BDS is failing: A continuing series (June 2015)

The BDS campaign (boycotts, sanctions and divestment) against Israel represents a malevolent, reactionary political force which is antisemitic in effect if not intent, in that it singles out Israel (and only Israel), the world’s only Jewish state and the state in the region with the best human rights record. Additionally, despite claims in the media to the contrary, prominent BDS leaders support violence and openly oppose the continued existence of the Jewish state within any boundaries.

Fortunately, however, the campaign is by and large failing miserably, despite the oxygen campaigners are given by pro-Palestinian media outlets.  This blog’s new periodic review of BDS failures should provide the reader with rebuttals to routine claims by anti-Israel activists that the movement is gaining traction and achieving its desired result of isolating and economically crippling the state of Israel.

bds fail

Political BDS failures

  • The Tennessee General Assembly became the first state legislature in the U.S. to formally condemn the BDS movement.
  • South Carolina became first US state to take action against anti-Israel boycotts.

  • The Illinois State House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill that prohibits state pension funds from including in their portfolios companies that participate in BDS.
  • US Congress is considering legislation that “would require U.S. negotiators to discourage trading partners from boycotting Israel or Jewish settlements in the West Bank”.
  • The Palestinian Football Association (PFA) dropped their bid to suspend Israel from Fifa in a dramatic u-turn.  
  • French President Francois Hollande made it clear that France opposes the BDS movement. 
  • Universities U.K. opposes the Academic Boycott of Israel.
  • New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind is drafting a bill to combat BDS in New York.  The bill would ban the state’s pension fund from doing business with companies that boycott Israel.
  • 100 German business leaders are “preparing for a trip to Israel to meet with top businesspeople in an extraordinary show of support for the Jewish state”.

Economic BDS failures

  • Cathay Pacific Airways, which won the World’s Best Airline Award for the fourth time in 2014, is looking into launching a new route from Hong Kong to Tel Aviv.
  • Swedish supermarkets back out of Israel boycott after media campaign.
  • After BDS activists trumpeted an alleged boycott victory, Orange telecom’s CEO told Binyamin Netanyahu that the firm will deepen ties to Israel.
  • Jimmy Wales, Wiki co-founder: “I am a strong supporter of Israel”
  • Washington State justices reverse a 2012 decision protecting a food co-op from being sued over its boycott of Israeli products.
  • A prominent Israeli activist group threatened the Park Slope Food Co-op with a lawsuit if the supermarket adopts a boycott of Israeli products.
  • The British business and innovation secretary declared that the U.K. and Israel had entered a “golden era” for trade. British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Sajid Javid said that he expected bilateral trade and services– currently valued at about $6.9 billion, according to Javid — to continue to grow.

Cultural BDS failures

  • A neo-realist allegorical painting inspired by the biblical tragedy of Jephthah and his daughter by the Israeli artist Matan Ben-Cnaan has won the top prize in one of the world’s most prestigious portrait awards. Ben-Cnaan was named the first Israeli winner of the £30,000 BP portrait award at a ceremony at the National Portrait Gallery, London
  • Michael Douglas visited Israel to receive the $1 million Genesis Prize award, popularly dubbed the ‘Jewish Nobel Prize,’ for his efforts to promote Jewish culture. 
  • The band One Republic came to Israel not only to rock Tel Aviv, but also to show support for the Jewish State by visiting IDF soldiers in the field. 
  • Backstreet Boys return to Israel. 
  •  Iconic Britpop band Suede are returning to Israel. Four years after its last visit, English alternative rock group will perform at Menora Mivtachim Arena in Tel Aviv on July 30.
  • Art Garfunkel, one half of the legendary duo Simon and Garfunkel, returned to Israel on June 10th for a solo show at Bloomfield Stadium.
  • Wildly popular American rock band Bon Jovi will perform in Israel in early Oct.

Just for fun

  • Jenna Jameson is converting to Judaism. Former adult film star has begun tweeting in Hebrew, buying Israeli products, and even cooking kosher for her Israeli fiancé.

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  1. The libero-fascists are soon to arrive with a list of the Beguile, Deceive, and Sham movement’s successes. Part 2 of this will surely cause those cockroaches to scurry back under their rocks.

  2. I am afraid that this article will be used by our mainstream Jewish organizations to continue to do nothing about the hate campaign known as BDS. This is what they have been doing all along with Israeli Apartheid on campus and again with BDS. Since it would take a huge effort and require them to mobilize the community, the Jewish elites would rather sit back and protect their own careers and relationships in the Diaspora than stand up for the pillar of Jewish existence – Israel.

    Anyone who denies the corrosive effects of all this Israel bashing is delusional, in denial or hoping it will all go away without a fight.

  3. Unfortunately, I disagree with you. There are battles won and battles lost. I think BDS has been successful in getting many people to boycott Israel, and it has served to lower consciousness about the Israeli Arab issue . Ultimately, Israel has the advantage in that the world is addicted to Israeli technology.


    • @koufaxmitzvah –

      “The only people claiming BDS is doing something are BDSers themselves….”

