Guardian writer George Monbiot: “Time for an air war against Israel.”

By CiFWatch Editorial Team.

In a deeply ironic article The Guardian’s George Monbiot asks why, in light of NATO’s current air war against Islamic State, the west doesn’t “bomb the Muslim world – all of it” and possibly “flatten the entire Middle East and West Asia” his thesis being that with there being so many human rights abusers in the region why concentrate solely on Islamic State/ISIS.

No article like this for The Guardian would be complete unless it contained a totally unjustified attack on Israel. Soon into his piece Monbiot writes:

“In Gaza this year, 2,100 Palestinians were massacred: including people taking shelter in schools and hospitals. Surely these atrocities demand an air war against Israel?”

Monbiot adopts the usual hard-left line of Israel having committed a “massacre” in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge. He is doing the work of Hamas’ propaganda arm for them. Civilians were the main victims of Operation Protective Edge, as they are in any war. Civilians are already being killed by NATO in Syria.

But a significant proportion of those 2,100 dead in Gaza are likely to have been the Hamas fighters who had fired rockets at Israeli citizens from nearby to those schools and hospitals, who had dug attack-tunnels under Israel and who came out of those tunnels with the aim of killing as many Israelis as possible.

Monbiot goes on to suggest air attacks against Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Shia militias in Iraq due to the horrendous treatment of many citizens in those countries by their governments.

By citing Israel alongside such oppressive regimes Monbiot puts Israel on a par with some of the worst human rights abusers when in fact Israel is not only the most liberal country in the region but on a par with the west when it comes to, inter alia, freedom of speech, freedom to practice religion and freedom to express one’s sexuality.

But Monbiot’s biggest crime in this article is to underplay what is happening to religious minorities at the hands of Islamic State.

Monbiot cites individual cases of human rights abuses by the corrupt dictatorships in Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia but is this really on the same level as lining up hundreds of innocent civilians and shooting them in the head before pushing their lifeless bodies into a river or shooting them dead in mass pits, burying them alive or crucifying them like Islamic State terrorists have done to Christians, Yazidis, Shia Muslims and others?

No reasonable person could approve of what has been happening on a daily basis in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iraq. But the regimes that head these countries are not Islamic State.

Neither is the west ignorant of these countries and has been attempting “political solutions” that Monbiot calls for in the penultimate paragraph of his piece. A change of leadership was recently forced through in Iraq and short-lived democracy movements sprung up in Iran, Bahrain and Syria. Although the latter were brutally oppressed they are waiting to rise again. Courageous women continue to attempt to demonstrate for more freedoms in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Islamic State is far worse than these corrupt dictatorships. Roger Boyes in the London Times (behind paywall) sums up the war against Islamic State:

“The mission would be easier if we were pitted against a corrupt dictatorship since no amount of brainwashing can stop conscript soldiers making the calculation: is it worth dying to defend this man’s palaces? Splitting Isis is infinitely more complex.”

There are no calculations for Islamic State’s brainwashed terrorists to make. Defending, propagating and dying for their extreme interpretation of Islam is their only objective. All obstacles are liquidated.

Monbiot fails to fully grasp this.

His piece does justice neither to Israel, expected from him, nor to those suffering under the brutality of Islamic State, unexpected from him.

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  1. George Money-bot also makes a thinly veiled reference to UK/US forces, and maybe Israel, in this line:

    “Oh, and ceasing to protect, sponsor and arm selected networks of death.”

    Essentially he’s equating them to ISIS. Of course he also claims they brought on ISIS themselves. That old nugget, a Guardian favorite since the Al-Qaida days.

    But I like the logic of bombing every place where something bad has happened- Wasn’t there a mugging on the street where the Guardian’s offices are?…

  2. Monbiot is in a similar mould to Caroline Lucas. Born into comfortable middle class circumstances and given opportunities by Conservative parentage, such people feel they then have to prove themselves by attacking the very values by which they personally benefited. So, as a way out liberal it is now consistent to attack the sort of freedom and democracy demonstrated by the state of Israel. By shrinking from attacking the sort of barbarity demonstrated by Hamas or ISIL such characters think that they are being ‘understanding’ of what makes such barbarity happen. It reminds me of the nurse who, on entering Belsen in April 1945, said “what dreadful things must these people have done to have deserved all this?” Monbiot has clearly lost all sense of balance in his obsession with being ‘original’.

  3. These bigots posing as “journalists” @ the Guardian are pathetic unethical liars.

    To discuss the “damage” in Gaza without context, i.e., Israel’s responding to incessant rocket attacks, would be similar to labelling the Allies’ WWII bombings against Germany and Japan as “atrocities”.

    Somehow don’t recall anyone labelling them as such, once again revealing the profound hypocrisy of racist bigots like Monbiot.

  4. Anybody who pretends to organise a ‘peaceful’ arrest of the former prime minister by citizens for alleged war crimes implicitly calls for violence and the end of the state monopoly on violence. Not to forget the attempt ‘to arrest’ John Bolton.
    A sort of self-appointed policeman and judge in one person who rejects the republican separation of powers and the democratic control. A political activist, not a journalist, between totalitarianism, anarchism and tea party. . His bio at Wikipedia is one great praise, maybe self-penned.
    As only politically deranged persons can compare Israel to ISIS, Iran etc. and suggest the bombing of the Jewish state, I put forward my proposal: Bring him, Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange, ‘Israel Shamir’ , Ron Paul , Snowden and Jacob Applebaum together and let them discuss on tv. It will be fun.
    Trust common sense.

    • Just a reminder of the fallout between Assange and The Guardian.set.*
      in 2010 Leigh was a member of the team which handled the release of United States diplomatic and military documents which had been passed to WikiLeaks, and which worked closely with Julian Assange. The relationship soon soured after the Guardian published details of allegations of sexual misbehaviour made against Assange by two Swedish women. This caused David Leigh to tweet: “The #guardian published too many leaks for #Assange ‘s liking, it seems. So now he’s signed up ‘exclusively’ with #Murdoch’s Times. Gosh.”[6]
      In a book he published with Luke Harding, Leigh mentioned the password to a set of unredacted classified US State Department cables. ….
      In 2011, after Private Eye magazine published an article critical of the allegedly antisemitic Wikileaks associate Israel Shamir, editor Ian Hislop reported that Assange telephoned him and complained that Private Eye was joining a campaign led by the Guardian to smear Wikileaks and deprive it of Jewish support and donations. Those involved in the campaign included three people, including Leigh, all of whom, according to Assange, are Jewish. After it was pointed out by Hislop that at least one of the three wasn’t actually Jewish and that his “Jewish conspiracy” might not stand up against the facts, Assange eventually backed down and told Hislop to, “Forget the Jewish thing.”[10] In response, Assange said, “Hislop has distorted, invented or misremembered almost every significant claim and phrase.”[11]

      In a further allegation in 2012, after the leak of internal emails of the United States strategic intelligence company Stratfor, Wikileaks said in a press release: “Private intelligence staff who align themselves closely with U.S. government policies and channel tips to the Mossad – including through an information mule in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Yossi Melman, who conspired with Guardian journalist David Leigh to secretly, and in violation of WikiLeaks’ contract with the Guardian, move WikiLeaks’ U.S. diplomatic cables to Israel.”[12] Melman characterised this as a “clumsy smear” attempt.[13]

      Well, it had to end in a ‘Jewish conspiracy’, n`est-ce pas?

      *The Guardian set; David Leigh´and Alan Rusbridger are married to sisters.