CiF Watch prompts correction to Times of London Palestinian ‘bus ban’ claim

Yesterday, Oct. 29th, we posted about an article by Gregg Carlstrom in the Times of London which alleged that new Israeli Defense Ministry regulations would ban Palestinians from riding Israeli buses in the West Bank – a policy, it was suggested, reeked of ‘apartheid’.

We demonstrated that this claim was simply false.  

While the new regulations, if implemented, would require Palestinian laborers entering Israel through the Eyal checkpoint to head home at night through the same checkpoint from which they entered, thus resulting in a serious reduction in the number of Palestinians returning on Israeli bus lines, there’s nothing in the new rules even suggesting that Palestinians would no longer be allowed to ride Israeli lines.

Shortly after our post, we contacted editors at Times of London to complain about the false characterization of the new regulations, and today they issued the following correction in the online and print editions.


Though the wording it still less than clear regarding the impact of the new regulations, we commend Times of London editors for the correction insofar as it informs readers that there is clearly no ban on Palestinians using Israeli buses.

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    • No. Apartheid was a system of laws in South Africa that kept people apart and from enjoying equal rights within a society purely on the basis of race. It protected no one from danger. Think of it as something akin to the degradation and ghetto-izing of Israel in international forums such as the UN. As Professor Dershowitz would say, the Jew among nations.

      • A nerd with verified Israeli military pilot audio tapes in which they confirm that they spotted an American vessel….

        Explain that away, can you?

        • So what? It was a war zone, they’d been warned to stay out, they didn’t, any (putative) deliberate attack (which is still probably a canard) would have been perfectly legitimate.

          • opps, tacit admission?

            Know much about International Law anyone? lol

            ‘Legitimate’ to target ships in International Waters? I think you’re making it up, love! 😉

            • You are a little naive, sharia girl. Anybody who calls on international law,demonstrates her in lack of competence and knowledge.

            • Which part of “which is still probably a canard” is a ‘tacit admission’, you utterly absurd thicko?
              I certainly know more ‘international law’ in my little finger than you will ever acquire in your entire miserable existence, you loser.

        • 🙂
          Verified audio tapes? By whom, Al jazeera? 🙂
          Confirming to spot an American ship? And what is the big deal of spotting, you conspiracy nerd?

          • As we ALL know – the ship was intercepted to stop anyone getting advanced warning of Israeli intentions on the Golan Heights, still legally part of Syria.

            That the ship was a confirmed US vessel, that Israelis attack MY nations warship in dishonest cold blood and then are too cowardly (Chicken-shit, perhaps?) is enough to invalidate your claim on the land you seek to steal.

            No price is too high for Israel, eh? Made-up-ancestral hone of the Jews…..we Jews are fine here in the US! You missed a trick – you could have peace if you stopped Colonizing Palestinian land.

            At least SodaStream got the message!

            • As we all? Pluralis majestatis? Are you getting about yourself? You sound like, poor sharia girl.

            • By the way, YOUR nation as you call it has colonised a lot of land, stupid one, but nobody calls the USA thief. I`m quite sure that you fight for Tibet, Nothern Cyprus and so on with the same eagerness.

            • Does anyone have a clue what this increasingly demented buffoon is ululating about this time?
              “That the ship was a confirmed US vessel … is enough to invalidate your claim on the land you seek to steal” –
              about as stupid a supposed sequitur as I have ever seen.

        • That confirmation that it was an American vessel came AFTER the attack, not before it. I’ve listened to/read the pilot’s transcripts in Hebrew. At least 4 investigations have been done on this by US and Israeli officials, and every single one of them found it to be a friendly fire accident.

  1. I certainly commend CIF for its ongoingn vigilance and congratulate you for actually getting (sort of ) a correction from these people.

    Nonetheless the larger question is: Why are the media so obsessed with Israel, and more specifically, so patently and often irrationally antiIsrael? Think these are the issues which need to be addressed and those who continue to bash Israel without regard to fact need to be (publicly and loudly) asked the same questions.