      …Only if you ignore the following “crazies” (among others):

      * President Rivlin, who told an emergency meeting of academics that Israel must treat BDS “as a strategic threat of the highest degree”.

      * Likud’s Anat Berko, a member of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee, who formed a lobby in the Knesset specifically to target BDS, and in an interview declared that the “BDS movement against Israel … should be fought against just like we fight against terrorism”.

      * Yitzhak Herzog, head of the Israeli Labour Party and leader of the opposition in the Knesset, who said BDS “should be fought with all the means and all the power available to countries of the world”.

      * Israel’s government, which enacted the Law for Prevention of Boycott Damage to Israel, allowing Israeli authorities to deny benefits from individuals or organizations – such as tax exemptions or participation in government contracts – for merely PUBLICIZING a call to boycott.

      * UK Media Watch, which devotes an extraordinary amount of time to informing readers what a pathetic failure this “strategically threatening” and “terroristic” campaign has been…

      • Gee…. WhacKKKy, KKKrazy, KKKooKKKballz Miranda Basner HAS ALL THESE REASONS why BDS isn’t a batshit organization filled with batshit hate monger twits such as herself. See! President Rivlin sez sumting about us!

        Here’s a little hint for you, Miranda….. You are BATSHIT. You are WHACKO. You are a HATE MONGER TWIT. You are the LAST PERSON I WOULD EVER GAIN ANY KNOWLEDGE FROM. This includes FLUFFERS IN A PORN STUDIO and ALLIGATOR SHIT COLLECTORS.

        You are INFUCKINGSANE. Capiche?

        • Miranda makes several clearly stated points (whatever you might think of the contents, they are legible). You respond, half in caps, half in expletives and she’s the crazy one?

          You might not like what she has to say, but at least it keeps this site from being a total circle jerk. Was starting to look a bit sticky.

          • Well, Rick, to be honest, I’ve had the “pleasure” to read Miranda and her “thought out points” for about 9 months, and it’s clear to me that she is an Israel bashing asshole. After 9 months of said bashing of Israel, people like me tend to bash her back. That’s part of my shtick at least.

            Freedom of speech, right? And of expression….. Isn’t that what garners the “right” to compare Israel to South Africa and the Nazis? Isn’t that what gives folks the “right” to demand that Israel stop existing? Isn’t that the backbone to debate when it comes to Israel?

            Miranda is pathetic, and she should know this. Even if it comes from an anonymous poster on an obviously slanted website that reaches…. how many people?

            Israel supporters are used to people like Miranda. We really don’t give a flying fuck what the MIrandas have to say because we all know that, deep down inside, she is a shill and a joke.

            Peace in the Middle East is going to come THE MOMENT Israel is accepted by the fucks and the freaks who insist that Israel is the most unacceptable nation in the world.

            • You are scurrilously attributing comments to me that I’ve never made and asserting I hold beliefs I do not hold. But please do keep up the bad work, koufaxmitzvah – because every piece of hype-infested defamatory nonsense you deposit is just another woodworm chomping at the coffin of hasbara as far as I’m concerned.

              • Your concerns Miranda have the relevance of a papillon farting in a hurricane. But keep up with your posting and strengthening Israel’s case.

              • “You are scurrilously attributing comments to me that I’ve never made and asserting I hold beliefs I do not hold.”

                Oh my…. Meanwhile, Israel is an Apartheid state running an outdoor prison much like the Nazis with those Jews. And the only reason why Israel exists at all is because of the Nazis. The question isn’t why can’t the Palestinians demand their own state by shooting thousands of missiles at the Israelis but rather why can’t the Israelis respond to those 19,000 missiles by rolling over and drowning themselves in the Sea?

                Ain’t that right, Miranda?

                • @koufaxmitzvah –

                  “Ain’t that right, Miranda?”

                  Nope. Your first sentence comes closest to a good guess but distorts my view beyond recognition through linguistic twisting and over-simplifying. All your other guesses are way off-beam – just plain wrong.

                  • As a reminder, this thread has you DEFENDING BDS. Everything mentioned is what BDS believes. So why are you defending them? You know…. I don’t want to be oversimplified by such a deep thinker.

                    • @koufaxmitzvah –

                      “As a reminder, this thread has you DEFENDING BDS.”

                      My post took no position whatsoever on BDS! It merely pointed out that your contention – “The only people claiming BDS is doing something are BDSers themselves” – was belied by statements from various anti-BSDers who trumpet not only that BDS is doing “something”, but damaging Israel very badly indeed.

                      It may not bother you to be bombarded by propagandist misinformation and hype (whether from pro- or anti- camps) in I/P debates, but it worries the hell out of me.

                    • Your post took no position on BDS? The post that states how Israelis are scared shitless of BDS? That one?

                      So you’re not taking the position that Israelis are afraid of BDS by proclaiming that Israelis are afraid of BDS via the cherry picked, non-contextual nonsense you instinctively posted on this site?

                      My gosh. To think that you, Miranda Basner, would be misunderstood by me, a raving Hasbaraist.

