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The Gerald Kaufman MP antisemitism video

On Oct. 28, blogger David Collier broke the story about remarks by Gerald Kaufman MP, at a London event he hosted with the Palestinian Return Centre, which included the charge that “Jewish money” controls British foreign policy, and that Israel has been fabricating stabbing stories to justify “executing” Palestinians.

Campaign Against Antisemitism released the following video to highlight Kaufman’s antisemitic slur, and we encourage you to circulate the short clip on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

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  1. As Golda Meir brilliantly said, there is no such thing as the “Palestinian” people. They are nothing more than a mixed multitude of unwanted Arabs from every Arab country. Arab expansioninsm is their historic trait. What started as a bunch of tribes out of Arabian peninsula had occupied the whole Middle East and North Africa and forced everyone to convert to Islam. They just can’t live with a fact that anyone would resist Islam

    The international community’s response to unabashed slaughtering of Jews.
    By Joseph Klein
    October 15, 2015

    Vicious attacks by Palestinians, using knives, guns and vehicles as weapons of choice against Israeli civilians, are escalating to an alarming degree. In response, the so-called “international community” is siding with the Palestinian killers and blaming the Jewish victims, despite the clear source of the violence. Spurred on by hate-filled social media postings exhorting Palestinians to go out and kill as many Jews as possible, would-be Palestinian martyrs – including women and teenagers — set out to do just that. In two dozen violent incidents since October 1st, at least seven Israelis have been killed and scores more have been wounded.

    As just one example of the incitement to violence appearing on social media, the following tweet was posted last week under the hashtag “The Intifada Has Started”: “There is no greater reward in Islam than the one given for jihad, and there is no greater reward than the one given for #Slaughtering_the_Jews… Kill them wherever you find them.” (Source: The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI))

    There are also tutorials on how to most effectively stab Jews to death. For instance, in a tweet posted from an individual in Gaza under the hashtag ” Poison The Knife Before You Stab,” the following ghastly advice was offered: “Dip [your] knife in an active poison before carrying out [a stabbing], so that even if the knife does not manage [to kill], the poison will do the job.” (Source: MEMRI)

    Israel’s new ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon described in a communication to the United Nations Security Council and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon one recent horrific attack involving a 13-year-old Palestinian perpetrator and a 13-year-old Israeli victim. It may well have been the product of the call to kill Jews appearing on Palestinian social media:

    “On Monday, in a particularly shocking and horrific attack, two Palestinian teenagers, one of them merely 13 years old, stabbed a 13 year old boy riding his bicycle and an Israeli man who was walking down the street. This was just one of the four attacks that took place on that day alone, three of which were carried out by minors.”

    This disturbing account fell on deaf ears at the United Nations.

    When Palestinian assailants die or are injured after Israeli security forces respond to quell the violence and take down the murderous aggressors, the Palestinians are hailed as martyrs in their own communities and are excused by the “international community” for simply acting on their “frustration.” Israeli security forces are accused of using “disproportionate” force even as they themselves are attacked.

    The United Nations regularly issues statements condemning the violence by both sides and calling for restraint. However, when the UN does look to assign blame, inevitably the pro-Palestinian UN bureaucracy targets Israel.

    The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is a UN agency established back in 1949, originally as a temporary relief agency for displaced Palestinians with the objective of resettling them in communities willing to receive them. It has morphed into a permanent fixture. Its clientele today are some 5 million registered Palestine “refugees,” most of whom are descendants separated by several generations from the actual refugees who left their homes when Israel was created and who were supposed to have been resettled and integrated into their new communities. UNRWA intends to stay in business until as many of the 5 million so-called “refugees” can return “home” from Jordan where they are already citizens of that Palestinian majority country and from Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. “Home” to UNRWA and its clientele is not limited to just a new state bordering Israel along essentially the pre-1967 lines. It also means the “refugees” claimed “right of return” to lands encompassing pre-1967 Israel.

    Against that backdrop, consider UNRWA’s false rationalization for the recent spurt of Palestinian violence:

    “The root causes of the conflict, among them the Israeli occupation, must be addressed. Across the occupied Palestinian territory there is a pervasive sense of hopelessness and despair resulting from the denial of rights and dignity. In the West Bank communities living under occupation feel profoundly marginalized. While in Gaza the latest demonstrations are evidence of a generation that has lost hope in the future; not least because of the lack of economic prospects — youth unemployment is one of the highest in the world – but also because of the lack of reconstruction more than a year after the conflict. An entire generation of Palestinians is at risk.”

    UNRWA condemned Israel’s response to the violence initiated by Palestinian killers. It claimed that “the high number of casualties, in particular those resulting from the use of live ammunition by Israeli forces raise serious concerns about the excessive use of force that may be contrary to international law enforcement standards.”

    President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are so very anxious to ingratiate themselves with the “international community,” as manifested by the United Nations. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Kerry is singing the same tune as UNRWA. At Harvard University this past Tuesday night, Kerry complained, as he does so frequently, about the failure to negotiate a definitive two-state solution and about Israeli settlements as an obstacle to peace. This time he linked both to what he characterized as the Palestinians’ “frustration,” which he contended was what led to their resort to violence.

    “What’s happening is that, unless we get going, a two-state solution could conceivably be stolen from everybody,” Kerry said. “And there’s been a massive increase in settlements over the course of the last years, and now you have this violence because there’s a frustration that is growing.”

    Kerry’s remarks were absurd on their face. Elliott Abrams, a senior fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C. who has served in government as a specialist in Middle East policy, went further in criticizing Kerry. He called Kerry’s remarks “morally obtuse and factually wrong.”

    First of all, the issue that social media has been using to fire up the Palestinian assailants to engage in their recent attacks is not so much focused on the settlements. It involves the false rumors about alleged Israeli plans to change the status quo at the Temple Mount or, as Muslims refer to it, Haram al-Sharif. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that Israel is fully committed to maintaining the status quo at the compound. But that has not stopped exploitation of the false rumors by social media and by Palestinian leaders including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

    Secondly, when Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and uprooted all of the settlers living there, the Palestinians failed completely to seize the opportunity to build a prototype model of a state. Their “frustration” before Israel’s pull-out from Gaza did not give way in the least to constructive action after all the settlers and Israeli forces had left. Instead, the Palestinians squandered the opportunity in Gaza and irresponsibly rejected offers by successive Israeli governments for a peace agreement that would have given them much of what they have asked for in the West Bank.

    With regard to the settlements in the West Bank, good faith moratoriums on settlement building have been ignored by Palestinian leaders. Moreover, as Abrams pointed out, there has not been either a massive increase in the number of settlements or in settlement size. The growth in settlement population that has occurred, Abrams observed, has occurred largely “in the major blocs–such as Ma’ale Adumim–that Israel will clearly retain in any final agreement.”

    Violence is not the Palestinians’ last resort, born of frustration after seeing that nothing else has worked. It is the Palestinians’ first reflexive action in dealing with their own self-inflicted plight. The Palestinians regularly lie to the world with their propaganda campaign aimed at exonerating themselves of all responsibility and at delegitimizing the Jewish State of Israel. For the Obama administration to parrot the propaganda and join the “international community” in blaming the Jewish victims of terrorism for defending themselves is tantamount to anti-Semitism.

