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Voice of Israel interview with Adam Levick addresses UK media bias and antisemitism

On Feb. 26, Voice of Israel host Judy Lash Balint sat down with Adam Levick for an in-studio interview.  Levick discussed quite a few issues of concern to followers of this blog, including the connection between biased UK media coverage of Israel and the recent increase in antisemitic incidents in the UK.

You can learn more about this specific topic by attending a CAMERA sponsored conference in Jerusalem on March 1st titled ‘Framing Israel, Framing Jews. (Advance Registration is required)

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    • When I was young we were into space exploration. Today’s kids are into Jew baiting. Someone’s idea of progress. My idea of a big mistake.

  1. Heartbreaking to watch this video and to see how Jewish students are being treated on American campuses. However, it is even worse on UK campuses, where I live. The levels of antisemitism are so high that it is soon going to be unsafe for any Jew to study in Britain. Yesterday it was revealed that the Islamic beheadest Mohammed [‘Jihadi John’] Emwazi graduated from the University of Westminster, London. This uni has been a hotbed of anti Israel antisemitic rhetoric since a friend of mine graduated there in 1975 YET NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE about this. I hope that the American campuses will take note of what has happened in the UK. Thank you to everyone who made this film.

    • The perverse thing about it all is that Muslim’s cry about islamophobia all the time, yet behave like thugs. Words are twisted and rebranded. Such as “direct action”, which turns out to be street thuggery and every thing else except actually touching someone. But getting in someones face and screaming obscenities is alright. And when you complain it is Islamophobia. Go figure.

      But mark my words. This will come back to bite all in the butt, when violent Islam and violent political Muslims in the West become a real menace to society. Similar to post sixties Leftist EU terror these groups will produce killers who will not only cut off heads in the Middle East. And it will get much worse. The sick logic of justifying violence is already in the discourse coming out of uni’s. MI5 does not have enough people to watch those who need watching…..
      Things will get very nasty. In the 70’s it was the Communists urban guerrillas who murdered for their cause. Today and tomorrow it will be the Muslim’s. And the killers will not be some East End drop out, but student’d from some of the best EU universities.

      We live in a tinder box .

      And those of us who know Israel will recognize the same security culture developing. The french measures of having armed soldiers guarding people is something that not even the Israeli’s do. It is that bad. I have seen photographs of Soldiers escorting French Jew’s in the streets.

      Do people recall a tank in front of Heathrow airport years ago ? Fighter jets escorting passenger planes…..And Glenn Greenwald has an explanation for it all. Just like in the 70s. The Left has its ground hog day. And so do we.

          • “Personal smears mean nothing to me. Comment on the subject as opposed to attacking the poster.” – Daniel Margrain

            “I’m not here to hold your hand, fascist.” – Daniel Margrain

            “I think you’d be better advised focusing on your blow up dolls of Hitler and Bibi” – Daniel Margrain

            “You clearly have comprehension problems.” – Daniel Margrain

            Yes, we can clearly see that personal smears mean nothing to you.

      • “Post-Charlie Hebdo there has been no rise in anti-Semitism in the UK”

        And the source for your claim Daniel is what or whom exactly?

        Now will it be ‘wiki’ again or another nutjob you have met in whichever outpatients clinic you both attend?

              • “I’m not here to…”

                What are you here for?
                Other than to provide amusement at the poor intellectual standard of your posts, and prove that the British education system churns out a poorly educated clown such as you.

                • As I’ve previously stated, I’m here to debunk Jewish extremist lies and misinformation. I’ve posted substantive content on numerous subjects on this Hasbara propaganda site that have furthered this aim and so far I’ve only received personal attacks in response to them. I’ve yet to receive a solitary rebuttal.

                • No, what you have done is to post ‘content’ from sub-standard sources that do not stand up to any scrutiny.

                  What you have done is to bring the British education system into ridicule.

                  What you have done is to prove that those who wish to attack and de-legitimise Israel do not have any factual, logical, historical or intellectual case to support their efforts only their blind prejudice supported by sub-standard sources that do not stand up to any scrutiny.

                  Feel free to carry on your pathetic attempts are amusing.

