Guardian editor accuses George Galloway of fueling antisemitism

What’s remarkable about the Feb. 5th episode of BBC’s Question Time (from Finchley in north London) is not only that senior Guardian editor Jonathan Freedland criticizes George Galloway for using rhetoric which fuels antisemitism, but that Galloway then proceeds to lash out at the entire British Jewish community.  

The entire video is riveting.



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  1. The whole programme was riveting. I thought Freedland did very well. His answer was balanced and well thought through and right for calling Galloway out. However he did not suggest that his own paper was in any way culpable for some of the rhetoric which aligns Israel’s actions with Jews.

        • Well I don’t know about Galloway and victim-hood, but you can hardly blame the BBC for wanting a more exciting and lively* debate – its good for viewing figures.

          *or confrontational and exploitative. Insert adjectives which best meet your feelings

      • Freedland said the minimum; he should have gone much further. He is editor of a newspaper that continues to spread lies and disinform readers about Israel which in turn fuels antisemitism. Furthermore, Freedland shared a Guardian Live platform last October with his pal Mehdi Hasan, a journalist for Al Jazeera who is opposed to the existence of Israel. They were extremely chummy with each other which I find bizarre, considering Hasan’s views.

    • Exactly.

      If there is one specific part of the media, in addition to the BBC, at whose door I would lay the rise in anti-antisemitism in Britain, it has been the Guardian.

      Anyone who does not agree need only go thought the reporting on Israel in the last 5 years and the below-the-line commentary that has appeared on the Guardian’s website. They have now exported this brand to the US and Australia with similar results.

      The Guardian has been toned down more recently. This is, I believe, largely due to the efforts of CiFWatch and the naming and shaming of the absolutely horrific columnists, editors, starting with Rusbridger, and commenters (and even the passing of some, such as CiF founder Georgina Henry, one of the worst) .

      These were, and some, like Katherine Viner still are, those who spared no effort in ignoring the major conflicts and evils in the world to create a mythical version of Israel which can be accused with impunity of crimes that are often non-existent, or actions that pale in comparison to what we see daily elsewhere in the world – including Britain.

    • You need to read through a few ‘The Guardian View on…’ to see how dishonest Guardian editors are. Their ”The Guardian View on’ series presents a view which is acceptable on the whole to rational left wing people.

      Yet their framing and CiF posts are, for the most, radical morally inverted extreme far left wing chanting and ‘moral’ preening. They have closed the series ‘You Tell Us’ because of mounting criticism by commenters of their editorial choices of which ‘news’ subjects to promote and manipulation of readers/subscribers by that choice.

  2. …senior Guardian editor Jonathan Freedland criticizes George Galloway for using rhetoric which fuels antisemitism
    As the Hungarian saying goes – the owl is accusing the sparrow of having a big head.

  3. The problem with the Guardian is not necessarily that it aligns Israel’s actions with Jews (Israel is a Jewish state so there is bound to be crossover as long as the vast majority of diaspora Jews support those actions, which they do) it’s the Guardian’s disproportionate and biased coverage that helps malign diaspora Jews.

    • it’s the Guardian’s disproportionate and biased coverage that helps malign diaspora Jews.
      The Guardian coverage of Israel is delegitimization, demonization of the Jewish state and using lies, libels, smears and the most bizarre conspiracy theories – they don’t have any moral, intellectual and political inhibition doing it. It not only helps malign diaspora Jews it is an attack against every Jew with the exception of a small number of volunteering Jew hating Jews.
      Seeing Freedman and Cohen (of the BBC) speaking about antisemitism in the UK is an insult against decency and intelligence.

      • james/janet whatever you are , yeah yeah . I thought Richard was peddling video evidence of your type of lies . That’s the point of his blog .

      • Thank you for successfully justifying the existence of Israel as a Jewish state by posting only three short sentences.

        • It’s not Jewsh. No county recognises this. Fact.

          And you need ‘me’ to justify the existence of this social outcast of a state ? You must be in a bad way if that’s the case!