    End the BDS Occupation of Manchester!
    by JMA
    November 8, 2015

    According to Sky News and other media outlets, there is a Palestinian uprising in “Occupied East Jerusalem”. The western media accuses Israel of oppressing the Palestinians in “the Occupied Territories” or the “West Bank”. The use of the term “occupied” to describe Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria is completely wrong. The truth is that east Jerusalem is occupied by Palestinian Arab settlers, not Israelis. The occupiers are not Jews, they are Arabs. The land of Israel, formerly the colonial territory of Palestine, belongs to the Jewish people under international law, which is the British Mandate White Paper, which was recognised by the League of Nations in 1922.

    Most people who live in Israel today are descendants of immigrants from Europe, North Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the West, who came to the Ottoman areas around Jerusalem, Mandate Palestine, and the State of Israel during the twentieth century. Those immigrants were Jewish, Christian and Muslim. There are some Arabs descended from Ottoman Muslims. There are some Jews descended from the ancient Hebrews of Judea and Israel. Others are descended from Middle Eastern and European Christians, most of whom came during the late Ottoman period, which ended in 1917. The native people of this land, however, are the Jewish people. Israel is a Jewish state governed under secular laws.

    The occupation referred to constantly by the Western media was created by Jordan’s invasion of Judea and Samaria and east Jerusalem in 1948. Jordan illegally annexed these territories in 1950, calling them the West Bank, meaning the West Bank of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Israel liberated the so-called West Bank and east Jerusalem in 1967 when Jordan attacked Israel during the Six-Day War. Israel has not annexed the West Bank, but governs most of it, whereas the Palestinian Authority governs the eight cities of Zone ‘A’ of Judea and Samaria.

    There are no Jewish settlers in Israel. Nor in the so-called West Bank. The West Bank is land that is part of Mandate Palestine, recognised as the Jewish homeland under international law in the 1920’s. As such, there are no occupied territories in Israel. The concept of “the occupied territories” was invented by the Soviet Union and the international Marxist Left after Russia lost its sphere of influence in the Middle East following the 1967 war. Lefty Russian stooges, such as Vanessa Redgrave (who had supported Israel till 1967) then frog-marched themselves into the Russian, anti-Israel camp. Likewise, today’s youth at university campuses have aligned themselves with the Soviet-inspired anti-Zionist movement and are totally ignorant of Israel and Middle Eastern history. Such people just mouth the slogans of the genocidal Marxist Palestinian supporters. All of the Arab countries, including Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq, wanted to annihilate Israel long before the concept of “the occupied territories” was invented. The BDS movement is merely an extension of the decades-old Arab desire to destroy Israel. The genocidal intent of the Palestinian Arabs and their BDS stooges is clear.

    The phrase “Palestinian people” is part of the BDS arsenal used to discredit Israel. Used correctly, “Palestinian people” refers to both the Jews and the Arabs who were born there before 1948. Everybody born there since 1948 is either an Israeli or a Jordanian. Jordan, of course, is Arab Palestine. But a misunderstanding of geo-politics is only part of the problem. Islamism is a growing threat. The Arabs who are now revolting against the Israelis are Islamist terrorists who want to destroy Israel and restore the Muslim occupation that ended in 1918 (in 1967 in the West Bank and east Jerusalem). All attacks on innocent Israelis are part of a Muslim “holy war”, or jihad, designed to annihilate the Jewish people, Judaism and the secular state of Israel. They want to replace it with a Muslim state. The international BDS movement, which comprises hard-line Islamists and socialists, is an extension of the jihad against Israel.

    The media is obsessed with the notion of Israeli occupation. But the truth is, the real occupation is happening elsewhere, predominantly in the West on campuses and in cities such as Manchester. The occupation to which I am referring is the BDS occupation. As well as physically occupying our universities and public spaces with their banners, anti-Semitic protests and marches, BDS is an occupation of the mind. It is totalitarian in nature and turns its followers into dhimmis of the Palestinian Muslim terrorists who have been at war with Israel for almost a hundred years.

    In 2014, the protesters occupied Manchester during and after the Gaza War, when they not only picketed a cosmetics shop called Kedem (on King Street) for several months, they also shut down huge chunks of Manchester’s city centre. Historically a liberal-minded city, Manchester became a place of intolerance and thuggish anti-Semitism. Not that the BDS occupation ever left town after the end of the Kedem boycott last autumn. They continue to occupy Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens every weekend, spreading hatred of Israel and the Jewish people. But after the Muslim firebombing of the al-Aqsa mosque in September, the BDS occupation, inspired by the pro-Hamas politics of Jeremy Corbyn, spread once again to other parts of Manchester city centre. First, they formed the front line of the anti-Tory protests outside the Conservative conference. It started with a constant barrage of “Tory scum”. It ended with Jew-hatred when Jewish Conservatives were called “kikes” and told to “f–k off back to Auschwitz”. On my final day at the conference, they chanted “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea” when they recognised myself and two Jewish Tory council candidates as we left the security gates outside the Midland Hotel.

    Following Abu Mazen’s speech at the United Nations and the terrorist murders of Jews in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel in recent weeks, the BDS occupiers returned to Kedem. In an echo of 2014, around sixty protesters occupied King Street, intimidating the public and chanting words of hatred towards Israel, Zionism and the Jewish people. As usual, they screamed “Free free Palestine from the river to the sea”. You could see the hatred in their eyes when they were confronted with a small defensive counter-protest by members of the Jewish community and some Christian supporters.

    The occupation of King Street is just one battlefield in a wider war. The boycotts, divestment’s and sanctions movement is an assault not only on Jews but on liberal English values. Many of the BDS people are Muslims who are openly fronting a radical Islamist/pro-terror agenda. The non-Muslim participants of BDS may look English and talk with English accents, but they are enemies of liberal English society that has been built up over the last three hundred years and successfully exported to Australia, America, Canada and New Zealand. In effect, they are post-English and post-liberal. How can they not be when they have allied themselves with both international Marxist-Leninism and Islamic supremacism?

    Such people are not confused or naive. They know exactly what they are doing. And what they are doing is threatening and dangerous. If they could get away with it, they would gladly throw rocks at Jews in Manchester. That is the problem with BDS. It’s not a peace movement. Far from it. It’s thuggish, anti-Semitic, anti-Western and totalitarian. The BDS boycotters in Manchester are the new face of post-English totalitarian intolerance.

    If we want peace on the streets of Manchester, then we must do everything we can to end the occupation. No, not the so-called occupation of east Jerusalem or the West Bank, but the BDS occupation of Manchester.

  4. Great Post i saw on RT about the Arabist RT Russian network.
    Moshe G10 hours ago
    Of course Abid Omar Qusini, and his employers here at RT hereby present another piece of”news” based on their worldview. In it ,the fact that the palestinian arab muslim population is being incited to murder and maim, and indeed have successfully murdered 15 israeli Jews and seriously wounded approximately 130 israeli jews, just in the last 10 days, is not worthy of reporting. It is not reported because in this worldview, this activity is not just legal and justified but also honorable, glorious and heroic. Thus the silence from RT this last week, as arab muslim murderering terrorists unleashed their legal activities on the israeli jewish population daily, murdering many and wounding many many more.

