Independent “reveals” Israel’s secret war on Palestinian clowns

CAMERA has a continually updated post on biased and inaccurate headlines accompanying articles on the latest round of Palestinian terror – words which often invert reality, blurring cause and effect or otherwise obfuscating clear evidence of Palestinian culpability.

These headlines – and often strap lines – sometimes mislead not merely by the words chosen, but by the words and facts which are omitted.  Since many people often just glance at a headline – perhaps only skimming the text in the article – such omissions have the effect of conflating perpetrator and victim, and seriously misleading news consumers as to the actual sequence of events.

The following headline accompanying a story in the Independent, by contributor Matt Broomfield (whose personal views on Israel are clear in these tweets), represents another example of editorial choices which distort reality and recast a suspected Palestinian terrorist as the victim of Israeli oppression.

indy clown

Gauging from the headline, strap line, photo and photo caption, we learn that a Palestinian clown who teaches circus skills to children with learning disabilities has been imprisoned by Israel.

Here are the first four paragraphs:

Israel has imprisoned a Palestinian circus entertainer for nearly three months without charge, prompting Amnesty International and a number of Palestinian rights organisations to call for his immediate release.

On 14 December, children’s entertainer Mohammad Faisal Abu Sakha was detained at a checkpoint on his way work at the Palestinian Circus School. Since then, he has been detained without charge in an Israeli prison.

Mr Sakha is detained under an “administrative detention order”, allowing the Israeli military to detain him indefinitely. His family have not been allowed to see him since his arrest.

According to Amnesty, Mr Sakha specialises in teaching children with learning disabilities, who make up 10 per cent of the students at the Circus School.

So, we are told that the Palestinian clown who teaches circus skills to children with learning disabilities has not only been imprisoned, but placed in administrative detention. His only crime, we’re later told, is “making children happy”.

However, in the fifth paragraph, we are given a bit more information about the Palestinian clown who teaches circus skills to children with learning disabilities.

AFP report that Mr Sakha is suspected of association with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Though the PFLP does have an armed wing fighting the occupying Israeli forces, the United Kingdom does not consider them to be a terrorist organisation. 

However, Sakha is not only associated with PFLP – a US designated terror group which seeks the destruction of Israel and was responsible for numerous deadly attacks, including the assassination, in 2001, of Israel’s Minister of Tourism – but is being held specifically due to evidence he was involved in a planned PFLP terror attack.  (Blogger Elder of Ziyon has more background here on Sakha’s support for violence against Jews.)

In total, out of more than 450 words (including the headline and strap line) in the Indy article, only 43 touch upon the reason why Sakha was arrested and detained – and even those two sentences downplay his involvement with PFLP and whitewash the group’s history of violence.

The decision by editors to obfuscate Sakha’s extremism and alleged crimes, while focusing primarily on irrelevant details about his love of the circus, more befits the agitprop routinely peddled by anti-Israel activist sites such as Electronic Intifada rather than a report by a putatively professional journalist published at a British news site.

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  1. @Adam Levick –

    I can find absolutely nothing in the links you provide to support your contention that “Shaka is being held specifically due to evidence he was involved in a planned PFLP terror attack.” (If there’s something buried in the link @ could you please point it out?)

    Even Elder of Ziyon admits he doesn’t have a clue what the reason was for Shaka’s arrest and “would love to know”. So all we have from him is some smeary guesswork based on a selective set of Facebook pictures that may – or may not – represent Shaka’s views/loyalties/affiliations. (Sandwiched among them, for example, is one of a Palestinian in “terrorist” garb throwing a bouquet of flowers; then there’s another – of a bloody handprint – accompanied by a seemingly condemnatory tweet from Shaka, “Oh racism and partisanship”. Taken as a whole, therefore, the gallery may actually be nothing more than a self-contradictory jumble of iconic posters and snapshots. Neither you nor Elder is in any position to judge – let alone jump to conclusions regarding his activities BEYOND sticking assorted pictures on Facebook.)

    You might also bear in mind incidentally that even if Shaka’s Facebook page does, indeed, contain “inciteful” material, this hardly warrants such draconian measures as keeping him in the dark about the allegations against him and denying him legal representation on an endlessly renewable incarceration loop. Israeli prisons would be stuffed to overflowing with thousands of Jewish “inciters” and “plotters” and “death-threateners” alongside Palestinians were this the case.

    Recommended reading for enhanced perspective on this score:,7340,L-4740313,00.html

  2. Bubba do you have any plans to engage with Miranda’s points ? Are you the best that Texicana can muster by way of an intellectual? Do you have any vids of you walking ?

    • Which points?

      – 9/11/01 hijacking of four passenger planes and after telling the passengers that if they don’t resist, they will be safe, yet the islamofascists flew 3 of the four planes into buildings?
      – 1993 truck bombing of the WTC?
      – 7/7 2005 attack on London transport?
      – Assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy???
      – Assassination of US diplomat Cleo Noel?
      – 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103?
      – 2015 bombing of Metrojet?

