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Channel 4 News: Is walking in Muslim areas of Paris with a kippah a provocation?

Can the simple act of wearing a Jewish kippah be considered a “provocation” to Muslims in Europe?

That’s the question you should ask while contextualizing this interview on Channel 4 News with the Israeli Jewish journalist (Zvika Klein) who recently filmed himself being verbally abused and spat on at as he walked around Paris.

(Pay attention to the exchange at roughly the 2:48 mark)

Klein’s response to the Channel 4 News anchor’s question is telling. When asked if filming himself walking around Muslim areas with a kippah was a “provocation”, Klein noted that he’s a religious Jew and that’s how he normally dresses – except when in areas of Europe where doing so is not safe.

Of course, the Channel 4 News anchor could have followed up by asking: Why, in 2015, is it unsafe for religious Jews to walk around in parts of Europe? 

Following the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, some, though not justifying the assault, asked if cartoons of Muhammad were a unnecessary ‘provocation’ since such depictions are considered contrary to Islam.

However, is there any Islamic law which forbids the wearing of kippahs? Have we gotten to the point where some in the media believe that the simple act of walking while Jewish can arguably be seen as an act of incitement?

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  1. Is the question not offensive to the sensibilities of Jews? Does Der C4 think that it’s OK to insult one religion but not another?

  2. If you really wanted to justify this sort of bigotry you could ask Is filming yourself in a predominantly Muslim area in Paris (or anywhere for that sake) wearing a kippah should be considered a provocation?

    But even this type of question is idiotic and racist at its core.

    Take a side the fact that you are entitle to film yourself in public domains anywhere in the EU and that you should feel secure to wear whatever align against your freedom of worship dress code that falls in line with the countries laws (Which Kippas do), the question is derogeratory towards the Muslim habitants of Paris!

    It sees them as children who cannot contain their anger or even analyze simple differences in culturs.
    It portrays them as pack animals which act on impoluse and must not be provoked and strips away their adult responisibilities in doing so.

    This is extremely dangerous not only for Jews but for the Muslims themselves and the potential backlash against the peaceful Muslims that may get hurt as a result of such suggestion by Channel Four.

    • I heard a rumor that there are all sorts of immigrants to Europe we never hear about who face the same challenges to integration as Muslims, but we don’t hear much about them. These fools just go about the business of trying to improve the lives of their families and try to get along with people in their host societies.
      They don’t seem to be concerned that their flag eventually flies over European capitals.

  3. Zvika Klein should have suggested that the interviewer should dress in a Burke, or at the very least, with a head scarf, and walk in predominantly Jewish neighbourhood. Perhaps that might have made her think. Although. Then again. Perhaps not.

  4. “However, is there any Islamic law which forbids the wearing of kippahs? ”

    Head cover is something that certain Muslims prefer to carry out.
    Some agree that it is prefferable and some that it is not required.
    They require not to have Jewish symbols on it though so not to confuse between the religions.

    So, it is only forbidden if you are a Muslim and if your Kippah is resembling or has a Jewish symbols on it.

  5. Was I the only one noticing how the interviewer of channel 4 moved uneasily in her chair the minute Tzvika said he was a Zionist.

    Pay attention to her body language and facial expression!
    Pay attention to the question which followed.
    It’s almost as if she pushing forward a mentra that Zionism is racism.

    Being a Zionist is believing in the right of Jews to a national homeland.
    Opposing it but allowing other nationalities to be able to assemble into states is being a racist.

    • No, ItsikDeWembley, you were not the only one who noticed this. It hit me like a hard punch — this news anchor is called Jackie Long — she certainly excelled herself last night with her asinine questions — and when she heard Zvika Klein’s comments and answers, her visible facial shock and uncomfortable body language when he said he was a Zionist and described very briefly why a Jewish state was needed was like a Pavlovian reflex. She could barely contain herself, but time had run out so she didn’t remonstrate with him as I really expected her to.

    • I think her question to him is a legitimate part of the news. Some have tried to say that it was a provocation (ludicrous, of course), but he handled the question quite well. Her only challenge to his answer was bringing up that condensing it to 90 seconds made it “more powerful.” She might be suggesting that he’s being too selective in painting a picture. Still, he handled it quite well and got the message out there for reasonable people to hear.

