A reply to those recasting Holocaust victims posthumously as enemies of Zionism

The most audacious claim in a Guardian letter refuting British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’s Telegraph op-ed slamming anti-Zionism as a form of antisemitism was that most Jews murdered by the Nazis were indifferent to or opposed Zionism.

Here’s the relevant passage in a May 10th Guardian letter signed by dozens of anti-Zionist Jews.

Mirvis attacks as “antisemitic” those who separate Judaism from Zionism. Yet most Jews who perished in the Holocaust were indifferent to Zionism and many opposed it. In the last municipal elections in Europe’s largest Jewish community, in Poland, just before the second world war, Poland’s Jews voted overwhelmingly for the secular, anti-Zionist, socialists of the Bund, while Zionist parties got derisory votes. Is Rabbi Mirvis recasting those victims of the Holocaust posthumously as enemies of Judaism and therefore as antisemites?

On May 12th, the Guardian published a masterful reply by the CST’s Dave Rich.

Your correspondents seeking to defend the Labour party from allegations of antisemitism disgrace themselves and their argument when they claim that “most Jews who perished in the Holocaust were indifferent to Zionism and many opposed it” (Letters, 11 May).

They simply do not know what the 6 million victims of Nazi antisemitism thought of Zionism. They do not know how many Polish Jews who voted for non-Zionist parties before the war changed their views as they were forced into ghettos and camps, starved and worked to death, shot into pits and herded into gas chambers. They do not know how many Jews might have been saved had Israel existed in the 1930s, nor how many survivors were grateful for Zionism after the war when Israel was the only country that would take them in.

They claim to speak for those who cannot, in order to fight their petty political battles. They may speak as Jews, but they show a stunning disregard for the sensibilities and sensitivities of their fellow Jews. They would be well advised not to repeat this claim.

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  1. No, no, no, no, no.
    There was no ‘refuting’ involved. That’s a complete misuse of the word.

  2. Surely another new even deeper low in the UK antisemitism debate. How uncouth the Jewish anti-Zionist’s are is a true surprise. The utter base ignorance about even recent historical events is shocking. The denial of Israel within the context of the shoa is nasty. They will stop at nothing to make a sick useless point that might as well come from some anti semitic Cairo daily.
    When Jews stoop the low, imagine what their non Jewish friends will be saying.

  3. “Is Rabbi Mirvis recasting those victims of the Holocaust posthumously as enemies of Judaism and therefore as antisemites?”
    – dumb and dumber.

  4. I always love it when anti-zionist idiots tell me “many Jews.”
    “Many Jews” think the Guardian has turned itself into an antisemitic rag.

    • Surely you mean most Jews, Jeff?? It’s only the AsaJews who think otherwise.

  5. The Rustbucket got the flick……The Guardian lost 65 million dollars last year and the magician is being blamed for it…And now the Rustbucket’s Culo is in a sling….

  6. For most of these renegades , their Judaism such as it is , is no more than an accident of birth and is only wheeled out to provide indemnity from accusations of antisemitism within the BDS movement . They are fooling no one but themselves .

    • Sadly, Harvey, these AsaJews are fooling uncommitted people into supporting BDS. ‘If it’s ok for Jews to support it, it must be ok for me.’ Unfortunately real Jews who opposed BDS don’t get the same media coverage.

  7. Now another British politician is recasting them as enemies of the European Union. It seems to be the season for vile demagogues from all political quarters to twist and abuse history, especially the Shoah.

  8. I believe that the Zionists were the leaders of ZOB (Jewish combat organization) in the Warsaw Ghetto, a chapter of valiant struggle against Nazi onslaught.

  9. All the same – criticising the actions of Tel Aviv in its treatment of the Palestinian population is legitimate.

    • What’s Tel Aviv done to the Palestinians? Tel Aviv is the name of a city, not a person. Your ignorance is appalling, Steve.

      • “The actions of Tel Aviv in it’s treatment of the palestinians”…..Wow haul Tel Aviv to the Hague for it’s treatment of the palestinians….

        • Is this TelAviv asaCapital or do they mean Jerusalem? I admire the ability to get in two insults for the price of one.