          • I am a bit confused James
            Are you saying your hatred of Israel is to do with it being Jewish or not Jewish. Please can you make up your mind ?

            • I see you’re not a native English speaker, so I’ll go slow.

              Israel is not an example of a, or even ‘the’, Jewish state. It’s a state with a huge % of non Jewish Arabs who do not wish to even be included inside its ill begotten non-defined borders, let alone be forced to subscribe to becoming 2nd class citizens. The international community recognizes this fact, quite simply by NOT recognizing Israel’s claim to being a Jewish state and/or the ‘homeland’ of ALL Jews.

              You might trot out that if it looks like a duck, talks like a duck and walks like a duck then it is a duck – but you’d be wrong. It’s just an idiotic Bibi who believes the Will of the international community and the rights of Palestinians don’t matter.

              Well, they do.

              And everyone I’ve ever met in London, Paris, Rome, Milan and Madrid has no beef with Jews being Jewish, but plenty of issues with ‘native’ (and supposedly loyal and patriotic) citizens wrapping themselves in the flag of another country (!!) a claiming that their identity is ‘purely Jewish’. It isn’t. One is a national flag, the other is a religion. They’re unconnected.

              • You might trot out that if it looks like a duck, talks like a duck and walks like a duck then it is a duck – but you’d be wrong. It’s just an idiotic Bibi who believes the Will of the international community and the rights of Palestinians don’t matter.
                Well, they do.

                The opinion of the so called “international community” matters to you maybe . The Israelis don’t give a shit about it and justifiably. You have to live with this fact James, but if you don’t succeed go and volunteer to ISIS or to the Revolutionary Guard.
                I especially like your kind of shit telling the Jews who are they….

                • Huh! You think YOU can tell us Jews about whether our homeland is legitimate or not? Do you think we give a s**t about what YOU think?

                  We are Jews and we are here and Israel is a Jewish country and she will remain so. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

                  Your covert envy of the Jewish will to remain resolute and strong, even when 6 million of us were wiped out in the 1940s, is one of the many reasons why anti-Semites hate Israel and wish to destroy her.

                  Jews are a minority yet we are over represented in the fields of arts, music, medicine, science, innovations, IT and philosophy. [And you can stick that in your pipe and smoke that too!]

              • I see you have now come clean on your brief transgender alter ego Janet . Thank you .

                Actually , you support my point . I would ask you to check out

                1 who guards Israel’s borders from terrorist incursions ? The Beduin Units
                2 Which Brigade led the IDF into Gaza in 2014 ? – The Druze Brigade
                3 Israeli Arabs also volunteer for the IDF .

                You are right , Israel is a melting pot of a myriad of nationalities. Last time I was in Israel , I visited some old friends . Israeli Arab family who have a great restaurant outside of Tel Aviv . They lived in Brighton in the 1980s . They got their own home, their own business , their kids go to University , they have the vote , they pay taxes , they travel with an Israeli passport . There are over 2 million Israeli Arabs like that . They respect the secular values of Israel . I do not see why you run them down. Probably because from your vision in Madrid and Paris and all them exotic locations you have never been to Israel .

                Whether Israel decides to call itself The Jewish State or not , makes little difference and I don’t understand why you getting all hot under the collar over it . The Vatican is allowed to be catholic , Iran is the Islamic Republic , and Hezbollah is the self proclaimed party of God . You have all them flags with crosses and Islamic symbols and even a few 5 pointy stars , But James is gonna get all fired up about one flag with a six point star . Lost the plot basically .

                • “The Vatican is allowed to be catholic , Iran is the Islamic Republic , and Hezbollah is the self proclaimed party of God”

                  I trust you are not citing these examples as successful precedents for declaring a religious state?

