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Did Hamas and Sky News cynically exploit a paralyzed Palestinian girl?

Cross posted from Barry’s Shaw’s blog, The View from Israel

The foreign media in Gaza have been accused of biased reporting, often bordering on the cynical and, sometimes, even cowardly.

Faced with the fear of what might happen to them, many abandoned any presence of journalistic ethics and simply regurgitated whatever Hamas gave them, or whatever they saw from their restricted vision, often ignoring, of course, the rocket fire coming from outside their hotel windows .

However, what’s infinitely worse is a media outlet like Sky News which, from the safe distance of their London studio, still puts out emotional Hamas propaganda while taking gratuitous swipes at Israel.

This occurred on August 10the when they repeatedly broadcast a segment on a seven-year old Palestinian girl who reportedly had been paralyzed in an Israeli air strike.

The girl is heard saying “We were sitting at home when we heard a noise. So we went down the stairs.”  What noise was this? Could it have been the “Knock on the roof” pre-strike warning that this house had been cited as a terror target by the IDF intelligence? What’s this girl’s family name? Is it among the names of leading Hamas terrorists? This was partially confirmed by the girl known as Mata when she said “Me and my mother were injured, and we knew if we stayed like this we would die. But my mother stayed at home and she died.” Did her mother knowingly act as a human shield (or sacrifice) for Hamas?  We don’t know. The reporter didn’t ask or investigate this.

The report stressed that there are only three hospitals worldwide capable of treating anyone in her condition, a claim which seemed quite dubious, as there are numerous Israeli hospitals of international reputation that regularly treat Palestinians with such injuries.

The Sky News report suggested that Matya was being prevented from leaving Gaza by Israel. 

But, this is simply not true! 

COGAT top representative, Guy Inbar, told me that a request from Gaza had been made and accepted by COGAT on the same day, July 26, and that final details had been requested by COGAT to prepare her exit.

Nothing more was heard from the other side.

It certainly appears that Hamas has cynically played a propaganda game for weeks over this little girl. They invited members of the press into Shifa Hospital to hear her story, rather than expedite her release for treatment.

There is an excellent fully staffed field hospital set up by the IDF on the Gaza border ready to received patients from Gaza. Only problem is that Hamas physically threatens and prevents people from getting to this facility. This also was not mentioned by Sky.

The IDF Spokesman, Peter Lerner, tweeted Sky News offering to give them information but he apparently failed to get a response. Neither did I when I emailed Sky News a list of questions on this incident and their coverage.

It is still far from certain that a Sky reporter ever met or spoke to the girl. Were they there at the Gaza hospital, did they question, did they ask for Israeli response, or did they simply put out the story as presented to them by Hamas?

My sources in the IDF and with COGAT were never contacted by Sky News concerning this incident.

COGAT was, however, later contacted by Palestinian health officials and they are coordinating with them (and also with the World Health Organization) to have the girl removed from Gaza as soon as a new request is received together with all the relevant documents and information.  She will be removed first to Jerusalem and then on to a hospital where she can receive the best of care.

Moreover, COGAT has facilitated every request received by people needing to leave Gaza for serious medical cases, one hundred and fifty in number, throughout this current Gaza conflict.

As for Sky News, I have yet to receive a response to my numerous complaints. 


Barry Shaw is the Special Consultant on Delegitimization Issues to the Strategic Dialogue Center at Netanya Academic College.  He is also the author of ‘ISRAEL RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE.’ 

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    • Let’s not lose sight of the main fact in this article: this little girl was paralysed following an Israeli airstrike in a densely populated neighbourhood in Gaza. Unacceptable.

      • You will notice that Adam Levick feels too embarrassed to publish a photo of this little girl who became paralysed following an Israeki airstrike.

        • Because he a Jewish-NaziPussy – that’s why Barry.

          He’s basically a drone of the worst kind – a few stock answers for everything while he hides in his colonial bunker on stolen land, too upset to realize that the Jews are owned nothing, and the international community recognizes that….

          His kind don’t have long left, thankfully.

          • Thank you for this insight into the world of a real fighter for Palestinian rights. Your posts achieved Sencarian heights…..

            • The inhumanity of a number of bloggers here, who show absolutely no compassion for the children who were killed or maimed in Israeli airstrikes, is astounding.

              • ‘Hasbeen’ what is astounding is that you are stupid enough to use a variety of ‘monikers’ but post the same lying Bullshit and think nobody will notice.