    Did RT report this? Show the loss of the victims? Their horror ? Their pain? Find out the feeling of the majority of the palestinian population? Do they support?oppose? NYET!…BUT what IS worthy of reporting? The dastardly population of Israel is in support of killing the murderers on the spot. They have the nerve and the evil desire to want to kill muslim arab palestinian terrorists who are engaged in the completely LEGAL activity of murdering Israelis. This is disgusting!! What an evil group these Israelis!! This is news that must be reported after a week of murder and mayhem because it shows how evil israelis are they have illegal aspirations and indeed their very existance is illegal. Isnt it Amir. Isnt it RT?..How many more Russian airlines will have to be shot down by muslim terrorists for Russia Today to realize that their worldview is suicidal, self destructive and will bring death and muslim murderers to their own door? When will this incitement and support of terror stop streaming forth from this Russian News agency?

  5. Palestinians don’t understand what is peace. They will never agree to peace. They teach their children that death is more then life. Their ultimate goal is to die for the course. They live a lie and die for a lie. They live to destroy Israel but in the end they will destroy themselves .

    The sad truth is that the Egyptian terrorist Arafat like his corrupt, anti-Semitic terrorist successor Abbas have never been interested in presiding over the 23rd Arab/Islamofascist state, so much as destroying the only Jewish one.
    Let them rot in their cesspool of hate, mediocrity and misogyny.

    Shlomo Avineri is an expert on Marx and Engels.
    July 14, 2014 Daniel Greenfield

    Shlomo Avineri is an expert on Marx and Engels. He was a fervent advocate of negotiating with the PLO and ended up heading Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Israeli conservatives were not at all happy with that.

    When the Rabin government appointed Avineri to the post of Director-General of the Foreign Ministry in 1975, this was harshly criticized by the Likud opposition because of Avineri’s support for negotiations with the PLO (a Likud MK even compared him to “Lord Haw-Haw”, the British traitor who had broadcast from Berlin during World War II and was later executed).

    Avineri’s awakening process was really slow. But now approaching 80, he’s sort of figure a few things out. Like that negotiating with the PLO was never going to work.

    “We thought they wanted a state, and a two-state solution, but it turns out that they want to destroy Israel, because they cannot/will not accept any form of Jewish national self-determination.”

    The initiators of Oslo and the process’ supporters saw the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a conflict between two national movements, and believed – as I believed – that in direct negotiations between Israel and the PLO, a solution could be found to the territorial and strategic issues that are the source of the dispute between the two movements. It was not simple to persuade Israelis – and even the Labor party – that there was a national movement on the other side, and that although it had terrorist aspects, at heart it is entitled to fulfill its independent national self-definition, just like Zionism. The viewpoints of Golda Meir on the subject (“there is no Palestinian nation”) have not been forgotten, and the fact that the initiators of Oslo managed to overcome this tradition of denial, to which even the Labor party was a partner, was an accomplishment.

    But the basis of this concept had a mistake. All of those who supported the Oslo process believed that we were talking about a dispute between two national movements, and that the other side felt the same way.

    We were mistaken.

    The Palestinian side does not believe that we are talking about a dispute between two national movements: It believes that we are talking about a dispute between one national movement – the Palestinian – and a colonial imperialistic entity that will eventually die off. Therefore, the parallel that appears in the Palestinian textbooks is Algeria. It isn’t the Israeli presence on the West Bank that is Algeria, but rather the entire Israel is Algeria, and the Israelis will disappear one way or the other, just like the French settlers were expelled from Algeria.

    This is the reason why the Palestinian title for the two-state solution is different than the Israeli version. The Israeli stance talks about “two states for two peoples” but in the Palestinian version the phrase “for two peoples” does not appear. It only talks about “two states.” If someone thinks that this is just poor phrasing, he should ask his Palestinian counterpart to express an opinion about the “two states for two peoples” version and he will sooner or later get the answer that there is no Jewish people. This is also the reason why the Palestinians refused the version suggested by [John] Kerry “an agreement between two nation states.”

    The truth is – and every Oslo supporter must recognize it – that in the Palestinian narrative, the Jews are not a people or a nation, but only a religious group, and therefore they are not entitled to a state. This is also the reason for the across-the-board and uncompromising opposition of the Palestinian side to recognizing the State of Israel as the State of the Jewish People. Even those who believe that Benjamin Netanyahu raised the topic only to complicate the negotiations, must contend with the fact that the Palestinian refusal to contend with the topic derives from the simple reason that the Palestinians believe that there is no Jewish people.

    The source of the dispute is not borders, settlements or even Jerusalem. And of course, this is connected to the Palestinian refusal to waive the principle of the right of return. There are good reasons to criticize the Netanyahu government’s behavior during US Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts to revive the negotiations, but to ignore these deep-seeded views constitutes a lack of intellectual honesty.

    This is what I’ve been writing for a bit. So have most sensible conservatives. The trouble is that he’s done his damage already. It’s nice that some of his generation of leftists have woken up, but the damage is being done by a whole new generation that absorbed and acted on their ideas.

  7. Israel is at war with the Arab terrorists. . Netanyahu should declare marshal law, as would the leader of any sovereign state.Then put the IDF in control. No freedom of movement from the Arab enclaves until the violence stops. The world will howl in indignation, as it always does, but the world can go to heII.

  8. Regarding the Palestinians.
    i didn’t realize prisons have malls, restaurants, mansions, hotels, Mercedes, xbox, and an above average obesity rate
    Gaza has a thriving export industry – missiles, rockets, mortars, and lies. The wall/blockade is to stop attacks on civilians.

    Terror children, the latest Palestinian innovation
    November 12, 2015

    I opened my newspaper Wednesday morning to read that two Palestinian terrorists had attacked a security guard in a car on the oft-targeted Jerusalem light rail. The guard was stabbed twice; one of the terrorists was shot and the other overpowered by passengers.

    The thing is that the terrorists were cousins, 11 and 14 years old.

    The 11-year old, who was shot by the guard he or his cousin had stabbed, was taken to Hadassah Hospital, where – as I find myself writing yet again – he will receive the best medical care available in the Middle East. Because of his age, he will then go home to his parents. Israeli law makes no provision for attempted murderers below the age of 12.

    When I was 11, I was a Cub Scout. Not even a Boy Scout, for which you had to be 12. I built model airplanes and crystal radios, played ball in the street and rode my bike to the swimming pool in the summer. The greatest violence I had experienced in my life was a fight with a boy my age that resulted in a bloody nose.

    It’s been a long time, but I can’t begin to imagine myself or any of my friends or acquaintances planning and carrying out an attack intended to cause the death of a stranger, simply because he was a member of a group defined as an enemy.

    To plunge a knife into the flesh of a human being. Think about it. Think about how you would need to feel in order to do it. Most of us would have a hard time killing an animal, even a chicken we intended to eat. Then think aboutplanning to do it in advance, sharpening a knife and hiding it in your school backpack so that you could go out and stab Jews after school. Think about doing this when you were a kid.

