Important speech about coverage of Israel by media whistle blower Matti Friedman (video)

Last year, we published the text of an extraordinary speech given by former Associated Press (AP) Jerusalem correspondent – and media whistle-blower – Matti Friedman at a BICOM dinner in London, and we just came across the video.  

Here it is.

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  1. A speech that should have shaken the worlds of journalism and politics to the core. But the myth is much stronger.

    The liars, the losers, the ‘activists’ present their narratives and the venom and the sheer numbers overwhelm our protests

    But in the field of accomplishment Israel, a Jewish symbol as much as a Jewish state, grows and flourishes. Victory, in Matti’s terms, is certainly ours.

  2. Matti only gets it half right. The only ‘occupation’ is by the largest colonial power in the history of the world – the Islamofascists. Arabs are not native to North Africa, nor in Israel, Syria, Jordan or Iraq. They are native to ARABIA only.

    Until Matti learns the truth his half truths are better than nothing, but it is still at best a half-truth.

    • Couldn’t agree more. It really is time to quit talking about the ” occupation” , Time to start talking about the de facto one state between the river and the sea and how we might democratise it.

      • “We”?

        The idea of democracy is that the citizens and only the citizens get to vote and decide on their fate.

        You want to establish your own idea of a ‘democracy’ by anti democratic means. What a failure of logic and understanding

        • My idea of a democracy Margie is a polity in which everyone is enfranchised, and has freedom of expression and movement. How many votes in the last Israeli election did folks in Nablus, Jericho, and Hebron get to cast? Oh yes, I forgot, a few in Hebron did get to vote. The Jewish ones. And how freely are the folks in the West Bank able to move around the de facto one state between the river and the sea ?

          • Bellamy the Palestinians in Hebron voted at the Palestinian elections simply because they are not Israeli citizens. This is so simple that even your kind of complete asshole should understand. But anyway you ranted about your power to do anything about democracy here. Are you a Palestinian or an Israeli?

          • Your idea of a democracy is irrelevant to Israel.
            Just as international agreements are apparently irrelevant to you.

            How freely are non-citizens allowed to move in someone else’s sovereign area?
            I know. We’re Jews and so our human rights – to self determination, to security, to self-defence, don’t count.

            Don’t call me. I’ll call you.

          • Bellamy,
            The former British Empire’s ability to create borders and decide the composition of polities in foreign lands has been greatly diminished in recent years, despite your own personal imperialist, as well as antisemitic, impulses. Run along.

          • “Oh yes, I forgot, a few in Hebron did get to vote. The Jewish ones. ”

            Only if they are Israelis. All Israelis have the franchise, even if they reside in London.

      • How you might demoratise? You missed the train Bellamy – last time British colonialists had any option to intrvene i their colonise happened mor than a half century ago. The only matters you have the right to say anything is the internal matters of the UK, the Quaeker community and if you are a beekeeper then you have the right to vote at the British Beekeeper Association’ annual general meetings. In Israeli matters you have only one right – to remain silent.

  3. Impressive!
    Very Clear and Honest!
    One State Solution in addition to Jordan Palestine is the only Way Out of this Mess.
    We Must defeat TERROR in any future scenario. Terrorists and their Families will join their Brethren in Jordan Palestine and some palestinians will stay on this side of the river holding Jordanian Palestinian citizenship and if they qualify and wish so even israeli.
    Palestinians don’t need 3 States!
    Thank you Matti. Keep the good work!

  4. Dear me, it’s an old story in the newspaper world. They just want to hear all about Man Bites Dog, and all those stories of dogs biting men can safely be ignored. So they tell their stringers to look for Men Biting Dogs and not rest or cease their labour till they find some injured dogs. Then a horrendous photograph of the dog and an article – short of fact and long on speculation – as to how the dog got so badly bitten. There you are – proof that Man Bites Dog.

  5. I found it a bit difficult to listen to the recording, so I had a look at the transcript of his speech. I was particularly struck by the following, near the end of the speech:
    “The answer is that victory is no longer determined on the battlefield. It’s determined in the center, in the society itself. Who has built a better society? Who has provided better lives for people? Where is there the most optimism? Where can the most happy people be found? One report on world happiness ranked Israel as the 11th happiest country on earth. The UK was 22nd.”