                      Being tone deaf is one of your qualities. A shallow thinker is another. Put em together, and no one but you knows what the fuck you’re talking about.

                      Great job on obtaining the Palestinians their independence, btw. Funny thing is, they’d have it by now for over 15 years if they just listened to guys like me.

                  • My guesses are just plain wrong. Why I bet Miranda has a quote from an Israeli politician that supports the notion that BDS isn’t a raging pack of do-nothing assholes who get their kicks by trying to Kick the Shit out of some Jews.

                    That’s why Miranda is so freaking quiet when THOUSANDS OF MISSILES are launched into Israel unless she has the audacity to EXPLAIN THEM AWAY as if Israelis being attacked by missiles ISN’T REASON ENOUGH TO CONDUCT A WAR.

                    You and your group are not bringing peace to the Palestinians. Are you just so fucking dense that you can’t figure this out? Or do you hate Israelis so much that all your sense of logic gets flushed down the toilet?

                    Yes, Miranda, as the kids say, You’re Amazeballs.

          • Rick how very kind of you to pop in and point out the need for points to be clearly stated and legible.

            So would you be kind enough to explain exactly what you mean when you write “…but at least it keeps this site from being a total circle jerk. Was starting to look a bit sticky.”

            • Gerald, a circle jerk is a when a group of men get together to masterbate in a circle. In internet parlance it refers to a community where dissent from the ideological standards of the majority is not present. By countering the majority position Miranda elevates this site from being a circle jerk.

              Now this might seem a little wishy washy, but I think it’s important to try to understand those you disagree with. Sometimes this will help you reinforce your position, other times you might even find yourself changing your mind or, at the very least help you find common ground. To me this the crux of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, an inability to consider the other sides position.

              • I agree with Rick, especially re: the second paragraph. I do find that many on this site (and indeed on all sites that discuss the I/P issue) take entrenched dualist views (i.e. my view is correct, and anyone who disagrees with me is either i) insane, ii) antisemitic or iii) ignorant), which is a huge shame, as even the most anti-Israel people who come here SOMETIMES make a point that is actually worth listening to, even if it only to allow us to “know thine enemy”.

                • Not when the discussion is as divisive and full of hatred as BDS.

                  BDSers bring it upon themselves. Sorry. if they feel that it’s cool to attack Israel via college campuses and threats of violence with their boycotts at the mall, then they should expect a discussion about their tactics to involve the anger people like me possess towards them.

                  If they want a discussion as to why it’s cool to promote anti-Semitic tropes in their search for peace, then they can scream amongst the hot air of their own suffocating bubble.

              • Consider the other side’s position? But I’m doing exactly that. The other side’s position – Hamas and their BDS-er supporters’ position is crystal clear – they don’t want peace, they don’t want and independent state living in peace alongside Israel – they want me, my family, my friends and my people dead. This is not a debating society you know….

        • koufaxmitzvah I am used to you, and our other colonial cousins, making a complete “dog’s breakfast” of the English language, but now you have started on Italian.

          It is NOT ‘Capiche’ but ‘Capisce’. Unless, of course you were using the informal ‘tu’ in which case it would be ‘Capisci’.

      • Legitimising global Antisemitism is a strategic threat which must be countered, and those BDS and Gaza-fleet supporting (ASA-)Jews just prove that the prejudice all Jews are intelligent is dead wrong. They are plain stupid.

      • Sigh.
        This reminds me of why I stopped reading posts at Mondoweiss (a loathesome, laughable site I went to for two reasons: it was less of a toxic sewer system than other anti-Israel sites and provided a place to reasonably “know the enemy”, and because there’s always a sense that Mr. M-Weiss himself gets that he’s a token Azajew who is needed right now and will be killed and dumped in a mass grave once his erstwhile allies have “succeeded”): it uses the ridiculous view that Israel responding to threats made against them (which BDS, with its ultimate one-state goal and schizophrenic moral/power settings, certainly is doing; there’s no contradiction between finding BDS a threat vehicle and accurately noting it has earned a macro F grade and a micro D one) means Israel is losing by responding, and Israel NOT responding means Israel is losing by being unable to respond. That fails a logic test that a child would pass in his closing weeks of 1st grade studies.
        The history of BDS-like forces towards Israel is to have key demands that involve permanent actions by Israel and temporary ones by other parties, followed by more demands, usually followed by threats if those demands are ignored. There’s a point where the response to the demands is “this isn’t going to work now and it isn’t going to work long term”; that’s why the response to BDS has bases in both time frames, since taking something seriously doesn’t mean liking or respecting the legion ways it’s a dog’s breakfast.

  4. Miranda Basner….. People like you are pathetic assholes. Last summer, millions of you were storming the streets of Europe attempting to intimidate world Jewry because of Gaza. In America, your cohorts would hijack police officer attacks on blacks and associate this with the Middle East conflict. Chutzpah is the term we use for assholes such as yourself.

    You’ll never find peace in the Middle East. In fact, you are one of the last people on Earth who deserve it.