                Back under your rock.

          • Dunny can you justify the actions of Hamas and the other terrorists who deliberately used the civilian population of Gaza as human shields?

      • Israel strikes densely populated neighbourhoods because that’s where the rockets are fired from. The girl’s family was warned to leave by the IDF and chose to stay. Hamas encourages civilians to stay put as part of its PR war against Israel. It is obviously working on you.

        • And where would they go? The Gaza Strip has been under Israeli blockade
          for eight years. It is locked by Israel from all sides.

          • “” where would they go? The Gaza Strip has been under Israeli blockade
            for eight years. It is locked by Israel from all sides.””

            Such ignorance has to be willful and has to reflect moral corruption for who would use the death or mutilation of a child for improper purpose? There are wide open spaces in Gaza, goods pour in from Israel, there is an Israeli field hospital for Gazans and a border with Egypt.

      • Really shocking to see Israeli people here who do not seem to care about the children who were killed or injured in their airstrikes. Very sad mentality.

    • There is also a little boy who lost both eyes in an Israeli airstrike. So many tragic stories of innocent children mutilated in airstrikes in Gaza.

      • And those who were killed by Hamas rockets falling short. Or more than 160 cildren who were killed by Hamas while digging their tunnels. So many tragic stories of Hamas killing their own . But that is not really intresting for you.

      • I’m told that a little German girl was killed by the RAF in Berlin some years ago.So sad and such an indictment.

    • This little girl is a terrible reminder of what Israeli airstrikes have done to innocent children. Such images have been broadcasted all over the world, not only on SkyNews.

      • of course Hamas gave them permission to broadcast it ., HOwever they didn;t give permission to broadcast the children that were killed by Hamas rockets falling short or children killed while digging tunnels .

      • “This little girl is a terrible reminder of what Israeli airstrikes have done to innocent children.”
        Actually it’s a reminder of the campaign of bias against Israel. Innocents are always casualties of war. The fact that when it’s Israel doing more than any military in the world to meet military objectives while sparing the most innocent lives (and this is objectively beyond dispute) in a defensive war against truly bloodthirsty self-declared genocidal anti-Semites, that you and certain media push the idea that those noncombatants are being targeted by Israel, tells the whole story.
        This is tragic, if only because in the wars raging across Syria and Iraq, for example, where the death toll of innocents actually is indiscriminate, minorities are targeted, and far higher as a result, it really doesn’t matter who wins or loses. The result will be the same, more oppression and serial human rights abuse. Whereas in Gaza the people could have the chance to live at peace with a true democracy which could benefit them exponentially over what they have now leading to free and productive lives.
        Imagine, if Hamas hadn’t launched an unending barrage of rockets at Israeli kindergardens that little girl today could have been sitting in the comfort of her parents home watching Hamas’ “kill the Jews” children’s programs on TV.

  1. “Moreover, COGAT has facilitated every request received by people needing to leave Gaza for serious medical cases”

    Well, is this one detailed in The Guardian’s G2 section today serious enough?

    “[Sir Terence English, …. a past president of the Royal College of Surgeons of England] examines Sharifa Ghunaim, a 29-year-old woman badly injured in shelling in Rafah, now in al-Nasser hospital in Khan Yunis. Both legs and her left arm have multiple breaks; her right arm has been shredded by shrapnel. Her father was killed in the strike. “This lady needs to go [out of Gaza] quite urgently. The problem is getting her through [the crossings],” says English. The patient’s sister, Hind, says they have been waiting for 12 days for the necessary permits, to no avail. “The problems here go beyond the strictly medical,” says the surgeon.”

    Or perhaps you think Sir Terence, who has been out to help in Gaza nine times since 2008, is a dupe of Hamas.

    • This beautiful little girl was not born paralysed. She became paralysed because of an Israeli airstrike. This is what airstrikes do to children.

      • She became paralysed because the Hamas government that should have looked after her instead hid behind her as they shot at Israel’s children, deliberately hoping to murder and maim them. The welfare of Gaza’s children is Hamas’ responsibility – and until they love their children more than they hate Israel, beautiful girls like Mara will continue to be used by Hamas’ to further their aim of eradicating Israel and murdering Jews wherever possible..

        • She is paralysed because an Israeli pilot in an Israeli fighter jet dropped a bomb at the request of an Israeli commander.

          • NOt really becusae Hamas were shooting from the neigherhood telling people not to dare and leave their home after Israel warned them it will bomb the place.

