UK Media Watch prompts revision to Indy op-ed by Rachel Shabi

We previously posted about an op-ed by Rachel Shabi published in The Independent which included an extremely misleading claim concerning the position of Israel’s defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, on the issue of the two-state solution.

Here’s the relevant passage:

“The man now in charge of the Israeli army and the military occupation of Palestinians in the West Bank…has vowed there will never be a Palestinian state

We demonstrated that Shabi’s claim that Lieberman vowed “there will never be a Palestinian state” ignored positions he’s taken consistently since  2009 – covered widely in the media, including at the Independent – that he in fact supports the creation of a Palestinian state.  

Indy editors responded to our complaint, and agreed to add additional text to clarify Lieberman’s position.  

The passage in question now reads:

The man now in charge of the Israeli army and the military occupation of Palestinians in the West Bank is a Jewish settler, wants more settlements expansion, has previously vowed there will never be a Palestinian state (although has more recently made claims – which have been received with scepticism in many quarters – he supports a two-state solution)…

Of course, whether or not Shabi believes Lieberman is being sincere is beside the point. Her original language (‘he vowed there will never be a Palestinian state’) misled readers into believing that this was his current position on the issue. 

We thank Indy editors for revising the passage to more accurately reflect Lieberman’s views.

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  1. Shabi promotes herself as a Middle Eastern Jew but only because this ensures she gets all the high profile gigs that require antisemitic & anti Israeli journalists. She plays the Jewish court jester so that Electronic Intifada and the pro Palestine movements and NGOs can call upon her to mouth their vile tirades against the only Jewish country in the world.

    The first three letters of ‘shameful’ are also the first three letters of Shabi’s surname. Poetic justice, right?

  2. The “Nakba” is a term use to describe the 1948 FAILURE of 5 attacking Arab armies, NONE of which was an army of an existing “palestine”, because there was NO “palestine”, to defeat the Jews of Israel.

    Rachel Shabi, Happy Eternal Nakba!

  3. I am quite skeptical about Rachel Shabi’s objectivity. Is she skeptical about Mahmoud “poison wells” Abbas’ claims about being a peace partner?

    • Bellend are you FOR a Palestinian state?

      If you are where exactly will its borders be?

      Who, exactly, will be the citizens of this new state?
      Will it be according to where they are born?
      Or where their ancestors were born, if so how many generations will it go back?

      I look forward to reading your answers.

      • Its not about what I am for or against Gerald. There is one state between the river and the sea. That isn’t going to change so the task is to turn it into a democracy.

        I didn’t advocate for this situation nor am I in any way responsible for bringing it about.

        • “Its not about what I am for or against Gerald.”
          I am surprised to see you give that answer. It is very much about what you are ‘for or against’ because it illustrates your own position and bias when you pontificate on the situation or criticise others for the position they take.

          “There is one state between the river and the sea”
          So you are a secret Zionist who wants Israel to return its borders to the River Jordan.

          ” That isn’t going to change so the task is to turn it into a democracy.”
          But there is already a democracy there, it is called Israel.
          Maybe it is not perfect, what democracy is?

            • I don’t know how many folks in Nablus, Jericho, etc got to vote in Israeli elections.

              When did the folks living in Nablus, Jericho, etc last vote in Palestinian elections?

            • All Arab Israelis have the right to vote. Maybe you’re concerned about the Palestinians who aren’t Israeli. Is that it, Steve? I know hindsight as being 20/20 but wouldn’t it have helped if the Palestinian leadership had accepted peace in either 2000, 2001, or 2008? I’m just thinking about these Palestinian kids who keep murdering Israeli kids… they were infants when the PA leadership gave up on Oslo. Pretty of the Israelis to put them in that position, ain’t it?

              And if no one’s told you yet, you’re as bright as a Sheriff’s Star, Stevie. So very spit shiny.

              • Maybe you’re concerned about the Palestinians who aren’t Israeli. Is that it, Steve? Yep Bubba those whose lives and land the Israelis control down to the minutest detail. I have to say your perception here is not bad by Texicana standards. I am beginning to wonder if you maybe can, after all, walk and chew gum

                • So Bellend just to remind you I did ask you a question a day ago.
                  It was, “When did the folks living in Nablus, Jericho, etc last vote in Palestinian elections?”

                  I look forward to reading your response, preferably in the not too distant future.

                • By the way Bellend I will be very disappointed in you if you don’t know “When did the folks living in Nablus, Jericho, etc last vote in Palestinian elections?”
                  After all your blog ‘BumBitersRuS’ is subtitled ‘Palestinians Are Tangerines’, so it is fair to assume that you should have some knowledge of affairs in the region.

                  • Gerald who cares. Most West bank Palestinians hate the PA more than they hate the Israelis. Probably they last voted in ” Palestinian elections” more recently than I voted in my Parish Council elections.

                    • I asked you a reasonable question.
                      You are the one who was waffling on about a ‘task to change it into a democracy’, but when asked about the current state of democracy your reasoned and informed reply is……..”Who Cares”
                      Clearly Bellend you don’t care about democracy or the Palestinians, your only care is about the poisonous hatred you have for Israel.
                      Get well soon Bellend, you are one sick bastard.

