Guardian smears Israel in article on the right-wing extremism of Jo Cox’s murderer

News reports on the shocking murder of Labour MP Jo Cox have centered on the extremist political affiliations of the 52 year-old man arrested for the crime, Thomas Mair of Birstall, West Yorkshire.  For instance, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “Mair was a dedicated supporter of the National Alliance (NA), the once premier neo-Nazi organization in the United States, for decades”.

Yet, Mark Townsend, home affairs editor for the Observer (sister site of the Guardian), in an article published on June 18th (Why has the far right made West Yorkshire a home?), somehow managed to tie Israel into the story.


The reference to EDL’s (English Defence League) supposed support for Israel is completely inappropriate in the context of the article, as the far-right group’s alleged position on that particular issue is not even minimally central to their mission. Nor is the information in any way helpful in contextualizing the extremist views of Jo Cox’s suspected murderer.  


EDL protest in Newcastle, May 2013

Community Security Trust (CST), the charity tasked with protecting British Jews, has demonstrated that the claim that “Zionists are somehow in bed with the Muslim haters of the EDL” is nothing but dangerous lie, and that the decision by EDL leaders to, for instance, fly the Israeli flag at some rallies merely represented a cynical (and entirely unsuccessful) effort to attract British Jews to their cause.

British Jews (the overwhelming majority of whom identify with Israel) have, in fact, consistently condemned the group.

Interestingly, as revealed by Israellycool, on the very day Townsend published his article in the Observer on Mair and his association with the “pro-Israel” EDL, disgraced anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein touched on the same theme – suggesting, without proof, that the suspected murderer may have had affection for Israel. 

Townsend’s innuendo, like Silverstein’s, linking support for Israel with far-right extremism, represents a reprehensible smear and we’ve asked Observer editors to remove the reference from the article. 

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  1. Oh, the Guardian. Guardian of what? Guardian of truth? Guardian of liberty? Guardian of freedom? Guardian of accuracy? Guardian of principled reporting?

    I’ve never seen a less accurate name for an organisation that likes to think of itself as a news medium. But if they want to keep it, maybe we could suggest a few principles whose guardians they seem to be. For a start, how about Guardian of Hate?

  2. The article was very clearly covering the contradiction between far-right support for a pro-Israel EDL, and an anti-Semitic National Front. That seems like a clear contradiction to me well worthy of reportage.

    • Gabby, You want a contradiction? Take a look at the far-left, regressive “progressive” support of ultra-far-right Islamofascism.

      The ultra-far-right Islamofascism which advocates killing gays, actually kills gays as in Orlando, demands and enforces dress codes for girls, stones girls to death over laughable “family honor”, denies the Holocaust, uses children as human shields – and which admires Socialist shitlers work and who proclaims to continue his policies.

    • The point that I made quite clearly is that EDL is NOT a pro-Israel group in any meaningful sense of the term.

  3. Sure, it all makes sense in the leftist world view. After all, with Ken Livingstone portraying Hitler as a supporter of Zionism, it isn’t much of an (pardon the expression) intellectual leap to make any group on the Right of the political spectrum, that for its own reasons supports Israel, tarred by association to the Nazis. Better that than have the Left face up to the reality that those it supports in its post-colonial anti-imperialist paradigm are former and failed colonialists-imperialists with more than a taste for dictatorship and racism.

  4. Interestingly in the mainstream media in the barrels of spilled tears you can’t find the mentioning of Cox’s leading role in Oxfam – a well known organization of the hate-Israel crowd, a supporter of terrorist affiliated Muslim charities, conspiracy theorists and BDS.

  5. But please don’t describe Omar Mateen as an Islamic extremists. He simply hated gays, and it’s just a coincidence that he shot up the Pulse nightclub during Ramadan.

    Have you seen the meme that describes Israel as the makers of ISIS? Yeah, I know. The Guardian really cares about keeping me informed.

        • That nasty Racist Rag……. the Guardian…… would give these sites that you mentioned a run for their money….The Guardian’s perverse and fanatical obsession with Israel has no rivals……

      • Dullamy, Maybe you should stick to reading Der Guardian and it’s back issues published under the masthead Der Sturmer.

      • Bellamy,
        Instead of expressing your arrogant, chauvinistic contempt for koufaxmitzvah by calling him names like the child you are, and telling him what to stick to, perhaps you should just stick your finger up your ass and whistle Dixie instead of pimping your pomposity with all the dignity of a dancing monkey flinging its feces.

  6. If there were to be a toss up between …. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor …..or the EDL……The EDL would come up on top without the slightest doubt……Jeremy Corbyn is a racist bore who supports and considers both Hamas and Hizballah as friends…These two friends of his are terrorist organizations that have murdered more of their very own people than anyone else ever could……

  7. It is interesting that Jeremy hasn’t mentioned Israel for quite a while now. In public I mean. Perhaps even his thick skin won’t protect him from the derision waiting patiently just above is small wizened head to sweep him to the floor when he ‘shares with the voting public’ his very base desires about the US and Israel.

    • I don’t think it is to do with his skin Jezza. It is to do with the bullshit advice he is getting from the completely hopeless Milne and Jon Lansman. And do you really think the voting public, except on its extreme margins, gives a flying fuck about the US and /or Israel one way or the other ?

      • Steven knows a lot about flying fucks. Not that he’s allowed to fly. And not that any logical creature would ever fuck him. But that term sure shows some passion, yes?

        Stevie is passionate about anti-Semitism. He’s passionate about more Israelis dying, and more Euro Journalists justifying attacks on Israelis and Jews. In short, Steve the Shitstain is passionate about the Palestinian cause of rejecting all peace overtures for sake of murdering a few more Kikes.

        Stay stupid, Steve.

  8. Oh boy, it doesn’t seem the sorry sod at the Observer who wrote this is aware of the sad truth that to the extent the National Alliance was ever anything more than a fringe American neo-Nazi group (and their decline began when William Pierce did the planet a favor in 2002 and keeled over dead), it was loud and proud about using an anti-Israel position to often find common cause with what they called the post-9/11 “Gentile Left”. The NA even splintered the Left in 2002 with their D.C.-based “Rock Against Israel” concert, where a majority of the Left went online to say that the NA’s support against Israel should be welcomed even if nothing else they did was Left-acceptable. That’s a hell of a lot more damning historically than a far-right group pretending to be pro-Israel in order to magnify their hatred of Muslims and getting publicly told to fuck off by British Jews. I could add that neo-Nazis and the Far Left have had a lot of other dalliances that are pretty embarrassing, such as the Huffington Post taking forever before it banned Stormfront as a link-in source after thousands of posters cited that neo-Nazi online sewer. But I’ll save the other examples for another day, I’ve made my point here.