Former Guardian contributor tells Jewish journo that Palestinians should “cut his throat”.

Richard Seymour, a Guardian contributor through 2014 (seen here running interference for Hamas) and radical blogger for the uber-left site Lenin’s Tomb, had this to say on Facebook about Josh Hasten, an Israeli journalist who recently reported on the near lynching of a Jewish woman near Jerusalem by rioting Palestinians:

richard seymour

Just last month, Seymour was widely criticized for mocking a Falklands War veteran and serious burns victim.


In addition to his work at the Guardian (he had no less than 27 op-eds published there in 2014 alone), Seymour has contributed to London Review of Books and Al-Jazeera


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  1. Where does that level of vileness come from? Is he a muslim or has he found his own path to satan?

  2. that is an offence under section 127 of the communications act 2008, punishable by a fine and or imprisonment.
    the victim should report this to the police immediately and they will investigate

  3. Just followed the path to Lenin’s Tomb. The man is an unbelievable hate-monster, and he has spent the last year or more writing for the Guardian. That should tell you everything you never needed to know about the Guardian.

  4. The Western World is obsessed with Jews. We look like them, you know? And yet we’re different. With a funny language and lunar calendar.

    Silly us. Won’t we ever learn?

  5. Seymour, another self-righteous European who thinks the world would be better off by slitting Jewish throats. Does he whistle the Hosrst Wessel while he writes?

    • I’m quite happy getting the one-star treatment from those who think their hostility to Jews represents progress. I just like to point out that there are so many pompous ‘Seymours’ in the contemporary European milieu who mistake hateful SA (Sturmabteilung) Jewish blood-lust as being left-wing and ‘humanitarian’.