            • You are embarrassed, aren’t you? You don’t know how to deal with these 459 children killed in Israel’s military operation, obviously.

              • Dunny the only embarrassing thing around here is your constant repetition of the same thing over and over again, like a constipated parrot.

                Now be a good boy and go and take your laxatives or I’ll throw a cover over your cage.

                • they dont like it upem, do you gerry, the truth really hurts dont it gerry , you know the truth of mass slaughter by israel that the world can see, totally underming anything you see on here for time immemoriail, get it

                • Noam the only slaughter I see here is you slaughtering the truth and the English language.
                  Now off you trot back to hiding under your rock.

              • NOt embarrased just pointing the facts which you prefer to ignore. Do provide the source for those 459 children being killed.

                • Just think.
                  In Victorian times on a Sunday afternoon entertainment was provided by going to a mental asylum and paying a penny to watch the antics of the lunatics.

                  Now, thanks to the invention of the internet, we can read the illiterate gibberish posted by Noam for free.

                • deaths slaughter turned into an academic exercise, pathetic and shameful

                  Proven Hamas lies is the reason for asking a source . Not providing any source with all kind of excuses just prove my point,

                • “if you believe that bull seek help”
                  In other words, you don’t have a source, and therefore must deflect the question. You’re as good at this as a man cleaning up his diarrhea with a single sheet of 1 ply toilet paper.

  2. Or perhaps you think Sir Terence, who has been out to help in Gaza nine times since 2008, is a dupe of Hamas.
    Maybe he is not, but you certainly are. If he believes without checking what people on the street say if he is not a dupe then he is an idiot.

    • He was not “checking what people on the street say”; he was giving his medical opinion on the needs of his patient and telling us of the difficulties of getting patients out of Gaza based on years of experience.

      • Look, there are two kinds of people in life. People like this doctor, who go out of their way to help other people, and people like the one we meet here who try to justify killing other people because their hearts are filled with hatred.

          • whats the score please tell me the numbers of all those children killed , then we may understand, oh you dont know is it ten 12 20, i will give you a number 495 in a very short period, Israel is dripping in blood

            • So you support Israeli children running for shelter days and night for 9 years because not many were killed? . How many dead Israeli children will you be setisfied with.

              • You can’t tell me , I am amazed , in other words probably none, otherwise you would have stated the number, so much for your argument, it dissolves into nothing

            • Orwell your efforts are in vain. The accusations of being a nation of child murderers is almost a thousand years old saga. Please try something new, this is boring and irrelevant.

        • No, “Benjamin,” there far more than “two kinds of people in life.” No wonder you have such terrible comprehension problems. For example, there are the simple minded, the bigots, the morons and the liars. Right there we have four kinds of people in life. You have some of each within you.

            • Donnie,
              The only people who gain anything through the deaths of these unfortunates is Hamas who use them as tunnel diggers and human shields. Israel tries to avoid this. It is plainly against its interests. Figure it out, Donnie, children make up 50% of the population, but were only 1/5 of the death casualties in this war. Of that 1/5 some were killed by Hamas, and some classified as children were simply under aged gun toting Hamas fighters. Even with that low percentage none of us feels good about the death of innocents in any war. People such as Alexa are merely pointing out the facts of this unfortunate state of affairs. Hamas fires rockets at Israeli communities and when they kill innocent Israelis, even babies, they celebrate it, and brag about it. The death of Jews, for Hamas, is considered a desirable outcome, and they indoctrinate the population with this idea as a goal in itself from a very early age. To further their own long term totalitarian goals they are willing to sacrifice civilians for their cause. Maybe you are too young or too naive to understand that such movements exist and have existed in the past, but the information you need comes from their own mouths and their own charter as to what they’re up to. You really have no excuse for not knowing.

            • No he is just like you not caring when Hamas use them to gain sympathy from the wrold . You don;t care about them unless you can blame Israel. or else where were you when they were dying digging tunnles.

  3. I guess you also haven’t heard that a little girl with exactly same story called Mara appeared in 2006, was taken to Israel, treated and she and her family housed and supported by the Israeli government. Question, is it now certain that there are two different girls with the same story and similar names or are we witnessing an Al Dura proportion Pallywood hoax? And of course Sir Terence is quite capable of being anti Judaism and hence following Hamas hook line and sinker as do many of the British establishment. Because he volunteers to work in danger sons doesn’t preclude him from being a racist against Jews.

