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UK media bury the shocking extremism of Israeli ‘human rights activists’ (Video)

As we noted earlier in the week, a video was broadcast on Israel’s Channel 2 which revealed that two Israeli “human rights activists” – including a Palestinian from the NGO B’Tselem and an Israeli Jew named Ezra Nawi – bragged that they “entrapped” Palestinians interested in selling land to Jews and turned them in to the PA.

Remarkably, the two ‘progressive’ activists allegedly turned these Palestinians in even though they acknowledged in the video that they likely faced torture or murder by the Palestinian secret police.  

Though a fire earlier in the week at B’Tselem’s Jerusalem offices – which turned out not to be an arson, as many assumed – was covered by multiple UK news sites, only the Telegraph even noted the Channel 2 video showing the shocking behavior by the B’Tselem worker and Ezra Nawi. 

Since the UK media continues to bury the story, likely because it undermines their decision to uncritically cite the work of such “human rights” groups when they criticize Israeli policy, we’re posting a video of the entire show (with English subtitles) which has recently been released.

The true face of Israel’s radical “human rights” activists – the full report from Adkan Israel on Vimeo.



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    • Do you mean that it’s all so horrific that it is not credible? I agree. The translation is impeccable however

      • Margie, that is a fair account of what I do mean. However, when it comes to assessing its credibility at a particular point in time, on a particular issue, one does need to take into account the credibility of what it is being asked to react to. Adam says it is revealed that…..” two Israeli “human rights activists” – including a Palestinian from the NGO B’Tselem and an Israeli Jew named Ezra Nawi – bragged that they “entrapped” Palestinians interested in selling land to Jews and turned them in to the PA.”

        That, of course. is not what is revealed. What is revealed is that a nut job, Walter Mitty type braggart ( that I understand has been arrested while trying to flee the country) claimed such..Nowhere do we hear from the persons referred to themselves ( unless I wasn’t paying sufficiently close attention.). So far we have a non story.

        Further, while the British media is incredible I doubt it is less credible than the media anywhere else, especially that in Israel.

        • “unless I wasn’t paying sufficiently close attention” – have you ever, bellend?

          “especially that in Israel” – well, naturally. Those Joooz are notorious liars, innit?

  1. This may sound strange, but I honestly am happy they’re not covering the story because it’s so damn obvious that it’s A) newsworthy and B) indigestible for much of the UK media’s core Left/Hard Left, and it makes most of them look like such a bunch of jackasses and further degrades their waning stores of credibility. They can’t deal with the truth, and they look worse with their lies. Lose-lose for them.

    • Educational travel adventures for young(er) Jewish folks to learn about diaspora history & culture would not, on surface, appear to be a necessarily bad thing, of course….

      And yet…..

      Say, wouldn’t that be Max Blumenthal making an appearance at 0:57 seconds into the vid (bearded fella with raised shades, adorned with a presumably Mondoweiss-brand backpack, and listening to becapped elderly gentleman)…?

      Well, if he endorses this project through his direct participation and consent to be used in its promotion, I suppose this project must be on the up-&-up, with nothing programmed in its planning to insidiously undermine the (next generations of) Jewish people’s bond to Israel…..

      (I’ve never used a sarcasm-type tag(?) before on the internets, so please do forgive clumsy use of it in previous para -)

      & thanks so very much to Mr. Bellamy for further uh defining himself by highlighting this clip-

      • Stubby, I have some sympathy with your Max Blumenthal observations. I watched with increasing concern his attempts to hijack the enterprise. Max is first, last and always a self publicist, who, I feel, just doesn’t ” get it “. He commented afterwards that the participants hadn’t been sufficiently politically focussed.

        Nonetheless, it was, it seems, a great success. Since it has become clear that the prophesy that State of Israel will bring out the worst in the Jewish people, we can take comfort in the knowledge that groups like B’Tselem, BtS, and burgeoning groups like Jewdas are there to remind us that this is not all the Jewish people. It would be greatly to the benefit of the Jewish people if the Zionist stranglehold over it could be broken.

        Also you wouldn’t want to say that the recent hijacking of the Symposium on Holocaust Education by CST and ” our partners in the police and at the Hpme Office”, rendered Holocaust education a bad idea. Would you ?

                  • Palestine…. West or East? Let me digress for a moment and describe a previous work arrangement, where I contracted at a local office for a Global corp, working under the orders of a woman who declared herself as East Palestinian, i.e. Jordanian. (Yes, we had a talk about it. No, she didn’t have a problem with Israel. True, I don’t know how her husband thinks, but I never met him, either.)

