Guardian pretends they’re not sure whether Israel or Hamas violated ceasefire

On Monday, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators agreed to extend a temporary ceasefire in Gaza by 24 hours so they could continue to conduct more talks on a long-term truce. The five-day ceasefire was set to expire at midnight Israeli time.

On Tuesday, at roughly 15:45 Israeli time (less than 16 hours into the 24 hour extension), terrorists in Gaza violated the ceasefire when they fired three rockets at Israel, causing large explosions near Beersheva. (This represents the eleventh cease-fire that Hamas either violated or rejected since the war began.)

Forty-five minutes later, at 16:30, there were reports of further Gaza rocket attacks on Ashdod and Ashkelon.

At 16:34, the IDF began retaliating in response to the Palestinian rocket barrage.

The timeline is not in dispute, as US officials made clear last night.

However, here’s the Guardian misinformation that we were all anticipating:

Print edition headline and strap line:

printHere’s the online edition:

onlineHere are the relevant opening passages:

Israeli negotiators withdrew from peace talks in Cairo aimed at forging a durable ceasefire in the six-week war in Gaza on Tuesday night as rocket fire and air strikes resumed hours before the latest truce was due to expire.

Israel accused Hamas of violating the latest of a series of temporary ceasefires after rockets were launched from Gaza, triggering a swift military and political response

Israeli officials said 10 rockets were fired from Gaza, the first of which were launched about eight hours before the truce was due to end at midnight

Then, we learn what the head of the Palestinian negotiating team claimed:

Palestinian negotiators blamed the collapse of the Gaza ceasefire on Israel’s failure to take Cairo-based negotiations seriously. Azzam al-Ahmad, the head of the Palestinian delegation, claimed that Israel had always intended to break the truce, and had used the firing of three rockets from Gaza on Tuesday afternoon as an excuse for an already-made decision to sabotage the talks.

So, according to Al-Ahmad, Hamas may have technically violated the ceasefire, but the rocket attacks from Gaza were cynically exploited by Israel, who had already made the decision to “sabotage the talks”.

Then, we learn what Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri claimed about the ceasefire.

The Hamas spokesman in Gaza, Sami Abu Zuhri, denied knowledge of the rocket fire which Israel said had breached the truce.We don’t have any information about firing rockets from Gaza. The Israeli raids are intended to sabotage the negotiations in Cairo,” he told reporters. 

Whilst the Palestinian lead negotiator tacitly admitted that his side violated the ceasefire, all the official Hamas spokesman could muster was a denial of ‘knowledge’ concerning Palestinian rocket fire.

So, despite the timeline of events clearly indicating that Hamas violated the ceasefire, and one implicit acknowledgement by a Hamas negotiator that they indeed broke the ceasefire, the Guardian still isn’t willing to blame the Islamist terror group.

Guardian obfuscation at its finest. 

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  1. The Guardian doesn’t say “they’re not sure whether Israel or Hamas violated ceasefire”. They quote two Hamas sources and give the Israeli line. That’s what newspapers are for.

    Hamas has never been in complete control of all Gazan militant factions. In the heat of war with Israeli bombs poised to obliterate any Hamas member showing his face it is quite feasible that a spokesman in Gaza might not be aware of three odd rockets.

    The suggestion that Israel took advantage of the rockets to sabotage the talks is also quite probable. As the Guardian article makes clear Hamas had already made concessions by agreeing to defer key issues but had received no serious response from Israel. Half of the Israeli cabinet want the talks to fail and Netanyahu is under considerable pressure to avoid making any concessions to Hamas at all – so a breakdown was always on the cards.

    Haaretz has an interesting angle on the affair:

    They reckon that Israel had pre-existing plans to assassinate Mohammed Deif, the Hamas leader, who they believed to have visited his family home during the ceasefire, and rushed to put these into effect as soon as the three rockets were fired. Deif’s home was of course one of Israel’s first targets and, as has so often been the case, it was an innocent woman and child that died there.

    • For an antisemite Jews take advantage even when they are under rocket fire. According to such antisemites they have to endure such ‘inconveniences’ and to die silently. The usual perpetrator-victim inversion.

    • Brian a ‘person’ such as you who promotes the ‘ideas’ of a New Zealand Fascist is not in any position to moralize.
      Obviously you do not stop at promoting the ‘ideas’ of a New Zealand Fascist you also rush to defend the Fascist thugs of Hamas.
      I’m not surprised, just disgusted.

    • So basically you agree to the facts- that Hamas violated the ceasefire, but you assign various sinister motives to Israel without any proof. Lame and cheap.

      • I accept that three rockets were fired from Gaza before the end of the ceasefire. Whether these came from Hamas or another group is unknown It seems unlikely that Deif would risk himself and his family by breaking the ceasefire whilst he was visiting his home.

        As to ‘sinister motives’: everything I say is echoed in the serious Israeli and international press.

        • …everything I say is echoed in the serious Israeli and international press.
          Like the lies about Maha…like the lies about the 2000 civilian victims… like the lies about the role of the UNRWA…
          You can continue the list without further help.

        • “I accept that three rockets were fired from Gaza before the end of the ceasefire. ”

          That’s ‘mighty white’ of you (I’m considering certain of your, um, New Zealand affiliations).