                • I never said successful . Hee hee .
                  I suppose I could add Da’esh onto the list . But bottom line is civil democratic society in Israel is too established and secure . You go there and its a creative country . People build lives there . The country develops . They are trying .
                  Anyone can with a microscope point to internal hegemonies in any society in the world . The nature of democracy is its an evolving political system by consensus

              • “And everyone I’ve ever met in London, Paris, Rome, Milan and Madrid has no beef with Jews being Jewish, but plenty of issues with ‘native’ (and supposedly loyal and patriotic) citizens wrapping themselves in the flag of another country (!!) ”

                So ‘James’ when did you visit London and Rome?
                Which part, or parts, of both London and Rome did you visit?
                How many people did you meet in London and Rome and discuss their views on ‘Jews being Jewish’ and Israel?

              • James,
                The funny thing about you is that you think you’re going slow by choice.
                BTW The Balfour Declaration, The Mandate, the UN partition plan: all for a Jewish State – a state for the Jewish People – and considering it’s challenges in a crude and barbaric neighborhood, probably the most liberal country in the world, where Arabs have more rights than they do in Arab countries – this is why you hate it.
                Too bad for you, joker.

              • “And everyone I’ve ever met in London, Paris, Rome, Milan and Madrid has no beef with Jews being Jewish, but plenty of issues with ‘native’…”
                That’s right James, people don’t have a problem with Jews being Jews but only with them having a state, unless they don’t have a state. In that case, they have a problem with Jews not having state. In James’ slow mind no one in Paris or Madrid ever thought of Jews having foreign allegiances until 1948.

              • And everyone I’ve ever met in London, …
                Of course the dramatic increase of antisemitic attack in London never happened…
                Paris… You certainly didn’t met with Merah and your pal who slaughtered for Jews in a kosher supermarket…
                Have you ever considered the possibility that hating the Jews would not give you more brain cells to complement your existing two?

              • ..and dealing with the James -Janet transgender thingy ,
                You should visit Tel Aviv . You would be perfectly safe and welcome . Israel is the only country in the middle east where transgender citizens are protected and have rights . You wouldn’t have to hide your sexuality so clumsily as you do on this site .

                • You ‘pseudo-liberal Israelis’….you’re obsessed with Trangender-folk! Yet for all your love of homo/trans-sexuality , you accuse me of being unsure of my gender (as if it is any business of yours anyway) and attack me for it, as a slur!

                  Me thinks you love your gays as a propaganda tool too much – I bet you even cross the road so the don’t try and poke you up the anus, eh? because the all want your bum, eh? Gays….they’re all the same eh!? Idiots. lol

                  Never mind, you’ll soon all be absorbed into a nice democratic Palestinian state where you’ll be safe – it’s just the Israel won’t exist any more as a ‘state’, but the people will. No loss really, all states are ‘notional’ anyway, you do realise right?

                  Looks like SOAS have you on the run ….. nice!

                • o hells bells
                  James now pretending to be Lady Tamara .
                  Anyways , read the news recently. They bringing in laws to report anti Semitic trolls like you . Change your ways sonny Jim or you looking at a stretch in prison .

                • No law against speaking the truth, Sonny-Jim.

                  The police regularly receive, from me, reports of British Jews overstepping their mark here in sweet old London town – making claims they shouldn’t to silence critics all in the name of their newly adopted country, Britain. I mean Israel, Nope, opps, I mean, I’m not sure now…..but then they don’t seem to be sure either, what with their de-facto dual-citizenship and loyalty in serious question. After all, you’re a British Jew wrapped in an Israeli flag, eh?


                • James and Janet and Lady Tamara or whatever new name you invent in next 10 mins are just a CST stat to me .
                  I am glad you have brought yourself to the notice of the Police .
                  I am sure they have a file on you . Growing by every post you do on the internet .

          • So…. what you do is redefine terminology to make your argument “sound”?

            Sort of like how you have redefined James as Janet?

            Like a pile of stinking dog shit as Intelligence?

            Like blowing up pizzerias as overtures of peace?

            Like rejecting living side by side with Jews as justice?

            You’re a moron, James/Janet. But, of course, you’ll read that as You’re Amazing, James/Janet. Because it’s all in the definitions, Homey.

