Indy journo on why water libel not corrected: ‘It was never reported as fact’

Yesterday, we clearly demonstrated that a report published in the Independent charging Israel with cutting off water to Palestinian towns during Ramadan was, in effect, the complete opposite of the truth.  We showed that Israeli authorities actually INCREASED water to Palestinians – despite shortages caused by increased use and reduced supply – in recognition of the needs of Palestinian Muslims during Ramadan.

Not surprisingly, the journalist responsible for the article, Peter Yeung, received a good deal of criticism on Twitter.  Though the following tweet (by Adir Krafman) does not reflect the more substantive and detailed criticism in our post, Yeung’s response is nonetheless quite telling. 


Yeung’s claim, that the story he wrote “was never reported as fact“, is astonishing. Of course, anyone can make an allegation.  It’s the responsibility of professional journalists (and their editors) to determine if allegations have merit, not merely to parrot baseless charges and malevolent smears. 

As we noted in our own tweet, the accuracy clause of the Editors’ Code requires that the “press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures”.  Further, it demands that a “significant inaccuracy, misleading statement or distortion once recognised must be corrected, promptly and with due prominence…”.

We’ve lodged our complaint with Indy editors, and asked that, per the Editor’s Code, they either retract the extraordinarily misleading article or publish a substantive correction. 

See this important update.  

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  1. I’m alleging that Peter Yeung is a thief. I’m not reporting it as fact.

  2. It was just a humorous decoration of the paper, you know a bit of artistic licence. We often add graphic designs like that to our paper, but it doesn’t mean anything. Not really. You shouldn’t take it all that seriously, not like it is a fact. Now that would be far too heavy. Get a life, and enjoy the graphics.

  3. Because what’s really important is knowing the depths of Palestinian allegations of Israeli behavior.

    Never mind the previous 8 months of attacks on Israelis, Petey Boy. Reality is not your cup of tea.

  4. Independent publishes any anti-Isreal crap without the slightest regard for accuracy or journalistic standards

  5. “Peter Yeung blows dozens of pre-teens in Kensington Square. Swallows gallons of ejaculate! Unnamed sources allege.” We’ll stand by the story, which wasn’t reported as actual fact.

  6. When will we see an article here denouncing the recent Guardian story on Bibi’s expense account, reported as fact ? Oh … it is fact …

      • BTW.. ……The US tax payer paid for those two gowns at 20,000 Dollars apiece that Sacha and Malia Obama wore to that White House Dinner..Where is the rotten Guardian when you need it…

        • The Guardian has turned latent antisemitism into a clickbait feast. The US isn’t nearly as attractive.

          Besides, Obama has long been one of their heroes. How terribly brave it was of him to tell the UK not to Brexit.

          • We know that whatever Socialist, Islamofascistphile Obama wants, we need to reject for the welfare of the US and allied nations.

    • The fact that the Guardian is busy with publishing articles about the alleged financial wrongdoings of a leader of a very small country thousands of miles away from the UK speaks volumes about its objectivity.

        • Not at all. The PA corruption is the stealing of money paid by UK/EU taxpayers so writing about it would be logical. But the Guardian or the British mainstream media never will mention it. They are racist shit with especially low expectations from brown-skinned Arabs.

          • I would love to read an article from the Guardian about corruption in the PA….. What are the chances of that happening…The PA would greet and welcome that Guardian reporter with open arms…….. with a little squeeze around his neck……

        • External on a thread about an article on the Independent’s website you again raise a ‘question’ about The Guardian and which articles people think it should or should not publish.

          Have you had this fixation with The Guardian for long?

        • “So you would object if the Guardian wrote an article on corruption in the PA ?”

          This is the hypothetical of all hypotheticals.

    • External you ask a “question” then answer it yourself.

      Is having conversations with yourself a regular habit of yours?
      Have you considered therapy, are your neighbours used to seeing you walk down the street and in public places having a conversation with yourself?

      By the way, ‘External’ to what exactly?
      Anything else other than the obvious External to rational, logical and intelligent thought.

    • At the same time that Rotten Racist Rag the Guardian will write an article about Obama’s daughters that wore….. 20,000 dollar gowns each to a state dinner for the Canadian Prime Minister….Michele Obama likes to give lectures on inequity……….This IS a fact…..

  7. Thank you once again for your invaluable work on this very vital issue; the water libel which is causing so much damage.