    There are cases of children committing murder in the US, but they are rare and usually the child is in some way psychologically defective. But there are numerous cases of Palestinian teenagers, girls as well as boys, committing stabbing attacks. A few weeks ago, another pair of cousins aged 13 and 17 seriously wounded two Jews, one of whom was also a 13-year old, in a stabbing spree that ended when the older assailant was shot by police and the younger one hit by a car.

    One reason it’s hard for us to comprehend their behavior is that most Westerners really don’t get the concept of an enemy. You belong to a tribe, and there is an enemy tribe. When you meet a member of the enemy tribe, you fight. If you can kill him you do. Often killing an enemy is justified as revenge for a series of crimes committed by the enemy tribe. It doesn’t matter who he is as an individual.

    The other difficult concept is hate. We use the word loosely: not wanting to sit next to a person of a particular race on a bus isn’t hate, regardless of how reprehensible it may be. Hate is the emotion that makes you want to plunge a knife deep into the neck of the hated person. Most 11-year old children haven’t experienced real hate. Most grown-ups in Israel and the West may have felt it a few times and certainly only a very small number have acted on it.

    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is asymmetrical because most of the hate and the enmity is on one side. A US State Department spokesperson will say “both sides need to exercise restraint” as if both sides are doing the same, unrestrained violent thing. Jeffrey Goldberg referred to Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs as “two warring tribes” as if both tribes treat the other as an enemy. These expressions are misleading, because in this conflict Jews are primarily defending themselves out of necessity while Palestinian Arabs are attacking them out of tribal hatred.

    Of course there are exceptions. The Jews that burned Muhammad Abu Khdeir to death saw him as a representative of a hated enemy. His murder was a classic case of revenge against a member of an enemy tribe.

    But note that Jews are in the majority, have access to more and better weapons and have an organized fighting force. If they were as suffused with hatred for Arabs as Arabs are for Jews, there would be no Arabs left from the river to the sea. And if Arabs had the means that the Jews have, there would be no more Jews.

    There are several reasons for the Palestinian Arabs’ hate, and they seem to have combined to create a perfect storm of murder.
    The honor-shame character of the Arab culture calls for humiliation to be extirpated by blood.
    The violation by Jewish sovereignty of the Islamic hierarchy which places Jews several steps down from male Muslims is an endless source of humiliation for them.
    The idea that Jews are lower than Muslims, close to animals, makes it easier to consider killing them. And Arabs, even children, are familiar with the slaughter of animals.
    The essential aspect of Palestinian – not just Arab – culture, the fact that it’s defined in opposition to Jews and Jewish sovereignty, makes Jews blamable for everything bad that has happened to Palestinian Arabs.
    The flood of hateful indoctrination that Palestinian Arabs receive from the Palestinian Authority and Hamas makes them furious and gives their fury an object – the Jews. Any Jews.
    The approval their society gives terrorists validates their behavior as not only normal but laudable.
    Incitement on children’s programs on regular media plus social media is aimed directly at children.

    There is nothing remotely similar to any of these in mainstream Jewish culture. So while we may fight Hamas on a regular basis and push back at the violent ‘demonstrations’ incited by the PLO, we don’t systematically or sporadically try to kill Arabs. And we certainly don’t encourage our children to do so.

    All of these strong emotional motivators act on children as well of adults, but in children the safety mechanisms that might make an adult pull back from actual murder aren’t well-developed. Emotions go straight to action, hate straight to stabbing.

    The encouragement of children to become terrorists is not an accident. The Palestinian educational system is designed to do it. Child soldiers are nothing new, but their use as self-guided terrorist missiles is a Palestinian innovation. It can be counted along with the other Palestinian contributions to humanity, like the popularization of airplane hijacking, the Qassam rocket, and automotive terrorism.

    The Palestinians have tried to appropriate Jewish history in the land of Israel, to create a ‘holocaust’ for themselves, to claim our holy city and our holy sites, even to claim the Jewish founder of Christianity for themselves. But one thing that they did not copy was our love and concern for our children. Instead they cynically and cruelly use them, as soldiers, human shields, human bombs and terrorists. They have created a generation of haters and killers. Karma is not a Jewish concept, but I expect that they will pay dearly in the future for what they are doing today.

  10. I am have trouble identifying who is crazier, the Arab knife wielding attackers or the journalists who sympathize with them. To speak about extending sympathy to Palestinian terrorists who are utterly bent on murdering innocent Jewish civilians is insanity.

    Certainly if the shoe were on the other foot and it was Jews hacking to death elderly Arabs, or Jews grabbing Arab teenagers on bicycles and bludgeoning Arab teens with knives, these same journalists would be screaming in protest.
    Peter Beaumont himself would be filled with rage if Jews did what these Palestinians are doing trying to stab defenseless Israeli civilians.
    The tone of how these journalists are Arab terrorist apologists is sickening.

    The simple fact is that these attacks have nothing to do with Arab frustrations of Israel not living as a minority under Arabs.
    It has to do with a well organized brain washing campaign by Palestinian leadership to promote terrorism as a way of getting headlines across the globe. It by this means that the monetary contributions pour in and these things always arise when the money slows down.
    Instead of appeasing Palestinian terrorists, Journalists should think what would you do if Arab knife wielding attackers wanted to stab you to death.

  11. Palestinians oppose a Kurdish state. What Freakin Hypocrites.
    PLO opposes Kurdish self-determination
    Al Arabiya reported that PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat is opposed to Kurdish self-determination: “Kurdish independence would be a poisoned sword against the Arabs.” It has been reported that the PA is trying to build stronger ties with Iran and reestablished diplomatic relations with Syria.
    By Rachel Avraham
    Sep 10, 2015

    A recent report in Al Arabiya revealed that PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat is opposed to Kurdish self-determination because it will encourage other countries to separate from the Arab states: “Kurdish independence would be a poisoned sword against the Arabs.” Erekat also stated that he is disturbed that both Kurds and Israelis enjoy a covert relationship.

    An op-ed that was published in the Kurdistan Tribune pointed out that the international community and Muslim world frequently champion the Palestinian cause but fail to support the Kurds, even though both groups are Muslim and stateless. The article noted that this remains the case even though the Kurds are the largest ethnic group without a nation that has been struggling for statehood since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and has been fighting against the radical Islamists, while the Palestinians have only been seeking a state since 1948 and are not dedicated to fighting against the radical Islamists.

    “The Kurds fight for independence against Turkey, Syria, Iran and now ISIS,” the article stressed. “But taking issue with Israel above all else, often to the exclusion of anything else, is such an embedded meme among the Muslim world and Western leftists that the Palestine lobby very often finds itself incapable of showing its solidarity with the Kurds.”

    These statements by Erekat come in the background of Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen seeking to improve his ties with Iran, a regime that is openly hostile to the Kurds. According to Palestinian Media Watch, senior level Fatah official Abbas Zaki stressed that the ties are “an inevitable step if we the Palestinians want to confront the Israeli occupation.” PLO Executive Committee member Ahmed Majdalani was sent “to repair its relations with Iran and it was agreed to determine actual steps to bring the occupation to an end, in addition to Palestinian participation in resolving the Syrian crisis. This is due to the fact that President Abbas’ initiative and the Iranian initiative to end the war taking place there intersect.”

