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Palestinian Al-Aksa Mosque preacher to NATO’s Arab partners: Kill the Jews instead.

Posted by Richard Millett in London.

While British Parliamentarians spend today debating whether to recognise “a state of Palestine” they might wish to view MEMRI‘s clip below.

In the clip, which was recently posted to the internet, Palestinian Sheik Omar Abu Sara in a sermon given in the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem asks the following of those Arab countries currently helping NATO to attack Islamic State:

“Whom are they fighting? Are they fighting the Jews? The Russians? The Hindus? They are fighting our brothers. These planes are bombing our brothers. Is the Al-Aqsa Mosque too far for them? Is Jerusalem too far for them? Are the Jews too far for them?”

It is sentiments like these that persist not just throughout Hamas but throughout the more respected Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas.

Here is a clip that was broadcast on Palestinian Authority television in which the PA Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Hussein urges his followers to kill Jews.

So are our own Parliamentarians really going to vote to recognise “a state of Palestine” that has religious leaders and an official television network that propagates the message that Jews should be murdered?

If that is today’s outcome then Britain’s Parliament should hang its head in shame.

H/T Ruthie Blum (Jerusalem Post)

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  1. Horrible as that ‘preacher’s’ speech is, it is no reason to recognize or not recognize Palestine. If that is the best you can do, the case for Palestinian recognition is very strong.

    • Recognizing Palestine starts when there is a Palestine to recognize. And seeing as how your brothers in the PA have yet to even propose a counterproposal to the multiple offers made since 2000, wouldn’t that be the PA not recognizing their Palestinian state? As usual, pro-Palestinian, your biggest inability to need to self-criticize.

      Sibyl Nazi 24: The Whaaaaaaaaaaa-my

    • I recognize the Arab colonists occupying Israeli land need to either leave or die. How’s that for recognition?

      The thieving Arabs have stolen over 99.93% of the Middle East robbing, raping, force converting, enslaving and murdering the native population. That is more than enough. The last thing the world needs is more Islamofascist regimes.

    • And the fact no such state exists makes the case for recognizing its existence even stronger, no?
      But I know how certain Europeans like to have their fingers in the pie. That imperialism Jones is a hard habit to kick. Good luck with that.

  2. Dinkie Doody Brain, what do you recognize about Palestine? Is there a form of currency you can direct me to? How about a leader — any leader — before Arafat? An indigenous Arab one, of course. For example, the King of Jordan was made a monarch by British Royalty. As you should recognize, Jordan is roughly a 74% chunk of recognizable Palestine, and yet King Hussain came from the other side of the Euphrates. Do you recognize Iraqis as indigenous people of Palestine? Well, you’re in luck, because over 150,000 Iraqi Jews were kicked out of their country upon Israel’s creation.

    Ain’t that cray-cray, yo?

  3. Parliament’s vote on Palestine. Another imperialist adventure motivated by the fantasy that a bunch of self-serving privileged British public school boys and girls know what’s best for the yids.

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