                • He’s here to prove that anti-Semitism isn’t on the rise, while inadvertently proving the opposite. Poor clown.

  2. Again, not a single rebuttal just more personal smears. That’s what fascists do. You people attempted to stifle Mr Galloway at Finchley Arts Depot, but you won’t silence me.

    • Daniel in case you haven’t noticed nobody wants to silence you.

      You have become our ‘poster boy’.

      As above feel free to continue posting.
      Perhaps they should make one more ‘Ealing Comedy’ film, and call it “Carry On Daniel Margrain”
      It would clearly show how amusingly weak and pathetic you, your ilk, and your ‘posts’ are.

      • Let’s get down to the topic at hand shall we? I have evidence from academic sources which totally debunk the premise upon which the myths that sustain this thread are predicated. Are you interested in being enlightened on this issue or not or do you prefer to continue with your flaimbating and personal attacks? Your choice.

        • Daniel I am always ‘interested in being enlightened’.
          To be ‘enlightened’ by you as well as amused will be “Double plus good”.

          Feel free to start using ‘academic sources’ as they will be a novelty from the usual range of sub-standard sources you have attempted, and failed, to use so far.

            • Why should normal people read the crap you and your halfwit fellow travelers are eating like donkeys eat the weed on the shoulder of the road. Anybody who knows the content of the Protocols and similar shit knows the content of these “scholarly” articles you are quoting. If I want a good laugh I don’t have to waste the time to read long and boring crap, reading your short posts are good enough. My heartfelt condolences to the Glasgow University, they have to publish stuff written by seriously unhinged cretins with obvious mental issues.

              • So, you’ve just smeared the academic work of professor Philo and his team whose research findings at Glasgow University totally debunks the premise of the thread topic. Well done. Again no rebuttals. I think you’d be better advised focusing on your blow up dolls of Hitler and Bibi instead.

              • “……read the crap you and your halfwit fellow travelers are eating like donkeys eat the weed on the shoulder of the road.”

                What an amazing intellectual capacity you have…..LOL.

            • “I’ve apparently failed..”

              No, Daniel not apparently but definitely.

              I am sure that by now you are used to being one of life’s failures, which explains your perverted bias against Israel. Obviously it sticks in your throat to see a country, and its people, succeed against all odds when you are a failure.
              Have you considered therapy?

              By the way I read that book a while ago. I didn’t buy it my local library had a copy.

              • Well as you’ve apparently read it Gerald, then perhaps you might actually attempt to rebut its findings.

                • Daniel why would I?

                  The book starts out from an incorrect view of historical events and then gets worse.
                  There was nothing in the book that I found remotely convincing.
                  To rebut something that is built on a poor foundation, then reaches conclusions that are based on biased, and factually incorrect, opinion is as worthwhile a use of my time as teaching a prawn to whistle.
                  Normally I would not waste my time answering drivel such as you post but, as you amuse me with your clown-like antics and claim of academic qualifications, why not? It fills the time in until the next Rugby match starts.

            • The Glasgow University Media Group are Communist antisemites run by an openly antisemitic Professor at that uni. This is incredible you post this stuff.
              Again all paid for by the UK tax payer.

        • You need to really step up your Jew baiting . Its really poor . You are getting walked over here by a bunch of untermensch .

          Go on lad, don’t let the mob put you off . You state your case with academic credentials . Just don’t go off on them ad homieswhatevers

          • You clearly have comprehension problems. It’s Jewish extremists that long for the fascistic (neo)Zionist goal of Eretz Yisrael who regard Palestinian’s to be Untermensch,

            • no , I rarely comprehend whats going on nowadays .

              so if the Jews are not untermensch are you saying Jews are obermensch ? Sweet ! an anti Semite who calls Jews superior makes a small difference to the usual posters we have here .

              am lost on the ideological tag . I think you have made a mistake in the order of the insult . How can the Zionists over in Israel be neo Zionists ? Surely they are the real thing .
              Possibly can have a neo fascist but would find it hard to be accepted amongst the true fascist community . as they would only be neo . Fascists never really appreciate neos .

              • Your second paragraph is a strawman. As to your subsequent question, it’s not by responsibility to educate you on the difference between neo-Zionism and Zionism.