      The part of the interview I found far more objectionable was near the beginning where she tried to ‘turn the tables’ by asking “would you accept, for example, that it might also be true that a woman walking in certain parts of Paris in a hijab or burka, for example, might experience the same hostility?” What’s that have to do with him? The knee-jerk attempt to equate using a hypothetical has simply nothing to do with the danger posed to Jews by Muslim immigrants in Europe. Is she suggesting that the Jews of Paris are spitting and cursing at hijab wearers and threatening practicing Muslims? Or are other Parisians doing it, as if there is an excuse for anti-Semitism. Or is it the old “you Jews, you complain too much?”. Has there been an instance, for example, of a horde of Jews surrounding a Mosque and screaming epithets, as happened to a Jewish congregation at a synagogue in Paris?

      I would like to take the opportunity to tell those who make excuses for attacks on Jews in France for actions of the Israeli government that there is a special name and status for Jews in France that some might not be fully aware of. They are French.

      • “The part of the interview I found far more objectionable was near the beginning where she tried to ‘turn the tables’ by asking “would you accept, for example, that it might also be true that a woman walking in certain parts of Paris in a hijab or burka”

        Or a gay man walking through pretty much anywhere?

        Or a child walking through an area infested by pedophiles?

  6. Southampton University joined the neo-Nazi network. European intellectuals at their best. Channel 2 considers a provocation to be a Jew in Europe, Sothampton Universiti will offer a solution to end these provocations. But don’t worry for a second – all European leaders will condemn them and the British government will reconsider the taxpayer financed support of this honorable institution of European thought.

    • It’s always top down. That’s clear from the history. Only illiterate self-styled human rights warriors thinks it comes from “the people.”

      “a ground-breaking historical event on the road towards justice and enduring peace in historic Palestine.”
      “historic Palestine” is the one with the borders invented in 1922 by the British government, no? I just want to get that right in the extremely off-chance I decide to attend.

  7. What’s a provocation is the ridiculous clothing that muslims insist on wearing in public places; it deliberately sets them apart from the normal populace and passively defies us to object.

    • Sorry John, there are plenty of cultures, faiths that has just as bad taste in clothing.
      And before you ask, Jedi knights are not one of them!

    • So you think that a female Muslim going about her everyday business is a provocation? That says more about your own irrational insecurities and innate prejudices then it does about women who wear clothes you disapprove of.

  8. yes .
    it is a provocation to be Jewish and to manifest it or tell anyone .
    That’s the way of Europe . Anti Semitic people in the street and anti Semitic newscasters .
    Cannot stop the haters from hating

    • But you can stop the haters from spreading the hate as they do by seducing people of good will with the simple, lazy answers anti-Semitism provides. That which can expand can also contract.
      Look at the success of African-Americans here in the US. Racism here is far less palatable than it has ever been. It takes people of good will working together to stem the tide and make it unacceptable. I’m not saying it will be easy. It’s a pain in the ass and an unreasonable burden to even have to do it, but it must be done. It will take a concerted, sustained attack on the haters, to expose their lies and strip them of a respectability they clearly don’t deserve.

    • Nope, it’s not necessarily a provocation to be Jewish, rather it’s a provocation to be a racist fascist bastard which is what neo-Zionists are. Just to remind you, neo-Zionism and anti-Semitism are not synonymous. But you know that anyway.

    • Many bone-headed knuckle-dragging racists and bigots regard Jews to be a provocation that’s true. Equally such racists regard disabled people to be a provocation as they do black people and other minorities. The underlying assumption in your post appears to be that Jews are somehow unique in being regarded by racist nutters as a provocation. What misguided reasoning has led you down that particular path? What kind of brainwashing has led you to that conclusion? I’m genuinely curious.

      • The self proclaimed “Religion of Peace” seems to attract racists and bigots like flies to poop.

        See the savage who beheaded Lee Rigby.

  9. The so-called “anti-Israel” movement is, to be more accurate, an anti-injustice movement.

    So why focus on Israel with all the other injustices around? Aha! It’s anti-Semitism!

    No it’s not. The injustices perpetrated by the “Zionist project” have had exceptionally devastating consequences, in the form of blowback against those injustices.

