Guardian contributor Rachel Shabi goes on BBC and accuses Israel of murdering kids

Guardian contributor Rachel Shabi was invited on BBC’s Dateline London program on Aug. 8th to discuss Jewish extremism in Israel in the context of the recent murder of an eight month-old Palestinian boy and his father in the Palestinian town of Duma.

Here’s what Shabi said when asked by BBC presenter Gavin Esler to contextualize the Israeli government’s response to the killing. (Pay particularly close attention beginning at the 20 second mark)

Of course, so-called ‘price-tag attacks’ in this context refers to attacks (against property or persons) by Jewish extremists intended to exact a price for Israeli policies believed to be detrimental to the settlement enterprise.  Shabi is in effect saying that the death of hundreds of children in Gaza during last summer’s war with the terror group Hamas represented a willful Israeli policy of targeting Palestinian children as a similar act of vengeance or retribution. Her narrative, which went unchallenged by the BBC presenter, is consistent with the odious charge, typically found within Islamist and radical left circles, that Jews intentionally murder innocent kids.  

This is the kind of ugly smear that the late Robert S. Wistrich has characterized as a modern secular blood libel, and both Ms. Shabi and Mr. Esler should be ashamed of themselves for legitimizing such a historically toxic calumny. 


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  1. Both Rach (such a sweetie) and Gavin Esler are sadly lacking in logic

    The implication of her comment that Israel somehow targeted children by indulging in self defense in Gaza this summer is the absurd proposition that all other armies either avoid areas where there are children or go around extracting children from their target areas before attacking.

    May I remind her that Hamas had no such sensitivity when they attempted to wipe out Israel’s population with what the Israeli government says was 4562 missiles? It was Israel’s highly developed civil defence system and the Iron Dome that prevented wholesale slaughter of Israelis of all ages.

  2. Guardian “contributor” going to “BBC” is like a “Der Stürmer” contributor visiting the Goebbels Propaganda HQs.

  3. I’ve forwarded a link to this piece to my local MP as more evidence of the BBC’s anti-Israel agenda which is fueling anti-Semitism in the UK. I suggest other people in the UK do likewise.

    • @Babs –

      “…has anyone ideas about why al-Beeb should not be reporting on Sky News’ scoop about ISIS in the UK..?”

      Sky News most likely kept this story under pretty close wraps until it was screened today (Aug 11) as an “exclusive”. Rival journalists – and particularly broadcasters – need a bit of time to digest the contents, make checks, and find fresh angles.

      I don’t know what the BBC has broadcast so far on TV or radio, or what the future holds, but its INITIAL response (dated Aug 11) can be found here:

    • The tactics used by SkyNews’s ‘under cover’ reporter (who showed his face quite openly on the screen) and praised as ground-breaking have been used for decades by Israel, which is still under constant and concentrated attack by terrorists. They are of course called militants when they attack Israel but turn into Jihadis or terrorists when the goal is a country more favoured by the media

  4. This women needs to get her facts right and shame on the guardian newspaper for employing her. She is talking a load of garbage and untruths. She also forgot to mention that before Israel attacked Gaza they dropped thousands of leaflets warning people to go to safe places. She obviously has not done her homework and gathered knowledge about where Hamas stored there weapons. Under schools and hospitals !!!!! I can assure this woman that Israel do not knowingly go out of there way to kill anyone let alone children. They leave that for the Arabs to do .themselves.

    • The Guardian, and the BBC, constantly downplay anything connected to Islamic inspired terrorism. And, if they do ‘notice’ anything, they usually have some word collection giving me to understand that ‘this has nothing to do with Islam’.

  5. She is not really employed by the Guardian. She is a “contributor”. Perhaps even for them she is too toxic to have on staff?

  6. Far from Israel’s rules of engagement being too lax, the opposite is true – to the extent that various people in the political and military “echelons” are imposing more and more restrictive measures on Tsahal, even when soldiers are in situations where they are very much on the defensive.

    The new measures reported here,, significantly increase the risk to ordinary soldiers’ lives. Please email the Israeli embassy to protest.