                    Do you or anyone else in your Circle of Jerks acknowledge the historical claims of Palestinians in Jordan? Of course not. Just like none of you seem to give one whit about Arabs starving in Syria. (These Arabs are segregated from the rest of society because they’re considered Palestinians. Why is that?)

                    Now, to your attempt at indoctrination. Pro Tip: Proud Jews aren’t interested in a character known as Jewdas. Sounds a bit KKKrazy, don’t you think?

                    The answer of which has been established, of course. Your thoughts equate silent farts, although more comical.

                    • I understand that a good few proud Jews are interested in the Jews of France. But I concede to your better placed judgment. I need to keep reminding myself how knowing you are. And as for your indelicate language.

                      Is it true that when the mid wife slaps the new born Bubba’s bum it screams ” MOTHERFUCKER !!!!!!!! ” ?

                    • It’s funny you want to keep things on the up and up. One can’t fault you, necessarily, for believing all Texans are backwoods rednecks when you willingly fail to understand the notion of Judaic self-determination in the Middle East.

                      Knowing you as I do, Steven, Texas would make you shit and piss in your pants. If you do come for a visit, invest in Depends.

                    • Nothing and nobody self determines, except in a closed system. Otherwise I would be the undisputed, absolute king of the whole world. Unfortunately other things ,and other wannabe self determining fuckers keep getting in the way.

                    • Are you not determined to continue this obnoxious argument in search of finding satisfaction with yourself?

                      Jews are determined to not live under the rule of governments who have been known to, you know, kill us for being Jewish. A global phenomenon, by the way.

                      You, on the other hand, can’t seem to make it out of Mommy’s basement without tripping on your pants that seem to be permanently down around your ankles. Fucking wanker.

                      Well, Fucking in the general sense, not literal. Because I seriously doubt any human of the female or male persuasion would be interested in you doing what you can only imagine to them.

                    • It takes two to have an argument and it was you who chose the level of it. If you ever feel like you want to talk sensibly about this stuff do get back to me. You never know we both might learn something. 🙂

                    • Oh, Steve…. This argument has been the same since you first showed up on this page defaming Israel, Jews, and Zionism. Poor fella.

                      I will say this about the pro-Palestinian contingent. Ya’ll seem to be more interested in yourselves than the Palestinians.

                      Stevie Stevens Stephanski…. You are a joke.

        • “just doesn’t ” get it “” – rather like you, in fact. Two equally vile bigots.
          “State of Israel will bring out the worst in the Jewish people” – ignorant, nasty, racist drivel.
          “the Zionist stranglehold” – you have no clue what ‘Zionist’ means.
          Can anyone remind me, please, why this nasty turd is commenting on matters Jewish and Israeli, and why he imagines he knows the first thing about them?

          • The State of Israel brings out the worst in Eurotrash. Something about armed Jews able to defend themselves and deliver Justice to sand nazis and Eurotrash is maddening to BBC and socialist types.

    • Slapsie Maxie Blumenthal can go on a birthright trip to ISISland. He ca be featured in an ISIS video – on his knees and his back before a masked jihadi

  2. Although his name has not been released officially, earlier reports named Nawi as the person arrested at BG Airport trying to flee the country.

    The fact that the Guardian has studiously avoided this issue, given their earlier adoration of Nawi should be enough to inform anyone of the reality of what this video shows.

    Another of the long and lengthening list of Guardian former favorites whose anti-Israeli activities and lies have forced even the Guardian to ditch them.

    ( In praise of … Ezra Nawi | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian › Opinion › Iraq
    The Guardian
    Jul 3, 2009 – He is a rarity, even among that most endangered of species, the Israeli peace activist. Born in Basra to an Iraqi Jewish family, Ezra Nawi lives …)

      • Time was when people thought Muslims were good guys, but 9/11, 7/7/05 London transport bombings, beheading Lee Rigby, rape gangs, threats of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Eurabia by andy choudry, posted Sharia Law enclaves in Londonistan changed that.

    • I am not surprised that you support the SC scum in allowing outright defamation and terrorist-supporting wartime traitors to go free without legal repercussions.
      You are of a kind: dregs.

    • So again – a kibbitzer – for whom no bet is too risky because others will pay the debt and living in the UK – is teaching us lowly and unwashed savages how to behave at a polite dinner party, where we never would be invited anyway.
      He is also an elected member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.
      Enough said. The supreme leadersihp of the trembling British Hebrews.

