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(Posthumous) Islamist Comedy Award for Charlie Hebdo

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Sometimes an organisation reveals its true nature by deliberately behaving in a way that others can only interpret as blatantly stupid, crass and offensive. This happened last week with Islamist-prisoner advocacy group, CAGE, whose director referred to a notorious Islamic State beheader as having been “a beautiful young man”: not so much Jihadi John as Jilted John.

Some of the outrage against CAGE was rightly directed against the Quaker-linked Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, which had given hundreds of thousands of pounds funding to the group.

Now, another past recipient of the Trust’s generosity has also soiled the sheets: the Islamic Human Rights Commission, who have given an “Islamophobia Award” to the staff of Charlie Hebdo. This, barely two months after eleven people were murdered by a terrorist at Hebdo’s Paris headquarters. IHRC also made four “positive” awards: recipients did not include Ahmed Merabet, the (French Muslim) police officer who was murdered outside the Hebdo offices as he lay wounded on the pavement.

Rowntree gave the IHRC £60,000 from 2005 to 2007. The funding ended shortly after IHRC’s “Prisoners of Faith Campaign Pack” for convicted terrorist Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (pdf here).

IHRC is an Islamist advocacy group that organises London’s al-Quds Rally, an annual event called by the late Ayatollah Khomeini to demand Israel’s destruction. The rally’s Iranian and Lebanese iterations are especially prone to venomous anti-Israel and anti-American hatred.

IHRC also organises another annual event, the Islamophobia Awards. IHRC claim it helps to show that Muslims have a sense of humour: something that is notably absent from the fascistic al-Quds rallies by Hizbollah, Revolutionary Guards and others in Beirut, Teheran and elsewhere.

This year’s Islamophobia Awards went to Maajid Nawaz, Theresa May, Fox News, American Sniper…and the staff of Charlie Hebdo. The event was covered by Iranian broadcaster Press TV. Their two-minute news segment concluded:

“None of the winners of the Islamophobia Awards were present to pick up this dubious accolade”

Like its Iranian paymasters, Press TV is no laughing matter (even including George Galloway’s programmes for them). So, we can assume that the above was an unfortunate choice of words: rather than a case of adding mere insult to deadly injury.

Aaron Keily of the National Executive of the National Union of Students has enthusiastically tweeted about the event, including a picture of a promotional brochure with positive messages from columnist Peter Oborne and the former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, who states:

“it is crucial to have people who challenge [negative stereotypes]…These awards are of great significance in such a task and I send my congratulations and warm greetings to all involved.”

Jews have long known that the stupidity and power of racism makes it a highly suitable target for satire. Nevertheless, it is counter-productive lunacy to think that the fight against contemporary anti-Muslim hatred is helped by giving sarcastic awards to the victims of Jihadist terrorism.

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  1. “the fight against contemporary anti-Muslim hatred” – you are having a larf, aren’t you? The most stunning aspect of our times is how little hatred there is against Muslims.

  2. from the video extract looked like a really dull party . No booze , crap jokes , miserable audience , sitting in sweaty hall for a few hours . Mind you the food looked quite good .
    If that was an Islamic comedy event , it just looked sad . I wanted to hear a good joke .

    • But both Muslim groups agree about insult of their prophet and religion, free speech aka Islamophobia, one wants to ban free speech, the other helps by intimidating.
      And bearing in mind that Muslim countries execute people legally who ‘offend’ Islam or the Prophet you have the aim of both groups.

  3. Fritz
    how dare you ! 🙂
    what you are saying is that we just cannot criticise Islam without being called Islamophobic . That’s outrageous .

    Ah hey , islam is a totalitarian ideology . The more peeps just recognise that its not right to blow up giant Bhudda statues in Afghan, or sell child sex slaves in Boko Harem and Syria , or even Jihad is just so wrong as a policy…….

    After reading your links I dunno what to say about Iran except they already got ther nukes and they got the delivery system . done deal . Apparently tho , their reactor is a Chernobyl B model so with cutting edge of Iranian technology and various computer viruses flying around , it most likely to go pop come the first earthquake .

  4. Good article and I am very glad to see it here. Glad also that you guys are finally calling a spade a spade and highlighting the dangers of Islamism in the UK