    • Because Israel violates international law and human decency.

      As a ‘state’ it has norms it must follow.

      It refuses to do so – which is why the international media follow it.

          • Consider the content of your post disputed.

            Why just the other day a group of evil right wingers despoiled the holiness of the Noble Sanctuary by shooting off fireworks – horizontally at police. And Israeli police disarmed a fanatical Palestinian settler who was unarmed at the time – as the molotov cocktail he was tossing had already left his hand and he hadn’t had time to reach for another.

            President for Life and war criminal Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Bluff and Abu Liar again represented the criminal intent of his illegal government by exhorting his followers to “protect Al Aqsa at all costs”, resulting in the murder by an “inspired” convicted criminal of a 3 year old Jewish girl with American citizenship and young woman woman from Ecuador who was a recent immigrant. Abbas’s incitement is a crime under international law and the Geneva conventions. The man, who had prior connections to the Palestinian state funded terrorist group known as Islamic Jihad gunned his vehicle directly into a crowd disembarking from the Jerusalem light rail during rush hour.

            That these real crimes and many more like them which violate international and humanitarian law are generally ignored by the media repudiates your rational. It follows the same pattern of willful blindness recently articulated by Matt Seaton, editor @ the NYT who articulated that he would only report on Palestinian bigotry and racism when Palestine becomes a state, a woeful travesty of self censorship and a betrayal of public trust in what the Times purports to be – the “newspaper of record”.

            Further the propensity to criminalize non-criminal acts such as Jews legally purchasing homes in predominantly Arab neighbourhoods or the issuing of building permits in territory either designated as “occupied” by some and “disputed” by others reflects an ignorance of what is or is not legally permitted and practiced by all nations under national and international laws. One points to the construction of homes for Turks in northern Cypress, Soviets in Latvia, and Lithuania and Konigsburg, Latin Americans in the occupied Amazonian territories and British citizens in the Falklands, not to point out that these practices are better or worse, but that they are accepted legal norms.

            Human decency would of course require that you practice due diligence in your accusations and offer an apology and a retraction. Since you have not one can only conclude that you and decency are relative strangers.

            • @L.King

              You are clearly a hack-job of a armchair legal expert: ‘International law’ most clearly applies to states, hence Israel being the main target. By ‘ignoring’ the claims of international law violations by Israel you come across as ill-informed. You have not refused the point that Israel must be held to international norms.

              And as we all well know ‘purchasing homes’ is all very legal – then declaring that they exist in a ‘new state’ from the one they were purchased from, is HIGHLY illegal.

              That is precisely what is going on – changing realities on the ground – and readers of this blog (not the usual reprobates of commenters who are too busy wiping the seamen off their keyboards) note this.

              BTW! Good to see SodaSteam doing the ‘off from Occupied Territory! How will those poor unemployed Palestinians survice now eh?!? 😉

              • Hack job lawyer? Coming from YOU?

                Oh yes. Yes yes yes. Brilliant Tamara. Fucking Amazing!

                I bet you really are a woman. Don’t tel me…. Married to George Clooney, which gives your people a sudden je n’ais quoi, no?

                You spew reality like a unicorn barfing up a rainbow of fruity treats.

                Sibyl Nazi 27: The Magistrate

              • Amidst all your bluster, Tamara, you might have noticed that you had no substance. Nah, probably not, but so far everyone else has.

                Having provided a good description of yourself as an “armchair hack” with no actually knowledge of “international law” was a good start. Now to your assertion about “changing reality on the ground”. As Heraclitus of Ephesus once noted, you can’t step into the same river twice. Of course reality is changing on the ground – get used to it. Change is normal. The world is not a museum to be gawked at for an indeterminate eternity. for your benefit. Not only are you a stranger to human decency but your are detatched from reality. Each side in any conflict will seek to better it’s position and this will be expected. This is evident in the large extent of illegal construction and land theft by right wing Palestinian settlements in Jerusalem, aptly noted by lawyer Justus Weiner in is 2003 study of the same, especially the misappropriation of homes owned by Christian families, not legal construction that has obtained the necessary permits and required municipal fees.

