The Observer view on Labour’s antisemitism crisis? ‘It’s the economy, stupid!’

An official editorial in The Observer (sister site of the Guardian) on April 30th, titled ‘The Observer view on Labour’s antisemitism crisis’, was notable for one simple reason: it all but ignored the ‘Labour antisemitism crisis’.

After the first two introductory paragraphs about several ‘storms raging within the political arena’ of late, The Observer notes the most recent developments in Labour, including the suspension of former London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

Ken Livingstone, who provoked the storm when he launched a bewildering defence of a Labour MP – rightly suspended from the party for comments about Israel on Facebook – by suggesting that Hitler was a Zionist in the early 1930s. So, understandably, before key elections across the country, much time has been spent discussing Labour’s antisemitism problem on its left flank. The perception that it has been tolerated rather than tackled for too long is threatening to dominate the run-up to polling day.

What followed however did not pertain to the problem of antisemitism in the party or in British public life but, rather, the fact that the scandal threatens to “suck the oxygen” out of the debate over other issues – namely the nation’s housing crisis.

These toxic headwinds have a double effect: as well as revealing a nasty side to our politics they have sucked the oxygen out of debate about other serious issues facing the country. Housing must be near the top of that list: our poll this week reveals eight in 10 members of the public agree Britain is “in the throes of a housing crisis”.

The next nine paragraphs deal with the housing crisis.

After that, one paragraph is devoted to endorsing Sidiq Kahn for Mayor of London. 

The Observer editorial then concludes thusly:

How tragic it is that [Khan’s] appeal has been muffled by the rancorous row within his own party over its failure so far to quell the suspicion that it is harbouring a virulent strain of antisemitism.

In summary, out of fifteen total paragraphs in their editorial on ‘antisemitism in the Labour Party’, only one actually deals substantively with antisemitism in the Labour Party.  

Whilst other UK publications have admirably confronted the issue of anti-Jewish racism within Labour  head-on, it’s disappointing that The Observer decided instead to frame an editorial as a commentary on the issue while failing to actually address it in the text – effectively changing the subject instead of dealing with the implications of Livingstone’s comments and even more uncomfortable truths about the broader problem of antisemitism within the British left.


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  1. More of the same from the Left. They are sand bagging like crazy. Here is a recent Diane Abbot interview where she too simply denies what is clear to see by millions.

    It is creepy to see a Soviet style denial of simple facts. I am reminded of Warsaw Pact press releases where Communists simply created their own reality and lies were an every day occurrence.

    • When is Jeremy Corbyn is a leading anti-Semite. The Labour Party has been anti-Semitic since before 1918 and it is pervasive and nearly universal

      • And your next: How to get rid my Jewish neighbors without being crushed by the long arms of the worldwide Zionist rulers. A practical guide for my left Nazi comrades in the Labour Party.
        BTW do you really think that promoting your Jew-hating articles here is a good idea? You can’t find enough fellow travelers who would eat your crap as the donkey eats the weeds along the country road? Your articles are too stupid even for Bradley?

        • peter, the plagiarist, liar, hypocrite, phoney, and anti-Semitic twat Margrain has also ‘written’, more likely copy and pasted, this piece of drivel.
          ” A major player in the broader strategy to dismember Syria – and one that has hardly been mentioned within the mainstream – is Israel. Unreported in in the corporate media, is the fact that the Jewish state has granted oil exploration rights inside Syria, in the occupied Golan Heights, to the multinational corporation, Genie Energy. Major shareholders of the company – which also has interests in shale gas in the United States and shale oil in Israel – include Rupert Murdoch and Lord Jacob Rothschild.”

          What the clown Margrain fails to mention, or probably does not know is how much exactly of the equity of the company does Lord Rothschild own? And,
          How exactly, in comparison to others equity holdings, does this make him a “major shareholder”?

          Of course we both know that mention of the name Rothschild brings out the worst in anti-Semitic scum such as Margrain and his fellow travellers on this site.. As they sit at home wearing their little tin hats and hiding behind their computer screens and keyboards.

  2. There are some very important issues that Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition should be addressing:
    Thousands of potential unemployed at TATA Steel; Unaffordable housing for first-time buyers; The EU Referendum; The forcible academisation of schools; the widening wealth gap; Offshore Tax Havens……….but one issue eclipses all the others put together….. and that is the Palestinians.

    So sod the unemployed; sod the first time home buyers; sod the EU debate; sod education; sod the poor and sod campaigning for increased taxation on the wealthy. After all we must get our priorities right mustn’t we. Labour activists may squeal about all this being the usual conspiracy and all that rubbish; but they have brought this crisis on themselves by their ill judged and inappropriate associations. This observation may now occur to all those erstwhile Labour voters for whom the Palestinians are not seen by them as their major concern.

  3. There is very little antisemitism in the general population. There is less antisemitism in the Labour Party than in that general population. And way, way less than in the Tory Party. But because the Tory leadership is deemed to be ” sound” on Israel, nobody cares.

