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Richard Millett confronts John Hilary over War on Want’s anti-Zionist obsession

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Protesting this morning outside War On Want's London HQ.

Protesting this morning outside War On Want’s London HQ.

With Jews being murdered in France, Belgium and Denmark there’s an ominous feeling that British Jews are awaiting their own round. With that in mind a group of concerned British Jews from Jewish Human Rights Watch protested this morning outside the offices of War On Want in central London (see above).

War On Want is one of Britain’s most respected charities but it is, sadly, now being run by people determined to import the Israeli-Palestinian conflict onto the streets of Britain.

Quite unbelievably, after what has happened this weekend and in Belgium and Paris, War On Want’s current campaign includes handing out fake guns to students to help mark what is sickeningly termed “Israeli Apartheid Week” which begins next week on British university campuses. See the last line from WOW’s website below:


Many British Jews are feeling insecure and accuse WOW of helping to spread propaganda and hate against the Jewish State which could well lead to the events of Paris, Belgium and Denmark being repeated in the UK. They are asking: Is War on Want helping to promote a War On Jews?

I questioned John Hilary (see below), WOW’s executive director, about this and other issues as he approached his offices. As you can see Hilary refused to answer my questions about WOW handing out guns to British students, a two-state solution, Israel’s future or the bombing of innocent Israeli civilians by Hamas.

Instead he had the nerve to accuse me of “using the current attacks on Jews in Europe for political purposes to support the Zionist dream”.

Admittedly, my interviews skills need brushing up but it is infuriating when someone refuses to answer very simple questions when there is so much at stake.


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  1. War on Want is a disgrace! If it ever had good intentions, it has now completely betrayed whatever principles it had? How can it keep being a charity?

  2. Richard that nasty little man John Hilary has no answer to your questions.

    His demand for ‘space’ was a passive aggressive way of saying “Go away, you’re making me so anxious!”

    War on Want’s mission statement talks of correcting the ‘world’s poverty’, an incredibly high-flown aim. The only poverty they are correcting is their own poverty of ability to be effective, so their trite solution is to pick on Jews (those who aren’t their best friends: the other Jews, the bad Jews) which gathers a little pack of like-minded bigots around them, all feeling satisfied that they are ‘doing something’.

    • Nasty and deeply manipulative and without an ounce of empathy for Jewish sensitivity to an almost I’d say, psychopathic level. He takes a delight in frustrating Richard.

  3. A common tactic among these “human rights” organization is to give themselves names like “War on Want.” People don’t think to look under the shiny wrapper and see the rottent package content.

    • Should rename themselves ‘Want a War,’ because that’s what they’re driving towards.
      This is beyond question. Here’s the trick: We’ll just blame it all on the Jews. (See Lando, Huffington Post article).
      What they mean when they say ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ is ‘it’s Jews who are racists, not those who want to kill them week.’ Right out of Hitler’s playbook although it won’t be mentioned in their ‘materials.’

      What they mean when they tell their followers (and that’s what they are, i.e., followers) to order their materials is this: “we don’t trust that you are intelligent thinking people so we will supply you with cards full of stunningly vile propaganda to get the Jews. But it’s a house of cards and a long and rather odious European tradition. The anti-Semite always needs a cover story to transform his vileness into something he’s doing for the benefit of humankind, as does the racist. And make no mistake, the one doesn’t exist without the other. Hypocrisy is too lofty a term to describe this lowest of life forms.

  4. Look at those sad b*stards in the second pic. I’ll bet they have no friends.

    Instead he had the nerve to accuse me of “using the current attacks on Jews in Europe for political purposes to support the Zionist dream”.

    This is precisely what Keith Kahn-Harris was on about in his recent article!
    “I will be told that Jewish concerns about antisemitism are simply disingenuous attempts to deny Jewish responsibility for Palestinian suffering”

    Admittedly, my interviews skills need brushing up …

    Fret not, Richard. In my book, at least, you’re a star.

    • A thoughtful article that. It emphasises the fact that the Jewish community does not speak with one voice but nevertheless the best reaction by non-Jewish British on any attack on the Jewish community is to do so in “ways that preserve our dignity and coherence as a group”.

