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Elder of Zion-style antisemitism in 21st Century Britain?

h/t Sussex Friends of Israel

Britain’s Labour’s Party has expelled Gerry Downing, an extreme left activist who had recently been reinstated, after it was revealed that he expressed sympathy for the 9/11 terrorists and belongs to a group that reportedly said ‘we defend the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq’.

However, in addition to his terror sympathies, Downing, a member of the Trotskyist group Socialist Fighthasn’t been shy about raising other ‘provocative’ questions.

Downing responded angrily when this tweet and others were revealed by blogger Guido Fawkes, and claimed, in a blog post at Socialist Fight, that he “does not support antisemitism and has never done so”.

So, were a few tweets taken out of context? Was the former Labour Party activist smeared with the false charge of antisemitism?

Helpfully, shortly following his latest suspension from the Labour Party, he was given a chance to elaborate on what he means by “the Jewish question” in this interview on BBC’s Daily Politics. 

A better illustration of Elder of Zion-style antisemitism in 21st century Britain would be hard to find.

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  1. “The Jewish Question”, also known as “Die Judenfrage”, for which the Nazis had a Final Solution. Smacks too much of fascist obsession with Jews to me. If it walks like a anti-Semite and talks like an anti-Semite, chances are 100% that it is an anti-Semite.

    • Those coke bottle lens eyeglasses make him look “smark”.

      Downing Syndrome by his words proves that Socialism = Fascism.

    • Oh, Steve…. The little you know about my really Gawdawful POS governor….

      What’s really interesting is the insinuation that The Zionists In America are all Multimillionaires and Billionaires.

      I hate to tell you and your father in the video that Bernie Sanders, who is taking the fight to the Multimillionaires and Billionaires of America, is himself of the Zionist persuasion.

      It’s a bit awkward, I think, to be so close minded about the entire world.

    • Impossible to tell where he’s at? I think he gave a good accounting of “where he’s at.” Feeling a little sweaty, Stephen?

        • Edward you are supporting Donald Trump.
          Your bedfellows include David Duke and Louis Farrakhan.

          So which are you Eddie, a Klansman or a Black Muslim?

          Happy Eternal Snack bar Edward

          • Gerry, I do support Donald Trump. The US needs to control its borders. Your United Kaliphate and the reset of Eurabia is learning why they too need to control their borders which Socialists have knocked down – for the moment.

            david duke/puke is an opportunist who is trying to ride Trumps coattails. duke backed black supremacist charlie barron – due to their common hatred of Jews.

            Your Socialist bedfellows are Gerry Downing, Jeremy Corbyn, Labour, SWP Socialist Workers Party (sister to the NSDAP or in English NSGWP nSgWP.

            Happy Eternal Nakba to Pal-e-SWINE and Sand Nazis and Fascist Socialists who mask their Jews hate with the figleaf of “anti-zionism”.

  2. Adam, I need to know I have understood this correctly. Are you saying that Downing was expelled from the Labour Party last summer at which time he was interviewed by Andrew Neil on Daily Politics. And since that time he has been re-instated as a Labour member only to be expelled a second time. Could you please confirm I have that story totally accurately?

  3. I have now researched this story independently and indeed it appears that Downing was expelled, re-admitted and expelled again. Downing himself appears to be a little man of little consequence, and I don’t think we should waste too much time posting about what amounts to the village idiot. What this story says about the Labour Party is another thing entirely. They don’t know who to admit, who to expel, who to re-admit and who to re-expel. Regardless of whatever extreme position supporters take they are happy to have them as members until the truth is exposed. Then they back-pedal furiously having been found out. A little later on they try to spirit the fellow back in again whilst no one is looking. This is Britain’s ‘government in waiting’. Please pass the smelling salts.

  4. Gerry Downing is now denying everything.
    But like most Trots/ anti-Semites the thin veneer they try to mask themselves with soon cracks.
    This is from the statement Downing put out today (10th) after denying his support for the 9/11 mass murderers, ISIS and his anti-Semitism, he goes on to write this;

    “‎But it is the chickens coming home to roost, it is the direct result of US dominated policies in these semi-colonial lands. That is the only proposition that makes sense. Of course we reject the nonsense that these are the actions of “evil madmen” which explains nothing. What drove them “mad”, what made them “evil”? are the only sensible questions to ask.

    On Zionism it is the practice of Israel to perpetrate heinous crimes against the Palestinian people by stealing their lands, demolishing their homes and raining high explosives on densely populated areas and then accuse the Palestinians of being ‘terrorists’ for having the temerity to attempt to fight back and defend themselves. And the unique position of Zionist billionaires and millionaires in the ruling classes of the west and the US in particular means that no matter how heinous the war crimes that the Israel’s leaders commit the US and Europe will defend the indefensible and blame the victims for their own slaughter and then accuse all those who condemn them as anti-semites and holocaust deniers. Again lies that the mass media eagerly disseminate.”

      • Wow! Thanks for the warning. Blimey there’s enough there for a whole psychiatrists’ conference (apologies to Fawlty Towers).

      • fek me , the health warning should have included wearing sunglasses to cut down the devil-may-care red glare. How many Trotties still exist ? I thought there would only be a couple of 100 in the world or whatever

        • LemonCurd I don’t know how many Trots are left but in my book, one is one too many.
          Fighting, and defeating, Trots is the same as with anti-Semites they slither back and after a few decades you empathise with Prometheus.

        • Edward people can describe themselves as they like, but it does not make it correct or truthful.

          For example, you could describe yourself as “Edward the voice of sanity and reason” When everyone else knows you are barking mad and make the Emperor Caligula seem normal 🙂

          • Comrade Gerry, Which country exemplifies Socialism at its best, one that NON-Socialist countries can look at with envy?

          • > people can describe themselves as they like, but it does not make it correct or truthful.

            Like “anti-war”, “anti-fascist”, “pro-peace”, “justice”, “democratic socialist”, “progressive” – who incongruously side with ultra right-wing conservative Islamofascists.

  5. A lot of Leftists–not all of them, but enough that sane Lefties more or less shut up when the hard core majority warn them to–feel that the same sentiments that rightly define neo-Nazis as anti-Semites are easily re-definable as “anti-Zionism” if they’re made by radical Muslims or Caucasians who aren’t right-wing or centrist.

  6. The Labour Party has evidently a streak of institutional anti Semitism running through its back .

    Does the Labour Party have ‘a problem with Jews’ or a problem with anti Semitism ?