      • Really ? Well I didn’t know that I had become so famous a majority of the population had an opinion on me. How exciting is that. I bet there is no money in it though (:

        • Dullamy aways grubbing for money. Go on the street corner and hold out a worn coffee cup.

        • Bellend anyone who has read one of your posts, or visited your pathetic website ‘BedWettersRuS’, has an opinion on you.
          If you want to play dumb, and you do play the role very convincingly, and pretend that you don’t understand that someone like you who ‘despises Israel’ is regarded by the majority of the British population as an anti-Semite, carry on.

          I know Corbyn has been told to stay away from Wales during the election campaign, but why aren’t you out campaigning where you live?
          You boast that you are a Labour Party member, so either you are full of wind and piss and nothing more than a keyboard activist, or you, like Corbyn, have been told to stay away by your fellow Labour Party members where you live because you are also regarded as a liability

    • Very little so that is why violent anti-Semitic attacks in the UK increased last year 58% and also exact 100% over the last 3 years, while the arrest rate for those crimes is now under 8%. The UK is just as nasty as Nazi Germany was in the 1930s

  4. “There is less antisemitism in the Labour Party than in that general population” – maybe, maybe not; but the LP’s senior leadership is a different matter.

  5. Twice in the above interview between Marr and Abbot, Marr says that there is anger against the actions of the Israeli government.

    No anger against the actions of Hamass, Hezbullah????

    Marr, like Corbyn, Red Ken, Shah and other regressive “progressives”, has a similar problem – but he doesn’t see his own anti-semitism,

    • Marr is scum. Always has been. He is the very embodiment of everything that is wrong with the BBC, especially its political bias (in daily breach of its Charter, and should be abolished on that point alone, but of course there are many others) and moral bankruptcy.

      • I never heard of Marr before, but his slamming of Israels government and leaving terrorist Hamass, Hezbullah, Fatah off the hook, was just as biased as the people who are being temporarily suspended from Labor – as if a temporary suspension will change their long term hateful biases.

      • Israel, like all civilized nations, has the Right to Resist Islamofascism which has, and continues to kill innocents all over the World.

        See 9/11, Londons 2005 transport bombings, Pan Am 103, Boston Marathon, beheading of Lee Rigby, Muslim rape gangs operating in the UK, Mumbai India massacre, Nairobi Kenya mall massacre, Charlie Hebdo massacre, Bataclan massacre, San Bernardino massacre, Brussels massacre, Beslan massacre, …

      • No anger Margrain. They want us dead and trying to kill us so we crush them. This is the high time for you to learn the rules:
        1. You leave us alone – we leave you alone even are ready to help you according to your needs.
        2. You are messing with us you will be beaten.
        3. When we are speaking about beating you we mean very severe beating.
        4. Every damage caused by your attempt to mess with us is your exclusive responsibility.

        That you consider fascistic movements whose charter is using the Protocols of the Elders of Zion legitimate is natural and logical. This won’t save them from being crushed.

      • You certainly would frighten your children with pictures of Jews Margrain (if you ever have them poor souls) This doesn’t mean that normal people would do this too.

        • @Edward –

          Here’s another Pat Condell video for you – one he made before he was “better educated” (as his embarrassed disclaimer insists). Pity he never became “better educated” about all the other crap he spews …

          • The text of Pat Condell’s disclaimer is as follows:

            I made this video some years ago. Since then I’ve become better educated about the situation and I no
            longer belive Israel should make any concessions to
            the “Palestinians”.

            You MiranDUH can NEVER be better educated because a dumb socialist cow like yourself is incapable of being better educated. It’s not in your bovine DNA.

            • @Edward –

              Your talent for missing the point is truly amazing. I no more concur with the ludicrous “analysis” Condell offered in that video than I do with his – equally – ludicrous “analyses” of Islam and Christianity. The fact that his so-called “better education” only led him into YET ANOTHER grossly simplistic, ignorant position – this time roosting on the other side of the I/P fence – really says it all about the worthless buffoon … and about you for swallowing and promoting his tripe.

          • Miranda,
            Don’t count Condell out just yet. Perhaps if he tries real hard than one day in the future he could become the shining light of sophistication and enlightenment that you, Margrain, Bellamy, sencar, Livingstone, and Lennie Brenner are perfect examples of.

      • “How to frighten your children. Show them this picture of Howard Jacobson.”

        What’s frightening about it? Be specific. But if that’s the case I can’t see why a picture of Jeremy Corbyn would put children at ease. Your male crush, Ken, looks to me like one of the original children from Village of the Damned 50 years on. His head is shaped like some weird rock.

      • Daniel Margrain who can’t write displays the picture of a talented writer and instructs the reader to react to his fashionably scruffy beard and his stern expression.
        (Presumably chosen because Jacobson is Jewish — an indication of truly childish antisemitism)

          • Antisemites are obsessed with “Jews”.

            As you have illustrated over and over.

          • Migraine said:

            > Antisemites are obsessed with “Jews”.

            but NEVER with Islamofascists who murder people all over the world, as in London, Lockerbie, Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, Luxor, Damascus, Mumbai, Nairobi, Moscow, Bali, Sydney, Copenhagen, ….