                What you have failed to acknowledge, and I more or less stated, is that Israel DOES live up to “international norms”, and I cited several examples to prove it. You however wish to criminalize normal behaviour when it is done by Jews, which speaks directly to the moral vacuum that you currently occupy.

                The basis for Internalional Law is the Oslo agreements which allow Israelis to build within the footprint of the existing communities in Judea and Samaria, and any discussion of international law needs to consider that context. UNGA votes are of course irrelevant..

                • Correction: Oslo is no substitute for international law – noting was conceded and nothing invalidates UN Resolution 194 and 242.

                  Just stop stealing the land – that’s why people dislike Israelis, and then blame us ‘Jews’ for your rancid moral compass.

                • The absurd ‘Jew’ Tamara refers to 242 but I doubt that she has enough brain cells to read it, let alone understand what it says.
                  The fact that it doesn’t constitute ‘international law’ is obviously far, far beyond her mental grasp.

                • Dear dhimmi Tamara,

                  I regret to inform you that your application to international law school has been rejected. Though you are sorely in need of such an education, as evidenced by your lack of knowledge in these matters, your disrespectful tendency to claim authoritative pronouncements on subjects you known nothing about shows you to be a candidate unfit for any objective study of the law.

                  In matters of precedence, treaties and accords between parties in a negotiation can and do take preference over prior agreements including UNSC resolutions. However the two you cite make no mention at all of the Falastinians, only referring to state actors (Falastine was not considered a state at the time, nor can such designation be retroactive from some future state wrt 242 or 194) and refugees, ostensibly both Jewish and Arab, whereas Oslo does recognize the Falestinians as a separate legal actor. In legal terms, you lost it dhimmi, you’re offside and out to lunch.

                  Then you bring up the specter of antisemitic attacks, aka Palestinians and their supporters behaving badly. What an interesting yet sad apologetic. At heart you aren’t interested in right or wrong, you just don’t want to get beaten up by people with a propensity for inappropriate violence, which shows that your support for “decent behaviour” is a sham based on personal fear of people who you know will act indecently. Rather than working to reform them you resort to echoing their language. You become Himmler’s “decent Jew”

                  You’re a hollow shell. Or as my late uncle used to say, it’s important to live for today, as there may be no Tamara. 😉

                • @l.king

                  Tell us a little more about ‘democratic’ and inclusive Israel, specifically how you’ve always been so welcoming to your Arab Jewish brethren…. Are they Arab? Jewish? Not European enough for your colonialist narrative?

                  I believe old Bendover Gurian had a few ‘choice’ words about them back in the day…. Care to share? 😉

              • More than half of the Jews lving in Israel originate from Arab countries where they were ethnically cleansed, little sharia girl.
                Your postcolonial narrative is just that, sheer stupidity.

          • Tamara,
            You’re not only ignorant, but a bit slow so I’ll spell it out for you. When you make assertions and someone says you’re ignorant they are in fact telling you that they dispute the content of your remarks.
            Now that it has pointed out to you that you are unworldly and stupid I do hope you will find it useful and get up off your fat arse and self-educate.

      • Tamara – you think you are a progressive, forward thinking humanitarian? Too self-absorbed and uneducated to know that anti-Semitism is embedded in the European and Arab culture, and that for the last millennia haters like you have been saying Jews (in one form or another) are a “violation of human decency”.

        The historical record shows that people who make this type of allegation are generally the worst kind of racist scum, and are themselves the antithesis of truth, justice, compassion and decency.

    • @watcher

      Is your objection the omission of reporting on Italy, or your frustration that people notice what Israel is up to?

    • @watcher

      Is your objection that people don’t report on Italy, or that they notice what Israel tries to get up to, eh?

