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Revealed: More malicious Tweets by SNP’s Sandra White

Sandra White is a Scottish National Party MSP for the Glasgow Kelvin constituency, and is reportedly the most active MSP in lobbying for pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel positions.

The SNP was recently forced to apologize after White retweeted an antisemitic image originally posted by an ‘activist’ (Charles Edward Frith) with a history of antisemitic tweets.

Here’s the tweet:white's tweetThe image to the right (enlarged here), noted the CST, “derives from American neo-Nazi websites” and represents “one of the most commonly used antisemitic cartoons in US neo-Nazi circles.”

Additionally, as UK Media Watch noted on Twitter in response to the ‘apology’ by the SNP and White, this isn’t the first time she’s retweeted Frith.

ukmw tweet

Additionally, it turns out that this retweet by White claiming to show a little girl forced to cool off in a bucket of cold water, likely isn’t from Gaza. It appears to be an image actually depicting a child from one of the Kurdish tribes in Iraq.  

orig tweet

The Slemani Times is an English language news publication covering the Kurdish region in the Middle East – and their tweet dates back to July 31, more than a week before the image began appearing on pro-Palestinian social media sites. 

Further, White retweeted the following tweet from a former Hamas minister which advances the lie that the 13-year-old Palestinian boy (Ahmed Mansara) seen on the right – who admitted to stabbing a 13-year-old Jewish boy – was “assasinated” by Israeli forces.

white tweet

Of course, the boy was injured after being hit by a car while fleeing the scene of the attack, and not killed, as photos released of the boy recovering in an Israeli hospital later proved. 

pal boy Here’s another lie by Basem Naim retweeted by White:

pal woman

Of course, the 16-year-old Palestinian girl in the photo was not “innocent”.  She was shot and then surrounded by police after she stabbed an Israeli border policeman at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem.


Image from B’tselem

It seems clear that White’s retweet of the antisemitic image was not a one-off.

The retweets shown above aren’t merely propaganda. They’re lies.  And we suggest tweeting her (@SandraWhiteSNPand demanding that she remove the retweets and apologize.


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  1. I’ve never met peace activists willing to drench themselves in so much blood. Makes me think the pro-Palestinian crew isn’t that interested in peace.

    But don’t call them anti-Semites, because that’s beyond pale.

    • I also don’t understand why she thinks Murdoch (and the Rothschilds presumably) “push for war”. What do they have to gain? Murdoch owns a media conglomerate. Maybe people watch the news more during wartime?

      I mean, is there at least a core of method in her madness?

      • The theory isn’t very obvious. The idea is that the Jews own the Media and, so, tell you what they say they want you to hear. If the Media says, “Paris bombings are bad,” then the Jews are saying, “How dare you bomb Paris?” Which isn’t so bad in context, which is why we have the #notinmyname bullshit on social media.

        Nevermind how the Media avoided Israel during the previous 6 weeks unless to point out another dead Palestinian. Also, nevermind how nobody created a #notinmyname movement as 14 year old Palestinian peace activists shanked Israelis on the street.

        We can all presume why.

  2. Isi Leibler another great article on this.
    A call for unity and expressing outrage
    By Isi Leibler
    NOVEMBER 11, 2015

    The world is experiencing a clash of civilizations with satanic forces seeking to revert to the Dark Ages. In this context, the behavior of the Palestinians has now descended to such barbaric depths that in a rational world, Israel should have the unequivocal support of all civilized people.

    However, hypocritical global leaders, devoid of moral compass, have abandoned us. They relate to Israel and those seeking its destruction with moral equivalence and opportunistically collaborate with rogue states. Moral relativism has paved the way for a realpolitik in the democratic world, which no longer relates to concepts like good and evil.

    George Orwell undoubtedly could have devoted another book to the doublespeak adopted in relation to Israel. Global leaders are not merely indifferent to the fact that innocent Israeli citizens are targeted for assassination by youngsters transformed into frenzied religious lunatics by their leaders. They even condemn Israelis for defending themselves.

    Western leaders refuse to recognize, that in the same way the Nazis successfully transformed Germany into a society endorsing genocide, Palestinian leaders have inculcated children, from kindergarten onward, with the notion that being killed in the process of murdering Jews is the highest form of religious martyrdom.

    Our “peace partner,” Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, “blesses the blood” shed in killing Jews, glorifies debased murderers, and provides millions of dollars of funds received from foreign governments as monthly salaries to those murderers in jail and pensions for their families. The bloodlust generated by frenzied lies about Jews threatening to destroy Al-Aqsa mosque and substituting it with a Jewish Temple is promoted through the mosques, schools, media and Facebook and via other social media.

    Yet whilst mayhem prevails as millions of people have been displaced from their homes and hundreds of thousands have been butchered, the European Union carries a resolution effectively paving the way for sanctions against Israeli products produced over the Green Line. It is a shocking reflection on the cynicism of Europeans, whose soil was drenched with Jewish blood during the Holocaust, that they so cravenly betray Israel, the only democratic state in the Middle East — an oasis of tranquility in a sea of barbarism — which is surrounded by neighbors openly baying for its destruction.