      • I think you’ll find it’s *your* Supreme Court (the judges being Israeli citizens, living in Israel, with Israeli spouses and children and grandchilren) that made the decision I was writing about.

        • And why should be any decision of any Israeli court is a subject you are invited to comment on? You are kindly requested to relate to “your” own country’s problems and to forget about even the slightest possibility to teach us anything. You are a confused person, you are confusing us with someone else who gives a shit about idiotic meddling in our matters.
          Let me exploit this occasion to inform you that the British rule here ended decades ago.
          Have you ever tried to consider the possibility that teaching us moral by a foreign national is pathetic, laughable and boring?
          Have you ever served in the IDF? Have you (or your beloved ones) ever been the victims of Palestinian terror encouraged by your kind of assholes? Have you ever considered the possibility that you have exactly zero moral authority to preach the rules of good behavior for us? Not yet? Then start to do it right away.

            • Hardly surprising. We know you are thick.
              I’ll help you: he is serious, and entirely correct in telling you that Israel’s affairs are none of your business.

                • The Free Speech to draw cartoons of Moohammed without fear of being murdered by those who have a unnatural reverence for that character? Is that protected?

                  • Free speech means the freedom to comment on foreign countries’ court decisions, surely? (Just like Israelis felt free to comment on last year’s US Supreme Court decision on the status of Jerusalem.)

                    • Well, the law says it is (in Israel, in Britain, in the EU, in the US, in Canada, in Australia, in New Zealand, in South Africa, etc.). The standard text in this field, ‘Freedom of Speech’ by Eric Barendt, says it is. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says it is.

                      I’m not sure what your source is for claiming that people are forbidden from commenting on other countries’ court decisions but it would have to be pretty weighty to compete with those three.

                    • Free speech means the freedom to comment on foreign countries’ court decisions, surely?
                      So you don’t get it Webber. Free speech means that the state and it’s legal authorities can’t punish you for commenting on anything and anywhere. It doesn’t mean that others mustn’t consider your comments extremely stupid, immoral, disgusting, offensive and hypocritical.
                      That you simply are not familiar with basic ideas but you are quoting/using them freely only demonstrates your intellectual level and your total lack of any professionalism should be required from a journalist even from a self declared one.

                    • “I’m not sure what your source is for claiming that people are forbidden from commenting on other countries’ court decisions” – can you not read simple English prose and parse it, ‘journalist’? Nobody claimed anything of the kind.
                      You are the very embodiment of the last 9 words in Macbeth.

                    • If you thought your point was strong enough to stand alone, you wouldn’t need to colour it with gratuitious insults like the sceptical quotation marks around the word ‘journalist’.

                    • Don’t pick up only the “immoral” part Webber. You are a laughably ignorant and pompous asshole as well, a card-carrying self-righteous know-nothing who considers himself intellectually and morally superior to others.
                      I suggest you to find a “Civics 101” training course.
                      Instead of you I would consider to fix the problems of your own country before starting to preach for others:
                      Some suggestions:
                      – the disintegration of the center-left stronghold in the UK
                      – the abandonment of children for sex slave traders in the name of political correctness
                      – the presence of foreign hate preachers in UK mosques inciting the vulnerable public to murder and allowed by your government
                      – the dismal state of the British educational system compared to any other Western countries
                      – the growing anti-semitism in the UK
                      etc. etc.
                      I think solving these problems will make you busy enough in the nexy couple of years…

                • Thank you for proving the sad fact that you don’t have the slightest idea about the meaning of free speech. But please keep up teaching us poor oriental barbarians the basic tenets of rights and freedom…

                  • In your case “asshole” is a British – style understatement. What about an “ignorant, self-pitying, self-righteous moron”?
                    But first please look up on the web the meaning of “freedom of speech”.
                    BTW have you ever considered the possibility that commenting on an object requires some prior knowledge of the subject and prior knowledge of basic concepts?

            • Israel dependent? On you? What a laughable crap… Israel is dependent on other countries exactly as every other – no more and no less. But how would you know this? From the little red book? The Protocols?

              • Maybe the independent and self-sufficient PA and Hamastan can teach Israelis how to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I marvel at the way they have used their main export, anti-Semitism, selling it to a hungry european market for millions. Obviously this is the kind entrepreneurship that has Stephen excited.