Forever: An ode to the people of Israel. (A new film by Chloe Valdary)

Chloe Valdary is a CAMERA consultant, a former Tikvah fellow under Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bret Stephens, and was named one othe Algemeiner’s top 100 people positively affecting Jewish life today.

Valdary is one of the more prolific young Zionist activists, and her new film (“Forever” – An ode to the people of Israel) is well worth the watch.

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  1. Effective, moving, whether one is an Israeli or one of the faith and traditions of Judaism , and rather incredible that such basic rights to choose and support one’s own identity are even controversial.
    I think we need to teach more and deeper history of the region (and the planet) in our schools with youths from around age 8 to age 18, as the facts and moral rights heavily favor the founding of the State of Israel, however flawed this or that politician or decision may have been — in “20-20 hindsight,” as usual.
    “We can forgive you for killing our children, but we can never forgive you for forcing us to kill your children.”
    — Golda Meir, what a mensch!

  2. Chloe: If you don’t get their panties in a tizzy, you’re doing something wrong! Keep up the smart, courageous comments!