anything.

  3. There is a body of accountability : the British complaints commission and MBH should be reported for this libelous and dangerous slander. As follows
    I do hope the MBH understands what the tunnels out of Gaza were meant for . Her words will cost Jewish lives.

  4. It says on the Independent that she is “Property and Planning correspondent of the Evening Standard”. How does that make an expert on Israel or Gaza?

    • “It says on the Independent that she is “Property and Planning correspondent of the Evening Standard”. How does that make an expert on Israel or Gaza?”

      Anyone who professes contempt for Israel, and especially anyone who is Jewish, is automatically an expert on Gaza.

    • It doesn’t make her an expert and even if she was , she has just been exposed as a pathological liar with an irrational hate filled agenda directed at what is at best a tenuous connection to Judaism
      She needs professional help to deal with her issues . Mad and bad is an appropriate description for this odious woman .

    • At least one good thing will come out of it when the bubble finally bursts – she may well be out of a job.

      • Maybe not. The ‘Independent’ for one has a high tolerance for writers who make shit up, provided their telling the right fairy tales. They have after all employed Robert Fisk for the past twenty four years, and they tried to salvage Johann Hari’s career even after he was found out.

  5. The frightening aspect of Hillel’s paranoid, bigoted delusions, is not that she holds them, but that they are embedded in the establishment.

  6. Not content to smear just Israelis (they’re a bit far away), Bar-Hillel now finds a more local and convenient target, British Jews, because, as we all know, being anti-Israel and being anti-Semitic have nothing to do with each other.
    Yes, Mira, I’m sure the long arm of world Jewry is out to get you through its British chapter of Zionist/Jew zombies. Poor thing. We can all see how you’ve been silenced. And should the British public ever tire of your hysterical rants I’m certain you’ll know who to blame.

    • Rather pathetic, isn’t it? There’s this choice quote from her too:
      “Well naturally these threats are made in a way designed to avoid leaving a paper trail.”

      Oh dear.

      It’s not so much a case of her being silenced as nobody bothering listening to her inane rants (so I assume, at least).

  7. Mira Bar-Hillel buys kittens so she can drown them in bath, the fact that I have no evidence to support this claim surely proves it to be true

  8. Adam, if you are in contact with Simon Hochhauser, I would recommend the following.

    Mira Bar-Hillel has smeared Jewish religious leaders with a systematic effort to intimidate the British Jewish community into following a political agenda, insofar as if they do not do so then practicing Jews will be denied rites and a burial according to their beliefs – with all the emotional pain that this will cause to the bereaved.

    She is implying that rabbis will be cruel enough to inflict this on members of the British Jewish community.

    If she has no evidence for this accusation – which she clearly does not – that is defamatory. It is also inflammatory, insofar as it panders to anti-Semitic tropes about (1) a conspiracy to silence ‘good Jews’ who are unhappy about the recent Gaza conflict and (2) helps the scum out there who want to apply the principle of sippenhaft to the British Jewish community, and to make them collectively accountable for Israeli government policy and IDF military strategy.

    So take her to court for libel. Because that is what she has done.

  9. Mira is using Evening Standard letterhead .
    I’m sure the ES do not agree with her use of personal views and use of their stationery /email in a personal spat ?

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