    Palestinian Media Watch reported that Fatah might be willing to start siding with the Assad regime regarding the Syrian Civil War in exchange for Iranian support against Israel. Fatah has already restored diplomatic relations with the Damascus regime, a government that is behind an ethnic cleansing campaign targeting Kurds. The Palestinian Authority’s attempt to strengthen relations with both Iran and Syria has prompted the Palestinian Authority to move from being ambivalent about the Kurds to being outright hostile towards

  12. Isi Leibler another great article on this.
    A call for unity and expressing outrage
    By Isi Leibler
    NOVEMBER 11, 2015

    The world is experiencing a clash of civilizations with satanic forces seeking to revert to the Dark Ages. In this context, the behavior of the Palestinians has now descended to such barbaric depths that in a rational world, Israel should have the unequivocal support of all civilized people.

    However, hypocritical global leaders, devoid of moral compass, have abandoned us. They relate to Israel and those seeking its destruction with moral equivalence and opportunistically collaborate with rogue states. Moral relativism has paved the way for a realpolitik in the democratic world, which no longer relates to concepts like good and evil.

    George Orwell undoubtedly could have devoted another book to the doublespeak adopted in relation to Israel. Global leaders are not merely indifferent to the fact that innocent Israeli citizens are targeted for assassination by youngsters transformed into frenzied religious lunatics by their leaders. They even condemn Israelis for defending themselves.

    Western leaders refuse to recognize, that in the same way the Nazis successfully transformed Germany into a society endorsing genocide, Palestinian leaders have inculcated children, from kindergarten onward, with the notion that being killed in the process of murdering Jews is the highest form of religious martyrdom.

    Our “peace partner,” Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, “blesses the blood” shed in killing Jews, glorifies debased murderers, and provides millions of dollars of funds received from foreign governments as monthly salaries to those murderers in jail and pensions for their families. The bloodlust generated by frenzied lies about Jews threatening to destroy Al-Aqsa mosque and substituting it with a Jewish Temple is promoted through the mosques, schools, media and Facebook and via other social media.

    Yet whilst mayhem prevails as millions of people have been displaced from their homes and hundreds of thousands have been butchered, the European Union carries a resolution effectively paving the way for sanctions against Israeli products produced over the Green Line. It is a shocking reflection on the cynicism of Europeans, whose soil was drenched with Jewish blood during the Holocaust, that they so cravenly betray Israel, the only democratic state in the Middle East — an oasis of tranquility in a sea of barbarism — which is surrounded by neighbors openly baying for its destruction.

    Even the president of the United States, our purported ally, contributes toward this poison by calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to reduce the incitement.

    Israel is on the front lines and must seek more effective means of publicizing the fact that the current Palestinian Authority is a criminal regime that promotes a culture of death — a barbaric society whose feral hatred of Jews and Israel is on a par with Hamas and ISIS.

    We must repeat again and again that the Arab-Israel conflict is not a dispute between two peoples over land. The reality is that the Palestinian Authority (no less than Hamas) adamantly refuses to recognize Jewish sovereignty, as evidenced when both Yasser Arafat and Abbas even declined to make counteroffers when Prime Minister Ehud Barak and subsequently Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered 97% of the territories previously occupied by the Jordanians.

    In order to make the world understand, Israel must focus on two issues — national unity and a far more aggressive presentation of our narrative and exposure of the criminal nature of our adversaries.

    National unity is crucial and will immensely strengthen us. It is scandalous that in the current circumstances, our government operates on the basis of a hairline majority of one, virtually neutralizing any flexibility of the prime minister.

    The fact is that today there is a genuine consensus among Israeli Jews, the vast majority of whom believe that to annex the territories and absorb millions of additional Arabs would result in a binational state and the end of the Zionist dream. In addition, with the absence of a peace treaty and security, there is also firm opposition to ceding additional territories to the corrupt Palestinian Authority whose hatred of Israel is indistinguishable from Hamas, which in the absence of the IDF, would in all likelihood have assumed control over territories.

    Even the prominent left-wing ideologue Professor Shlomo Avineri and one of the key architects of the Oslo Accords, Dr. Yossi Beilin, admit that those proposals no longer apply as the PA’s present leadership has proven to be utterly opposed to the existence of a sovereign Jewish state. There is also a broad consensus concerning the disastrous agreement consummated by the Obama administration with Iran.

    Under these circumstances, the Zionist political parties should unite to face the challenges. Zionist Union Chairman Isaac Herzog, Yesh Atid head Yair Lapid and Yisrael Beytenu chief Avigdor Lieberman all share ambitions to become prime minister. But now, if they share any concern for the national interest, they should temporarily set aside their personal ambitions and unite. Likewise, Prime Minister Netanyahu should make every effort to enable them to join his government with dignity.

    Needless to say, Herzog, Lapid and Lieberman would actually enhance their status with voters if they demonstrated a willingness to act in the national interest during these critical times instead of behaving like petty feuding politicians.

    A unity government would curtail the continuous calls on Netanyahu to be more accommodating when he has already reached a total stalemate with the duplicitous Abbas. No other opposition leader has a realistic formula for moving beyond Netanyahu’s current policies until such time as Palestinian leaders arise who are genuinely committed to coexistence. This is currently not on the horizon. Indeed, Netanyahu has ceded far beyond what the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin had repeatedly personally pledged were red lines beyond which he would not cross.

    A unity government would largely neutralize the poisonous propaganda emanating from delusional Israeli and Jewish leftists who, despite being fringe elements, inflict tremendous damage on Israel’s standing by dismissing all of Netanyahu’s policies as emanating from the extreme Right.

    Such a government would also unite Jews in the Diaspora, many of whom are reeling under the pressures they face and would be reassured that their support for Israel is not for a narrow government or right-wing group, but effectively endorses the consensual will of the nation.

    The second component is a need for the government to revolutionize foreign policy and cooperate with Jews and friends of Israel to promote Israel’s narrative, which is distorted by Arabs and extreme leftist propaganda.

    The Palestinians’ cult of death and their ongoing determination to destroy Israel must be exposed; they are the underlying reasons why negotiations are doomed to fail in the foreseeable future, despite the fact that Israel has undertaken to conduct talks without preconditions.

    We must also repeatedly expose the hypocrisy and double standards displayed by Western nations.

    Many may argue that it is not worth the effort because the power of the Arab bloc, anti-Semitism, and the prevailing cynical and immoral approach adopted by most Western countries in relation to foreign policy will transcend truth and morality. Yet ultimately truth is invariably vindicated and we must exert major efforts to prevent our narrative from being distorted and ensure that our own future generations retain their national pride and appreciate the morality of our cause.

    Let us be clear: Israel is confronted by painful challenges. But don’t be influenced by the prophets of doom. Life goes on in Israel. We have faced far greater threats in the past and overcome them. Terrorism dates back long before the state was even established and has never ceased.

    We must also retain a sense of perspective. While each casualty is a human tragedy that impacts on the entire nation, far more Israelis are killed in road accidents than by terror attacks. It is also important to be assured that Israel has never been as strong as it is today and has the capacity of defending itself and deterring the combined forces of all the barbarians seeking our destruction.

