The Guardian appoints anti-Israel propagandist Katharine Viner as new editor-in-chief

On Friday the Guardian announced that Katharine Viner,  deputy editor of the Guardian and editor-in-chief of Guardian US, was appointed their new editor-in-chief.


Katharine Viner


The decision was not a surprise to those following the media group’s search for a new chief editor.

In December, I was asked by Josh Jackman of the The Jewish Chronicle to share my thoughts on the announcement that Alan Rusbridger was stepping down as the newspaper’s editor-in-chief after more than 20 years at the helm, and how the appointment of a new editor may affect their Middle East coverage. I told Jackman that the Guardian was institutionally biased against Israel and I wasn’t optimistic that a new editor will have a positive effect.

Specifically, I noted that Viner, one of the top early contenders for the job, could possibly even push the media group to adopt an even more pronounced pro-Palestinian stance.

My concerns were largely based on the fact that Viner was the co-creator of an anti-Israel play called ‘My Name is Rachel Corrie’, a piece of theatrical agitprop about the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist killed in March 2003 while attempting to stop an IDF anti-terror operation in Gaza.


Rachel Corrie in 2003 at a pro-Hamas rally in southern Gaza, burning a mock U.S. flag in a crowd of Palestinian Children

In a review in 2005, Times of London culture critic Clive Davis characterized the play as “an element of unvarnished propaganda…with no attempt to set the violence in context”. “We are left”, he complained, “with the impression of unarmed civilians being crushed by faceless militarists.” At one point in the play, Corrie declares, “The vast majority of Palestinians right now, as far as I can tell, are engaging in Gandhian non-violent resistance.” As Davis noted, “Even the late Yasser Arafat might have blushed at that one.”

On March 16th, 2013, Viner tweeted this:

Tellingly, the Guardian’s coverage of the Rachel Corrie saga – including the civil law suit brought by the parents of Corrie –  has been similarly obsessive, tendentious and breezily unconcerned with the facts.  (A complaint we filed with the Press Complaints Commission in 2013 regarding an extremely misleading Guardian editorial prompted editors to add an important addendum.)

Moreover, as noted on these pages several years ago, Rachel Corrie is not Ms. Viner’s only Middle Eastern heroine. In 2001 Viner interviewed the terrorist Leila Khaled, opening her article with words which seem to glorify terrorism.

“In a way, the whole story is in the ring. The iconic photograph of Leila Khaled, the picture which made her the symbol of Palestinian resistance and female power, is extraordinary in many ways: the gun held in fragile hands, the shiny hair wrapped in a keffiah , the delicate Audrey Hepburn face refusing to meet your eye. But it’s the ring, resting delicately on her third finger. To fuse an object of feminine adornment, of frivolity, with a bullet: that is Khaled’s story, the reason behind her image’s enduring power. Beauty mixed with violence….And the ring? “I made it from the pin of a hand grenade – from the first grenade I ever used in training,” she says. “I just wrapped it around a bullet.”

With the departure of Rusbridger, the Guardian could have chosen an editor committed to abandoning the radical left ideology which has informed so much of their visceral hostility towards Israel, and taken steps to repair their fractured relationship with the British Jewish community. Instead, they hired as chief editor an ideologue more closely aligned – at least on the Palestinian issue – to the editorial style of Electronic Intifada than that of a ‘respectable’ British newspaper.

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  1. In an exchange in Twitter congratulating Viner, a classic obsessed antisemite attacked the Guardian’s Jewish contingent.

    They saved the day by avoiding the subject. You won’t find Guardian hacks defending Jews.

    • Viner is the first woman ever to be editor on chief of the Guardian – in 194 years!

      I feel very sorry for Mr Levick. He is so jealous…

      • I don’t think he applied for the job .

        He wouldn’t have got it anyway . His credentials include fighting anti Semitism .

          • And his credentials don’t include being a card carrying Jew hater either so he couldn’t have any hope to get the job.

          • haha
            if only the hacks at the Goonadian were proper journalists . eg researched articles properly , told the truth . To be editor in chief of the Goonadian does not require journalism . Just being able to spread the cheeks is enough

            p.s eve please carry on , you are burying yourself

      • Viner is the first woman but not the first hater of democracy, individual freedom, and Israel. This is a tradition at the Guardian already.

  2. A revolting specimen of protoplasmic bigotry appointed to head the Guardian – no surprise there.

  3. Specifically, I noted that Viner, one of the top early contenders for the job, could possibly even push the media group to adopt an even more pronounced pro-Palestinian stance.
    A big mistake Adam. They are not pro-Palestinians at all. They don’t give a cold and stale latte for the Palestinians. They are anti-Israel, they are anti-Zionists and they are antisemites ready to fight the Jews to the last drop of Palestinian blood.