                • “it’s not by [sic] responsibility to educate you on the difference between neo-Zionism and Zionism.”

                  Well, then whose is it? After all, you’re the one who introduced the term into the forum. Take some responsibility and stop trying to blame the Jews for all your problems. It won’t bring back the economy, restore Britain to glory, or turn jihadists into flower children. All you’re really doing is dragging down your own society. But you don’t get that, do you sport?

                • Another straw man. My problem isn’t with Jews/Judaism per se but with neo-Zionists/neo-Zionism. I had previously made this clear when I stated (correctly) that the former and latter are not synonymous.

                • Daniel,

                  Whenever I hear someone say, ” I don’t have a problem with (name of group, ethnicity, race, etc.) ‘per se’,” I know immediately I’m dealing with a bigot.

                • Jeff, so you trump your apparent ability to read minds over reasoned logic? – whatever rocks your boat, I suppose. Implicit in your response is that somehow (as with other religions, cultures and ethnicities), Jewish people are somehow generic or borg-like as a community. This is precisely the racist premise that underpins the work of anti-Semites like Atzmon, for example. As such pro extreme right neo-Zionist views are no more representative of Jewish diaspora opinion than are the fascist views of Breivik representative of the views of wider Western ‘Christian’ liberal society.

    • Margrain you are textbook example of the modern day neo-Nazi antisemite masquerading as some kind of leftwing humanist. And now go and sue me then whine about being silenced…

      • Refrain from attacking the poster and focus on the content. That’s the civilized approach to discourse. But then again who said Jewish extremist fascists were civilized?

        • Why should anybody approach your kind of shit any other way than having a laugh? This is the most civilized approach Margrain. And please try not to steal the content of this blog as your habitual mode of operation…

        • Migraine, schmigraine, or whatever and his ‘civilised approach to discourse”: Continual comparisons with Jews and Nazis, downplaying anti-Semitism in pan-Arabist and Jihadist ideology, denying the reality of contemporary anti-Semitism, and my personal favourite – using his stinky little foreskin as a measure of his superiority over the ‘mutilated’ Jews.

          One thing I can say for sure, ‘anti-Zionists’ have a complete inability to self-reflect and see beyond their messianic mission to convert the ‘good’ Jews and purge the others from the body-politic of Europe. Migraine, a hero of the modern age, who thinks he speaks truth to power, but in reality is just another sad, old European anti-Semite, emasculated by Jewish sovereignty, and resorting to telling the Jews to ‘fuck off’ in his impotent rage.

          • Just more personal abuse and not a single point of rebuttal on any points I’ve made. That’s what I have come to expect on this hate site.

        • “Implicit in your response is that somehow (as with other religions, cultures and ethnicities), Jewish people are somehow generic or borg-like as a community. ”

          Are you on drugs? I implied no such thing.
          a. You made the assumption I’m Jewish. How would you know?
          b. You assumed that I was speaking for all Jews, when I quite explicitly said, “Whenever I hear someone say…” in the first person, singular.
          c. The fact that you assumed I am Jewish, and that I attribute my own opinions to all Jews when there is nothing in the actual text suggesting any of this, means that you believe either that Jews think of themselves as a “generic” or “borg-like” community (which I’m guessing is your academic contrivance to replace the uneducated bigot’s well-traveled “they’re all the same”), or that you yourself think of Jews that way. Take your choice, either explanation fits you well within the anti-Semitic tradition.

          Then you go on to use such bullshit terminology like “pro extreme right neo-Zionist views,” – obviously some obscure construct of extreme Israel haters. So I’ll ask you again, are you on drugs?

          In my experience, and so there is no further confusion on your part, I mean MY experience, the only people I’ve ever met (and I’ve met a lot) who rush to describe people who disagree with their views as “extreme right” are people who are extreme left. Therefore I deduce that you are an extreme left bullshit artist – so far left you are at the place where extremes meet and embrace.

          • No I’m not on drugs and no I didn’t imply you were Jewish. Clearly you have some kind of problem.

            • Oh, and another point of clarification,as an anti-neoZionist I hate the fascistic quest for Eretz Yisrael that’s implicit to neo-Zionism as should all decent people.