    • And how did he know about the so called “difficulties”? He personally spoke with COGAT or has been told by the family about these alleged problems? Relax Sencar he did what you are doing – tried to bash Israel with the paralyzed foot of a child.

      • Peter, give some money you Nazi – how about you all stop the hate on here, and save some innocent lives.

        You’ll feel better about yourself. I promise.

      • “And how did he know about the so called “difficulties”?”

        An odd query, even for you Peter.

        He is a doctor who identifies patients needing treatment outside Gaza. It seems to me he’s fairly well placed to see whether they get out and if so how long it takes to get the necessary permissions.

        • Sencar did this doctor spoke with the representative of COGAT personally or has been told by his Hamas fixer about the problem.
          An expected bullcrap even from you Sencar.

    • Are you are some kind of monster, making fun of two little girls paralysed by Israeli airstrikes? Clearly you are not a woman, no woman would speak of children with so much hatred and anger,

      • Aaaaw Boo Hoo ‘Benyamin’
        Have you any more made up sob stories?

        Only I am having trouble sleeping at night, but I always find it difficult to go to sleep when I am laughing that much.

        • 459 children were killed in airstrikes in Gaza. And yes, one day you may find it difficult to sleep, when you grow older and realize you may have to justify what you did to G-D.

                • Oh, I see, Donnie. The world has three sources to trust, CNN, the UN, or “me.” Is that what you really mean to say? The claim you make of billions is rather ostentatious all by itself self.
                  Here’s the problem with this, Donnie. The UN has a well-known bias, and has a well-documented record of getting it wrong before eventually sometimes getting it right. Anyone with real inside knowledge of the UN knows that even a large portion of the GA representatives who vote on these anti-Israel resolutions know it’s all bullshit, but are willing to go along to get along. CNN also has a checkered record in terms of getting it right on the Arab/Israeli conflict. Perhaps you might remember that CNN finally admitted that they were carrying water for Saddam Hussein in their “news” reporting in order to have access, before that truly mass murdering great fighter for freedom had his little accident. If your numbers are correct, wouldn’t a world where billions of people put their trust in organizations that disseminate a constant stream of misinformation represent somewhat of a problem? Do you think it’s a good thing to get “billions” ginned up on prejudices that fall flat out contrary to the facts? It doesn’t sound very progressive, and it doesn’t very healthy. Do you think it’s a good thing for billions of people to be misinformed?

          • This is not 459 but 45,983,416. Of these 5.876,940 were under ten so no real profit, their organs are not marketable. (But their blood can be stored and used later.)

            • Yeah, we can feel how uncomfortable it makes you, 459 children killed in Israel’s military operation in Gaza, and many badly injured like this little girl. You’re so desperate not to talk about this, because you know no one in the world can accept this.

              • Dunny you can repeat Hamas propaganda and made up sob-stories as much as you like, but that does not make it true. It only shows that you are either dumb enough to believe the propaganda spewed out by the Fascist thugs of Hamas or you know they are not true which makes you a LIAR.

                Which is it Dunny, are you stupid or a liar?

                • I believe the UN and CNN when they say that 459 children and 239 women were killed in Israel’s military operation. Your embarrassment at speaking about the children and women who were killed shows.

                • “Your embarrassment at speaking about the children and women who were killed shows”
                  Dunny you are seeing things that do not exist.
                  Just so that even an idiot like you understands my point of view.

                  I regret the death of innocent people in any conflict.
                  I condemn the tactics of Hamas and the other groups in deliberately placing civilians at risk.

                  No embarrassment, just regret and condemnation.
                  Is that clear Dunny the Dumbarse?

              • By the way Dunny the Foreign Affairs Council of the EU have just finished their meeting.
                From para 3 of their statement on Gaza;
                “ must end the threat to Israel posed by Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza as demonstrated by rocket attacks and tunnel construction. All terrorist groups in Gaza must disarm.”

                In case you missed it Dunny, and other fellow travellers of the Fascist thugs of Hamas, “ALL TERRORIST GROUPS IN GAZA MUST DISARM”

              • You have no idea about my indifference regarding what the world can accept and what can’t. Your crocodile tears about the little girl – maybe you should advise your comrades at Hamas that launching rockets at Israel is not an extremely good idea. I bet you haven’t thought yet about this very complicated solution…

          • Dear Dunny
            thanks for your concern but I have no worries whatsoever about answering for anything I have done to my conscience or to God.

            Now have you got anymore of these comedy videos?