      • @Edward –

        “Which points?” you ask.

        Well, certainly not the ones you raise … unless, of course, you’re suggesting that Israeli police/military are so desperate to lock up Palestinians that Sakha was arrested for three attacks committed before he was born; one when he was no more than a few months old; one when he was aged eight; one aged 12, and (phew – at last! ) one as an adult.

        You also seem to hold him responsible for attacks attributed to ISIL, Al Qaeda and the Libyan Government in addition to Palestinian groups, which means he’s been a very busy baby-cum-ghost indeed. Quite why it’s taken so long to nail him is a real mystery. Maybe they’ve also been looking into his links with terroristic US white supremacists, European nationalists and separatists and miscellaneous anti-abortionists, gay-bashers, animal rights activists, etc, etc, before finally pressing charges…?

        • Who gives a crap about Fakeistan?

          More points for you to consider.

          – Charlie Hebdo massacre
          – Bataclan music hall massacre
          – Mumbai India massare
          – Nairobi Kenya mall massacre
          – Beslan school massacre
          – Sadaam Husseins use of poison gas (a WMD you ignorant dolt) on the Kurds of Halabja Iraq
          – the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war – 1,000,000 dead
          – Syrian /; ISIS Civil War on civilians – 250,000+ dead
          – ISIS beheading captives and posting videos of the murders on the Internet to polish their reputation
          – San Bernardino massacre
          – Copenhagen attack
          – death fatwa on writer Salman Rushdie
          – death fatwa on Danish cartoonists

          Really. Who gives a CRAP about Pal-e-SWINE?

    • Bellend do you have any plans to engage with any of the points I raised with you over the last few months?

      Hypocrisy thy name is Stevie Bellend.
      He who lectures others on engaging with points but runs away and tries to hide when he is asked questions.

    • Let’s think about this, Stevie. Miranda’s point is what? That nothing on this site is credible? So what is she doing here?

      All of that, and more, can be read in my one line response to the constant belligerent bullshit espoused by a woman with an agenda which is to bitch about Israel nonstop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, 100 years at a time.

      Now, back to how you’re not an raging bigot of bullshit…. Yes, Steve. Texas is full of Bubbas. And they’re all like me. Dope smoking, Israel supporting, “long hairs” who actually think that throwing rocks at people can be considered a crime.

      You, on the other hand, are about as smart as Miranda.

      And you know what Steve? That says it all.

      • Actually I have not noticed Miranda bitching about Israel. I am guessing she is a social worker and merely is concerned to keep this site on the straight and narrow.

        • You aren’t one to notice much of anything, let alone your incapacity to actually maintain a consistent clue.

          That is a misleading statement on my behalf. It suggests that you’re otherwise capable of obtaining a clue for even the smallest amount of time possible, which you and I both know if full of shit.

          I just have this thing about being nice to Idiots.

  3. Bubbas, overwhelmingly don’t have the remotest fucking clue where Israel is. You are a Bubba in tens of millions. Or maybe I overestimate you. Overestimating a Bubba is an easy mistake to make. You do know where Israel is ? Don’t you ?

    • I know Texas is bigger than France. I know anti-Israel screechers are dickless fucks. i know that Steven Bellamy is a useless troll who brings nothing to the table.

      Yes, Palestinians, keep rallying around this fuck. Because fucks like this one really are going to take you places.

      Meanwhile, Israel has made numerous peace offers, all of which were supported by me. Why? Because I want peace for Israel.

      Pro-Palestinian dipshits can’t think like that.

      • @koufaxmitzvah –

        Re: “…Israel has made numerous peace offers, all of which were supported by me. Why? Because I want peace for Israel.”

        What a terrible pity, then, that Bibi so cynically betrayed your supportive, peace-loving beliefs when he applied his own – distinctly aggressive – “interpretation” to the Oslo Accords:

        • No way!!! A distraction? From Peace Loving Miranda???

          Israel still made those offers. You know, Middle East politics does exist outside the Bibi vacuum. But I digress.

          The reasons for rejecting all state offers (1947, 2000, 2008)…. Can you provide them?

          Please. Show us how smart you really are…. I’ll start with some simple math.

          If the Palestinians had accepted a peace deal in 1947, their country would be approaching 70 years old by now. But they didn’t take that state offer and instead started FIVE WARS of ANNIHILATION against Israel. Those are the descriptions of Arabs, by the way. NOTICE THE PEACE?

          But let’s get more logical. Israel, after agreeing to the Oslo Accords, again provided a state offer in 2000 and then 2008. 16 years ago and 8 years ago. Do you think these 12 year olds would be stabbing Jews if their parents had accepted the peace overtures of 8 or 16 years ago?