        • “Whether these came from Hamas or another group is unknown ”
          There’s always another group, and always another excuse, but what there never is, is an expectation of accountability from anyone except the Israelis.

    • Hamas is in control when they want ot. We saw the last 5 days how they control everything. If they can;t control than the talks are a waste of time.

    • Rockets were fired from Gaza 5-6 hours before the attack on Deif. . These are the facts . Hamas violated the cease fire Israel retaliated.

      • The rockets being fired are really good for Israels mass murder agenda and terror tactics against an impoverished people, it gives them an excuse to commit war crimes, they may has well be firing the rockets themselves for all the destruction they cause. This may well prove to be the case, so rotten is Israel and so bent on destruction and occupation

        • ‘Noam’ when are you going to give us your expert opinion on the captured Hamas document?
          Or are you going to keep running away and dodging the issue, which demonstrates what a snivelling coward you are?

          • probably forged, like the weapons of mass destruction doc UK, does not justify mass killing of civilians does it ,guilty of nothing

            • ‘Noam’ so, after waiting several days, your expert opinion is that the captured Hamas document is ‘probably forged’.

              What is your evidence for this ‘probable’ conclusion?

                • No ‘Noam’ now you are being very silly.
                  I asked you for the evidence for your expert opinion that the captured Hamas document is ‘probably forged’.

                  Now try again ‘Noam’ what is your evidence for your expert opinion?

                • gerald grow up baby you know i dont answer your questions, i am not the one defending,lying about the cancer of Israel and its murderous barbaric treatment of the Palestinians, what about the 2000 dead, you cant really say anything about it can you, better to just ignore that fact eh, why, is the reality of the regime you support finally too much for even you gerry, supporter of mass murder

                • i am a better man than you will ever be gerry, i can look at my children and understand the pain of loss that the Palestinian people are feeling, you on the other hand have no such morality , empathy, a shell of a human being, devoid of any compassion, i pity you

            • probably forged? well you would have to do better than that. Either you can prove it is forged or else you prove again what a liar you are.

        • Orwell:
          [Israel] may has well be firing the rockets themselves

          Beyond pathetic.
          Oh, and get a new moniker. Orwell wasn’t into bizarre conspiracy theories and newspeak. Quite the contrary, in fact.

    • These aren’t just “three odd” rockets as each and every rocket constitutes a war crime for deliberately targeting innocent civilians.

      By referring to the missiles as “three odd” rocket is a deliberate attempt to play down the deliberate act of targeting innocent civilians do as to deligitimise the retaliation as acts of self defense.

      Additionally, if all of Israel is held accountable for the acts of the IDF’s defensive war against Hamas then Hamas is just as accountable for each and every act of terrorisms conducted from Gaza.


      • targeting civilians a war crime, what is the mass slaughter of 2000 peole then , a war crime ,committed by israel

        • “targeting civilians a war crime,”

          ‘Noam’ so you agree that Hamas, and the other factions, by firing thousands of rockets and mortars at the civilian population of Israel have committed war crimes.

          Well done ‘Noam’. I take it you also agree that the deliberate placing of weapons etc. and firing those weapons from among the civilian population of Gaza by Hamas, and the other factions, are further war crimes.

          • i never agree with anyone whose view is paid for, there may be some bias on your part and you may distort what people say , like here for example

            • “distort what people say”
              ‘Noam’ that is a serious accusation.
              Are you denying that you wrote, “targeting civilians a war crime,”?

              Or, have you changed your mind and are you now denying that targeting civilians is a war crime?

            • The odds on Gerald being paid to post his views must be a thousand to one. Even then I wouldn’t bet a penny – because it would be lost.

      • Poor child. Breaks the heart. Civilians are being sacrificed like pawns because of the Hamas-Left-wing-media coalition.

    • Sencar, there are two issues here that you’re not really understanding. The first is the need to seek equivalence between Israel and Hamas, when in fact there is none. One is a state; the other is a group. One is a democracy; the other is a theocracy. One is an army with uniforms; the other has no uniforms. And of course, one starts this war by shooting thousands of missiles into the other one who then responds to end those missiles.

      This need to associate those two sides as Equals leads to the second problem the Guardian achieves in this report, which is a total lack of transparency. Hamas, as described above, does not fit the norms of a state whose media can be trusted. The same Hamas who supplies all Palestinian casualty totals to the West. (Did you hear that a child was killed during Israeli air strikes?)

      What’s best, however, is that you’re such a pathetically trained monkey that, for some reason, the Guardian actually needs to rely on Hamas to tell them what’s going on. Like the Guardian staff in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv couldn’t look up into the sky themselves and see what was happening. I kind of agree with you, there. The Guardian staff are really bad at actually observing things.

    • Sencar. Read the headline. It is misleading. This is dishonest journalism. Here is an example of a headline that would NOT misinform the newspaper’s readers: HAMAS VIOLATES CURRENT CEASE FIRE BY LAUNCHING ROCKETS AIMED AT ISRAELI CITIES.

  2. They are never sure. Even though a person on the Gaza border with binoculars and internet access can easily confirm the timeline. Strange.