      • Unfortunately he is not telling a lie . He is telling as he sees it . Problem is that they cannot see that it is anti Semitism . Or the problem is that they know its anti Semitic but its easier and more convenient to blame the victim for the perpetrators actions That’s what they have done with Jews throughout European history – eg Dreyfus . We are supposed to be passive . They don’t like it when Israel has an army to defend itself .
        But fact remains , Israel exists , is doing well, and defends its citizens of all races and nationalities and all religions.
        The worst thing you can do to your enemies and anti Semites is live well . No more pogroms please . Israel exists .

        • But you have no qualms about initiating pogroms on those you have stolen, and continue to steal, land from – namely the Palestinian’s predicated on the fascistic quest for Eretz Yisrael? Oh, but I almost forgot, they are regarded by fascists like you as untermenschen.

      • “Exceptionally devastating”? Would that be the highest standard of living of Arabs in the Mideast, those living in Israel? Would all the openness, democracy, religious and ethnic freedoms granted ONLY in Israel? Would that be the fantastic contributions to science and technology worldwide by this tiny courageous country, relentless attacked and terrorized by its Muslim neighbors since ?
        I’m sure you’re not referring to the literally hundreds of thousands of Syrians murdered, the innumerable Iranian civilians hanged, the unspeakably brutal murders of Hamas and ISIS, or any of the other primitive, savage murders of innocents around the world by Islamofascist savages?

        No,i’m sure you’re not–because you’re a pathetic,bigoted,racist asshole.

    • So beating up a person on a street of Paris because he is Jewish is an anti-Israeli act…
      Thank you James proving again what the terms “anti-Israeli” and “anti-Zionist” really mean.

      • Well, as Israel is now official designated a Jewish state in which its maniacal leader says to the world that the activities of the said state represents all of world Jewry, then why would those Muslims indirectly oppressed by his policies be at fault for taking him at his word?

    • James:
      “The injustices perpetrated by the “Zionist project” have had exceptionally devastating consequences…”


      How many people died as a result of the Israeli Arab conflict?

      From 1947 to today please.
      No Israelis, only Arabs and no Arab fighters but only civilians please.

      I think you’d find that in Iran alone more people have been executed since the “revolution”…

    • When comparing the injustices of the Christian West (and it’s more recent iterations) and the Muslim East, to the supposed injustices of what Jew hating jerks such as you call “the Zionist Project,” i.e., a liberal, democratic, peace-starved and very small country for the people you’ve repeatedly f_____d for centuries, one must come to the conclusion that you are an idiot, and an anti-Semitic one at that! You’ve made that clear.

    • Jimmy, The so called “islamophobia” meme is islamofascism-phobia” – one grounded in fact and history.

      The murder and destruction perpetrated by “The Religion of Peace” and Socialist “Justice” have been destructive to people all over the world.

      • Binyamin Netanyahu’s dramatic declaration to world leaders in 2012 that Iran was about a year away from making a nuclear bomb was contradicted by his own secret service, according to a top-secret Mossad document.

        Hahahahahahahahaha, idiot

        • His comments were relating to Iran then enrichment rate and the contradiction came from a hear say published by Al Jazeera…

    • James, well said. The notion that the repugnant racist views of neo-Zionists are representative of the Jewish diaspora is absurd. Claiming that neo-Zionists/neo-Zionism and Jews/Judaism are synonymous is a lie perpetuated largely by Jewish extremist propagandists and Likudite ethnic cleansing-propagating fanatics.

      • Migraine, Zionists aren’t hijacking passenger planes and flying them into buildings or bombing them like Pan Am 103 or beheading British soldiers on the streets of London or bombing London transport as on 7//7/05, or waving placards threatening 9/11 scale massacre. That and more is the work of your ever so peaceful, oxymoronic “Religion of Peace”.

        • My name is Margrain, Edward. True, Zionists aren’t flying planes into buildings. Ethnic cleansing and Genocide by stealth is their speciality. Cast Lead and Protective Edge killed more civilians than on 9-11. But, hey, as far as you are concerned, what you regard as Untermensch – Palestinian men, women and childen – are ‘un-people’ of no consequence.