    Even the president of the United States, our purported ally, contributes toward this poison by calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to reduce the incitement.

    Israel is on the front lines and must seek more effective means of publicizing the fact that the current Palestinian Authority is a criminal regime that promotes a culture of death — a barbaric society whose feral hatred of Jews and Israel is on a par with Hamas and ISIS.

    We must repeat again and again that the Arab-Israel conflict is not a dispute between two peoples over land. The reality is that the Palestinian Authority (no less than Hamas) adamantly refuses to recognize Jewish sovereignty, as evidenced when both Yasser Arafat and Abbas even declined to make counteroffers when Prime Minister Ehud Barak and subsequently Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered 97% of the territories previously occupied by the Jordanians.

    In order to make the world understand, Israel must focus on two issues — national unity and a far more aggressive presentation of our narrative and exposure of the criminal nature of our adversaries.

    National unity is crucial and will immensely strengthen us. It is scandalous that in the current circumstances, our government operates on the basis of a hairline majority of one, virtually neutralizing any flexibility of the prime minister.

    The fact is that today there is a genuine consensus among Israeli Jews, the vast majority of whom believe that to annex the territories and absorb millions of additional Arabs would result in a binational state and the end of the Zionist dream. In addition, with the absence of a peace treaty and security, there is also firm opposition to ceding additional territories to the corrupt Palestinian Authority whose hatred of Israel is indistinguishable from Hamas, which in the absence of the IDF, would in all likelihood have assumed control over territories.

    Even the prominent left-wing ideologue Professor Shlomo Avineri and one of the key architects of the Oslo Accords, Dr. Yossi Beilin, admit that those proposals no longer apply as the PA’s present leadership has proven to be utterly opposed to the existence of a sovereign Jewish state. There is also a broad consensus concerning the disastrous agreement consummated by the Obama administration with Iran.

    Under these circumstances, the Zionist political parties should unite to face the challenges. Zionist Union Chairman Isaac Herzog, Yesh Atid head Yair Lapid and Yisrael Beytenu chief Avigdor Lieberman all share ambitions to become prime minister. But now, if they share any concern for the national interest, they should temporarily set aside their personal ambitions and unite. Likewise, Prime Minister Netanyahu should make every effort to enable them to join his government with dignity.

    Needless to say, Herzog, Lapid and Lieberman would actually enhance their status with voters if they demonstrated a willingness to act in the national interest during these critical times instead of behaving like petty feuding politicians.

    A unity government would curtail the continuous calls on Netanyahu to be more accommodating when he has already reached a total stalemate with the duplicitous Abbas. No other opposition leader has a realistic formula for moving beyond Netanyahu’s current policies until such time as Palestinian leaders arise who are genuinely committed to coexistence. This is currently not on the horizon. Indeed, Netanyahu has ceded far beyond what the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin had repeatedly personally pledged were red lines beyond which he would not cross.

    A unity government would largely neutralize the poisonous propaganda emanating from delusional Israeli and Jewish leftists who, despite being fringe elements, inflict tremendous damage on Israel’s standing by dismissing all of Netanyahu’s policies as emanating from the extreme Right.

    Such a government would also unite Jews in the Diaspora, many of whom are reeling under the pressures they face and would be reassured that their support for Israel is not for a narrow government or right-wing group, but effectively endorses the consensual will of the nation.

    The second component is a need for the government to revolutionize foreign policy and cooperate with Jews and friends of Israel to promote Israel’s narrative, which is distorted by Arabs and extreme leftist propaganda.

    The Palestinians’ cult of death and their ongoing determination to destroy Israel must be exposed; they are the underlying reasons why negotiations are doomed to fail in the foreseeable future, despite the fact that Israel has undertaken to conduct talks without preconditions.

    We must also repeatedly expose the hypocrisy and double standards displayed by Western nations.

    Many may argue that it is not worth the effort because the power of the Arab bloc, anti-Semitism, and the prevailing cynical and immoral approach adopted by most Western countries in relation to foreign policy will transcend truth and morality. Yet ultimately truth is invariably vindicated and we must exert major efforts to prevent our narrative from being distorted and ensure that our own future generations retain their national pride and appreciate the morality of our cause.

    Let us be clear: Israel is confronted by painful challenges. But don’t be influenced by the prophets of doom. Life goes on in Israel. We have faced far greater threats in the past and overcome them. Terrorism dates back long before the state was even established and has never ceased.

    We must also retain a sense of perspective. While each casualty is a human tragedy that impacts on the entire nation, far more Israelis are killed in road accidents than by terror attacks. It is also important to be assured that Israel has never been as strong as it is today and has the capacity of defending itself and deterring the combined forces of all the barbarians seeking our destruction.

