UK Justice Minister: BDS is a Crime Worse than Apartheid

UK Justice Minister Michael Gove accepted the Warrior for Truth Award last night at the Algemeiner’s JEWISH 100 Gala in New York City. Here is a clip of his comments on antisemitism upon accepting the award.

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  1. And he’s right. South African was, of course, dead wrong for imposing apartheid, but at least they were doing it out of moral conviction. BDSholes are simply amoral and support BdS because it’s considered fashionable.

  2. Once Britain votes to leave the EU, I want Michael Gove to become Prime Minister.

    • Charlie IF Britain, although it remains to be seen what Scotland will do if such a thing happened, was stupid enough to vote to leave the EU will you come and get your bits from where they are buried in the EU?

      Strange for a Brexiter to have a namesake who was born in Rome and then was originally buried in the Cathedral of Frascati where his Brother was Bishop. (His heart is still there, the rest was moved to the Vatican)

      Perhaps you should choose as a namesake another well known Scotsman who is also a Brexiter, George Galloway?

      • Anyone voting to stay is the stupid one. Cf. Einstein about expecting different results from the exact same experiment, in this case expecting the EU hierarchy not to behave like the reactionary gangsters they are.

        • Kinory I will be supporting the effort to ensure that the UK remains a member of the EU.
          If that means I am stupid then so be it.

    • “Once Britain votes to leave the EU, I want Michael Gove to become Prime Minister.”

      Why wait?

  3. Repost from a comment on the above Youtube with Michael Gove speaking.

    Alexis X2 hours ago


    • How nice that you state apartheid is a thing of the past. Too bad, it’s actually practiced in much of the Middle East, outside of Israel, and that excepting the Palestinian Authority, of course.

    • Dullamy, Both Cameron and Gove think that Islamofascism is a big deal…

      especially after 9/11, Londons 7/7/05, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, beheading of Lee Rigby, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamass, Hezbullah, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Fascist Iran, Yvonne Fletcher, rape gangs, Brussels.

      Dullamy, How long ago did you become enamored with Islamofascism? What’s in it for you??? How do you benefit from embracing Islamofascism???

    • Sorry, Stephen, but it’s you that Gove, like Cameron, doesn’t think is much of a big deal. And who can blame him.

    • Why Bellend is there a prize for spotting the difference between your post on this site and your post on Jewish News?

      “Discussion on Jewish News • 32 comments

      Michael Gove: ‘Boycotting Israel is a crime worse than apartheid’
      stephen bellamy
      stephen bellamy • 7 days ago
      I have always suspected that Gove, like Cameron, doesn’t think apartheid was that much of a big deal,”

      It is only one word.
      Are you related to Margrain he likes to repeat the same thought.
      As I wrote before, ‘Birds of a feather’ Bellend, Margrain, and Mad Cow Miranda, the Axis of Arseholes!

  4. Good for him for speaking the truth. There is much too much complacency and even “acceptance” of antisemitism these days, in the Univerities and other left-leaning organizations. The type of bigotry and dishonest narrative about Israel in specific and Jews in general wouldn’t be allowed for ANY other ethnic groups, and it shouldn’t be acceptable when directed against Israel and Jews either.

  5. Michael Gove is a decent man who has long been a friend to Israel and the Jewish People. I wish more politicians shared his morals and staunch point of view.