Asghar Bukhari defends conspiracy theory by citing source popular with those who see ‘Zionist footprints’

To those not following the #MossadStoleMyShoe saga, here’s a very quick review.

Asghar Bukhari, a founding member and spokesperson for the “extremist” Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK), recently claimed on Facebook that Zionists broke into his home to steal one shoe, in order to drive him crazy – Mossad psychological warfare, or something like that.

zionistsBukhari – who, quite tellingly, has been a regular guest on the BBC and Sky News – subsequently recorded videos, defending his bizarre conspiracy theory, in which his warped worldview – widely mocked on Twitter and in the traditional media – becomes even clearer.

In his latest video, he cites a news site evidently popular amongst those inclined to see the ‘Zionist footprint’ on otherwise inexplicable political and personal phenomena. (Pay close attention at the 9 second mark of the clip.)

We of course don’t know which report Bukhari is referring to, but its quite telling that of all the sites he could have cited in an attempt to buttress his claim of Zionist subterfuge, he chose the Guardian

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  1. This is the Islamist version of Catch 22. You only realise the Zionists are after you when you lose your mind (and your shoe). But realising that your lost shoe is the work of the Zionists is proof that you are sane. Get your head round that one!

  2. Informative and excellent reading about the Arab/Muslim predilection for conspiracy theories is Daniel Pipes’ “The Hidden Hand.”

    The Jews are, of course, responsible for all the ills of Muslim society and, according to Pipes, even where you can find no evidence of Jewish involvement it’s because they’re too damn clever to leave any traces.

    Bukhari is a prime example of the species.

  3. Bukhari is the mouthpiece of Hitler and every anti-Semite thereafter:”whatever goes wrong, whatever ills of the world there are, look no further than the Zionist.” However, what is more worrying than Bukhari’s sick rants is the fact that he is always cited as a ‘leading spokesperson’ on all Islamic matters, be it the Guardian or BBC’s Newsnight. I have long lost respect for the international media, but the fact that they continue to feature Bukhari on Muslim issues has totally confirmed my beliefs.