          I don’t think you can answer that question, Miranda. And the reason why you can’t answer? Because you’re a hate monger. You hate Israel. More than anything. You and your pinhead, combined with that big, fat, shit spewing ass of a mouth of yours, makes it impossible to accept peace with Israel. And somehow this is becuase of the Jew, right? The World Jew? The Zionist Jew? All those Jews– bank controlling, thought making, newspaper owning– controlling you and the Arabs from not accepting peace deals.

          Wow. You are really up against something, aintcha Pooky Pie?

        • Hey Pookie Pie! I see your glorious, lovely, peace loving Palestinians have stabbed another 9 Israelis today, including a pregnant lady.

          Way to go, Hun! You’ve been busy shoving your head in the sand and declaring the rest of us as incapable of grasping what is important in this long standing issue of (gasp) Israel existing.

          So go join your best buddy on these boards, Steven the Shitstain Dumber Than a Shitwad, in a Victory Lap! Yay, You Guys!! Getting to see more spilled Jewish blood which you can then blame on all of World Jewry. Because what really matters is that Western Media continues to make excuses for the Arabs to hate all Jews. Because that’s what you do, Miranda Pooky Pie. Such a sweet psychopath you are.

          The next time you speak out against this latest barrage of stabbings will be the first time you speak out against the current barrage of stabbings. Just to get you up to date with how much of a hate monger twit you really are.

    • Ahhhh , poor Bellamy suffering from Israelitus in his vital organs . Little itsy bitsy country in Middle East all full of Jews having a good time . Bless you sonny .

      Reality check time . You can do squat about it because you are, for all purposes in this matter, insignificant to the future of Israel and the future of the Palestinian peoples . You live, you have your mouth, you die .
      Israel now a great little country compared to its crappy neighbours and most of world community . The more the haters shout , the more Israel grows . End of reality message .

      Now go and enjoy life and get yourself some bagels and cream cheese and smoked salmon , or even better ,some ben & Jerrys cookie dough ice cream . Go on fella , break your sanctions when no one is looking . We are talking food here . If you get busted by your friends you can always say you were conducting oral research into evil neo Zionist manifestations.

        • my international neo zio agents been out and about rummaging through your bins and downloading your history on your puter , or alternatively as the well respected and liberally minded human rights conscious advocate for human rights Chairman Mao once said ” Those who talk don’t know; those who know don’t talk ”

          now go and eat your humus . [ that isn’t an insult . Humus tastes lovely and is healthy for you . Best Humus in the world comes from Israel }

  4. That is probably true of most Merrykans come to think of it. According to a survey by New Zealand TV most Merrykans wanted to attack Iran via the Gulf of Carpentaria.

    • New Zealand? Isn’t that one of those brutal Northern Hemisphere European occupiers of Southern Hemisphere Maori land?

          • Today Islamofascism and Fascist Socialism have become fashionable – especially in Eurabia.

              • Bullamie, You are so full of regressive crap, that it’s clear to me that you are being paid to make Socialism look bad.

                Happy Eternal Nakba!

          • You can use that same excuse for the Arabs living in the land of Israel, who maintain, incredibly, that they are the indigenous people of a land they colonized, have no indigenous name for, while claiming that Jews have no connection to their own ancestral lands.
            What will be your next project, liberating Germany from the Deutsche?

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        • Weird that Miranda blames Israel for Palestinians murdering them, but she’s never to blame for others calling her a Fucking Moron.

          Another lesson: Fucking Morons are Dipshit Hypocrites.

          • Bubba when and where did Miranda blame Jews for Palestinians killing them ? I do realise that this exercise will rank as an extremely challenging attempt at precision in Texicana.

            • Why Bellend here you are again asking questions of others but still refusing to answer questions yourself.
              I don’t know which is worse about you, your hypocrisy, your bullshit, or your inability to recognise your own limited intelligence that is so self evident to anyone else who reads the crap you post.

            • Gee, Steve, whenever Miranda has a big fat cow over Adam’s job of highlighting the European Media’s inability to accurately portray the current string of stabbings, shootings, and rock throwings. Where have you been?

              Oh, that’s right. You’re too fucking stupid to follow along.

  5. Meanwhile, Miranda, Israel had made those offers, and all you can do is cry about Bibi, a politician who won less than 40% of the electorate vote.

    But I guess the Western Media encouraging Arabs children to attack Jews will make everything okay.

    Sweet, peace loving, and super duper smart Miranda.

  6. 3 stabbings today, Steve, including of a pregnant woman. That’s right up your and Miranda’s alley, isn’t it?

    Stabbing Jews for being Jews because the Palestinians are such helpless, pathetic, assmonkeys that this murderous rampage is all they want to do, and pathetic, white ass dipshits like you two egg them on becausse…. why again? Teh Joos control you?