  4. You’d think that a newspaper that touts itself as liberal would have hired someone who actually is liberal to be its editor-in-chief, rather than some regurgitated Stalinist echo from the losing side of the Cold War. Not at the Guardian.

  5. In my opinion and having observed the paper for over 40 years, nowadays most of the Guardian hacks are driven by a desire for status/fame/celebrity and the money that comes with it, though they would deny, with tears in their eyes, that such worldly goals are at the centre of their career moves. It’s about caring for the weak! the impoverished! and so on.

    Their sustained campaign against the Jews and Israel has brought them a share of the market in the Arab world (tie-ins with Qatari Al Jazeera will be lucrative). The same comments apply to the BBC. Israel delenda set.

    This ‘strategy’ will be factored in by the owners of the Guardian, Guardian Media Group, who are sitting on a cash mountain and are paid huge salaries/bonus’ etc and would like this comfortable financial life to continue.

    Some of the hacks are dimly aware of what is going on, some have their eyes wide open and some (Milne for example) are ideologically motivated (the west / capitalism must be destroyed blahblah).

    All aspire to earn the circa £400K and enjoy the privilege and access that goes with the editor’s job. There will be many who are disappointed – Ms Viner will be busy forming her coalition. One thing is certain: the present boss’ daughter, Ms Bella Mackie, will continue to be promoted.

  6. Here is Michael Wolff’s take on the appointment of Viner:

    …..Gibson’s pitch was to wholly align herself with Rusbridger and Snowden – proudly promising more of the same. Kath Viner, who had taken over for Gibson in New York and who was generally thought to be not quite “Guardianista” enough for the top job, pitched decidedly against Gibson and, in a sense, against Snowden, representing the strengths of the paper’s features section and culture coverage. Another candidate, Emily Bell, who left a several-decade career at the Guardian in 2010 for a post at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, made a case for ethics, which in part could be seen as an unspoken challenge to both Snowden and WikiLeaks. (Wolfgang Blau, director of digital strategy, was the token man in the race.)…..

  7. In the January 2015 Sub-Report commissioned to assist the All-party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism (Dr Ben Gidley), the Guardian’s success in its campaign against Israel and Jews is highlighted – see pages 13-15 in particular:

    See also Engage:

  8. welcome K Viner .
    Just to update you , the Goonadian is in terrible shape . Its been taken over by a bunch of anti Semites .

  9. Why is anyone surprised that they’d hire a professional propagandist for the Palestinians, given their coverage of the Mideast ususally reads like a mindless regurgitation of the wildly distorted and de-contextualized spewed regularly from the propaganda presses of the PA.
    It’s along the same lines as Obama’s decision to hire the truly disgusting Robert Malley, with his long history of viciously dishonest always bigoted and biased, anti-Israel screeds. The moral is that the tone of any large organization always flows fromthe top, and as the French are fond of saying, “Qui se resemble, s’assemblent.”

    The Guardian has become a pathetic excuse for a “news” organization with its embedded biases leading to inevitable gross bigotry, to say nothing of horribly distorted views of what the real situation actually is.

  10. Her vicious ranting means nothing. Israel will still be in existence long after she has been forgotten. It will be like she never existed. Like all antisemitism she has a rotten soul. It will be destroyed.

  11. This is fucking shocking, if true:

    Israeli settlers are using archaeological digs as cover to take Palestinian land, British government says……

    • These cunning evil Jews. Digging up archaeological evidence showing their thousands of years presence in the land upsets Europe. But now that they don’t have any other problems like the rampant and violent antisemitism on their land, the crisis of the Euro, the financial breakdown of Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy, the necessary austerity measures in the UK and France the two digit joblessness etc. They can turn every energy to police Israel… Is it possible that exactly these problems are the reason? They learnt during European history that if they have problems let’s start a pogrom…

  12. A violent mob attacked Nigel Farrage the leader of UKIP chasing him and his family including his two small children from a pub and damaged his car. The organiser of the action and some of the participants were paid Guardian contributors well known about their antisemitim.
    It was only a question of time when will Guardian contributors completing the process of becoming full fledged fascist thugs.

        • Turd you have chosen your moniker very well – a perfect match. But why sign your post naming yourself after sexual organs?
          A violent mob of breastfeeding mums!
          Right. Look at the picture here and you will see that your fascist colleagues not only attack violently a family with two small children but take their own to the action as well. Probably learnt this kind of moral from your other friends – the Palestinians (they didn’t arrived the Hamas level yet – they not sent the kid alone like them)

              • About f*king time Adam, you asleep at the wheel or what?

                Every time you delay in removing his comments, you devalue this comments section. It’s already of debatable value as it is, let alone allowing this individual to impersonate us all.

                If you’re not up to the job, replace yourself, quickly.

          • If we are a bunch of pussies why it is that we can kick the living shit out of your heroes using only one of our legs? Maybe because they love to hide behind kids and breastfeeding mums?