UK Media Watch prompts correction to Times of London claim about “settlers”

We recently posted about a Times of London caption (in their Oct. 19 print edition) beneath a photo of rioting Palestinians.

The caption read:

“Anger throughout Palestinian east Jerusalem as Israeli forces approved new stop and frisk powers in response to stabbing attacks on Jewish settlers“.

We demonstrated in our post that Arab terrorists have in fact been targeting Jews, not ‘merely’ “settlers’.  After complaining to Times of London editors, they published the following correction.

correction at times

We commend editors on the prompt correction.

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  1. It’s pretty evident Western Journos are encouraging attacks on Jews whom they blindly despise.

    They shouldn’t be shocked, then, when folks like me want them to choke to death on their own vomit.

    I say, Palestine – Go Stab a Western Journo. They are the ones keeping you in misery. They in fact, make money off your misery. If you weren’t so miserable, Oh Palestine, they wouldn’t be in Israel demanding that the world understand why it’s suddenly okay to attack Jews.

    A bunch of sickos.

  2. I would object to the term “Palestinian east Jerusalem.” Seems like they are anxious to award the 3,000 year old capital of the Jews to some Arabs who started calling themselves Palestinians a quarter past last Tuesday. But Arabs didn’t come from there. Why aren’t they settlers? And why should the term be ipso facto pejorative?

    • Haven’t you seen any maps? And by that, I mean the map of Palestine circa 1946. It’s common knowledge that 1946 is the first year ever recorded for map making, especially in the Middle East. All those previous cartographers were merely drawers.

      • The peaceful Palestinians had to wait for the British to draw a map of their peaceful patrimony for them since they had been so peacefully busy peacefully tending their peaceful olive groves, while peacefully weaving peaceful tapestries, and peacefully writing their peaceful poetry for peaceful millennia in their peaceful paradise which was peacefully devoid of Jews, of course. So they never developed the skill of map making. They’re such sweet children.