      • In fact the Jewish community does speak with one voice as Kahn-Harris is not a representative of the community, but works at the Institute of Jewish Policy Research, so piece of

  5. But who are those “Palestinians”? What is their language? What is their religion? Why 3500 year old Jewish nation is being compared to nation that was founded in 1965 in Egypt by the father of modern terrorism?

    That weasel from WOW gets money from his secret bosses to spread hate, lies and anti-Semitism.

  6. In his interview he invited you to look through the accounts on line if you had any questions . So I did . I only quickly scanned the 2012 accounts but I thought bugger that ! War on Want and their aim to tackle poverty . They have £1.5m in the bank and they purchased the freehold to their offices . They are minted . No poverty there .
    They get half their money from grants – Government, Rowntrees, Comic Relief .
    They budgeted about £115k for ‘investment’ in projects . However their own code dictates

    1. War on Want will not invest in or be directly associated with businesses that directly contravene its charitable objects;
    2. War on Want will not invest in or be directly associated with businesses that could be reasonably judged to bring War on Want into disrepute;
    3. Where financially prudent, War on Want will seek to invest in businesses that
    improve, or support improvement to, livelihoods and working conditions in
    developing countries.

    Their annual accounts did not detail what investments they had made in Gaza . I noted that one of the questions asked if they were funding Hamas or Hamas projects . If anyone has any details , I suppose this line would be useful to follow up as a first thought
    I did a quick check on

    • Their accounts for 2014 show reserves of £2.12m
      War on Want !
      I think they have demonstrated perfectly that war is a profitable business , even for a charity .

      However to be fair , they are spending £130,000 refurbishing their new freehold offices in London [ worth about £900,000] . This is so that despite their campaigning for rights of the poor , they can ensure they get designer furniture and a savoy style environment in which to preach poverty .

      Their accounts show an unrestricted reserve account with about £250,000 . Just sitting there , still building up from last year .
      This is quite interesting especially when one thinks of all the poor and suffering probably just on their doorstep or round the corner , and despite the preaching , they are sitting on a huge amount of Wonga . severe bunce for a charity .

      Their accounts are not that clear on what they spend and where . It lists fundraising as a principle activity and yes they are still applying for grants like national lottery and comic relief and EU . Get mpre money in to raise more money to get more money .

      There are so many charities and worthwhile causes out there who beg for 10 pc of what War on Want sit on in a bank account and 2 pc of what war on Want get from grants .

  7. Another leftie who went nuts by his simulacra
    What Max Horkheimer had said about Fascism and capitalism already back in 1930s – those who do not want to talk critically about capitalism should also keep quiet about Fascism – should also be applied to today’s fundamentalism: those who do not want to talk critically about liberal democracy should also keep quiet about religious fundamentalism.

  8. I don’t understand why the “Zionist dream” of Jews not being vulnerable to another Holocaust is looked at as a negative thing by these “charities.”

  9. Don’t engage . Never engage . Report it to the Charity Commission for almost certainly violating conditions of charity status . Hit them where it hurts in their pockets . Investigate for any other irregularities . Overdue accounts . Undermine and bring it to its knees if possible just as they are trying to do to Israel . Just use all means which are legal .

  10. Instead he had the nerve to accuse me of “using the current attacks on Jews in Europe for political purposes to support the Zionist dream”.
    Why not asking Hilary of harbouring antisemitic feelings when he suggests that Jews are using murdered Jews?

  11. I’m was thinking of starting a charity to feed the hungry but then realized I was missing a “killer drones report” so I had to give up on the idea.

  12. Saying of the Day~ The best way to hold a greased pig still in order to FINALLY get it to answer a question is to bonk it over the head with a large stick.

  13. Admittedly, my interviews skills need brushing up

    And so do your manners. You actually made him look like the reasonable one in this exchange. It is not really clear what his opinions are because you never really let him articulate them. It would have been better to let him ramble uninterrupted so he could incriminate himself rather than forcing words into his mouth.