              • In respect of the clarification –
                ok so you are an anti-neo Zionist .
                are you anti Neo isms in general ? or are you a pro Zionist who is specifically anti neo ?.
                your ideology is very very confusing . Its not helped by all these titles you give yourself .

                Can you please set it out for me . Remember you said I had comprehension probs . so please use short words . many thanks .

    • “Again, not a single rebuttal just more personal smears. That’s what fascists do. ”

      Fascists engage in personal smears, for example, smearing people by calling them fascists, and of course, the time worn yet ever popular ‘you people.’
      BTW They’re also known for running their mouths nonstop while ludicrously claiming that they are being silenced. They’re quite famous for that.

      • starting point ………………EU definition of anti Semitism …………….go to top of page
        next point ………………Daniel Margrain …………….anti Semitic statements
        conclusion ………………..another CST statistic

        Dybuk .

        • “I am for compulsory transfer; I do not see anything immoral in it.”

          Racist? Ethnic cleansing? Mm-mm….

          • “As I highlighted, the CST report is a fraud”

            No, Daniel you expressed your opinion that you believe the CST report is a fraud and attempted to support your opinion with a highly dubious and discredited source.
            The only thing you have ‘highlighted’ so far is your lightweight intellectual abilities and cast doubt upon your claim to be educated to any significant level.

            • And yet, Gerald, you have not offered a single rebuttal to support your contention that the source is not creditable.

              • Then Daniel you either have missed it or need to learn how to read.
                Which is it Daniel, a trip to Specsavers or a literacy class?

                • You have not rebutted the source material contained within the post I cited, so stop lying. Clearly, you have confused abusing me with offering any rebuttal.

                • There, there Daniel.
                  No need to throw a temper tantrum just because the naughty man disagrees with you, and your sources and the content of your posts are shown to have no credibility.

      • A rebuttal of this particular anti-Semitic gem of yours:

        Daniel Margrain
        February 26, 2015 at 4:44 pm
        Did your parents give you consent before they mutilated you?

        And your point is that you are here for honest debate and intellectual discussion?

        • That was in direct response to an attack on me. I have never initiated any personal attacks on anybody on this hate site.

    • No Daniel.
      Now you are imagining things to suit your viewpoint.
      But if you relied on reality and fact you would not express the ‘opinions’ you do, or have to use ‘sources’ with no credibility to support them.

      Now before I go and watch the Rugby, is there anything else you would like to admit to imagining?
      For example the level of your education.

    • Daniel you might still believe that if you repeat something often enough that makes it true, or if you keep on citing the same ‘source’ that makes it credible.

      It does not.

      You have already been informed why the ‘source’ you cite is not credible, that you choose not to accept that is your problem.
      Now if you sit there and close your eyes very tight and wish and wish very hard perhaps your ‘sources’ will magically appear to be credible, but I doubt it.

      If due to ignorance, or stupidity, or because it does not fit in with your own warped and twisted views you are unable to understand the concept of “fruit from a poisoned tree” and why it should be ignored, then that is further evidence that you are an intellectual lightweight.

      You are going from being amusing to being boring.

  3. Merely repeating that it’s not credible without substantiation is tantamount to trolling.

    • Perhaps you should stop trying to coerce people into reading something just because you insist, i.e., a paper you insist is true, that you insist people rebut, when you yourself have not made a single supportive argument for its conclusions.

      • LOL. You didn’t read the article because if you had you would have realized that it contains the author commenting on the findings of the report. It’s his analysis of the report that debunks it and it’s this debunking that you have failed to critique.

      • He is too stupid to understand you, Jeff, he is suffering of incurable NSD. He must be the shame of his family, the poor mother.

        • Yes, Fritz. The poor chap assigns implications and motives out of thin air due to his inability to grasp that someone else could just be thoroughly uninterested in that which floats his boat.

  4. The Independent today .

    Notice the title of the article . Notice the list of charges and accusations Waitrose face for advertising Taste of Israel . Notice that the whole article after printing all the hostility affords Waitrose rep one sentence only

    Not balanced reporting . Just another anti Israeli propaganda taking the battle to humus and falafel