          • Ethnic cleansing? The 800,000 Jews who fled for their lives from Arab/Islamist entities – that’s ethnic cleansing.

            200,000 Arabs have died at the hands of ISIS – that’s Islamic State.

            BTW, more Germans than Brits or Americans died in WW2. Does that make the UK or America aggressors?

            Migraine, You seem to have a problem seeing Islamofascism for what it is.

    • Far-right Likudite fascist terrorism attracts a few too and many of their actions not only result in head decapitation but the smashing of bones and the destruction of internal organs as well. So although you remember the name of poor Lee Rigby killed by an Islamist nutter, you cannot mention the name of a single Palestinian from over 2,000 who were killed by the fascist Israeli Offence Force during Operation Protective Edge. .

      • Migrane, what is “progressive” about siding with people who stone women to death, hang gays, behead captives, hijack planes, bomb schools (Beslan), use poison gas (a WMD) on the Kurds of Halabja Iraq, openly threaten the US with placards calling for 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Eurabia?

        Google Images “arab nazi salute”. See what you and your fellow fascists have become.

  10. I wonder if this means that attacking Muslims for wearing Islamic identifiable clothing in non-Muslims areas would be acceptable to the Eurotrash?

    If a Kipah is provocation then a cross would be a provocation in Jewish areas.

    • Gee59, you’re wrong because Jews are not allowd to strike back.
      Naughty naughty for even thinking of it.
      Now drop down and give us 50!

  11. So given the fact the fact that nearly every murderous terror attack worldwidein recent years has been carried out by Islamic radicals, would this jackass posing as a news reporter have asked if every Islamic woman wearing a headscarf ANYWHERE in the Western world is a provocative act?

  12. They pay back for this subtle antisemitism and Muslim-pandering journalism is that 15 year old London school girls travel to Syria to join ISIS. By all means go ahead, make my day. Let the Left feed the antisemitism flames and lead their children into third world wars.

      • I know! Too funny. The UK Left and its antisemites will be left holding the bag when a) ISIS fighters return to the UK and b) more and more young British Muslims leave the UK for Islamist mass murder in ISIL land. I wonder how the intelligentsia is going to argue away the multiculturalism and the resulting Islamofascists ? The dichotomy between these young British Muslims going to war and the hate for Israel will look a tad silly.
        Those three teen age girls who just left for Syria are from the East End of London. This is incredible! Just goes to show how the system and Muslim indoctrination have turned these kids. Again, the irony is lost on most.

          • What is telling is that they were going to a normal school in Bethnal Green and seem to come from secure financial surroundings. So the Chris Hedges excuse that it was their racist exploitive host society does not fly. Where did they get those ideas from ?

            The killer El Hussein in Copenhagen is also interesting. He was born in Denmark. Yet his surroundings were so fucked up and hateful that this guy lived to be a murdering antisemite in one of the most tolerant and “happy” societies on the planet. So much for social welfare.

            As is the case in the UK, Scandinavian societies will need to ask themselves some hard q’s about their goody goo attitude towards Islam ( recognition of PAL )……

            Reality is not catching up with the the Nordic Social Democrats but running them over from behind.

            Oh sweet Irony, I love you so .

        • Actually, it’s the far right and it’s ideological cousin, (neo) Zionism, that is ideologically aligned to fascist ideals, not the Left. That explains why it is that on EDL/BNP marches there are frequently pro-(neo) Zionist fanatics waving their flags and none ever evident on counter-Left demonstrations.

          Point two, ‘Islamofascism’ is an oxymoron and therefore, as Jewish Security expert Daniel Benjamin of the Center for Strategic and International Studies affirms, the term is meaningless. It follows that your attempt to suggest that a causal relationship exists between ‘Islamofascists’ (sic) and multiculturalism is moot.

          Third, you ignore the complex set of motivational issues that result in the small minority of Muslims who commit acts of terrorism, whilst also conveniently ignoring the minority of fanatical Jewish fascists in the diaspora who travel to Israel to volunteer for the Israeli Offence Force who routinely target civilian Palestinian infrastructure and kill many more of your Untermensch than do the Palestinian resistance in response to such Israeli state terrorism.

