Video: Ben Ehrenreich’s lover letter to terrorists

Yesterday, we posted about an almost entirely positive Telegraph review of a work of anti-Israel agitprop by a Max Blumenthal-style propagandist named Ben Ehrenreich, titled, The way to the spring: life and death in Palestine.

Blogger Elder of Ziyon noted the disturbing fact that, in his book, Ehrenreich seems quite fond of the family of Ahlam Tamimi – the Sbarro bombing mastermind. (This Tuesday will be the 15th anniversary of the deadly attack.)  Elder observes that “the Tamimis not only continue to justify the Sbarro attack, but are openly cheering pretty much every terror attack that has been perpetrated over the past year”. 

Elder made the following video on the terror support that animates Ben Ehrenreich’s protagonists.  We ask that you share it. 

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  1. ben ehrenreich would make a GREAT Regressive Progressive Human Shield for the next Hamass Suicide Nakba..

  2. The related article by Petra-Marquardt Bigman is also a must read. It’s not so much that Ehrenreich wrote such a slanted book, he has a history with regard to Israel and Zionism, but that he makes claims to being a journalist, and that western media outlets are actually praising this biased trash.
    I’m sure, knowing where his sympathies lie, the Tammy’s treated him quite well. Why wouldn’t they? The Third Reich treated Haj Amin al-Husseini well too!