      • You’re so desperate to make some sense out of life. Rather than accept what there is and change what you can, you deny reality and then whine like a psychobabbling twit with no real essence of others. You want to insult Ben Gurion with childish names all the while proclaiming to be a Jewish woman fed up with Israeli racism? Wow. Mentally disturbed. Pathetic thinker. You’re just a real peach. I bet your family LOVES you. And they should. Someone needs to be in the basement.

        • Anything to add about Arab Jews anyone? Too Arab for you? Not White enough?

          Bendover Gurion had lots of nice things to say: care to remind us what they were? 😉

          • Please do refresh our memories of how fucking pathetic you happen to be, bashing Israel and Jews on a Saturday night because, really, you’re the most with it person on the planet.

            Your delusions make you hysterical. And what’s really hysterical, is you thinking that you actually matter.

            Sibyl Nazi 29: The Barfing Hag

            • Bendover Gurion “Arab Jews are without ‘the most elementary knowledge’ and having ‘not a trace of Jewish or human education'”

              Nice man! No wonder you’re a bunch of European settler colonialists at heart!

              Nahum Goldman : ‘A Jew from Eastern Europe is worth twice as much as a Jew from Kurdistan’!

              Oh lovely stuff! Explains so much about the mindset of the average idiot on here.;)

              • “Explains so much about the mindset of the average idiot on here”

                Interesting comment Tamara.
                I would be more interested if you could explain the ‘mindset’ of a below average idiot such as yourself.

                • I’ve just seen these quotes: is she making them up?

                  Someone please confirm that these are fictitious quotes.

                • Tamara’s Mother: “Tamara is quite the creative one. When she was a wee girl, she’d call pee-pee Poo-Poo. It was a hoot.”

                  Tamara’s Father: “There is a reason why I left that family.”

                  Tamara’s Uncle: “Personally, I like the phrase Uncle-Daddy. It gives me a sense of pride, as if I am filling two roles for our growing bundle of joy.”

                  Tamara’s Psychologist: “I don’t think I can help you anylonger. And… you’re scaring me. Please put your clothes back on. I don’t do rectal exams.”

                  And trust me, folks. These are QUOTES.

            • Tamara is a common troll. The use of “Gotcha” quotes is standard fare. What Tamara doesn’t have is the actual source of the “quote” and the full context. Ben Gurion may in fact have been commenting on the cost and necessity of bringing large numbers of immigrants up to speed in order to integrate them into a modern economy. Nahum Goldman may have been making his remark in the same context.

              It’s Tamara’s responsibility to present not only the source of her ‘quote’ but also the full context.

              So here’s a quote for Tamara from the father of Palestinian Nationalism, Hajj Amin Al Husseini, a much beloved figure in the pantheon of Palestinian “heroes” :

              “Kill the Jews, Kill them all.”

              Care to elaborate on that Tamara?

          • Tamara I don’t want to destroy your day but if you are using any quotes/citations of anybody on any subject then you have to tell your sources and not your opponents have to prove that your quotes are falsifications. I know that in your tiny intellect this basic principle of any discussion is a very strange thing but what to do? If your IQ would be above zero you certainly would know this and wouldn’t waste your energy to prove the well known fact: Your kind of Jew haters are ignorant morons.

              • So if you say a stupid and malevolent lie without identifying the source of it then the onus to look it up is on your opponent. The logic of a moronic bigot lacking basic education. Kelvin your love of Tamara is understandable but please don’t procreate – the result would be something whose IQ can be measured only using the Kelvin scale.

                • Peter: are you denying these quotes are genuinely attributed to Bendover Gurion?!!
                  Oh this is a gift from the gods!!!

                  You Jews know nothing about your ‘own people’!!

                • ‘Tamara’ an interesting choice of words, “You Jews..”
                  Interesting because in your post of October 31, 2014 @ 12:01 PM you write ” ‘Jews’ ..”

                  So which is it ‘Tamara’ you Jews or us Jews?

                • Firstly antisemite Tamara pretends to be Jew
                  later she admits she is not, besides citing so called Gurion quotes from antisemitic websites.

    • Will someone confirm that these quotes of Tamara’s are true or not?

