Yom Ha’atzmaut 2016 – Sixty-eight years of being ‘a free people in our land’

As we transition from mourning to celebration, and Israel’s 68th Independence Day is now upon us, here’s a clip of David Ben-Gurion’s reading of the reborn nation’s Declaration of Independence on the 5th day of Iyar, 5708 (May 14, 1948).


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  1. Israel’s Declaration of Independence of May 14, 1948 preceded by Americas Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

  2. And it’s worth recognizing not only the inalienable right of people to their homeland, but the attempts to respect the rights of others. The Knesset is a more more just institution than anything else in the region by orders of magnitude. Arabs and Muslims are not prevented from participation.
    Side note: The Vermont State Constitution of 1777 was already concerned to abolish slavery — it can require decades and sometimes a just struggle through war to protect basic human rights, as Israel has shown from the first weeks of its existence. Shalom!