The blood of Israelis and Palestinians will be on the hands of our politicians.

Posted by Richard Millett in London.

With the British Parliament due to take up six hours of precious debating time on Monday over whether to recognise a “state of Palestine” Vincent Fean’s article in The Guardian sums of the ignorance of those who will vote for such recognition.

Fean uses Sweden, which recently recognised “Palestine”, as a precedent for Monday’s vote. But as Amotz Asa-El points out in the Jerusalem Post this move says more about Sweden than anything else. Asa-El writes of the Swedish government’s social and economic failures:

“Unable to affect the domestic scene, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven fled to a foreign affair where talk is cheap and responsibility is everyone else’s except his.”

And so with British politicians. With May’s general election starting to loom large on the horizon and UKIP continuing to take votes off all the main parties (they have just won their first ever Member of Parliament) many of our Parliamentarians would rather flee to a foreign issue which is certain to win them votes due to the vehemence of many voters where Israel is concerned.

Fean thinks the debate, and subsequent vote, is important because we, Britain, have a “bigger share of responsibility than all the 135 (countries that already recognise “Palestine”) put together.” But do we really?

Britain operated the Mandate which ended in a 1947 UN vote to partition the land, a vote which was rejected by all Arab leaders. Britain’s responsibility ended then.

Fean also obliges the Israel-haters with the usual “The illegality of settlements, the separation barrier, and the demolition of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem and the West Bank is incontestable.” Really? Incontestable? Who said? A court? An international court, maybe? Of course not! There has never been such a decision.

The ICJ’s Advisory Opinion on such “illegality” is just that, an Advisory Opinion. It wasn’t a proper court case.

In fact the only case I know that relates directly to the issue of “illegality” is the recent British Supreme Court case Richardson and another v DPP in which, because it could not be proved that Israeli-owned Ahava’s London shop was selling illegal products, those who occupied the shop forcing it to close down for some three hours were found guilty of aggravated trespass. Therefore, Ahava’s factory on the West Bank is, in fact, legal.

As for home demolitions once again they turn on the legalities of each individual case. Illegal Jewish homes are also demolished.

Perhaps the most risible part of Fean’s article is this:

“The United States should guarantee the safety of both peoples with US or Nato troops during the full, phased withdrawal of Israeli forces from Palestine, endorsed in a unanimous security council resolution.”

Really? Fean must have not been near a radio or television for the last three years and so not seen what Assad and Islamic State have been doing to their own people while the US, UN and NATO all watched on. Never again? Don’t believe it.

If Monday’s debate ends with a vote in favour of recognising the “state of Palestine” there will be no change on the ground. Israel won’t suddenly give up its security requirements because of our Parliament. That would be suicide.

The recognition will only ratchet up the expectation of the Palestinians and lead to more bloodshed and violence on both sides. This blood will be on the hands of the likes of Fean and our politicians who vote in favour on Monday.

Our politicians should get back to representing their own constituents instead of desperately trying to buy votes by fleeing to foreign fields.

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  1. The MPs are uninformed.. They should know that almost twice as many Arab Jews as Palestinians were made refugees after 1948 and the Jews’ lands were stolen and Muslim lands made Jew free. Today those Jews make up more than half the Jewish population of Israel without help from UNRWA.and without hatred, improving their own lives and enhancing the character of Israel. Without these established facts the MPs are making fools of themselves

  2. It’s a violation of the Interim Oslo Agreement 1995 for either side to make unilateral moves. Of course international binding agreements are only there for Israel to observe.
    The most outrageous part of Fean’s article was his claim that Britain was entrusted with the Mandate to build up the national home for the Palestinians, deliberately omitting to say that the Palestinians were the Jews in 1920. The Arabs scorned the name. Fean is an activist for the Palestinians….he has a track record in this regard, by giving support, inter alia, to the “peaceful” protests at Bi’ilin.
    People like Fean, Oborne et al do not think that Jews are entitled to any sovereignty, but simply try to conceal their judeophobia by articles purporting to show their “reasonableness”. They should be exposed for who they really are.