            Wow. Cat is dog. Up is down. James is…. yeah, Janet. Clear as bird shit smeared on a windshield.

          • I need you James as a serious pain in the ass. The only group who certainly needs you is the Jewhate International. Your post only a small drop in the ocean of murderous antisemitism what justifies the existence of an independent and strong Jewish state. Thanks again.

      • Janet reminds me of Monty Python – “Judean People’s Front?”.

        The Jewish State?! Fuck off, it’s a state full of Jews, which is why you hate it isn’t Janet? None of your cowardly liberal lies Janet, open your heart and admit to yourself why you can’t stand the idea of yids with national sovereignty.

          • If James/Janet could , he would say that Israel murders Vegetables and then find an internet clip of grilled aubergines

            • ooh I am on a roll here [ drumbeat please] .
              Headline news :

              Israeli chef beats eggs and whips cream . UNHCR accuse him of trying to make a soufflé .
              Israeli supermarket busted by James for having 4 different types of apples . All apples have the right to be equal .
              Israeli roads have a white line down the middle of them . Protesters at LSE demonstrate against the barrier which forces cars to drive in different directions .
              Israeli traffic lights now subject to ICC investigation of gender bias .

              • … what I had been raised to believe is based in mythology, yet is regularly preached as fact. Palestine was not a “land without a people for a people without a land”; Israel has never been the David and the Arabs the Goliath; Palestinians have never been offered generous proposals that they have turned down (including the UN Partition Plan); and Israel has never been interested in establishing a Palestinian state.

                • Ah Peter “FUK’n Jews ‘The end it near’ and the sad thing is that you bastards don’t realize it.” Bradshaw .
                  You are a sad excuse for a CST statistic . Your mum would be ashamed of you .

                • “Palestine was not a “land without a people for a people without a land”

                  I haven’t heard that bit of shop worn Arab propaganda in a while. You must be running out of ideas.

                • “what I had been raised to believe is based in mythology, yet is regularly preached as fact.”

                  Poor ‘Peter’ you mean you were raised by supporters of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign who filled your poor tiny brain with the mythology of a nation state called ‘Palestine’?
                  Did you have a poster of Yasser Arafat on your wall as well?
                  Poor, poor ‘Peter’ perhaps you should raise your case with Social Services or the NSPCC as you were clearly ‘raised’ by cruel and stupid people if they supported the PSC, and raised you to believe in their mythology and hero worshiping the dead terrorist Arafat.

  4. Guardian accuses of fuelling antisemitism – Ha ha ha make a well known phrase out o these words: a, mirror, look, in.

  5. Marcus Dysch (Political Correspondent and Assistant News Editor at the Jewish Chronicle) on twitter puts it best:

    “That was a bit of a mess really wasn’t it. Not the BBC’s finest hour to basically troll Jews into coming on TV to defend themselves.”

  6. Maybe it’s my American attention deficit disorder, but I couldn’t continue listening to Mr. Galloway. Someone tell me, does he ever stop talking about himself? Does he ever stop interjecting the Middle East conflict as some sort of attack on his freedom of expression? That’s the problem for pro-Palestinians right there. They’re not fighting FOR Palestinians, but rather for themselves; but more so they’re fighting against the Jews. The mass assault on civil liberties that demands acceptance for crackpot theories accusing the Jews of this, that, and every other thing they can possibly imagine.

    It’s good to know this conflict has nothing to do with the Palestinians.

  7. What a cheek Freedland has when he says that the rhetoric around Israel gets so inflamed when violence increases in the Middle East.

    Someone please buy that man a subscription to the Guardian so that he learns where the inflamed rhetoric comes from.

    • He obviously doesn’t read CIF even he is its boss. Just ask him about the mentally challenged asshole who wrote that the reason of Israel attack on Gaza is the Israeli greed to control the Gaza oil reserve. He wrote that he never ever heard of the article….