    Europe should label terrorists, not Israeli tomatoes
    by David Suissa
    Posted on Nov. 14, 2015

    On Nov. 11, while Islamic terrorists were preparing for their Friday night massacre in Paris, which would leave 132 people dead and 352 injured, one of the big news items was the European initiative to put special labels on Israeli goods made in disputed Israeli-occupied territory.

    As the European Commission explained, this was not new legislation, but a clarification of existing legislation dating back to 2012. In other words, the European obsession with singling out Israel for special punishment didn’t just start last week. It’s been an ongoing affair.

    So, while Islamic terrorists have been scheming to terrorize the European continent, bigwigs in Europe have been laboring over how to “protect” European consumers from Israeli olive oil, vegetables, honey, eggs, wine and other goods produced in the West Bank.

    Well, that ought to keep Europeans safe!

    As much as I’m disgusted by the sight of religious fanatics rampaging through Paris murdering people who just want to enjoy life, these murderers are simply doing what they believe their prophet or God wants them to do. It may violate every standard of decency, but that’s what fanatics do.

    Author and Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali calls this group of Muslim fundamentalists “Medina Muslims,” in that they see the forcible imposition of sharia as their religious duty, following the example of the Prophet Mohammed when he was based in Medina. As she wrote recently in Foreign Policy, this group argues for “an Islam largely or completely unchanged from its original seventh-century version and take it as a requirement of their faith that they impose it on everyone else.”

    Now, you can be repulsed by this religious ideology, but you can’t tell me it’s not a religious ideology. You can’t tell me that the fanatics of ISIS and other radical Islamic groups are fighting for jobs or better immigration laws.

    The one European leader who seems to get this is British Prime Minister David Cameron, who said in an address last July: “What we are fighting, in Islamic extremism, is an ideology. It is an extreme doctrine. And like any extreme doctrine, it is subversive. At its furthest end it seeks to destroy nation-states to invent its own barbaric realm.”

    While religious fanatics may have an ideological explanation for their barbaric acts, what’s the explanation for those self-righteous European bureaucrats who spend so much of their time singling out and maligning Israel?

    Now that they’ve witnessed the barbarians crashing the gates of the City of Lights, will their priorities finally return to sanity? Or will they continue to obsess over Israel and treat the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the mother of all global conflicts — as if its resolution could somehow stop the rampant Islamic violence now threatening Europe and other parts of the world?

    I wonder if those European honchos ever ask themselves what kind of message they’re sending to terrorists when they labor so publicly over the labeling of Israeli vegetables. That they mean business in their fight against terror?

    Here’s my suggestion for all European leaders who really do mean business in this new war: Stop your obsession with Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And stop thinking that beating up Israel will somehow gain you sympathy with Islamic terrorists. It won’t.

    Yes, Israel needs to resolve its conflict with the Palestinians – for its own sake. The majority of Israelis would love nothing better than to get a divorce from the Palestinians. They’ve seen how the word “occupation” has become a big, sharp blade that enemies conveniently use to bludgeon the Jewish state. At the same time, they worry that if Israel leaves the West Bank, that blade would only get bigger and sharper as groups like ISIS and Hamas take over. For now, Israel is stuck, and its enemies know it.

    In any event, regardless of the stalemate with the Palestinians, Israel should be the least of Europe’s concerns. For one thing, you don’t hear reports of Israeli terrorists trying to enter Europe to wreak havoc on European cities. Israeli tourists flocking in? Definitely.

    If anything, European leaders should be actively enlisting Israel’s help to fight this rising scourge of terror that now threatens their populations. God knows the Jewish state has enough expertise in this area.

    But first, Europe will need a lesson in the priorities of labeling. Label the terrorists, yes. Label their ideology, yes. Label the allies who can help you fight them, yes.

    Just stop labeling Israeli tomatoes.

    Palestinian media calls all murdered Israelis “settlers”
    November 19, 2015

    Palestine Today (Islamic Jihad) says “Four settlers were killed and 11 others wounded in two operations; one occurred in the city of Tel Aviv in a stabbing operation, and the other occurred near two settlements in the occupied city of Hebron.”

    Palestine Press Agency (Fatah) says “Two Israeli settlers were killed and two others were seriously injured on Thursday afternoon in a stabbing operation in ‘Tel Aviv’ territory.”

    Fatah’s Facebook page shows a photo of the murderer in Tel Aviv and refers to the dead as “settlers.”

    How can these media outlets tell their millions of readers that Israelis who are well within the Green Line are settlers?

    Firas Press (Fatah- Dahlan faction) supplies the answer. It reported the incident as “The killing of two settlers and wounded two others in the stabbing operation in the “Tel Aviv” territories occupied in 1948.”

    They do not distinguish between either side of the Green Line in what they want for their state. Because their desire for a state was never about independence – it was always about destroying Israel.

    Their “state” is not meant to be a state, but a stage.

  15. Netanyah refuses to close these roads to Arabs that Jews travel on like the 443 road.
    How crazy is this Netanyahu who’s worried what the EU and Obama will say.
    This is a war. Arabs should have been on complete lockdown weeks ago. No driving, no leaving their own villages. Period.
    When is this Netanyahu governemnt closing off the Arabs? How many young Jews have to die? it is time to show no mercy and NO treatment in our hospitals for these demon terrorist, send them to Gaza… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    Why is Netanyahu allowing these Arab barbarians who stab and murdering Israeli civilians to be treated in Israeli hospitals.

    Earth to Netanyahu. Lockdown these Terrorstinians so they cant murder Jews.

    The ‘Palestinian Cause’ is a criminal enterprise
    By Tuvia Brodie

    The narrative of the ‘Palestinian Cause’ suggests that Muslims kill Jews in Israel for, mostly, one reason. They’re ‘frustrated’ (Michael Jansen, “Palestinian violence fuelled by frustration”, Irish Times, November 21, 2014).

    Many say they understand this ‘frustration’. But few agree what it is.

    Some say it comes from a presumed on-going Israeli oppression (ibid). Some say it comes because of an unending string of broken US promises (Zack beauchamp, “It’s over”, Vox, January 22, 2015). US Secretary of State John Kerry believes it comes from Israeli ‘settlements’ (Lee Smith, “John Kerry Blames Israel For Palestinian Terror”, The Tablet, October 15, 2015).

    Certainly, ‘Palestinians’ are ‘frustrated’ over the Temple Mount (Smith, ibid). But this ‘frustration’ provokes a peculiar response: because ‘Palestinians’ were ‘frustrated’, they committed 778 attacks against Jews in 34 days between September-October, 2015 (“By the numbers: 778 terror attacks since Rosh Hashanah”, Arutz Sheva, October 27, 2015).

    How would you like your child to behave like that in response to ‘frustration’? Would you honour him? Would you ennoble him?

    The ’Palestinian Cause’ identifies the Temple Mount as a central symbol of its statehood (“Q and A: is a new Palestinian intifada at hand?”, AFP, October 5, 2015). They claim their ‘Palestine’ cannot be born if the Temple Mount isn’t ‘free’.