  3. How many of you have read material from HARIF or JJAC (Justice for Jews from Arab Countries)? You might realize how our thinking has been shaped by a well oiled promotional con job we have fallen prey to. Give back the stolen Jewish lands, twice the size of Israel. Why can’t the Palestinians be moved to the Arab world, 660 times the size of Israel? The 865,000 refugee Jews from Arab countries were forced to move to places requiring them to learn new languages, customs and qualify for new careers.,,,, Or do you prefer an Orwellian world?

    • Why can’t the Palestinians be moved to the Arab world

      They’re on the land they hail from – which is therfore already part of the Arab world.

      • Sorry – but they are not.

        Article 1 of the PLO Charter
        Palestine is the homeland of the Arab Palestinian people; it is an indivisible part of the Arab homeland, and the Palestinian people are an integral part of the Arab nation.

        Arabs are from ARABIA. You sure are stupid. No they are not the natives.

      • No they’re not. They hail from the Arabian peninsula.
        They have colonised other people’s lands on a vast scale with the power of the sword.
        Abdullah, King of Jordan, swept up from the Hejaz with an army of more than 2,000 in circa 1921 to avenge Feisal’s removal as King of Syria.
        The Hejaz is in the Arabian peninsula.

  4. The British like those Arabs so much – why don’t they settle them in one of their colonies that they still have around the world. I think that the Malvinas would be the perfect place for them.

  5. I tried to see if my MP will be willing to vote in favor of the amendment to the statement they propose which adds that recognition should come after a final solution has been reached.
    She basically repeated the illegality of east Jerusalem etc etc…
    There was no point in even arguing.

  6. If Monday’s debate ends with a vote in favour of recognising the “state of Palestine” there will be no change on the ground.

    Not least because the government won’t be changing its policy anyway.

    • Obviously. That goes without saying. That’s precisely why Israel will be the paraiah state that South Africa once was.

      I’ve been watching for 1 3/4 hours so far and only three have spoken in opposition to the motion. I didn’t expect that. I was amused by the Hendon MP who was reading from the Ladybird book of hasbara.

      The world is getting sick of Israel, and about bloody time too.

      • You can’t even spell….it’s pariah NOT paraiah.
        It’s wishful thinking on your part.
        All the movers & shakers flock to Israel to get their technology, science and expertise in so many fields.
        Eat your heart out, Alex, Israel is the world’s no. 1 success story.

    • 274-12 That will make Israel’s intransigence ever more obvious. The cat’s out of the bag and all Israel will do is step on it’s tail. Not a wise move.

      • Israel’s intransigence is refusing to be eliminated by evil people.
        It just shows up the 274 as the anti-Semites they truly are.
        Am Yisrael Chai.

      • Not even half of the MPs. poor boy, just a show for the Islamist vote, misusing the House of Commons as theatre for the antisemite audience, the likes of alex..

  7. So, are they demanding to return to their homes and which refugee camps they live in. Do the Arabs bomb them every couple of years and kill a few thousand everytime.? When was the last time Arab Jewish Refugee camps were bombed and thousands left dead? Come on, admit it you are having me on. There are no Arab Jewish refugees in Europe.

  8. With all the problems England has with its Muslim influx, i find it highly ironic that bigoted morons like Fean seem to think it appropriate business of Parliament to take the side of Islamists in the far away Mideast!

  9. Neuman the world is shrinking for the Zionists. Perhaps France next and ultimately the US recognizes Palestine, even symbolically. Sign of times. End of the colonial dream.

  10. End of your dreams,TerrorJane, as the imperial gesture of the Labour party is hollow, without any power behind.
    Funny that you racist postcolonialists always hope for the end of the western dominance, in your stupid imagination called imperialism,, and now, when the hope comes true, acclaim some symbolic gestures of powerless western countries like Sweden and UK who are under siege by their own muslim minorities.
    Israel is already lining up with India, begins to negotiate with China, and when the Iranian people will throw the moolahs in the dungeon, the relation to Israel will become close and cozy.