  8. I had to stop a minute into GG talk. I can no longer watch these discussions on UK TV. Why GG still even gets a seat on the BBC is beyond me. The man is an antisemite who has stood next to Saddam and Assad and other mass murdering fascist Arabs and has called for the murder of Israeli’s.
    The hair splitting discussions ARE what is part of this problematic dynamic. When Pals die people go ape shit. Set off fire alarms, throw eggs become violent in the UK. When Jews are machine gunned in Paris super markets or Brussel Museums we have ‘civilized British discourse’ as to why this may be happening in an awfully balanced tea drinking manner.
    The Arabs and cunts like GG have succeeded in turning the discourse and the Jews are now having to stand back and watch themselves getting murdered in broad daylight in Western Europe.
    What is wrong with this picture ?

    • btw has anybody noticed that GG speaks to a Muslim constituency ? If you watch vids of him making speeches in the Muslim world he speaks English but his choice of wording is that of an Arab. He uses any chance to further his cause. And just like Tariq Ramadan or other forked tongues he gets away with it mostly.

      • GG is a Muslim. He converted in order to marry his nth wife. And he gets away with only because he’s speaking to a Muslim constituency and feeding the beast what it needs.

  9. Marcus Dysch’s tweet is precisely what I mean. I am losing respect for European Jews. That is why I love Israeli’s. They do not take any shit. They are self respecting, self defending people who will put a bullet in your head of you threaten them. No “Sugar in your tea?”. The Muslim’s in Europe riot and burn books. European Jew’s go to discussion groups. Nobody will defend the Jews, we know that.
    Freedland is a discgrace.

  10. The BBC is a corrupt organisation which should be closed down without delay,.

    On the very same day as this fixed-up “Question Time” debacle, former BBC glam-rocker Gary Glitter (real name Paul Gadd, aged 70) was found guilty of a string of child sex and rape crimes from the 1970s. He faces the prospect of dying in jail.

    He. sprang to fame as a regular performer on BBC TV’s “Top of the Pops”, often hosted by the BBC child rapist the late Sir Jimmy Savile, who died unprosecuted in 2011. No past or present BBC executive has been exposed or prosecuted for cover-up crimes concerning this huge catalogue of child sex offences lasting 52 years by multiple BBC public personality perpetrators.

  11. yes yes yes fritz and PTH….hens to roost and pot calling kettle black and if it looks like an orange , and bugger I can’t think of any more innuendos to hide the little little bit of sweet irony .

    Can Mr Freidland express those views and reflect them to the way the Gooniad drafts stories , gets facts wrong, selects imagery and pictures , and then selects and edits stories, and drafts headlines . Errors in these add fuel to the racists and anti Semites as they then rely and quote the Gooniad in their neo Nazi and anti Semitic rantings and dissertations . It also ultimately has affected their rep as a credible newspaper .

    The second issue is the CiF section of the Gooniad . Sorry mr Freidland , but its rampant anti Semitism allowed to be published and disseminated . The mods there just don’t do their job effectively . Its like they are on valium half the time when one complains that a comment is anti Semitic . No one minds a bit of spice or banter in CiF but simples , the mods do not remove anti Semitic comments quick enough or effectively enough . Its a bit like how long does it take to scrub the swastika sprayed on the goonadian’s door?

    • Where do you live? In the UK? If so you should report his conduct on air to the police. Do you think they spend their time waiting for GG to cock up?

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  13. Of course Galloway is a well-known and vicious anti-Semite, and like all these cowardly morons, squeals like a stuck pig when appropriately called out for his beyond obvious racism.
    If you need any more proof (beyond Galloway’s irrational, distorted and always dishonest Semitic rants), just look to see how many times this low life has called out the REAL human rights abusers in a very bad neighborhood for all their murderous treatment of civilians–e.g. Syria, Iran, ISIS, etc., etc.
    Oh, never? Gee, why that incredible absence of attention to those outrages while foaming at the mouth constantly at the region’s only human rights-observing country?

    Next question…