UK Media Watch prompts improved Guardian headline

Earlier today, we posted about a misleading Guardian headline, which seemed to suggest that Israeli sponsorship of a literary festival was rejected by the PEN American Center due to a letter signed by pro-BDS members.


As we noted, and as the article itself made clear, it was PEN who in fact decided to keep Israeli sponsorship of the event in spite of the ‘angry’ letter by BDS activists.

We complained to editors, and they agreed to revise the headline to more accurately reflect the article.

Here’s the new headline.


Additionally, the following addendum was added to the article:


We’re disappointed that the headline still doesn’t make clear that the letter was rejected, but the revision does nonetheless represent a small improvement over the original. 


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  1. ‘angry’??? Some people need a good shag to get rid of all that anger. Not sure their bigotry will ever disappear, though.