UK Media Watch prompts Telegraph revision to 2014 story on killing of Gaza family

We recently posted about an attack, during the summer 2014 war, on a Gaza home which killed nearly a dozen members of the Siyyam family in light of a new IDF Military Attorney General (MAG) report which concluded that the family was NOT killed by the IDF.  The MAG report concluded that an errant Hamas rocket was likely to blame. 

We noted that reports in the Guardian and Telegraph shortly after the incident both blamed Israel for the attack.

Though both publications reported within the past few days on the conclusions of the new MAG report, neither updated their original stories to acknowledge this new information.

Following our communication with the Telegraph, however, they agreed to add the following addendum to their July 21, 2014 article:


We thank Telegraph editors for the addendum. 


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  1. ….. Until the next time when the same old same old gets reported on again followed some days later by the reluctant correction.

    • It’s not even a correction. It’s “Israel says …”, and we all know that Jews lie as a matter of course. It’s in their blood, innit?

  2. I looked at the original Guardian report. Of course, the horrible deaths and injuries reported there were awful, but look at the tone(“Whole families smashed under the rubble”) and careful enumeration and naming of each fatality or wounded person:

    However, it is almost certainly an incomplete picture. Systematic identification of bodies and logging of data have been hampered by the sheer scale of the casualties in Gaza – about 2,000 killed in total, and 10,000 wounded – types of injuries, and the need for swift burial.

    Now compare that (“sheer scale of casualties in Gaza”)with the reporting by the Guardian on Syria, where people are rarely named, and of course the numbers vastly exceed anything that happened in Gaza. Moreover, most of those, by far, killed in Syria, are civilians who wanted nothing to do with what has happened there, not supporters of a maniacal Islamist regime intent on destroying Israel.


  3. (cont.)
    Particularly interesting in the Guardian’s current article about the IDF report

    is the following:

    The army also found no wrongdoing in an airstrike a day earlier that killed seven members of the Ziyadeh family in the Bureij refugee camp. It said the building had been used as a command and control center by Hamas and that several militants, including three members of the family and a top Hamas military leader, were among the dead.

    The Ziyadeh family declined to comment and Siyam family members could not immediately be reached.

    So now, when everything is quiet, the Guardian mysteriously cannot find any member of the apparently enormous Siyam family who were so eager to display wounds and tell their story in 2014, and the Ziyadeh family declined to comment about the possibility that they were hit by a Hamas missile.

    It would seem apparent that they fear Hamas retribution for telling the truth more than any Israeli missile strike and the Guardian, which could send Harriet to Gaza in the middle of the war is in no hurry to find reasons to admit it was wrong about the cause of the deaths and injuries now that things are peaceful and there should be no difficulty finding the people it formerly interviewed so easily and quickly.

    • “the Guardian, which could send Harriet to Gaza in the middle of the war is in no hurry to find reasons to admit it was wrong” – the Stuermer CANNOT be wrong. Surely. Not ever. Not where Joooz are concerned.

  4. Nuture not nature. This is a cultural marker

    Perhaps you remember Chemical Ali in Iraq who was assuring the television interviewers that Saddam was winning while in the background the US tanks were rolling in through the gates.