    To the ‘Palestinian’, the Temple Mount isn’t free. The Jews have it.

    The argument is, since these Jews won’t give the Temple Mount to ‘Palestinians’, the ‘Palestinians’ are frustrated. As a result of that frustration, they resort to violence, killing sprees and rabid Jew-hate.

    Can you blame them? John Kerry can’t (Daniel Greenfield, “’Frustrated’ Muslims Can’t Stop Killing Jews… and Everyone Else”, FrontPageMag, October 19, 2015).

    Wait a minute. Do you see what the ‘Palestinian Cause’ is doing here? It’s creating an extortion racket. It makes the creation of their Muslim state of ‘Palestine’ absolutely require that another religion (Judaism) must forfeit forever its religion’s center-piece. Furthermore, current terror attacks by ‘Palestinians’ make it crystal clear that, if that centrepiece is not forfeited, Muslims will kill.

    John Kerry condones this?

    If you’ve been raised in a Western culture, and maintain Western values, how can you support an extortion designed to deny another’s religion? Moreover, how would you react if your neighbour attempted to kill your children because you refused to give him a property you owned?

    The ‘Palestinian’ message is simple. If the nations of the world want peace in this Region, they’d better start pressuring Israel. They’d better start making Israel give up its rights to Judaism’s holiest site on earth.

    That’s not just ‘extortion’. It’s a crime.

    The ‘Palestinian Cause’ asserts that if Jews walk on the Temple Mount, ‘Palestine’ cannot be born. That ‘frustrates’ them.

    Do you know how Muslims have behaved when they’re frustrated? According to at least one opinion, they murder.

    Essayist Greenfield (ibid) says followers of Islam have expressed their ‘frustration’ as murder around the world and across centuries (ibid). They’ve murdered because of ‘frustration’ in Israel, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan (Greenfield, ibid). They’ve murdered because of ‘frustration’ in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries (Greenfield, ibid).

    This isn’t to say that all Muslims do this. It does suggest, however, that Islamic followers have repeatedly over time gone on killing rampages in the name of Islam (ibid).

    The ‘Palestinian Cause’ says that if Israel doesn’t accommodate ‘Palestinian’ frustration, Jews will be murdered. Then, when ‘Palestinians’ murder Jews, ‘Palestinian’ official behaviour suggests that Israel has no one but itself to blame for those murders.

    That’s what John Kerry believes (Greenfield, ibid). It’s also what the US State Department believes (Adam Kredo, “[US] State Department Cracks Down on Israel Travel Amid Violence”, Washington Free Beacon, October 26, 2015).

    The ‘Palestinian Cause’ is not a ‘movement’. It’s a criminal enterprise. Its main ‘representative’, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is no different from thugs in your city who demand property from you—or else.

    A criminal enterprise is an organization that commits acts that can be characterized as ‘racketeering’. Racketeering is the act of engaging in a pattern of criminal offenses. These offenses include activities known to be committed by members, followers or supporters of the Palestinian Authority: murder, kidnapping, arson, obstruction of justice, obstruction of law enforcement, filing false statements, abuse of children and unlawful receipt of public funds (“Organized Crime”, legaldictionary. com, no date).

    The PA wants the Temple Mount for itself exclusively. Like thugs, it commits a criminal act by attempting to acquire the Temple Mount—the very heart of Judaism—through the use of threats and force (ibid). Like criminals, it unleashes a murderous rampage in Israel to demonstrate what will happen if Israel doesn’t pony up.

    Like many other criminal enterprises, The PA uses violence. Like other criminal organizations, the PA uses murder, torture, assault, and terrorism to achieve its goals.

    That’s how a criminal enterprise works. It’s how the Palestinian Authority works. That’s why the entire ‘Palestinian Cause’ is a criminal enterprise.

    Why would you support a criminal enterprise?


    Palestinian Soccer Tournament Named After Terrorist Who Murdered 2 Israelis, Wounded Mother and Baby
    NOVEMBER 4, 2015

    Palestinian terrorist Muhannad Halabi, who murdered two Israelis and wounded two others last month, had a football (soccer) tournament named after him by the Yasser Arafat Youth Center in Jenin, Palestinian Media Watch reported Nov. 4 via the official Palestinian Authority (PA) newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida.

    Deemed a martyr for his murder of Israeli civilians, the 19-year-old Halabi has also been honored in other ways, including the Palestinian Authority (PA) naming street after him, Abbas’s Fatah movement bringing soil from the Al-Asqa mosque to Halabi’s grave (so he could “hug the soil for which he died”), and the PA Bar Association awarding him an honorary law degree.

    Palestinian Media Watch regularly documents how Palestinian Fatah and PA institutions openly glorify terrorists.

    Terror orphan demands Ya’alon do his job
    Bereaved daughter/sister tells Defense Minister to close road of attack to Arabs; ‘you have security, only dad and Netanel protect us.’
    By Eliran Aharon
    First Publish: 11/17/2015

    Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon (Likud) paid a condolence visit on Tuesday night in Kiryat Arba, where he visited the mourning Litman family; Rabbi Ya’akov Litman and his son Netanel Litman were gunned down by Arab terrorists last Friday.

    Ya’alon spoke with the bereaved family members and looked at pictures of the two victims, who were shot driving with family on the way to a Shabbat Hatan – the Sabbath celebration for the groom before a wedding – for the groom of the rabbi’s daughter Sarah-Tehiya Litman.

    On the way, an Arab terrorist waylaid the car, murdering the father and son and wounding another son, Dvir.

    Sarah-Tehiya, who was supposed to be married on Tuesday night in a wedding now to be held in nine days in Jerusalem that they are inviting the general public to attend, spoke with Ya’alon about the dangers on the roads in Judea and Samaria, which have been plagued by constant attacks.

    “To give a security briefing before every drive is to be a free people in its land?,” posed Sarah-Tehiya, demanding that Ya’alon close Highway 60 where the murder occurred to Arab traffic.

    “If only it was that easy,” said Ya’alon, to which the bereaved 21-year-old responded, “being orphans isn’t easy either.”

    “You have security, only dad and Netanel will guard us,” said Sarah-Tehiya.

    She demanded that Ya’alon do his job as defense minister, saying, “our mission is to continue the path of dad and Netanel. You do your mission. If you want, lets switch.”

    Terror orphan demands Ya’alon do his job
    Bereaved daughter/sister tells Defense Minister to close road of attack to Arabs; ‘you have security, only dad and Netanel protect us.’
    By Eliran Aharon
    First Publish: 11/17/2015

    Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon (Likud) paid a condolence visit on Tuesday night in Kiryat Arba, where he visited the mourning Litman family; Rabbi Ya’akov Litman and his son Netanel Litman were gunned down by Arab terrorists last Friday.

    Ya’alon spoke with the bereaved family members and looked at pictures of the two victims, who were shot driving with family on the way to a Shabbat Hatan – the Sabbath celebration for the groom before a wedding – for the groom of the rabbi’s daughter Sarah-Tehiya Litman.

    On the way, an Arab terrorist waylaid the car, murdering the father and son and wounding another son, Dvir.