  3. It might be a coincidence, BUT
    Prior to the 1997 General Election for the UK Parliament the Parliamentary Constituency (UK) was known as Glasgow Hillhead.
    In 1987 the seat was won from the SDP’s Roy Jenkins for Labour by George Galloway who remained its MP until 1997 and its abolition.

    To have one anti-Semitic prat is bad, but to have two!
    Even if one was for the UK Parliament and the other for the Scottish Parliament.

    As I wrote above, it might be a coincidence BUT.

    • “Haaaa the beat goes on”

      No, stephenb that noise you can hear in your head, is the sound of both of your brain cells rattling around in the empty space between your ears.

    • No, stephenb.
      The adjective empty can also mean “having no real purpose or value” e.g. the space between your ears, or as is increasingly obvious your existence.

      But my mistake is that I overestimated the number of brain cells you possess by two.

    Europe should label terrorists, not Israeli tomatoes
    by David Suissa
    Posted on Nov. 14, 2015

    On Nov. 11, while Islamic terrorists were preparing for their Friday night massacre in Paris, which would leave 132 people dead and 352 injured, one of the big news items was the European initiative to put special labels on Israeli goods made in disputed Israeli-occupied territory.

    As the European Commission explained, this was not new legislation, but a clarification of existing legislation dating back to 2012. In other words, the European obsession with singling out Israel for special punishment didn’t just start last week. It’s been an ongoing affair.

    So, while Islamic terrorists have been scheming to terrorize the European continent, bigwigs in Europe have been laboring over how to “protect” European consumers from Israeli olive oil, vegetables, honey, eggs, wine and other goods produced in the West Bank.

    Well, that ought to keep Europeans safe!

    As much as I’m disgusted by the sight of religious fanatics rampaging through Paris murdering people who just want to enjoy life, these murderers are simply doing what they believe their prophet or God wants them to do. It may violate every standard of decency, but that’s what fanatics do.

    Author and Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali calls this group of Muslim fundamentalists “Medina Muslims,” in that they see the forcible imposition of sharia as their religious duty, following the example of the Prophet Mohammed when he was based in Medina. As she wrote recently in Foreign Policy, this group argues for “an Islam largely or completely unchanged from its original seventh-century version and take it as a requirement of their faith that they impose it on everyone else.”

    Now, you can be repulsed by this religious ideology, but you can’t tell me it’s not a religious ideology. You can’t tell me that the fanatics of ISIS and other radical Islamic groups are fighting for jobs or better immigration laws.

    The one European leader who seems to get this is British Prime Minister David Cameron, who said in an address last July: “What we are fighting, in Islamic extremism, is an ideology. It is an extreme doctrine. And like any extreme doctrine, it is subversive. At its furthest end it seeks to destroy nation-states to invent its own barbaric realm.”

    While religious fanatics may have an ideological explanation for their barbaric acts, what’s the explanation for those self-righteous European bureaucrats who spend so much of their time singling out and maligning Israel?

    Now that they’ve witnessed the barbarians crashing the gates of the City of Lights, will their priorities finally return to sanity? Or will they continue to obsess over Israel and treat the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the mother of all global conflicts — as if its resolution could somehow stop the rampant Islamic violence now threatening Europe and other parts of the world?

    I wonder if those European honchos ever ask themselves what kind of message they’re sending to terrorists when they labor so publicly over the labeling of Israeli vegetables. That they mean business in their fight against terror?

    Here’s my suggestion for all European leaders who really do mean business in this new war: Stop your obsession with Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And stop thinking that beating up Israel will somehow gain you sympathy with Islamic terrorists. It won’t.

    Yes, Israel needs to resolve its conflict with the Palestinians – for its own sake. The majority of Israelis would love nothing better than to get a divorce from the Palestinians. They’ve seen how the word “occupation” has become a big, sharp blade that enemies conveniently use to bludgeon the Jewish state. At the same time, they worry that if Israel leaves the West Bank, that blade would only get bigger and sharper as groups like ISIS and Hamas take over. For now, Israel is stuck, and its enemies know it.

    In any event, regardless of the stalemate with the Palestinians, Israel should be the least of Europe’s concerns. For one thing, you don’t hear reports of Israeli terrorists trying to enter Europe to wreak havoc on European cities. Israeli tourists flocking in? Definitely.

    If anything, European leaders should be actively enlisting Israel’s help to fight this rising scourge of terror that now threatens their populations. God knows the Jewish state has enough expertise in this area.

    But first, Europe will need a lesson in the priorities of labeling. Label the terrorists, yes. Label their ideology, yes. Label the allies who can help you fight them, yes.

    Just stop labeling Israeli tomatoes.

  5. Who is this Rothschild who so wants war? He doesn’t appear on any of the world’s richest men lists. He almost certainly is not Jewish as almost all the Rothschild descendants have left the religion. The banks are still important but gain nothing from war as defaulting countries are loss makers. Whatever they may have been in the 19th century today they certainly are not larger than countries.

    I’ll bet Sandra White couldn’t tell you.