Independent’s anti-Israel bias shines through in comically misleading headline

Two elderly Jewish men were victims of a stabbing attack on Saturday in Jerusalem. The perpetrator of the attack, a 16-year-old Palestinian from East Jerusalem, was shot and killed by police shortly after the stabbing.

There has now been more than a dozen Palestinian or Arab terror attacks against Israelis, involving knives, in the past eight days.

Here’s how The Independent chose to frame the story.

orig indy

After complaints to Indy editors, they changed it to this:

indy headline

Despite the minor improvement, they still lead with the death of the perpetrator, and the text leaves readers unsure whether the boy killed by police was one responsible for the stabbing. Further, the Israeli victims are not mentioned.

Even worse, here’s the opening paragraph, in the report by Lizzie Dearden, which clearly inspired the original headline:

A 16-year-old boy has become the seventh Palestinian shot dead by Israeli security forces in just 24 hours as a wave of violence continues.

In the second paragraph, we finally learn that the boy was shot after stabbing two Jews.

Moreover, you’d have to read the entire article to even get a hint that seven Palestinians were “shot dead by Israeli security forces in just 24 hours” in response to a wave of terror attacks against Israelis.

Even by British media standards, this represents an especially egregious example of anti-Israel bias.

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    • Sorry, Andrew. If I’m a soldier on duty, and I see someone stab a man, I’ve seen an attempted murder, so I immediately try to prevent any further murder attempts with whatever means are at my disposal.

    • These are terrorists.
      They were caught in the act having been encouraged by their society and the sympathy of questionably useful idiots like you.
      Do something useful for a change. Stop being an idiot by sympathising with them.

      • Idiots can’t stop being idiots. That’s one of the downfalls/advantages of being a moron. One way of looking, no reflection, no ability to change course. Just full steam ahead moron, all the way.

    • These people are assassins, not criminals. The soldier who shot the terrorist in Canada earned world wide praise. Israel’s soldiers police and citizens are heroes. They prevent further harm being done, often by using their bare hands against knives or guns.

      Israel is not popular as a result of lavish use of Arab oil money financing university chairs and owning media but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think for yourself

    • The procedure for police in most countries, including the one you probably live in, is to shoot a person holding a knife, if he had already attacked with it., or about to attack. Nothing unusual here.

  1. Andrew

    Is there any indication that the first responders to these stabbings chose to kill rather than capture the Palestinian Stabbers who have died? I know of no such accusation. No one has accused anyone in Law enforcement in Israel of using excess force to the best of my knowledge. How do you make an accusation that the Palestinians are being executed?

    Peter Gerard
    From America.

  2. I saw that headline and thought- this needs to be corrected. Now I see this was AFTER the correction. Dear god.

    “Israelis kill boy. Oh an some stabbing occurred, in the passive form. Possibly related.”

  3. The British media reeks with Antisemitism. The Brits are such ignorant buffoons. They swallow all the shit thrown at them by their hateful media and swine banging politicians.

  4. I would kill him even if he put down his knife. why? because he’ll get free food in jail and when he leaves he’ll do much bigger attacks. Israelis are being way too nice and letting a third intifada start. They need to start deporting these trouble makers immediately. Does it makes sense that Jews don’t feel safe to walk down the streets in Israel? Their security needs to come first before we consider the welfare of terrorist scum. and by the way, if you plan to become a martyr, know that Allah is going to send you to Gehenom, where there are no virgins.