                    • Geraldidemocracy is the right to have some say in who controls your life. The lives of West Bank Palestinians are controlled by the State of Israel. So who cares about some proxy sub contractors and the condition of their ” democracy”

                    • “Geraldidemocracy is the right to have some say in who controls your life”

                      Really, Bellend.
                      So how much say will YOU have in who the Conservative Party members choose to be the next PM of the U.K., and controls your life?
                      Or doesn’t it matter to you as long as they are not Jewish or Israeli?

                    • Bellend this ‘Hose of Commons’ that controls your life, would that be a ‘Rubber Hose’?

                      If you mistakenly think that the House of Commons controls your life, then you are not only wrong about the constitutional position, but also wrong about what actually happens.
                      Real life is a complete mystery to you isn’t it Bellend?

                • Minutest detail, huh? Like, No, you may not blow up our pizzerias. No, you may not stab our children to death. No, you may not drive your car into a bus stop full of people and then hop out of your car with an axe and start hacking people. No, you may not throw firebombs at Israelis. No, you may not shoot missiles into Israel.

                  I’d ask what kind of fucking pathetic piece of shit you are, but we already know. You’re the anti-Semitic kind. The kind that says, if the Palestinians can’t kill Jews, then life isn’t fair.

                  Poor Stevie Shitstain. A global joke that keeps on digging. Oh well….. Maybe the Palestinians will accept peace their next generation, right? Because that’ll save lives. That’ll make everything better.

                  Keep promoting yourself as a Peacenik, Dipshit.

                  • Bubba a prerequisite to ” peace” is justice. Of course Israel wants ” peace” , Pax Israeliana. All thieves want peace and quiet to peacefully enjoy their ill gotten gains.

                    • Sorry, Brit Hick, but justice comes after peace. You’re a moron, Shitstain. A truly pathetic sack of uneducated crap.

                      My best advice for you is to give it a rest.

                    • As a reminder, Shitstain, the Palestinians rejected all of Gaza + 97% WB + land exchange (for missing 3%) + Money. And this was rejected. Thrice. Because, says the drunk fuck potato farming hick from Ireland, Justice is missing. Because there’s no justice to autonomy, land, money and peace.

                      The logic of the pro-Palestinian crowd leaves a lot to be desired. I mean, they’re killing to kids to kill us, and Shitstain thinks that’s a great idea.

                    • Only the Palestinian perspective– the one that claims diplomacy by Jews equates land thievery, or that Jews defending themselves against warring Arabs are genocidal, or that a 3000 year old universally recognized Judaic archaeological site was actually placed underneath a 700 year old mosque as proof that the Jews are the foreigners while the Arabs are the indigenous people– can declare Stevie Shitstain as being smarter than me, let alone on the same level of discussion.

                      See, Steve, there’s a reason people think you’re a moron. It’s not the Jews making that happen. It’s your inability to deal with Jews that exposes your inability to be a human being with worthwhile thoughts and emotions.

                      There is no future for you. You are like a hamster on a spinning wheel of shit. And you will peddle till you die. And when you die? I certainly doubt anyone will notice or care. And that’s your legacy. That’s what your shit life will amount to. Have fun!

                • “Yep Bubba those whose lives and land the Israelis control down to the minutest detail. ”

                  Another day, another lie.

    • “Among those against a Palestinian State include the PM of Israel, the President of Israel and the Board of Deputies of British Jews”
      Assuming that’s true, what of it? Why does it matter, and why should it matter to you? Not every people has a state, even real ones not invented to present a competing claim with the Jews. What makes you think that an independent “Palestinian” state is a litmus test of righteousness, especially when considering those who don’t have their own state juxtaposed with the Palestinian/Arab/Muslim penchant for murder, mayhem, and rejection of Israel’s existence. Let me clue you in Stephen, unless you can find some Canaanites or Jebusites hanging around, that leaves Jews as the only indigenous people with a legitimate claim to the land between the river and the sea. That’s even before considering the legal case which also favors Israel. Arabs are colonizer settlers with a stunning record as purveyors of Jim Crow. The fact that Israel may be willing to cede part of its land for peace is to its credit as a humanitarian culture. The Arab plan to rid the land of Israel of Jews… we already know what that is.

      So, Stephen, you can kus mir am tuchus.

      • Islamofascist Iran holds rallies with thousands of Iranian fascists calling for death to America and Israel,

        so calling for DEATH to Islamofascist Iran is the correct response.

        Marg Bar Iran!
        DEATH to Iran!

        P.S. Latest from Pat Condell on Brexit

  4. Not this self promoting wretched pretend Iraqi Jew who makes a living from writing in the anti-Semitic and the anti Israel media,these racist rag sheets wheel her out whenever they need a Jew like her to stigmatize Jews or Israel……She likes to paint a rosy picture of what life was like for the Jews that lived in Iraq…This is one misguided and deluded misfit that never fitted into the progressive and modern Israeli society…

  5. The palestinians have this state in Gaza,then they have another one in the PA and one n Jordan…What they would desperately want is to add Israel to that list. ….

  6. One would think what with the mounting number of ‘errors’ relating to Jews and Israelis made by Shabby that Adam points out to the Indy, that they would re-assess her value to them.