      If not, she should be ashamed of herself. If they are true… Well… you all look a bit racist really.

      It’s rather simple, try not to hide ‘you lot’!;)

      • Dear Kelvin leaving one side the relevance of ‘alleged’ quotes taken out of context, assuming they are correct, I have a question for you.

        Are you unable to check facts, quotes etc. for yourself?

        Do you have a nurse standing by ready to wipe the drool off your chin when you get excited because you, mistakenly, believe you have discovered a stick to hit Israel with?

        • @Gerald

          In not sure adding ‘air quotes’ to the word alleged results in anyone doubting the veracity of Bendover’s quotes: they’re on public record, the racist that he is is clear to see!

          As for a stick…. More like a big fat meaty bludgeon…racism doesn’t sell to well here in real world…. Perhaps why these comments are hard for you to acknowledge!

          So, founded on being anti-arab Jews eh…. The recipe for a beautiful country!

          • ‘Tamara’ if as you claim, “..they’re on public record,..” then why is it so hard for ‘Kelvin’ to find them for himself?

            Clearly it proves that those who are so keen to find a stick to hit Israel with, are suffering from some kind of educational, and, or mental disorder.
            I sincerely hope that you and ‘Kelvin’ get better soon.

            • I’ve found these quotes online, they’re genuine I’m afraid.

              Gerald: I accept your upset that they’re real quotes, but Ben Gurion did say these vile things. It’s your move :/

              • So you found them online. Then it won’t be very hard to give some links. I’m looking forward to read them….

                • Tamara sadly no cigar for you today. Your link takes the reader to a totally deranged crap written by a far-left pseudo-intellectual. The Ben-Gurion quote you mentioned is not sourced at all but a quote from a book written by an other similarly deranged asshole without the slightest effort to look for any original document. To make a long story short a Jew hater considers something proven because read it in a book written by an other one. You should try harder next time.

                • I don`t consider Wurmser as far-left, but sloppy in verifying allegations.
                  It was an essay, not a scientific work where she promotes a thesis.

  2. Lying Tamara writes
    Bendover Gurion “Arab Jews are without ‘the most elementary knowledge’ and having ‘not a trace of Jewish or human education’”
    Nice man! No wonder you’re a bunch of European settler colonialists at heart!
    Nahum Goldman : ‘A Jew from Eastern Europe is worth twice as much as a Jew from Kurdistan’!

    The quotes for from website
    Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion described the Mizrahi immigrants as lacking even “the most elementary knowledge” or “a trace of Jewish or human education.”
    At the same time he banned this bestseller
    One of the worst examples of the anti-Mizrahi discrimination involves The Ashkenazi Revolution published in 1964 by writer Kalman Katzenelson in which the author argues that the Mizrahim suffer from irreversible genetic inferiority that endangers the superiority of the Ashkenazi-Zionist state.
    This demonstrates the belief of Gurion that change is possible, by education and living together, quite typical of socialists, and the rejection of racism.

    Nahum Goldmann`s quote sound s a bit funny when taking in account what the assimilated Jews in the west thought of their cousins in East Europe at the beginning of the twentieth century. Or what old Jewish immigrants in New York, survivors of Hungary, think of their newly arrived Russian cousins in the Heights.
    Well, it´s more how the people of Cairo think of Assuan people, or Egyptians of their Lybian cousins. It stays in the family.
    Interestingly the antisemitic postcolonialists try to divide Israel by such nonsense when they just bring up the case of ethnic cleansing of Jews and mass robbery by Arab countries, just like the nazis at the beginning of their trail. But the Arab countries were stopped, by Israel who saved the Misrahim.

  3. If Gurion is called racist, when he utters some culltural prejudices (in case the quote can be verified) Hannah Arendt has to be reconsidered as racist, too. Her reports on Jerusalem during the Eichmann trial were full of despicable remarks on the Jews living there.

  4. Well. in the sense the present antisemites want to portray Gurion as racist, no one can be called nonracist. Some sort of epistemic stupidity.

    • I think I’ve just discovered that one of you might be this ‘David’ calling the radio phone in after all…. This is the calibre of morons on your side!? Hahahahaha

      George Galloway Destroys Jewish Zionist Argument …:

      • “I think.”

        No that is a gross overestimation of your intellectual ability.
        You exist, but so does Dogsh*t, and both of you are equally unpleasant and to be avoided.

      • Your hero must be the same Galloway who couldn’t leave unkissed the arses of any existing mass-murderer fascist Arab dictators and who is a paid agent of the gay-hanging and adulterer stoning government of Iran. His hate is the best proof of the righteousness of the Zionist cause. Thank you for showing this clip to the readers of Cifwatch – it is a big help to demonstrate the true face of your comrades and yourself.

  5. Only one of my wives is Lebanese. I’m a devoted Muslim and an equal opportunity husband. I have a wife/sex-slave from every Muslim country. But my name is not Daoud, you must be confusing me with someone else.

    • Peter: tell us a little more about this cosmopolitan and tolerant Israel you know so much about! Why not start with a little about Mr Nazi Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu!? Tell us about how he gets government funding!

      What is his message? What are some of his most ‘friendly’ edicts!

      I love you to share:):)

      • Tolerant Israel!? What are you speaking about Rabbit?! We in Israel behead every non-believer, hang every gays and lesbians on cranes, we stone every adulterers and we never allow females to any education. They have to know their right place! In the kitchen, and in the bed! We are living in the dark ages hundreds of years behind the rest of the world but we know that we are superior and we are not the descendants of monkeys and pigs!
        BTW who the f@ck is Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu?

          • ‘Kelvin’ you don’t know who your Father is or was?
            Did your Mother know who he is or was, or was he just another of her many ‘Johns’?

            Of course he could be your Uncle, which would explain why ‘Kelvin’ you are a retard.

            • @Geralo doesn’t know either?!

              My my , the mediocre really are representing today ,eh?

              So you people don’t live in Israel? Or read?!

              Someone help these ignoramuses please

              • I have been living in Israel for the last three decades and I have a feeling that my knowledge of this country is much better than yours. You obviously know everything from all the available neo-nazi hate sites plus EI and Mondoweiss. BTW do you understand Hebrew? Maybe Arabic? (The latter is more important for you, all what you have to know about us are available in the Arab version of the Hamas charter and the Arab translations of the Mein Kampf and the Protocols, the most poular books in the Muslim world (naturally after the Quran)

                • if you really believed there was a Holocaust, you would not have
                  allowed the lsraeli members of Knesset to pass a law that prohibits
                  giving a glass of water to a refugee [referring to the African refu-
                  gees who began to reach Israel in 2005]. You in your indifference,
                  and the members of Knesset you have elected, who mete out a
                  punishment of twenty years to anyone helping a refugee, you are
                  the proof there was no Holocaust.

                • Kelvin, you should stop using your stuff immediately.
                  you would not have allowed the lsraeli members of Knesset to pass a law that prohibits giving a glass of water to a refugee [referring to the African refu-
                  gees who began to reach Israel in 2005].

                  who mete out a punishment of twenty years to anyone helping a refugee,
                  I really wouldn’t have allowed this kind of laws – there is only one small problem – they exist only in the fantasy of card-carrying Jew-haters like yourself.
                  you are the proof there was no Holocaust.
                  Thank you Kelvin, I rest my case.

              • “Someone help these ignoramuses please”

                But, ‘Kelvin’ we have already established that you are beyond help.
                Your mental problems are not caused by mental illness but by a mental defect. Which no doubt is made even worse by the knowledge that your Mother sold her body for sex and you were conceived in an incestuous relationship.

                Never mind ‘Kelvin’ I will try to make allowances when I see your posts by remembering that you are an inbred retard with serious mental health defects.

                By the way ‘Kelvin’ my name is Gerald not ‘Geralo’ whoever he might be. Having a problem seeing the keyboard are you, or hasn’t the Nurse wiped the drool off your keyboard today?