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Guardian/AP omits ‘minor’ detail in story: An alleged Palestinian plot to kill Obama

The Guardian tradition of tendentious, misleading editing in stories involving Israelis and Palestinians is again revealed in a comparison between a Dec. 9th Associated Press (AP) story on an American Christian indicted in Israel on charges of trying to blow up Muslim holy sites, and the Guardian version of that same story. 


The suspect, Adam Everett Livix, allegedly conspired with his Israeli roommate “to obtain 1.4 kilograms (3 pounds) of explosive material to blow up the unidentified Jerusalem holy sites”.

However, that’s far from the only dramatic information in the Israeli indictment, as the second paragraph of the original AP story (Israel indicts American in plot to bomb Muslims) reveals:

Israeli police and the Justice Ministry identified the man as Adam Everett Livix, 30. Police said he faces drug charges back in the U.S. and that he once turned down an offer from a Palestinian to assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama during the leader’s visit to the Holy Land in 2013.

The Guardian’s version of the AP story (Israel indicts Texas Christian for plot to attack Muslim sites in Jerusalem) completely omitted the shocking news about the alleged plot to assassinate Obama.

Further, as you can see by this screenshot of a Google search using words about the plot against Obama from the AP story, other news sites – including MSNBC and Al Arabiya – included information about the planned assassination.


So, why did the Guardian editors omit this from their report? 

Well, while anyone who follows this blog wouldn’t of course be surprised by such an egregious example the media group’s bias, former AP Jerusalem correspondent Matti Friedman argued that such selective coverage reflects a larger pattern by which stories are used by journalists as a “weapon to be placed at the disposal of the side they like.”  While every Israeli action is analyzed, criticized, and “aggressively reported,” Friedman added, “Palestinians are not taken seriously as agents of their own fate”.

If anyone can think of an alternative explanation for the determination by Guardian editors that a reported Palestinian plot to murder a sitting US President isn’t newsworthy, we’re all ears.

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  1. The guardian, quite rightly, is reporting on actual events which has happened. It is a verifiable fact that this Adam Everett Livix has been indicted for planning attacks on Muslim sites (and well done Israeli police and judiciary for that).

    What the Guardian should not report as fact (nor should AP etc) is hearsay from a single source, especially where no evidence is offered.

    It is an interesting story (the alleged offer of assassinating Obama) and perhaps one which warrants an investigation (journalistic) but I think we can judge the level of its credibility in the fact that the CIA did not pursue it to a point where Levix was even interviewed.

    • That’s strange, because they tend to report a whole lot about unverifiable things or events that haven’t happened yet. “Hearsay from a single source” is pretty much ALL they report when it comes to Israel. Sometimes HAMAS is that source.

    • “but I think we can judge the level of its credibility in the fact that the CIA did not pursue it to a point where Levix was even interviewed.”

      Well, the CIA has a lot more on its plate at the moment They might pursue this after the Israeli jail term is carried in full or simply place the accused on their black list.

    • Bullshit by our this time not so subtile one, as he omitts the fact that while a lot of other news sites report on his alleged hearsay Al Guardian drops it purposefully. The suspicio had to examinated by the FBI, of course, but for conspiracy nerds like Dinkle it has to be the CIA.
      According to AP
      An unnamed Palestinian later asked Livix, who said he was a former Navy SEAL, to assassinate Obama with a sniper rifle during the president’s March 2013 visit to the region, Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. Livix declined, but the FBI ended up involved in the case investigating his actions, Rosenfeld said.

  2. An additional possible explanation is Qatari bribe. The coverage of the ongoing radical Islam deeds in Egypt are also very very suspicious. They have all sort of bizarre advertisments on their website: Qatar Airways, al-Jazeera(the official TV station of the Muslim Brotherhood), the Qatari third world aid fund, etc.

  3. I have to say that this allegation, made by a man who is apparently not the sanest fella on the block given the allegations made against him, does need some sort of corroboration before I take it as gospel, and I would hope a respectable editor would take the same view.

    That said, it is certainly true that the Guardian, and other MSM organs, don’t seem to be at all sqeamish about printing unfounded allegations when they are made against Israel or Israelis.