          • Small minority? Since when is 10% of 1.4 billion a small minority? That’s 140,000,000 – if the fascist element in Isalmofascism is only 10%

            We have yet to see peaceful Muslims rallying against ISIS, Al Qada, Hamass, Hezbullah, Boko Haram, Taliban,.

  13. its kind of in vogue at the moment .

    Jew walking through Paris
    Swede pretending to be Jew walking through Stockholm
    Blonde walking through Cairo University
    list goes on …

    It does to a degree attempt to demonstrate what’s happening on the street . Is anyone other than Jews worried that Jews get spat on or intimidated ? Not really. OK people don’t want agro in their own backyard . But most people cannot be bothered about anti Semitism unless it affects them. And thus the anti Semites can preach and practice and its tolerated as it has always been and how it should be in the future .
    most people in UK haven’t even met Jews . Its easy not to be bothered or hate .

  14. I don’t believe that the three 15 year-old schoolgirls from the East End of London — or any of the other British teenage girls who have already gone to join IS — were remotely influenced in their decisions by the left-wing media, even Channel 4 News, into deciding to runaway to be IS ‘wives’.

    These girls would have been groomed into going almost entirely through mentors on social media, because most teenagers live in the world of social media, especially girls who have very limited freedom. The same ‘grooming’ probably applies to the majority of young men who have gone. Not all Muslim families hold tearful (and I think usually sincere) media appeals to their offspring to return home. One male jihadi from Portsmouth, England who blew himself up in Syria killing some of Assad’s soldiers was hailed as a hero by his family. No public tears on display for him, just pride that he’d died a martyr.

  15. Anchor:
    “Do you accept what some critics would say: that the video and the way it was done was an act of provocation?”

    Who cares what a bunch of theoretical or real-life cretins would say? And WTF does “the way it was done” mean??

  16. This is a non-story. From ten hours of footage walking around Paris, there is a grand total of footage of less than one minute of negative interaction with Parisian Muslims. At one point, Klein claims a woman spat at him. Yet you cannot see what he claims on the video itself. He admits in his NRG article that he also was accompanied by a “security guard” because of “tense conditions” in the city. One wonders if Klein half expected or hoped that he would be attacked by an Islamist in order to get a really good story.

    In an interview with Les Inrocks, Klein claims to have walked through the 23rd Arrondissement. There are only 20 in Paris. He also claims he walked through Barbes in the Parisian suburbs when it’s in the city centre. He claimed he was constantly harassed in Saracelles, but one-third of this neighborhood is itself Jewish. Apparently, Jewish residents have figured out a way to live with their Muslim neighbours.

    As you read him, Klein’s fear and racist assumptions about Paris’ Muslims becomes ever clearer:

    At times, it feels like wandering around Ramallah. Most of the women wore veils and hijabs and the men had distinctively Muslim faces. Arabic was heard everywhere… I would be lying if I didn’t say I was frightened.

    Klein’s own video puts the lie to his claims about the dress of women he passed. In only one short section are the heads of women covered at all and no women wear hijabs in all the video footage he displays. In fact, the hijab is legally prohibited in France.

    A French reader who walks in Paris daily says the last time she saw anyone wearing a hijab was months ago. As for “distinctively Muslim faces” you can see many such faces in Israel, and they are the faces of Mizrahi Jews, not Muslims. She lives in the 19th Arrondissement, a popular new neighborhood where Orthodox Jews have flocked since they were driven out of the Marais by gentrification. She sees scores of kippot each day on the streets and in the Metro. Apparently these French Jews don’t face the problems Klein found.

    So what is Klein’s background? Earlier in his career, he served in the IDF spokesman’s unit responsible for outreach to the Orthodox community. After that, he did similar work for Bnai Akiva, the Orthodox Zionist youth organization. You’ll remember that the world leader of B’nai Akiva, Rabbi Noam Perel, urged the IDF to avenge the kidnap-murder of three Israeli youth by collecting the foreskins of 300 Palestinians, just as David had offered 200 Philistines foreskins as a bride price to King Saul for his daughter. That should tell you quite a bit about Klein’s own views of “Arabs.”

        • Migrane, it’s not a pic, it’s a movie. The nazi propaganda that documents the nazi – arab/islamist alliance helps to put islamofascism into perspective. The nazi – islamofascist predates 1948.