    Sarah-Tehiya, who was supposed to be married on Tuesday night in a wedding now to be held in nine days in Jerusalem that they are inviting the general public to attend, spoke with Ya’alon about the dangers on the roads in Judea and Samaria, which have been plagued by constant attacks.

    “To give a security briefing before every drive is to be a free people in its land?,” posed Sarah-Tehiya, demanding that Ya’alon close Highway 60 where the murder occurred to Arab traffic.

    “If only it was that easy,” said Ya’alon, to which the bereaved 21-year-old responded, “being orphans isn’t easy either.”

    “You have security, only dad and Netanel will guard us,” said Sarah-Tehiya.

    She demanded that Ya’alon do his job as defense minister, saying, “our mission is to continue the path of dad and Netanel. You do your mission. If you want, lets switch.”

  20. Palestinianism is a death cult.
    The death cult
    November 25, 2015

    Today, we learned the details of the interrogation of an 11-year old boy who decided to stab Jews on a light rail train two weeks ago:
    The 11-year-old, a sixth grader from Shuafat, is the youngest assailant arrested to date in the current upsurge of Palestinian terrorism. He is too young to face charges under current Israeli law; the 14-year-old is facing charges of attempted murder.

    In their interrogation, the two children said they carried out the attack as an act of revenge, without planning in advance and with no encouragement from any adults.

    “We travelled from Shuafat to Damascus Gate in order to stab a soldier but did not do it because the soldiers were in groups and we didn’t find one standing alone,” recalled the 11-year-old. “Then he told me ‘let’s do an attack together to revenge the death of Muhammad Ali.’ He opened his bag and showed me the knife. At Damascus Gate I bought a pair of scissors and then we boarded the light rail and looked for Jews to stab.”

    Two light rail security guards boarded the train, but the boys decided “not to stab them because there were two of them. Later on one of them got off and we immediately attacked the one that remained.”

    “I stabbed him in his head, my cousin stabbed him in his chest and stomach until the guard pushed me and fired three bullets in my stomach,” said the 11-year-old.

    The two cousins had decided they were ready to die as shahids, or martyrs, he said.

    Any person with a the slightest sense of morality would be aghast at the words from this child.

    I have yet to find a single article in Palestinian media that shows the slightest regret that they have raised a generation of children who literally want to die for a chance to kill a Jew.

    Think about that. Not a single Palestinian adult is willing to publicly express anything negative about children being brainwashed to die.

    The children listen to music that extols death. They watch videos making murderers and even those who die failing to murder into heroes. Their teachers tell them that there is no higher calling than to be a martyr. Their preachers preach hate for Jews. Their newspapers publish cartoons that incite stabbings. Their friends brag about how they manage to throw rocks at soldiers.

    But the worst part is not the hate and the incitement and the antisemitism. The worst part is the fact that there are no Palestinians willing to publicly say, in Arabic, that this is disgusting.

    There is no debate about whether it is a good or bad thing for children to put themselves in danger to stab Jews. On the contrary – there are football tournaments named after the stabber children.

    In the past eight weeks of reading Palestinian Arab media from all political viewpoints I have yet to find anyone who is willing to say anything negative about a culture that literally raises children to kill.

    Not that every Palestinian parent supports their kids going off with the family knives to stab anyone with a kipah. Surveys show that roughly half are against violence and I have no reason to doubt them. But Palestinian society is set up in such a way that no one is willing to stand up and say the obvious – “We must stop raising our children on a steady diet of hate.”

    The apparent exceptions like Khaled Abu Toameh and Bassem Eid prove the rule. As far as I can tell they don’t even bother to try to get their messages out in Arabic anymore because their words carry no weight within Palestinian society. Because they are wiling to take positions that are so obviously moral, they are ostracized, and as a result no one wants to join them for fear of being labeled a collaborator.

    That is how a cult works – any independent thought that goes against the official line is silenced and the people behind it punished and blacklisted.

    Palestinianism is a death cult.

    If that statement is offensive to you, then kindly point me to the editorials or school curricula or cartoons or TV shows or music videos in Arabic that say that it is not a good idea to die while trying to murder Jews. I will happily retract and publish the articles that criticize a generation that glorifies death.

    But you won’t easily find them, because the such ideas cannot be safely said in Palestinian society.

    The next issue is, why are so many Westerners coddling this death cult instead of criticizing it?

    Minister Katz: Time to change the policies in Judea and Samaria

    Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz on Friday called for a change in the government’s policies in Judea and Samaria.

    “We must impose a total closure on any area from which terrorists come out and prohibit Palestinian movement on roads in which attacks are carried out. We must also freeze work permits in Israel to residents of areas in which a closure is is imposed,” said Katz.

    “We cannot allow a situation in which members of the security forces and civilians will be exposed to stabbings and car attacks because of the desire to allow the Palestinian population to live its life as usual. Those who give shelter rather than preventing terrorism will pay the full price until terrorism stops. In addition, we must deport the families of the terrorists and those who help them to Gaza and act firmly against the centers of incitement – including the territories of the Palestinian Authority,” he added.

  22. The Palestinians have either outright refused or sabotaged every attempt ever made towards a “two state solution.” All Abbas appears capable of doing is either stalling or inciting his people to commit more bouts of violence. While he points to Israel as the reason for his people’s desperation, he is building a multi-million dollar palace and compound for himself, with the aid money that is supposed to improving conditions for the Palestinian public. He apparently realizes that stoking their hate takes the heat off of his corruption and his failures.

  23. Do the Palestinians have a soul?
    Hamas, Fatah Officials Praise Terrorist Who Killed Israeli Baby in Jerusalem.
    OCTOBER 24, 2014

    Palestinians across the political spectrum are praising Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem, which resulted in the death of a three-month-old Israeli baby. A car driven by a suspected Hamas member crashed into a crowd at a light-rail station, killing the baby girl and injuring eight others.

    An official Hamas statement refers to the infant as a “female settler,” and urges Palestinians to “escalate the confrontations” against Israel in various locations, a translation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism shows.

    “The Islamic Resistance Movement ‘Hamas’ praises its son, the hero martyr Abd al Rahman Idris al-Shaludi (23 years) implementer of the operation of running over the settlers in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, which led to the death of a female settler and the injury of 8 others,” the Hamas statement reads.

    Moreover, Sultan Al-Einein, an adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, praised the terrorist, referring to him as a “heroic Martyr,” a Palestinian Media Watch translation of his official Facebook page said. Shaludi was shot by police and later died from his injuries

    Al-Einein has glorified terrorists in the past, leading five members of Congress to demand that Abbas fire him and condemn his views. Abbas has ignored the American pressure.

    Abbas’ Fatah party also glorified the terrorist’s actions, posting an obituary on its official Facebook page.

    “The Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah)-Silwan branch accompanies to his wedding the heroic Martyr Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shaludi, who carried out the Jerusalem operation, in which settlers in the occupied city of Jerusalem were run over. Rest in peace! We are loyal to you,” the Fatah statement said.

    Abbas’ refusal to reprimand Al-Einein and failure to hold other officials accountable lends tacit approval of the terrorist glorification sentiment that is prevalent throughout senior ranks of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah.